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Part 4 (b) :Ankahey Rishtey

At mallik residence..
It was 4 30 now..
Ridhhima and ridhaan were sitting in drawing room.. Ridhhima was trying hard to concentrate in the case file of her new case but in vain.. She was realy disappointed the way armaan forgot his promise.. on the other hand ridhaan was playing with his toys but was stealing glances of his angry mother from time to time.. Finally fed up, Ridhhima put her file aside and closed her eyes to relax abit when ridhaan came to her ..


Riddhima : sorry mayank!
Mayank : Hahhaa that's good mujhe bas yehi batana tha! Ke khair abh toh bohot late hogaya he! so i want you to meet me tommorow at 2 pm at this place only!
Riddhima : Okay but why?
Mayank : Woh tumhe kal pata chal jaega! And all the others! Well played! Apke timetable me ek lec basketball ka add kiya jaega! And you all will be even given attendance for it So for now go home and take rest! And don't forget checking the notice board tomm..
Shubhankar : Even the boys team will be having a separate lecture for bb!

Then shubhankar dismissed everyone and everybody left the bb court. Shubhankar and Mayank stood there discussing about the players selected.
Mayank: I am really shocked to see that girls too play quite well!
Shubhankar: Hmm I am shocked as well. I mean jab ladkiyan aane lagi basketball team ke baare mein puchne toh mujhe laga ki shayad hume utne participants hi na mile selection ke liye. But aaj ka participation crowd dekhkar I was glad that humare college ne Girls bb team banane ka faisla kiya.

part 18 : An Arranged Love Marriage

Life was wonderful. Everything was just “too perfect.” He had never imagined his life like this. Yes of course that wish like every other guy out there was always alluring; A loving wife to take care, a beautiful house which could be turned into a home by their dreams, the amazing colours which only she could fill in his life and a wonderful family to be started with nobody else but just her!

All these things were read in fairy tale; but never had he thought would come real in his case. And right now he was on his way to pick his fairytale cum true princess; as he had promised to take her out for shopping.
Car parked, doors locked and he headed straight to his room.

Happy Birthday Humera(15th November)

aaj humare blog ki ek cutest writer Humera ka  bd hai. toh chalo usey wish karte hain........

Happy Birthday Humera.On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

part 39 : Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

next day 

morning 6am 


they both slept hugging eachother n asusual it is armaan who wokes up n first thing he did in the  morning is seeing her angel besides him cuddling like a baby 

armaan smiles n kissed her forehead n ridhima hugs him more indicating that she wants to sleep more for some time 

Ar -gud morning jaan 

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Gungunata pyar(one shot)

Chaudree kaa chand ho ya aaftab ho Jo bhee ho tum khuda kee kasam lajawab ho

Armaan sang zese lines while luking at ridz lovingly who cme to meet
him on terrace....hews totally mesmerized in her divine beauty ..
.hearing z song fr her ridz blushed
hard n lowered her eyelashes

Part 12:I'll be ur destiny at every step u take

armaan picks up ridhima in his arms n took her to the car 

he carefully places her on the seat n took out his hanky from his pocket n first cleaned the blood carefully 

she stir in her sleep armaan looked at her n he blew on the wound not giving her pain then he ties his hanky on her wrist n wipes a lone tear from her cheeks 

Part 8 B- The Right Choice

 Birthday Surprise-II.

