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Intro and CS : Ankahey Rishtey

Hello friends..
This is my fanfic 'Ankahey Rishtey'.. it is about our old intern gang as senior doctors building new relations with their juniors and their life after all of them are married..
The main couple in focus is AR nd their son ridhaan AND radhika & karan (new interns)..
It is about how AR win Shashank's acceptence to their marriage after six yrs. Of their marriage.. YES , OUR VERY OWN 'AR' IN THIS FF MARRIED AGAINST SHASHANK'S WILL..
New interns consists of : Radhika, Karan, Aakansha, Akshay nd Aditya..
The basic theme here is about how love relations bond better than blood relations..
That's why it is called 'Ankahey Rishtey'..


Mrs. Ridhhima Armaan Mallik [Shilpa] : married to armaan for 5yrs. now .. Mother of a 2 and a half yr. old son Ridhaan. She is a physician, new incharge for the upcoming interns..

Mr. Armaan Mallik : for 5yrs. he's been married to his love, ridhhima.. Proud father of a 2 and a half yr. old son Ridhaan. He is a Neurosurgeon and also helps ridhhima in managing interns..

Part 3:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Next Day…

Sun rose… Two beautiful lovers were sleeping in each other arms… Riddhima back was touching Armaan’s chest… Armaan hides his face on her hair… Armaan’s hand was around Riddhima’s waist…. Riddhima hand was on Armaan’s hand…. Both were disturbed when Riddhima phone rings….
Armaan: Basket… please phone utaa o….
Riddhima opened her eyes to look at the phone where it was in the side table… She again closed her eyes and took the phone from the side table….
Riddhima: Helo….
Padma: Beti…. Abhi tak so rahi ho kiyaa…
Riddhima: Haan Ma… Kiya huva… Kuch kaam hai kiyaa….


Hey guys! This is my entry for the short story contest plot 2 (if its still open, if not, i'd write it anyway)

It sucks, big time! To be in love with a guy who doesn't even know you exist. It freaking sucks! And what's worse is the fact that I haven't even met him, for years! I'm usually a girl who is sensible, Damn! I was known as the sensible one among my friends... some friends I have then. I'm not the type to be moping around pining after a guy I knew in COLLEGE! I haven't even spoken to him. Not once. This is embarrassing and stupid to the point of madness. But I can't help it. He was just so intelligent! Yes I'm weird, always been and always will be. I've always been quite a sapiosexual(attracted by intelligence). He was smart and a bit of a rebel. He was good looking to top all of that. How could I not fall for him. To make things worse, my parents want me to get married "beta, you've studied enough, it's time for children. Mr. Mehta's daughter is a year younger to you and already has 2 sons". To hell with Mr Mehta's daughter! I don't give a Damn! I have to do my Ph.D and get that job as a researcher. And Armaan. Which isn't likely to happen. Argh! This is pathetic!

Part 65(a) :Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

She is still surprised how her bhai got to know that she is on the call not her bhabzz when she is surely calling him from her cell and then unable to holds her curiosity she out of blue actually askes from her bhai

Ni:"bhaii aapko kaise pata chala kii yeh main hun maine tou bhabzz ke cell se call kiyyya tha aapko aur abhie tak kuch kaha bhi nahiin tha"

Friday, 31 October 2014

Part 20:Maybe someday

Armaan: I love you so much Shona!! Riddhima laughed at his reaction but hugged him back.
Riddhima: I love you more Agapi mou!!

She was just saying that when armaan exclaimed.."BAAARIIISSSHHHH"and quickly started running from there holding the guitar in one hand and holding riddhima's wrist in the other. When riddhima did not budge, He stopped and gave her a surprised look.

Armaan : Riddhima! kya hua?? chalo jaldi!! bohot jor se baaarish ho rahi he!
Riddhima : Ruko na armaan! dekho kitna mast lag raha he!! let's wait and have some fun.

Saying this riddhima collected some droplets in her palms and splashed them on armaan's face, who became stunned.

Armaan : Riddhima ye kya bachpana he!! Kal bhi tum bheeg gayi thi! aise roj bheegogi toh phir toh tumhe bimaar hi pad jaana he!! I don't want to listen to any thing! chalo Right now!!

Part 39: You actually love me or ...

Next day all the gang was ready to go Banglore and waiting for Armaan-Riddhima and riddhima comes with armaan and seeing them rahul take luggage and helped armaan to settle as his wounds was not healed yet and after sitting armaan signaled to riddhima to sat with him but to tease him she nodded in disagreement and armaan frowned. 

