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Part 21 : You and Me

Shilpa entered inside the room and was crying a lot she buried her face in the pillow and spoke: why this is happening to me why I can't tell Armaan that I love him she moved up and saw her marriage pic which was kept on side table she took in her hand and moved fingers on Armaan's face
She spoke: I love you Armaan I love a lot but what I should do if I'll tell you I know everything will spoil between us things will change between us your behavior will change towards me that is the main thing I don't want but how can I live like this thinking that someday if you start liking or loving someone else than what I am supposed to do Armaan, she moved closer the pic and kissed Armaan's face

Part 43: We Belong Together

Aparna gave the engagement ring to Vivek, Smilingly he took it and looked at Riddhima....Anjali gave the ring to Riddhima, Riddhima didn't take it... her hands never raised to take the ring....

Shashank: Riddhima beta, Ring lo.. Shashank spoke... Riddhima seemed to not hear her dad...

Part 65(b) :Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum


As she mumbled his name armaan smiled and kissed her forhead making her smile and then she remembered the function in evening so she

Part 327 & 328 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 327:

Tamanna, Matthew, Nani and Padma were standing. Shubhankar and Shashank were sitting.

Tamanna: (brightly) Hye Ammy...

Armaan did not speak. He was surprised to find them all here.

Episode 9:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 9
( Riddhima khush hote huye apne room me aati hai...aur moon ko dekhte Huye kehti hai...)
Riddhima- kitna ajeeb hai yeh saB jis insaan se kal tak me ladti thi...aaj me usi insaan se pyaar karti hu...kya kehti thi me armaan ko sadu..khadoos...aur aaj... Usi sadu khadoos se pyar kar bethi hu me...ha..par iska matlab yeh nhi armaan sadu aur khadoos nhi hai vo to vo hamesha hi rahega....par sirf mere liye...mera Sadu armaan bankar....

Friday, 7 November 2014

Part 2: Ankahey Rishtey

Soon ridhhima came dressed in beautiful red saree and ridhaan in his black tracks & yellow T-shirt.. ridhhima was still nervous , meeting armaan's eyes and ofcourse Muskaan's nonstop comentary nd taunts were making her blush.. after sumtime anji nd atul also arrived there wid naina..
Ridhaan, dhairya and armaan were busy playing video games' Atul nd rahul were sitting wid naina pampering her nd having their usual talks.. while Ridhhima , Muskaan, nd anjie came out of the kitchen chatting, carrying Dinner to the table'

R: guys, khaana taiyaar hai..
A: coming' Chalo buddy, dhairya kaahne k liye.. hum baad mein khelenge..
Armaan carried both the kids on his either of the soulders to the dinning area.. Dhairya joined rahul while Ridhhima fed ridhaan from her plate..

Part 8 A- The Right Choice

Birthday Surprise-I.

Armaan parted from the hug and looking at her frowning face kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear,"listen basket main Yahaan bathroom main chupta hu.Abhi Anjie aur tumhaare parents wish karne aayenge!jaise woh wish karenge I'll call you and then they'll leave you for privacy"he winked at that while she blushed and continued,"I'll come back in the room after that"and rushed off in the bathroom as he heard the doorknob.

Anjie and her parents came back and said,"happy birthday Ridzy!"Anjie hugged her while she smiled and said,"thank you di ma and papa"then her father gave hera teddy bear like every birthday while padma took out a beautiful saree(the aamir-sanjeeda marriage one) and said,"Beta yeh tumhaari Naani ki thi unhone mujhe di thi aur ab tumhaari shaadi hone vaali hai isliyye main yeh tumhe dena chahti hu!"she had a few tears in her eyes While Anjie took out a box and gave it to her,"arre senti mat ho mera gift baaki hai abhi"She opened the box and found a pair of diamond bangles in it,sudden realisation striked and she remembered that last to last year she had seen these bangles and liked them very much.She exclaimed,"Di yeh toh vahi hai naaa!" Anjie hugged her sideways and said,"haan meri pyaari Ridzy yeh wahi hai,Maine ussi time le thi par last birthday par tujhe de nahi paayi!"Ridzy smiled at her sister and said,"you are the best di"while anji chuckled"haan woh toh main hu hi!"