Riddhima had been working continuously for the whole morning,whenever she used to go towardsthe caf,first Rahul,then Muski,Atul-everybody seemed to have an emergency cases today.Finally she had got some time to relax and was going towards the caf.When she reached the cafe,suddenly everyone shouted SUPRISE!She was shocked,all her friends standing there with a balloon in each hand and shouted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIDZY!"the interns were also there but she couldn't see the man she was searching for.Suddenly one more blue Rose came in front of her and she smiled.She looked at him while he hugged her and asked her,"happy birthday again!kaisa laga surprise? Maine kiya"he said the last bit proudly,she looked around and saw some balloons,her favourite dishes kept on one table and her favourite chocalate cake kept on the table and said,"bahot acha!"while Nikki came and hugged her and smacked Armaan on his arm and said,"Armaan "MAINE" nahi "HUMNE"!"while muskaan also came and hugged Ridz and hit Armaan and said,"our hero,jhuth kyu Bol raha hai?vaise bhi tune koi kaam nahi Kiya,bas baithkar order de raha tha!khota Kahin ka!"Armaan retorted,"oye main toh tum log ko riddhima ki choice Bata raha tha!Kal mall main toh bada Bol rahe the-tujhe Ridzy ki choice pata hai,tu hamaari madat kar sakta"he mimicked them while Armaan looked at muskaan's shocked face and said,"aur muskaan tu toh Bol hi mat...bhukkad Kahin ki!isse cake kaise bachaya hai main hi jaanta hu"while muskaan looked at him with open mouth,Rahul


Hello friends,

M Priya new to ff writing and blog hope I am welcome here
I always wanted to write a FF n AR but never knew of this recently came to know about it so I wrote an FF. Hope u people will like it
this FF s based on two friends who fall in love but will their love succeed or will their friendship would suffer. To know more you all are welcome to read my ff

As the story starts we see a apartment building with many floors and apartments. Lets see what's happening in one of these apartments.
There is a name plate which says Gupta House

part 17:Life out of control(season 2)

Riddhima walked into the hospital feeling over the moon. If she could sing, she would. If she could run, nothing would stop her. Her heart felt the lightest it had, for ages! Walking into the locker room, she saw Armaan there with a file in his hand, his forehead scrunched up in concentration and confusion. Ofcoourse, Armaan was back to doing half shifts. Closing her eyes she thought better to avoid the topic, than fight again with him about it. Instead, she just observed him from the door. He was sitting on the bench, then suddenly got up, and started walking to and fro across the lockers.
“Basket, jab mujhe dekh ke man bhar jaaye, toh andar aa sakti ho.” He suddenly said, and Riddhima was broken from her trance. Feeling herself go red, she tried to deny his allegation.
“Main, uhmm…tumhe nahin dekh rahi thi.” Looking down, she walked inside the room.
“Achcha. Toh kya kar rahi thi Madam?” he asked snapping his file shut and coming in front of her.
“Kuch soch rahi thi.” She replied, and walked forward as he moved back with her.
“Really?” he asked narrowing his eyes and stopping suddenly so she bumped into him.
“Really.” She responded with the same expression. He smiled and stepped aside letting her go to her locker while he went to his own. AT that point, the rest o the interns bounded in chattering amongst themselves.

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Part 4 (a) :Ankahey Rishtey

As she was walking fast in the corridor Blinded by fat tears in her eyes she bumped into sumone carrying a coffee mug that spilled on her .. In full Anger she blurted
Rad: wat the hell.. Yeh hospital hai tumhara drawing room nai.. dekhke nahi chal sakte.. (as she completed she found armaan looking at her confused)
A: Oh..! I'm sorry.. are u okk.. (concerned)
Rad: Y-yes sir.. I mean I'm sorry sir maine aapse aise baat ki' (guilty)
A: no no.. it fine.. galti meri thhi..
Rad: nahi sir aap to theek se chal rahe thhe.. mera hi dimag kharab thha aur.. I'm sorry'
A: (he noticed tears in her eyes) Its absolutely fine Ms. Verma' u come with me..