Part 21:super model

As always i have not edited it.. So ignore all my mistakes..!!
A wk b4 fasion show..
At ridhima's place..
After diner..
Atul : guys tumhari is it going..
Muskan : almost done.. Venue selected... Stage decoration almost done..
Rahul : ridz where are u lost...

part 38 : Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

As decided the gang ( Rahul muskaan Atul anjali abhi nikki armaan ridhima)  were ready to go lonavla in armaan 's farmhouse to spend some time with eachother... 
They  reach lonavla n everyone was happy n excited as the weather is sooo chilly n cool...

Happy Birthday Bipin & aleena (31st oct.)

hi guys..aaj humare blog ki 2 old members aur mere dill ke bahut karib mere 2 friends ka birthday hai..bipin and aleena...

Happy Birthday aleena...May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Happy Birthday bipin..  I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead.

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Pyaar ki Daastan (one shot)

Love.. One distinct feeling or thought that can lead us to amend our ways of taking decisions nd way of looking at things in Life..  Such was the relationship Armaan nd Ridhhima shared..

Armaan Mallik, romantic nd flattering flirt who can win anyone's heart just with a smile nd few words.. Ridhima Gupta, a girl who is stubborn yet caring.. she can fight anyone for her loved ones nd cries like a baby when she's hurt..

Part 41: We Belong Together

Ishq Leta Hai Kaise Imtehan Ishq Leta Hai Kaise Imtehan Ishq Mein Jiyoon Ishq Mein Maroon Ishq Hi Mera Bhagwan

Fuming, Armaan walked towards his car and sat in his car...He hit his right palm on the steering wheel whispering an angry "Damn". Those hurtful memories came rushing back.... Tears from Armaan's eyes never stopped...

Part 6- The Right Choice

Finally,Back Home.

Armaan POV
We were standing in front of her house.She was still nervous about going inside.We had reached just an hour ago and I had come with riddhima to her house,I knew she needed me.I had told rahul to go home,as he was going to live with me.He was going to put my luggage and come back after freshening up.I saw some tears escaping riddhima's eyes.i turned her to face me.I took her face in my hands and wiped her tears with my thumbs,she looked at me with teary eyes.''Shh'Basket don't cry.I am here with you na.Everything going to be all right.I'll  make everything allright.You hae stop being nervous and face them.''I put a light kiss on her forehead while she nodded.
I grabbed her hand and rang the bell while she hid behind me.Dr.Shashank opened the door and smiled at me.I and dr.shashank had become close in riddhima's absence as we both lost the most precious things in our life.I gently tuggeg at Riddhima's hand brought her forward.Tears started flowing from both pairs of eyes.I took both of them inside.Dr.Shashank held his head low and started,"Riddhima beta.Mujhe maaf kardo.Maine tumhare saath bahut galat kiya,main apni beti ki khushi bhi nahi dekh paaya."And with that he broke dow.Riddhima ran towards him and hugged him.She cried,"Aisa mat boliye Papa,main aapse gussa nahi hu.Aapne yeh sab jaan buchkar thodi kiya." With that she wiped her tears and said,"Ab rona bandh karo aap rote hue ache nahi dikte."

part 12:Fought for ur soul

next morning..
anji : gud morning ridhima... get ready fast.. shilpa is planing to spend wkend together...
R : gud morning di.. Ok ill be in hall soon..
Living rum..
Anji : maine use bol dia hai.. She wil be cuming soon.. Tumhare dimag main chal kya raha hai.. Mujhe btaoge..?
Sh : relax di.. Abhi pta chal jayega... Sid vo dvd milgayi..??
Sid :.yup..!! Here u go..
Anji : konsi dvd..
Sid shows her dvd...
Anji : alu chat..?? (with schocked expresions..)

part 15:Life out of control(season 2)

Armaan was knackered. It was a Saturday and he hadn’t spoken the whole day yesterday to his Basket besides the normal greeting. Normally, Riddhima was an early riser, and if she didn’t wake up early, it felt as though her whole day had gone to waste. But Armaan, for a change after a tiring week, had woken up at 10. That was also thanks to Riddhima turning up unexpectedly at his house, and his Mum, calling him, saying there was someone waiting for him. When he went to the bathroom, Shanti and Jai left to go for brunch at a business client’s party, apologizing profusely to Riddhima for not being able to sit with her.