Atul noticed that Anjalli was staring at him with daggers in her eyes! What the hell!! Why was she looking at her like this?? Atul was confused. Was she still angry about his surprise?? He scratched his brain but nothing came to his mind. Atul shrugged and went to his desk.

Soon Keerti mam entered the classroom. But Armaan and Riddhima were still in the corridor when Keerti mam had entered the classroom. They went near their classroom and saw keerti mam there.

Riddhima: Dekha Armaan ab tumhari vajah se paddne wali hai mujhe!
Armaan: Meri vajah se???
Riddhima: han tumhari vjah se!
Armaan: Maine kya kiya?? Riddhima kya kar rahi ho?? Ye.. Pagal ho kya.. Areh Riddima..

Episode 8:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 8

(ananya saari tayyariya kar rhi hoti hai ki muskaan tayyar hokar bahar jaa rhi hoti ananya use rokti hai...)
Ananya- mukaan kha jaa rhi ho...?
Muskaan(darte huye)- vo mom me apne friend se milne jaa rhi hu....

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Mann Ki Lagan OS [Sequel to Pyar Ki Dastaan]

"Hey.. yeh vaali kaisi hai..?" Armaan pointed at a girl who crossed them..

"Armaan stop pointing like that.. ajeeb lagta hai yar.." Ridhhima said smacking his arm..

"Come on yar Ridz.. I'm trying to fall in Love aur tu hai ki koi value hi nai hai mere pyar ki.." he said in a funny tone.. Ridhhima giggled saying "Pyar..? jis din Armaan Mallik ko pyar ho gaya na uss din ek ajooba ho jayega.. aur vaise bhi kya kami hai teri life mein jo pyar-vyar ke chakkar mein apni life barbaad karna chahta hai tu.."
Ridhhima said settling on the table with her ice creams.. Armaan laughed at her logic of Love nd Life.. "You're pretty right Ridz.. Pyar vyar karke bandhne se acha hai apni Girlfriends ke saath hi khush rahoon.. atleast agar vo bore karengi to unhe chod to sakta hoon.. Pyar is such a waste of time.."

Part 4:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan got ready in no time… He came after getting ready in his white shirt and blue jeans… Handsome as always… First two buttons not done to let his well built chest to see… His silky hair wet… Some hair was on his forehead… Makes him to Dashing and Hot…
Armaan: Basket… He calls her sitting near the dining table…
Riddhima: Aayi… Juice pelo… Maine waha rak diya hai… (From the kitchen…)
Armaan drink some juice from his glass… Just then Riddhima came with breakfast… Hot and delicious Breakfast… She was about to sit next chair which was near Armaan’s, Armaan hold her wrist… Riddhima look asking from her eyes… What happen…???
Armaan: Kaha jaa rahi ho…
Riddhima: Kahiin nehi…. Main toh bas yahaa beitne wali ti… (Pointing to the chair…)

Part 40: You actually love me or ...

All smiled and with this fun and masti everyone reached Banglore and was standing at Hotel Reception where they were decided to live and were bookin for rooms abhie was booking 4 rooms as everyone was staying with one another when riddhima said
Ri:’’abhie mai armaan kee saath ooske room meiin rookungi’’

Episode 7:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 7

(riddhima muskaan ke room se bahar nikalkar aati hai..aur sochti hai...)
Riddhima- yeh muskaan thik nhi hai....kya me armaan ko btau iske baare me...? Nhi...abhi nhi armaan muskaan ki in harkato ke baare me jaankar zarur hurt hoga....abhi nhi btati hu...par Muskaan par nazar rakhni hogi..
(riddhima yeh sochte huye hall tak pohch jaati dekhti hai...sab mehmaan jaa chuke hote hai..aur padma aur shashank bhi nhi dikhte vo akar annaya se puchti hai...)

part 16:Life out of control(season 2)

