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Part 11:Kuch Pal

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Part 11

I was too shocked to reply. I was staring at the creatures. Their faces were not cloaked like in my dream/vision. They had blood red tinted eyes and they smelled awful!
“What is going on Imran?” I managed to choke the words out.
They were the most disgusting things I had ever seen. There were probably a dozen or so of them. Their faces, I noticed, were white and gaunt. They were snarling and hissing at me and I saw that their teeth were pointed and their fingernails! Ugh! Their fingernails were long and yellow and dangerous-looking.
“It’sss just a humannn,” hissed one of them.

Part 24(a): sindoor

As he looked at her his breath stuck in his lungs as he saw that sight in front of his eyes as he finds riddhima stands in front of his eyes wearing a pink fluffy night wear which just reached her knees leaving her long legs bare and her hairs tied in the pony and she looks nothing less than a Barbie doll he did not wants but what he can say just his heart says 'beautiful'' and he so wants to feels his voice and riddhima seeing him standing at the door did not makes her less than shocked as she did not expected him to be here at this moment

Happy Birthday sadaf (18th oct.)

hi friends... aaj humarey blog ki sweet sis sadaf ki birthday hai jo blog ki silent reader hai to chaliye hum sab milkar is khushi ko celebrate karein...............

"happy birthday to you sadaf...many many happy returns of the day...may god bless you."

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to you sadaf
Happy Birthday to You.

From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.

Part 3:Destiny Meets Love - An AR TS -


Riddhima was standing near the window looking at the sun which was setting letting the moon take over the night as if they were switching duty with each other... Riddhima was thinking how her life had been changed in the last two months and today, she was married to someone who she never thought she would be sharing her life... Riddhima don't have any problem towards marriage but she has no other option left when her father put the trap not leaving a single choice in front of her... 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Part 16 : You and Me

Shilpa walked inside the hospital while cursing Armaan under her breath she was passing from corridor when she bumped with Atul and his plant broke. Shilpa looked at him with shocked eyes, and he looked at his broken plant.
Shilpa: I am really sorry Atul'he looked at her with sad face
Without saying a word Atul walked away and Shilpa started cursing Armaan" this all has happen because of that stupid Armaan Malik"
Shilpa walked at nurse station along with other interns
Dr. Kirti: today your duties will be the same as yesterday.

Part 4(b): The Right choice

Feeling your presence.

After 10 mins,Armaan lay on the couch with his back against the armrest and riddhima lay her head against his chest silently absorbing each other's presence.

 Armaan POV:
I pulled her closer by the waist and sighed.I was SO HAPPY today.Today I was complete.After a few seconds,I heard Riddhima speak,"Armaan."Riddhima looked up at me with her hazel green eyes,resting her chin on my chest."Hmm",I said moving my hand through her silky hair.She sighed and said,"Armaan how did you find me and'...I heard ki youuu".I knew it was something hard for her to say,I gently rubbed her back to go.She said after a pause,"You said yes when Shilpa confessed her love for you.Then how'...what'"She couldn't frame words and I took her in gentle kiss to assure her of my love for her.She understood and gestured me to tell her my side of story.I started,"Basket when you went away,I searched every place but couldn't find you.And then 1 month back,Shilpa confessed her feelings for me.I guess sister lovely telling you about this conversation right?"Her eyes widened

Part 13: May be someday

Armaan went ahead and touched riddhima's cheek and wiped off the tears. she looked up at him innocently thanking him through her eyes! he just smiled back at her accepting her thanks and turned back to show this guys his right place.. riddhima was no longer scared she had become excited! While armaan turned back to the guy she started jumping on her places moving her hands like she is punching someone and started cheering " GO ARMAAN GO !" punch him like this ! and like that she acted like a cute baby showing him different moves..armaan turned back just in time to see her do this and cracked up.. but she probed him with her eyes to go ahead.. armaan moved towards sumedh and told him to back off if he did not want to get hurt more.. sumedh just moved back and started sulking armaan thought that sumedh had accepted defeat but he was wrong.sumedh directed two out of the six boys to handle armaan while wiping the blood coming out of his nose! The guys moved towards armaan ,but they were no big deal for him within minutes he had punched and kicked them in places that would be treated for months..he picked them and dusted them aside..riddhima was no less, she moved to the guys who were lying there and started giving them pats on head and shoulders saying "bad boys! bad bad boys!" and started giving them spats.. she was no less of the comedian while armaan handeled the other guys coming his direction..with every punch he gave them

part 17 : An Arranged Love Marriage

A: Really now!
Ra: Of course I am 110% sure!
A: I don't really think so...
Ra: Lagi shart?
A: Sure...And in a chorus both of them called her out;
R: Kya hua??