Shanaya smirked thinking what deal? As if she needed them She knew and believed that she Could easily deal with the other teams But she had heard coach shubhankar specify TEAMWORK and hence she had played all this out!Riddhima on the other hand was glowing! Nobody could miss the exictement and happiness that was clearly bestowed on her face..She was wearing a dark grey coloured T-back and ..and skin fit black tracks but now she had changed her sneakers to stunning nike sportswear.. her hair were tied up as high as possible giving her a school girl look.Noone had noticed it but Armaan could not breathe the min he had reached the gate.First he was out of breath due to the long sprint from class till there and the minute he felt a lil less suffocating Riddhima had come in front of him And her beauty had almost made him clueless of the other things in the surrounding.He could not believe She could even look this beautiful..She was very happy and he sincerely wished she got selected for the team But the minute he had seen that HOT coach ! He was pissed! But then shifting his focus to riddhima he calmed and relaxed...He sensed she was nervous just a bit because she Was constantly looking here and there and then at him giving him A BIG Smile! To hide it. The next time she looked at him He just gave a big smile and showed his thumb to wish her luck..She relaxed a little seeing it but then oh-oh! He hit his head when he thought of shanaya being alloted to their team!He felt as though riddhima would explode and instead of throwing the ball she would curl up shanaya and dunk her!But to his suprise Riddhima went ahead and shaked hands with her which armaan thought of being a truce! He even felt more proud! She had kept all the personal problems aside! And managed to steal his heart again Then he thought if she can do it for the game? he too has to be okay with the coach! After all did he not trust her!! Then one corner of his brain erupted :Ofcourse he did! But he did not trust the men Around her" he laughed to himself.He sensed even rahul was unhappy with the coach being mayank and knowing muskaan he knew she would make advances towards him.

Reminder of OS n Siggie compo

hello to all the luvly people out here.......

her guyies this is the reminder to all the crazy DMG lovers i mean by u all people about the OS and Siggies compotetion that i have mentioned about on 21st October......]Here see it if forgot

2 plots i have already given and

3rd will be
in this i wanna add some thing that u people can write OS on ur own plot to if anyone wanted to write....
but with their own plot u have to put up a emotional swing in it.. i mean kuch emotions parts ho OS mein agar aapka khud ka plot hain toh.....

Part 3:Coincidence?not!(Updated)

Sorry about the part previously posted. An integral part of it wasn't posted

The day hadn't gone well and Riddhima hoped that the next say would be better than the previous one. She wanted to cry. It was bound to happen. She was pining after a guy for years only for him to turn out to be a jerk.

He spent the whole day ordering her around on random chores which weren't even important. What irritated her the most perhaps would be amount of work load he had showered upon her. He was a star lawyer and he had loads of bigshots waiting in line for him to take up their cases.

This was the thing she hated about her job. The ethical dilemma. The rich don't exactly practice sainthood to stay rich. There are a lot of malpractices involved. Practices which are in the expense of poor. It was her job now to find loopholes to save these rich from getting the punishment they deserved. She absolutely hated it. But to become big, she had to work on all kinds of cases.


People all around the world think that people who live in outside countries especially Indians who are rich and live in foreign countries had everything and anything it's true to some extent but somewhere it's just about money and all the middle class families whether in India or in outside countries think that people who are rich billionaires can bring anything and everything to their kids..but they forget ke voh sab kuch khareed sakte hain par pyaar aur kuch time jo un ameer maa baa ke bachhon ko unke parents se chahiye hota hai...voh nahi mil pata...
Aisi hi kuch story Armaan Mallik ki hai. He has everything in life.. if a person sees him from outside will think that he's a very happy man with all luxuries in life. But the people who knows him from inside him will definitely tell the difference between his fake smile and real smile.



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Part 74 :Beintehaan

Ridz ws engrossed in file while roaming in z room ...tammana cme n said "ma'am apsey milney minnie ayi hai ...mai andar bulaun??" ...ridz thought fr a while n nodded her head as yes ....minnie enterd z room while holding her brother siddhant's hand ...seeing him blood boiled in ridz veins n luked at tammana angrily ....befre ridz could blast minnie said "bhabi maine hi sirf mai ayi hun bolne ko kaha tha ...bhaiyya apsey kabsey thnks bolna cahtey they par aap insey milti nahi hona issliye jhut bolah .."