Riddhima got dressed in her casual Jeans and Ts. Combing out her hair, her mind wondered over to what Sasha would wear. Definitely nothing shorter than those skirts. Riddhima glanced over at her own wardrobe. Well, atleast she had a wardrobe, compared to Sasha. Smiling at her own stupid joke, she turned once.
Maybe she should wear something more sophisticated. Pulling out a sleeveless, fitting, black t- shirt, she changed into that. She then wore a purple and black checked blouse over it, leaving the front open. NO! She couldn’t wear that. Chucking the blouse, she rummaged into the whole cupboard, finally coming out with a baby pink sleeveless and casual dress top, and wore a black shrug over it, tying the ends.
“Mumma, Armaan aaya?” she called as she ran downstairs. She was sure she heard the sound of a car, but was it Armaan or her dad?
Upon reaching the living room, she was met with a sight that would definitely spoil her day. Sasha was sitting on the sofa, with her legs crossed, and Padma looked like she was trying to entertain her, but evidently failing.
“Uhh..Good morning Sasha.” Riddhima said, slightly awkwardly.
“Hi,” Sasha replied in a sickeningly sweet tone, with an even worse smile. Sasha eyed Riddhima while Riddhima, not caring for being rude, eyed her back. Those shorter than short shorts were back on, but this time, with a bright red, tight spaghetti strap top, and sunglasses pushing back her hair. She definitely had style, Riddhima thought to herself as she saw a white cap toying in Sasha’s hands.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Part 72 :Beintehaan

Abhi n gaurds were searching riddhima madly on roads bt she ws in temple....After coming out from orphnage gate ridz went into z near by temple ....she sat infront of ganapati idol while leaning her back against z pillar in the temple ....she kept on staring z idol n asking actually pleading him to end her pain ....she cnt tke zis pain anymre ...she cnt stand her brothers miserable luks on her .....she alwys wnted z happines of her brothers bt now zey were nt happy .....manytmes she tried to pretend happy n talk wiz zem as if nothing happened n make zem happy bt she cnt plaster a fake smile on her face ....she cnt tlk wiz zem ...feeling ashamed ....feeling lke she becme dirty n deserve to be stay away .....she cut off herself frm every one ...her entire family ws in pain coz of her ....she is z root of evrything ....she begged god to kill her n save her family from humiliation n pain ...she ws silently pleading z god ....she sat lke zat fr hours ...she dnt knw since wen she has been sitting zer .


Armaan thought what would riddhima react to abhi knowing about them and then came back to the time when riddhima hugged him for his present his face went up to a smile..but then he focused again and was thinking about what to reply..when abhi shook his hand in front of him..
Abhi: oyee mr. kahan kho gaye?? aur kiske khayalo me? kya bhai armaan ajkal bohot badle badle lagte ho? kuch baat he kya??

Armaan gulped taking the hint that abhi had definitely seen riddhima and him. He then saw riddhima and atul approaching them ,his eyes went into a wide frenzy! he did not know whether he should let abhi continue or tell him to shut up at least till riddhima was there, But this tension vanished when he saw muskaan distracting atul and riddhima calling them in the another direction, Armaan relaxed and looking at abhi..

Armaan : ye tu kya bol raha he abhi??Aur kya dekha tune parking lot me?
Abhi : wahi jo mujhe dekhna nahi chaiyye tha..
Armaan : WHAT?uhm.. i mean what? kya dekh tumne?

Results SS Competition

Hey friends here i am with the results of SS competition before announcing the results let me tell you the writers of ss

Entry 1 Bepnah Pyaar Hai- Megha 

Entry 2 Jeene Laga Hoon-Rihoo

Entry 3 A Deal-Punam

Entry 4 Will Love You Till The Eternity-- Ayushi

Entry 5 It's A Love Story- Nikita Mathur

So Now Lets Start With Award Ceremony

Characters and teaser :Will you?

arman malik-handsome guy 3rd year MBBS student of sanjivani medical college heartthrob of girls

Ridhima gupta-1s t year MBBS student fair complexion but overweight has little confidence

Entry of main characters falling of ridhz for Amy he uses her as his servant by posing her he is only hers changes after 3 years fall for ridhz what will she do

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Part 15 :And we are made to be one

After spending some time in temple Armaan and Riddhima came back to home happily talking to each-other.... Unknown to them Shashank saw them coming from his window and also saw their faces which were glowing with happiness...

part 13:Fought for ur soul

Early morning..