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Because You Loved Me (one shot)

He entered the house nd went to his angels room to have a look at her.. He smiled when he found his 1yr old daughter awake nd playing with the chime attatched to her cot.. he picked her up nd hugged her lightly kissing her head.. "Hey mela bachha.. kaisi hai meri Aru.. papa ne aapko bohot miss kiya.."

He was satisfied as she made some groogling sound nd kept patting his shoulder with her tiny fists.. He went to Ridhhima nd found her on call with someone.. he waited as she was giving their address to someone.. as she finished she was surprised to see him standing at the window with Aru.. he was pointing at stars nd Aru was busy gazing at them.. he smiled when he felt her palms on his chest from behind.. she sighed placing her head on his back while he asked "Kya baat hai.. aaj bohot mood mein ho.."

He chuckled as she sperated from the hug nd smacked his back lightly..

part 10 : pyar ka ehsaas


arman ab aur bhi der se ghar aane laga tha .wah janta tha ki riddhima yahan  aati hai aur shayad usse bachne ke liye wah late aata tha .usey is baat ka bhi dar tha ki agar wo riddhima se uljhega toh shayad riddhima papa ko sachchai bata de. par kab tak is tarah chal sakta hai,wah apne hi ghar me ajnabi ban gaya tha. muskan ne uske bhai rahul ko cheen li thi aur ab riddhima papa ko cheenne ka koshish kar rahi thi,nahi wo aisa nahi hone de sakta .usne kuch decision liya aur................

Part 37: You actually love me or ...

Ar:’’y aur aapko andar kisne ane diyya?’’
Ani:’’armaan mai tumhari maa hun mujhe tumse milne ko kisii ki permisiion lenii padegi aab?’’
Ar:’’oh really aab yad aaa rahii hai aapko is rishte ki chodiye kabhie maa ka farz nibhaya hai aapne’’
Ani:’’armaan mai jaanti hun mai galat thi par ekk bat merii bat to sun lo’’
She said while coming closer to him

part 13:Life out of control(season 2)

Riddhima walked into the hospital with a huge smile on her face. How much did he love her? She wondered. He had kept his promise the previous night, and come back. Then followed hours of talking and messing around, until she had finally drifted off to sleep in his arms, whereby, he lay her down on the bed carefully, tucked her in, and kissing her once, made his way out. She had been in a drowsy state, but not enough to not know what was happening. As a blush crept up her face, Nikki entered the locker room.

“Ridzii!! Good morning.”
“Hi Nikki!”
“Aaj badi khush lag rahi hai. What’s new?”
“Nothing.” Riddhima shook her head.
“Right uhmm..Ridz..I just want to talk to you about Sasha.”
Riddhima looked at her, prompting her to continue.

Part 313 & 314 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 313:

Next day, at Sanjeevani's Nurse Station.

Kirti: Good morning interns.

Interns: Good morning Dr.Kirti.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Part 66:Beintehaan

At hospital 

Sid :ye kyun kiya armaan tumhari biwi ney .....becahre rohit ko uskey baap ney property sey bedakhal kardiya ....atleast bail bhi nahi karvayi uski ....sab tujhpey gussa hai armaan aur kuch toh mazak bhi udharahey hai ....

Armaan:annoyed)i knw sab kya baatey kar rahey hai ...subha sey hazaron calls achukey hai mujhey par koyi ye nahi bolraha hai ki huva kya tha waha ....bina koi strong reason key riddhima aise nahi kareygi sid ...

Part 10:Kuch Pal

Kuch Pal

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Part 10


So I had decided to go to that creepy area near my building and find out the truth.
My mind was racing with thoughts. Is it true? Is Sapna really alive? Is she or those guys I saw in my vision/dream behind Imran’s disappearance?
There was only one way to find out.
I went to my locker, grabbed my car keys.