His eyes popped open, when he came out of the bathroom, with only his jeans, as soon as he saw her standing at the foot of his bed, blushing with embarrassment. Smiling naughtily, he walked up to her.

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Part 70 :Beintehaan

"bhaiyya dr. john bolrahey hai ki ek aur ghantey mey hosh nahi aya toh vo ventilator nikal dengey ..."abhi said while having tears in his eyes...

Part 19:Maybe someday

They both stood there for quite some while wet and dripping of water until riddhima shivered a little. armaan picked her up and took her inside.He slowly settled her down on a couch and seeing her shiver he quickly ran into inside a big ajar but beautiful room and in some minutes came in with a beautiful black colored saari and blouse seeing him coming back with a sari, riddhima wrinkled her nose.

Riddhima: umm armaann,Saari??! mujhe actually pehenani nahi aati theekse!
Armaan : chill riddhima you don't have to wear it for some function or anything just wear it till i take your clothes and iron them so that they dry out and you wont catch cold either.
Riddhima nodded at this logical explanation and took the saari and the blouse and went behind armaan to the room he took her to change, armaan turned and was about to leave when..
Riddhima : umm..armaan kya tum bahar rukh sakte ho?woh ye ghar itna bada he and woh.. um mujhe akele bohot darr lagta he.. i'll feel safe if you would wait outside.

Armaan nodded at her with a smile on his face he naughtily asked her "Waise me toh andhar bhi rukh sakta hu,Kya kehti ho?" Riddhima blushed a little but narrowing her eyes she hit armaan's hand and whined.."Armaan tum bhi na!Jao abhi and bahar khade raho".Armaan just laughed and ruffling his wet hair walked out and closed the door behind him.After closing, riddhima slowly went towards the wooden door and put her ears to the door checking whether he was there or no, She did not hear a sound and panicked.

part 8:AR FF North south ki khatee meethi love stories

hey guys this is me sanju updating NSKKMLS after such a long time.....soo sorry as these ff are new to me in terms of writing soo i was thinking for a plot which would hv an appropriate ending. hey that doent mean this is gonna be end soon bt its just that ki now m perfectly sure what m gonna write ... soo enjoy


LETS peep into someones bedroom
waha ek ladka sofe apr ek taang upar aur ek taang neeche kar kai so raha hai aur dusri taraf ek ladki khilki kai paas single bed cum sofe par bethe bethe so rahi haiwith tears stricken face. fir dhoop ki kiran aati hai aur dono ki sukoon ki sleep barbaad kar rahi hai par kya sach mai yeh sukoon ki sleep hai yaa unki neend barbaad hi hai vi dhang sai soo hi nahi rahe.

the boy wakes up early (well for a change) hebyawns and after seeing teh angle sleepin like this with tears stricken face he felt a sudden pang in his heart bt he brushed off this feel.

Part 19 : You and Me

Shilpa came outside after getting ready she was looking for Armaan but couldn't find him anywhere suddenly she heard his voice from back she turned to him and he was amazed to see her in beautiful white gown and her hairs were open diamond earrings were hanging on her ears simple make up was giving her beautiful she did her eyes lashes down and Armaan smiled.
He walked towards her and she looked at him he was stepping forward to her with a smirk on his face and she was smilingly stepping back to tease him
Armaan: Shona it's enough stop or else I know how to catch you
Shilpa laughed and spoke: oh really so common Armaan catch me as she said her words she started running and Armaan ran behind her

Teri meri dosti ka asman..(OS in 2 parts)

Part 1
on a beach a group of 8 friends are having a blast. they are sited around a table n plating truth n dare,
a young handsome boy of about early 20's is lost in his own thoughts.
"how can u do this to me.. it has been 12 years since u have gone to US, bt every year u were the 1st one to wish me.. n this time it has been 3 days u haven't replied to neither to my mails nor calls.. here are u..?? its not only my birthday bt also a very spl day for us.. our friendship day.... i hate u for doing this to me..."
his thoughts very interrupted by one of his friends.. 
vivek : where are u lost ammy.. come lets dance..
the boy is none other that the cool dude Armaan Malik..!! most popular n handsome boy of his colage...
a  : no im nt in mood..
vivek : hey.. its ur bday party.. n u are nt in mood.. thats nt done yaar ammy..
a : (thinking ) y should i spoil my day coz of her if she doesn't care.. me too..
vivek : where are u lost again..??
a : no where come lets enjoy..
every one moves towards dance floor n dancing on fast no's n enjoying their day...
suddenly music stops..
a : wat the hell.. music kisne bnd kia...
atul :chilly ammy.. main dekhta hn..