Shilpa's rum..
Shilpa is sleeping peacefully hugging her teddy..

Ridhima : shilpi give me the password..

Shilpa : kya hai yaar kyu chila rahi hai subja subha.. Sone dena..

N she covers her face with blanket..!!

Episode 6:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 6
(armaan aur riddhima ek jewellery shop ke bahar rukte hai...riddhima car se utar jaati hai...armaan usse kehta hai..)
Armaan- tum andar car park karkar aata hu...?
Riddhima- ok...
(armaan car park karne chala jaata hai..aur riddhima andar store me chali jaati hai...)

Happy Birthday Saumya (4th November)

hi friends ,aaj humare blog ki ek bahut hi pyari ladki,meri chotti sis saumya ka bd hai. she is a great and matured writer too. toh chalo hum sab milkar is pyari shona sis ka bd celebarte karein.

"May you have All the joy your heart can hold; All the smiles a day can bring; All the blessings a life can unfold; And all the happiness you can share. Wishing you a very happy birthday saumya sis."

Part 325 & 326 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 325:

Next day, Armaan was practicing in the basket ball court. Ridhimaa came there jogging. She stopped, seeing Armaan and was dueling her thoughts, whether she should go and talk to him or not. Just then, Armaan's gaze fell on her and the ball hit his chest as he was not concentrating. He groaned. Ridhimaa ran up to him.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Part 1: Ankahey Rishtey


It is a BIG day for our old star intern gang.. From today onwards they'll not be interns or juniors, from today they'll be recognized as the Senior Doctors of Sanjeevni Hospital..
They're now specialists in their particular fields which they ever desired for..

In the Conference Room :
(Dr Kirti ' K and Dr. Shubhankar 'S)

K: Congratulations doctors..! All of you here have always been my family to me.. And today you've all made me proud and I hope you keep up gud work in future too.. Aaj main khush hoon ki mere parivaar ka har ek member apni life mein bohot khush aur successful hai..
The upcoming new intern batch will learn from you.. will idolise you.. So please, apne behaviour ka khayal rakhiyega aap log.. Especially Dr. Armaan aur Dr. Rahul , aapke col. Aur internship ke din khatam hue so please take your work more seriously now..
and once again congratulation to all of you..


Armaan whistled on riddhima's yes" but the main reason was she called him , her babu! armaan happily turned and walking back picked up his guitar and started walking home when he turned, He saw riddhima still looking at him leave .. he slowly kissed his fingers and waved her a flying kiss. Riddhima blushed and quickly went inside opening the door while armaan too headed home.

Billy had just come home after an important business meeting with a client from London. It was very important to crack the deal. If he was successful the company would make the most profit ever made in the history of profits. Billy had always been able to persuade his clients and no one was ever able to beat him. But this time there was one person who was as capable as him. He was just stressing over this when he saw Armaan entering the house with guitar in his hands and a wide smile on his face. Normally it was just the guitar and a dreamy look but today the wide smile and happy face were telling another story.
Armaan, on the other hand, was unaware of Billy being in the room. He was still thinking about their trip to wonderland, yeah now he had started thinking in bookish language. The was she called him her babu.. 'Haaye!' His heart just sized up a bit. Armaan just smiled to himself. He was so lost that he did not hear Billy calling him.
Billy went near Armaan's ears and...

Episode 5:AR FF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 5

(riddhima ki baat sunkar armaan room se chala jaata hai...uske jaane ke baad riddhima. Gusse me kehti hai..)
Riddhima- how rude of him...kitna acha explain kiya sab use phir bhi mujhe ignore karkar chala khadoos se to kuch aur expect kar hi nhi sakte hai....
(yeh kehkar riddhima bahar aati hai to dekhti hai ki sab mehmaan jaa chuke hote hai..aur armaan shashank se kuch keh rha hota hai..vo paas jaakar sunti hai...)