Part 12: May be someday

Armaan and riddhima reached college!! finally! though the drive was only of hardly 20 mins it felt like hours in each others presence...armaan halted the bike and riddhima got down..he removed his helmet and was greeted with a smile by riddhima.. this time armaan was'nt gonna let her smile flatter him.. he tried to play the coool one and said oye? kya aisa kya hass rahi ho!! tumhe ghode pe utha nahi laya hu sirf ek lift di he :| over actor kahi ki!!>.. riddhima got really angry at this..
riddhima: KYA!! kya kaha tumne??
armaan: yehiii!! ke stop smiling like a wierdo! ek lift kya de di tum toh mere sapno me kho gayi ...riddhima's jaw tightened at this..
Riddhima: oh please! tumne mujh jaise abla naari ko ek lift kya de di! jhaad pe hi chadh gaye
armaan: riddhima you almost copied my dailogue!
riddhima: NO
armaan : YES!


part 2
ridhima while jogging- naya din nayi subha 🌇. aaj pata xhal jayega ki hum kaha ja rahe hai. is baat ki bojut khushi hai ki hum sab dost alag nahi ho rahe hai. aaj pata nahi kya par dil mai kuch-kuch ho raha hai. cahlo dekhte hai kismat nai humare liye kya naya zindagi mai rakha hai.

same time mumbai

armaan in room coming out of bathroom was finding clothes then suddenly an album falls. he opens it and sees that it contains his nad ridhima and angad and kripa pocs..he goes through them and unwilling tears starts falling from his eyes.
armaan- miss u riddhu pls vapas aajao. tum jaanti ho ki aaj mujhe pata chala inn sab pics mai main sirf tumhe kyon dekh raha hoo kyonki mujhe lagta chal hai ki maitumhe bestfrnd sai jyada maanta hoo par kya yeh mujhe nahi pata.shayadisiliye kyonki hum ek dusre sai duur hai. i miss u baby..i misses u. plss come back.....
with this lityle confession with his heart he got ready and went to clg.

Part 20:super model

Ridhima' s phone bused.. N on seing the name flashing on screen she is shocked..!! N her her beautiful smile dis apears from her lips...!!!
Ridhima is just shocked n doesnot pic up the cal.. N phone grts disconected...
Her phone buzes again..

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Part 12 :And we are made to be one


Flashback continues
Next day armaan woke up only to see ria looking at him deeply with tears in her eyes....And armaan instantly got up and sat beside ria and pull her up to him...And hugged her and cares her hairs and ria smile slightly with armaan's love and care for her

Part 2:Destiny Meets Love - An AR TS -

Riddhima who was shocked, sit down slowly not believing that some people were trying to kill her... For the first time, Riddhima had seen that death was so closed to her but thanks to the guy who save her life but put himself in danger... For a second Riddhima felt that her world came to a stop, but soon she was bring back with someone present closed to her... Riddhima look at the figure standing in front of her and he came closed looking down at Riddhima as he sit on his knee... 

Happy Birthday Kshiti(14th oct.)

hi guys..ek awesome writer aur blog ki old member hai aur jisney  humey bohot  pyar diya ...kshiti ka birthday hai ...........miss u sis..

"happy birthday to u
happy birthday to u
happy birthday to our kshiti
happy birthday to u"

Part 28 :Dard E Dil(last)

EPISODE 28(Last part)

(armaan riddhima ko dekhti rehti hai....armaan use khud ko itne pyaar se dekhte huye kehta hai...)
Armaan- Happy Birthday Riddhima...

Part 311 & 312 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 311:

Armaan and Ridhimaa jumped apart. Tamanna was standing at the door, looking sternly from Armaan to Ridhimaa.

Armaan: (hesitating) Tammy... wo... actually... hum tumhe bataane hi waale the...