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Part 14 :And we are made to be one

 Days were passing ...shashank and Riddhima were so happy in their own world but Armaan was feeling restless each and every day in a fear that what will happen the day Riddhima will leave... how he will manage with his papa and his questions.......

One day shashank called Muskaan to his room.

Shashank -Muskaan tum Ria ki bohot aachi dost hona... kya vo tumse apni pareshani share  karti hai...

Muskaan - haan uncle karti hai ...Ria mujhse koi baat nahi chupati ....par aaj aap ye sab kyun puch rahe ho uncle ..

Part 40: We Belong Together

Basketball Court,

A basketball was being dribbled, forming a rhythmic sound. Suddenly it flies up in the air and BOOM, falls through the loop more commonly referred to as a basketball hoop. Armaan was dripping the ball with full force, He mind was wroked up with all the confusions in his life... He remembered the time spent with Riddhima, His Riddhima, "Armaan.... meri..... meri shaadi hone wali hai,..... so please,... mujhse dur raho..."

Part 1:Dream's Of a Princess

So enough of intro and my blabbering...let start with the dream...our princess is watching…
So here we go….:D :D

It was evening….sun had already bid a warm bye and had promised to meet next morning….but still there was enough...actually more than enough light to show the way to people..People…? Yeah..People walking in stadium...waiting to meet their star...handsome hunk...prince charming of every girl’s heart but more of our princess’s heart……. <3

Suddenly all lights switched off and two spotlight were shown up on the stage. A voice of host echoed in the stadium saying
“Hello...people..Welcome to our Rockstar’s concert….you all must be waiting for our here your wait ends…Welcome the one and only Armaan Mallik….our singing sensation with perfect combo of singing and dancing ….with the most charming looks and blue here he comes….”

Lights again went off and again a spotlight traced a guy walking on the stage...and saying “Hello everyone...I hope u all are fine...well here i am ...sorry to keep u all waiting...and now not waiting…are you all excited…???....yeah…..then let’s rock...…..!!

song - One Love By Shaan 

Happy Birthday Jyothika (28th oct.)

hi guys,u know aaj humare blog ki great writer aur  old member mrs.mallik urf  jyothika shona ka bd hai ,jo bahut hi pyari si shona si sis hai meri...jiske sath meri bahut sari sweet yaden u shona u forever...

Happy birthday shona sis...May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Part 2:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

ArmaanRiddhima Mansion…

Armaan came back from airport after Riddhima’s flight leave… Armaan was missing his Basket the moment she went to the security checking… He came to home to see the place dead… Without Riddhima their lovely home looks dead… Lights were off… Armaan didn’t bother to on any light… He went to their room… He changed his cloth and lie down on their bed… He smells Riddhima’s fragrance in the room… He closed his eyes, remembering the time Riddhima told him, she had to leave Paris for a month…


After a busy day in Sanjeevani…. AR leaves for their home… Like always Armaan keep talking… Asking about how her day was and telling her how his day was… But today, Riddhima was quite… Not talking much as she does always… Armaan sense the different behavior of Riddhima and leave it till they reach their home…

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Happy Birthday Niharika (27oct.)

On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Niharika!!!!





Armaan Mallik- A big business tycoon in Europe having innumerable business chains in all over the world, managing director of Mallik Empire the Empire established by his mom Mrs. Avantika Mallik and Mr. Harish Mallik, he done his M.B.A. from Howard very much bright student, a champ in almost every sport, and he is 27 years old and just in 4 years short time career of his he already achieved Young Achiever Of The Year for three times. He hates his parents and did not believe in Love for him there is nothing called Love exists in the world, everybody just used each-other and have their own reasons for the relations, he is hot girls drooled over him and he knows very well this and he just loved this attention and he is big Casanova of London he flirts with every girl and he has a new girl in his arms everyday and each night he never committed anything with them, for him all are behind his money and good looks so no emotions he just have one night with them and that's all he never repeated his girl friend or one night stand after having one night he is over with them he just needs sex from the girls and that's it, he has a habit of drinking and lately he gets drunk almost for four to five days in a week. He hates marriages. And never wants to gets married in his life he saw his parent's relation and hates this tradition of marriage for him marriage is just making hell of person's life. He has a one strong relation at this moment in his life that is Rahul Mallik his cousin for whom he can do everything and anything.

Part 18:Maybe someday

Riddhima: No armaan you don't know him!! he is very special to me and YOU KNOW WHAT??