Part 23 : You and Me

Armaan and all were still waiting outside OT operation was about to finish Armaan was praying continuously for his Shona to be all right
Armaan walked towards his cabin and came inside he sat on the chair and closed his eyes several tears fall on his cheeks, he opened his eyes and saw Shilpa was standing in front of him smiling widely and wearing beautiful pink suit he smiled and spoke: Shona'
Shilpa: yes my stupid Armaan, he laughed hearing her words and soon walked towards her and spoke: I am sorry this is all happened cause if me right, Shilpa was staring at him lovingly and he was about touch her face suddenly she faded off Armaan realized this was his dream, he again sat on the chair and took of his marriage photo which was kept on table he moved his palm on Shilpa's face and was looking carefully he was missing these loving days a lot his thoughts: Shona I know you are angry with me but at least come back for your dad he is too broken I don't know how to handle all this please be all right soon'.

Part 44: We Belong Together

Anjali: Riddhima, please apni dil ki sunno.. Anjali spoke supporting Riddhima... Ridhima looked up at Anjali who smiled and reassured Riddhima. Wiping her tears..

Part 5:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Gupta house…

Riddhima and Armaan reach Gupta house at sharp 7 30pm… Padma and Nani were there to waiting for them and wish a warm welcome… Shashank wasn’t back from Sanjeevani yet…
Riddhima: Ma… Di nehi ayengi kya…
Padma: Nehi who bhi tohdi der main aayengi… Atul bhi… (Okey now Anjali and Atul are married ;) and they also work in Sanjeevani…)
Nani: Beti… sab tayyari hogayi…
Riddhima: Haan Nani… Bas tohda last minute packing baaki hai…
Padma: Riddhima… tumne iski saat kaise sab kuch karliya… (Pointing to Armaan…)
Riddhima: Kyu ma…

Part 329 & 330 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 329:

In the Conference Room. Tamanna was sitting beside Shashank. The others were seated around the long table.

Shashank: Doctors... I know ki aap sab soch rahe hain ki maine aap sabko yahaan kyun bulaaya hai. Pehle to hum sab ye kewal Dr.Ridhimaa aur Dr.Armaan se discuss karne waale the, lekin ab mujhe lagta hai ki aap sabko is discussion me shaamil hona chahiye.

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Part 3 :Ankahey Rishtey


Next morning in sanjeevni..

In kirti's cabin:
K: gud morning doctors.. I hope all of u r ready for a wonderful change in ur lives from today..
All: yes mam..
K: gud.. so aaj se aap sab apne juniors ko guide karenge.. officially u can perform individual surgories wid a lil guidence.. Par abhi bhi u'll hav to report me..
Dr. Ridhhima aap special ward ke saath saath interns ka bhi dhyaan rakheingi..
Dr. Armaan aap apni surgeries ke saath second half of the day mein interns ko guide karenge as Dr. Ridhhima leaves early coz of her son..
Dr. atul aap mere saath children's ward mein decisions lenge..
Dr. Anjali aap aur Dr. Rahul apni surgeries ki details aur case discussions Dr. Shubhankar ke saath kareinge..
Dr. Muskaan, Maternity ward ki responsibilty aapki hai..
Main yeh nahi keh rahi ki u all have to do this individually , u all are a really effective team.. par as per ur specialisations you'll be held responsible for any sort of neglegence towards ur patients.. Am I clear..


Armaan chuckled at this and slowly under the table found riddhima's Hand and squeezed it..Riddhima looked at him and smiled warmly..While everyone were busy Armaan slowly kept his head on the desk and holding riddhima's hand he bought it near his lips..and whispered "IloveyouRiddhima" and slowly and passionately kissed her hand..And quickly sat up and looked at her..Riddhima still felt his Warmness on her Hand and looked at the other side Hiding her even more prominent blush ! Armaan Muttered OYe Hoye!!

Our lovebirds were busy when the professor again entered the class and said

" Students Coach Shubhankar has an important announcement to make. He will be here in sometime. Till then lets continue."

The whole class groaned at this. But they did not have any option. The professor continued. But not for long. Soon Coach Shubhankar entered the class. The whole class sighed in unison. And then they laughed together. After the class was silent Coach shubhankar came forward.

Part 2:Coincidence?not!