Monday, 13 October 2014

Part 6:Ye ishq nahi aasan

Cut to Ridhima's house : Everyone is wondering why Ridhima has not come home as her shift has been over a long time ago. Even Dr. Shashank is home and they all are waiting for Ridhima so they can have dinner. Nani in her tension starts scolding Shashank: Tum dono ek hee hospital se aa rahe thy toh apne beti ko saath le aate. Pata nahi kahan bhatak rahi hogi meri bachi, yeh mobile bhi nai lag raha. Anjali beta tu uske dosston ko phone karke pooch na, shayad kisise milne chali gayi hogi. Anjali : O nani, aap jaanti haim Ridzi ko, woh itna jaldi kisi se milne nai jaayegi. N uske friends bhi zyada nahi hai. Nani : Haan lekin, mujhe ab bahut tension ho rahi hai. Aur yeh Shashank toh aise baitha hai, jaise kuch hua hee nahi. Shashank : Ma, Ridhima bachi nai hai... kho thodi jaayehi... woh Canada reh ke aaye hai.. usko thoda waqt dijiye... Nani is not satisfied;: Shashank, lekin hummari bachi bahut pareshan bhi hai. Isi baat ki chinta toh hai mujhe. Tum log yahan baitho, main hee pata karti hoon Sanjeevani phone karke. Kam se kam yeh toh pata kar lo ki woh kitne baje nikli thi wahan se. Shashank : Ma, ma relax, main call karta hoon.
Just then the door bell rings...

Part 4(last):A Life Worth To Live - An AR FS -


 Armaan and Riddhima life has been just too perfect to be true, neither of them had think their life would take this perfect turn after their decision to get married for the sake of their kids happiness... People keeps talking about their relation till they get another interesting topic to talk, its the truth of life that people are more interest in others life then their own... 

Part 11: May be someday

Ridhhima was very happy that atlast she had got her a unique college group! she couldnt be more happier. she was confused at this. first she didnt want to come to shimla at all, the day she had arrived she missed her friends badly and called them right on but now she didnt bother calling them every min and disturbing them with her sob stories of how she misses them and now she did not even miss them! she was just happy that she had come across this group in college and now everyday was eager to go and have a time full of masti.
She slowly thought of each person one by one.. the first that came to her mind was muskaan.. hhhaha god this chick put the letter C in the crazy! she had never been with a girl as crazy as muskaan.. no one else would laugh like a maniac that she was her laugh was so p-athetic that it could even wake up kumbharan ..yeah you read it right THE KUMBKARAN, she was a very sweet gal by heart it had been almost 2 weeks

happy birthday Preeti (13th oct.)

hey friends ,sis u know aaj  kiska birthday hai? OMG!aap sab bhul kaise gaye!aaj humare blog ka sabse pyari preeti ka bd hai guys.... toh chalo  bd celebrate karte hai.....

part 10:Fought for ur soul

Sh : di ab kya hoga ridhima ko kaise smjhayen..
Anji : oh shit..
Anji moves to her rum..
Sid : bumi..
Sh : ab inhe kya hua..

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Part 11:A Tale of two Strangers- AR


Riddhima was shocked listening to all this. She was not expecting this from him. She was wrong …he indeed noticed her change of expressions after hearing his name…He noticed all those times when she ignored him…when she use to ran away from him.
She composed herself and said …

Happy Birthday Ananya (12th october)

hi guys,aaj humare blog ki old member aur meri pyari sister cuteanny ki bd hai,..toh chalo unka bd celebrate karte hain.

A very very happy birthday cuteanny...many many happy returns of the day...May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Part 7:It's A Love Story-Entry 5


Next day Armaan was sitting in locker room alone. Riddhima went to him and sat besides him.

Part 7-Epilogue:A Deal-Entry 3

arman was getting bored in his room.riddhima was on her duty in hospital and kids were in their room busy in their study.arman came in their room  silently and asked : “bachchon,kya ho raha hai?

Part 7- Epilogue :JEENE LAGA HOON -Entry 2


Part 7- Epilogue: Bepanah Pyar hai-Entry 1


It was mid night and the whole house was quite as if no one lives their. But as we move towards the main bedroom we see only one female figure sleeping…yes that is our riddhima and armaan….hhmmm…lets see where he is. As we move towards terrace we saw a figure arranging something or may be decorating the tarrece as if preparing to give someone a surprise. As we open the door we see armaan doing some