Armaan was somewhere else in his own shattered world.All he could think now was that he had not confessed his feelings to her before.He regretted it! MAYBE ! if he had she would not have given her heart to someone else.She would have been his she would not have loved someone else. He remained silent. He did not know what to say! And what could he say? he would not tell her about his love. He would not definitely not. This would only hurt him. He travelled back to the time he had first set his eyes on her, He knew it that moment she was someone special. Armaan had dated many girls but she was the only one he had felt so pasionately and insanely about and that was the reason he instantly knew it was love. He knew it because no other girl had ever had this kind of effect on him and now he thought he lost her too. His first love , The one that people cherish all their life and the one only fortunate people got the chance to be with forever, This first love would be incomplete forever. His life seemed to go dull after that. All he felt was this weird hollowness inside of him again which had seemed to fill up when riddhima had walked in his life, The same hollowness had returned and it would torture him.He was deeply in thoughts of his broken heart and trying to find the peices in his thought when he heard riddhima.

Part 323 & 324 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 323:

Armaan: Aise kyun khadi ho?

Ridhimaa looked from Armaan to the space in front of her. Armaan followed her gaze and he too was rooted to the spot, seeing what was in front of him. In front of him, a large, life-size portrait was displayed. Armaan was there, holding a basketball in one hand and a guitar in another. He was sporting a black jeans and a white Polo Sport T-shirt. He was looking very handsome and cool. A wide smile was playing about his face and his eyes were sparkling with mischief and happiness. Ridhimaa looked at Armaan, bewildered, and Armaan looked back at her, shocked.

Sunday, 26 October 2014


"WILL YOU MARRY ME ARMAAN "riddhima said it while knelt down on floor ......armaan luked at her surprisingly n luked around ...zey were in z middle of air Port ...usually guys goes on zer knee bt very few grls does something lke zis rather i would say only ridz cn do lke zis who ws madly in luv wiz armaan ....sseing ridz knelt infrnt of armaan so many ppl stopped zer  n were luking at zem .....soon a gud enough crowd gathered around zem ....armaan felt awkward n asked riddhima "ye kya kar rahi ho riddhima ....get up...log dekhrahey hai ..."

"dekhney do armaan ....aaj mai apni dill ki baat kehkar hi rahungi ...."riddhima said it while luking in his eyes

"riddhima kya hogaya hai tumhey aaj ...plz get up.."armaan requested her

Part 69 :Beintehaan

Note:This part is written by punam di ...all credit goes to her .

now about the ff... the intension of the writer is to entertain the readers  as well as to show the reality  of the our society and give message ...this note is neither an  explanation or nor a try to insult husband named creature or this ff armaan is not a bad guy ...i want to show how a guy losses his patience at week moment and there r many reasons which forced me to think about the status of a girl in this society and to write about it...i want to show how a scared girl faces the problems in her life and how she will come out of it and how a guy struggles to get his girl after hurting her brutally  ....i will surely give the happy ending with a message.

If anybody dnt like or have any query about the ff they can tell or ask  me anytime and all ur criticism would be appreciated by  me bt zers a polite and decent way to tell it and i  will answer u very cooly and will tell wat i want to show in this ff ...i wont tolerate any kind of rude or nonsense stuff..... if anybody want to stop reading this ff zey r free i neither asked nor forced anyone to read it  ....i want to say few things to my loyal readers...

Introduction:Dream's Of a Princess

            Dreams Of A Princess

You have heard many Cinderella stories..iT’s maybe not a new one...but surely is different from others...every love story has it’s own essence....So here goes one more “Another Cinderella Story”….This
story is not much different from other ones….Story about a girl whose parents died in an unfortunate accident and she was left with an only choice of living with her’s better we say a cruel aunt..She adopted her being the only relative exist of her parents…..who is a complete sophisticated fool and loves only fame and herself…..and have twin daughters who are nevertheless another brainless creatures...And a worm of new designer dresses and show-off stuff...and drool over good looking guys.

Cruel Aunt and these twins hate our story’s cinderella a lot….They never leave any chance to make fun of her. Aunt make her do all the household work against of sending her to the same school where twins go. And like an obedient girl she would have to follow all the rules and instructions her aunt and twins give..,.!

Happy Birthday Nikita mathur (26th oct)

hi friends...aaj humare blog ki ek bahut hi pyari member Nikita mathur ka bd hai...toh chalo sab milkar wish karte hain...