The first day of work is always the hardest. Nervousness, anxiety and excitement are not exactly an ideal mix, especially when it's the nervousness which is dominating. For Riddhima, the day started off badly, she woke up late and the traffic was unbearable. To make the day worse, her scooter tire got punctured. To make the day the worst first day possible, she was an hour late. Talk about bad first impressions and how first impressions are the lasting ones.

She didn't exactly look presentable either. It was a bad hair day for her, her hair got tangled and some strands stood upwards. She tried her best to curb her hair problem, which she succeeded to do, slightly. She sighed and bowed her head down while enduring the never-ending rant about the "Unruly youngsters" by her head, Ms. Kirti Mehra.

"This type of behavior is unacceptable! but this is your first day, so I'm going to excuse you. This better not be repeated again" she finally finished.

Part 2:Fateful love in an arrange marriage


malliks are coming to the Gupta  mansion to fix the date n to do roka ..Shashank n padma were arranging all required things .padma was so stressed n was shouting on one of the servants 

padma - Arey bhaiyya ye Phool abhi Tak yahin padey hai inhe lejaiye aur ache se sajayie kya karrahe aap sab 

servant took the flowers n went from there 

Episode 10:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 10
(riddhima sokar uthti hai....aur sofe par armaan ko sota dekhkar vo use dekhti hi reh jaati hai....phir use kal raat ki sneha ki photo wali baat yaad aati hai.....vo use dkehna band kar deti hai...aur kehti hai..)
Riddhima- hamari shaadi ho gyi hai armaan...phir bhi kitne door hai hum....mene tumse pyaar kiya yeh bina soche samjhe ki tum mujhse pyaar karte bhi ho ya nhi...par me ab kya karu..tumse zabardasti to pyaar nhi karwa sakti hu khud ko....

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Part 22 : You and Me

Armaan moved close to her and was about to touch her face but she brushed away his hand and moved back
Armaan spoke: Shilpa listen to me what the hell has happen to you
Shilpa spoke in anger: nothing and hereafter please stay away from me as she said her words
She ran out from the room while crying very badly and Armaan was completely shocked seeing this gesture of her and was thinking what he did why she is so angry on him but soon he came back from the shock and thought about Shilpa she was too depressed he thought maybe he should not leave her alone
Shilpa came out from the house and was depressed she didn't knew what to do she never wanted to talk with Armaan like this she felt guilty why she talked with him like this she stopped thinking and sat in the car she started the car Armaan was searching Shilpa in the whole house he came in the balcony and saw Shilpa's car drove away he was now scared cause the car was in full speed

part 11:pyar ke ehsaas


Riddhima chupchap baithi hui thi…sea beach par akeli..koi sath nahi…usey pata tha aaj rahul muskan aaye hain,unse milne ka,muski ko gale lagane ka bahut dill kar raha tha par wo wahan nahi ja sakti thi.agar billy uncle ko pata chal gaya ki muski uski sister hai aur riddhima ne yeh baat chupayi hai toh pata nahi kya soche….aur wo arman!usey toh chance mill jayega kuch bhi bakne ka..riddhima heaved a long  breathe ….kya kismat hai uski bhi….koi uska apna nahi…wah akeli hai bas akeli…samander se lahren aaker uske pairon ko bheego rahi thi aur uske aansoo uske galon ko…riddhima ne apni aankhen band kar li…..pata nahi uncle kya soch rahe honge ,jarur tension me honge par riddhima unse nahi mill sakti …arman ke dar se nahi mill rahi aisa nahi..actually wo khud bhi us ghar se dur rehna chahti thi..pata nahi kyon us ghar se itna pyar ho gaya hai usey…lagta hai apna hi ghar hai….

New character:MAYBE SOMEDAY



Hey guys ! So we thought of adding a little more spice and fun to our already loved AR FF
And we feel glad to Introduce our Brand New Characters

So if you have Read the Previous Part then you would be aware of this Name :- SHANAYA
Shanaya Singhania (chahat khanna will be essaying this role just to make your imagination easier)
Beautiful charming lady well that's what any other on looker will say but she has an attitude that would wipe your thoughts away.