Part 42: We Belong Together

Riddhima's head felt light and her sight was becoming fuzzy. The room around her had lost its brightness and was dark around his body. Everything around her was gone,....Reaching her hand out she gazed her fingers against his right arm, they didn't fall through the air, they brushed across his fair soft skin. Looking up at him she felt melted, Armaan was here, with her. Like a surge of electricity flowed through her, She felt shiver running down her spine... She rested her cheek on his shoulder. " Armaan was with me right then, in my arms" She acknowledge, smiling at her own thoughts.... like the feel of his arms around her torso and his hands resting on her back weren't enough. Like the warmth venting from his body wasn't proof he was here. For some reason, she felt like she had to say it aloud for it be true. But she didn't, because he was there, for her.....

Part 7- The Right Choice

 And Life goes on.

"Ra'Ra..hul"Muskaan said between her sobs.She hugged him tight but then left him suddenly.Maybe she remembered all the hurt she went through."Muskaan"Rahul said in an almost whisper""Muskaan I am'"Muskaan then cut him in between and said,"Don't Rahul abhi nahi.Main abhi koi baat nahi karna chahti."With that she left from there.Rahul looked at her back longingly.I put a hand on his shoulder.He turned around and greeted everyone.Atul,Anjie and nikki hugged and asked him their questions.After knowing their truth all agreed to help them.
We all left from there as we had to report to sanjeevani tomorrow morning.Basket and Rahul also joined sanjeevani.

FROM NOW ON I AM GIVING DATES:The day on which the wedding date was decided was 6th july.The wedding would happen on 20th july and engagement on 18th july.The fields in which the doctor's specialized-Dr.Riddhima-paedritician,Dr.Armaan,Dr.Anjali-Neurologist under Dr.Shashank,Dr.Rahul-Cardiologist under Dr.Shubhankar,Dr.Muskaan-Gynaecologist under Dr.Keerti(Her fear of blood subsided a bit),Dr.Atul-Oncologist,Dr.Nikita-Surgeon under Dr.Abhimanyu.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Part 20: You and Me

It had passed two days that Armaan and Shilpa were back two Mumbai it was early morning Shilpa woke up and didn't find Armaan next to her she stood up and walked downstairs two see him cause every time she wants to see him when she wake up she thought but how he is number one workaholic person who always wants to buried himself in any kind of work
After looking for him whole house she found him in the kitchen she looked at him carefully and noticed he was looking so cute in white cooking cap perfect like chief she smiled and walked towards him

Part 71 :Beintehaan

Riddhima is stable now ....recovering frm z surgery lil by lil ....all her brothers tuk sigh of relief seeing her progress ,bt deep inside zeir hearts all were worried to see zer life less princess....wen she gained conscious,she  tried to cry out loud bt atul pleaded her to stay calm n stop her tears sme how she gulped all her tears  ...she tried to say wat had happened she cnt ,how could she say wat she had gonne through ......she becme quite ....nt even saying a single word ....jst becme a  doll wiz no life in it ....whole day she jst keep on staring z ceiling n lost in her thoughts ...nobody knws wats going on in her mind ..

Prologue:Her Eyes

If there was something he loved, it was painting. He loved the fact that he could create beauty from scratch. Ever since he could remember, he was an artist. His mother had a hard time trying to stop him from drawing on the walls as a child, not that he listened, his walls were always filled with sketches made of pencil, crayons and ink. But all of that had payed off, he was now a famous artist. The Armaan Malik franchise was huge! His paintings were sold for millions. At 25, he is one of the best artists the country had seen. Throughout his career he had drawn things that had sparked an interest in him, but none had mesmerized him as much as her eyes.

Teri meri dosti ka asman..(OS in 2 parts)

back to Delhi..(armaan's home town..)
ridhima stayed at armaan's place as armaan's mom did not allow her to stay at hotel till the time she stays in india..!!
A wk pased.. Armaan n ridhima were always together.. Wether with frnds.. At home n even armaan took ridhina to his ofice..!!

Part 321 & 322 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 321:

Armaan looked at Tamanna and was about to open his mouth to say something when Tamanna shook her head slightly, indicating him not to speak. Matthew was bewildered.

Matthew: What happened? Sab log chup kyun ho gaye?