Intoducing our first character!!

Happy Birthday Tani (10th November)

hey friends ,aaj humare blog ki sweet girl  Tani ka birthday hai.toh chalo usey bd wish karen...............

Happy Birthday Tani

Lovely msg for a Lovely Person
from Lovely Friend
For a Lovely Reason
at a Lovely Time
from a Lovely Mind
in a Lovely Mood
in a Lovely Style
to wish you
Have a Lovely "BirthDay"

Part 11:I'll be ur destiny at every step u take

recap - armaan invites gang to his house for get together n everyone got well with each other 
nikki muskaan started their mission AR MILAAP Where as ananya n anjali making plans to separate AR 



Nikita was sitting in the cabin n was thinking about the conversation she had heard 

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Part 73 :Beintehaan

"Riddhima abh ye abortion karna risky hai"doctr said it while luking at z ultrasonic reports n other test reports...


Doctor:haan ....its 5 th month of her pregnancy ....iss waqt abortion karna bohot risky hai more over vo ladki kafi young hai ....uski jaan jaskti hai ...


Even though Rahul was angry he smiled. He knew the only way he could talk to Muskaan was fighting with her. Two days without her the college was eating him alive. Now that she was back his life was back to normal. He smiled and left.

Armaan meanwhile was walking with riddhima towards the canteen, That's when they saw this ! Riddhima could never understand why were Rahul and muskaan always fighting.She stopped in her place and pulled armaan stopping him from entering the canteen..

Armaan : Oye hoye!! Aj toh mera lucky day he! Romance se koi baaz nahi araha ! Kya riddhhima jee! Itna pyaar! Udhar bhi mera haath chodne kaa naam nahi le rahi thi aur ab ye...!
Riddhima : Apne Aap ko jyaada khushnaseeb mat samjho aur ye bakwas band karo!
Armaan : Ohooo! Ye baat toh sahi nahi! Jab tum karo toh Pyaar aur mein karu toh bakwass?
Riddhima : Oh COMMON ARMAAN! stop all the cheesy lines!
Armaan : Kyaa yaar theekai chodo aaj se baat hi nahi karunga!
Riddhima : pakka baat nai karoge?

Part 1:Coincidence?not!

Well, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Riddhima, Riddhima Gupta. I've done my degree in law. I wanted to do medicine, but it just seemed like such a hectic job. I love reading, writing, drawing and arguing. I did my LL.B in Delhi in the most prestigious college in India. Yea, I'm smart, or I thought so. Don't get me wrong, I am smart, but just not the brightest bulb there is. I'm just an average girl who isn't the prettiest or funniest and this is my story

I've always been a sensible girl, atleast among my friends. Which isn't saying a lot because they're all bonkers. The worst thing I've probably done is the fact that I had fallen in love with a guy who didn't even acknowledge me. Talk about bad luck. He was hot, smart and popular. Unlike me, who was always overshadowed by her popular friends. I love my friends, I really do. It's just that I would have liked to be noticed, as Riddhima Gupta, not as hot Maya Malhotra's friend or Siddhant Modi's best friend. I may sound bitter but I love them to bits.

Tere Bin- OS

 [last installment to Pyar ki Dastaan]

**Sorry in advance for all the heart breaks that this OS is gonna cause..**

Tere Bin..

She stood at the airport waiting for him.. She was there with her and his family.. She was waiting eagerly for him to come as they’d be meeting after one long year.. She saw him moving from the crowd to them with a trolley.. For a moment her heart skipped a beat.. he was still the same.. Those same loving eyes nd a smile to die for.. she smirked when she saw him setting his hair making them bounce back on his forehead, just like he always used to do..

Part 1:Fateful love in an arrange marriage

 there's a huge big mansion n the lady was excitedly talking on the phone sitting in the main hall 

lady -Jee haan hamari taraf se sab pakka hai 
Jee humne ladki ko toh dekhliya aur sabko pasand hai toh der kiss baat ki behan ji hum jald se jald shaadi karna chahte hai