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Part 5:Coincidence?not!

Well, I know you guys were confused about Armaan's feelings, let this chapter clear it up.


"I don't hate you, infact my feelings for you are quite the opposite"

Never had Riddhima resembled a fish than she had just then. Her mouth kept opening and closing. She didn't know what to say. Her mental system was now a cocktail of various emotions, confusion, irritation and most of all anger.

"What?" she tried to be patient.

"I have a crush on you. Had it from a long time"

"What?" now she was just plain confused.

"Dammit woman! do I have to repeat what I just said?"

Part 6 (a) :Ankahey Rishtey

As they reached there, they got their things out and moved to greet bua and padma.. All the interns introduced themselves to the kids who came running to AR..
Bua: arre wah ridhhi! Humara ridhaan to bohot bada hogaya hai
P: haan ekdum armaan jaisa dikhta hai.. kyun..
R: haan bua bada to hogaya hai.. aur samajhdar bhi(smiling) aur sirf armaan ki tarah dikhta hi nahi balki uski tarah mera dhyaan bhi rakhta hai

Part 25: sindoor

As riddhima went from there muskaan speaks up on the phone
M:''aunty kaise ho aap?''
N:''main theek hun beta tuu aur rahul kaise ho?''
M:''hum dono theek hain aunty aur aunty mujhe lagta hain kii armaan aur riddhima ke beech bhi nazdeekiyan ane lagi hain''

Part 8 C : The Right Choice

Birthday Suprises-III.

He wiped her tears and engulfed her into a hug!Then said,"Chalo let's eat the food!"he dragged her towards the dining room connected to the kitchen."wow Armaan kitchen ekdum awesome hai!"Armaan came outside wearing a chef's hat with two bowls in hands,he opened the bowls and riddhima shouted,"Italian!!"In one bowl there was her fav pasta with white sauce and in the other Garlic bread with cheese.

Armaan chuckled and said,"haan basket Italian!aur MAINE banaya!"As soon as he said that,her expression changed to horrified and she gulped,looking nervously at the food.He sat down and pulled her into his lap.She looked at Armaan nervously and said,"Are you sure Armaan?Last time ki shahi kheer yaad hai na?"Armaan frowned and said,"Arre basket ek baar galti hui matlab har Baar ho aisa Zaroori nahi hai!Kya itna he trust hai tumhe mujhpar!"he pouted.She frowned at his pouting face and took the pasta in the spoon and slowly put into her mouth,closing her eyes while Armaan looked at her nervously awaiting her reaction.Riddhima ate the food and found it shocking.It was so tasty!Her eyes opened and she exclaimed,"Oh my god!"Armaan gulped,"kya hua basket itna bura hai?"he said pouting.She looked at this adorable man in front of her!She exclaimed"bura?ARMAAN MALIK THIS IS THE BEST PASTA I EVER HAD!Are you sur yeh tumne banaya?"he looked at her disbelievingly.He frowned and said,"basket man rakhne ke liye jhooth mat bolo!"She hit his forehead,"buddhu!main jhooth nahi bol rahi!You don't believe me?Taste this!"she put the spoon in his mouth.He smiled,"Seriously basket this is toh very nice!I am awesome!"

Episode 14:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 14
(rishabh vha hurt face ke saath khada hota hai..uski ankh se ek ansoo gir jaata hai..par riddhima armaan ko samjhate huye kehti hai..)
Riddhima- par armaan vo usse galti ho gyi.. hai..vo samajh jayegi..

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Siggies on dmg

hi friends...ffs ud karna abhi mere liye bilkul possible nahi hai for my study but kuch kuch ho raha tha dill me so updating a few siggies of dmg..hope u will like it.thanks

Episode 13:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 13

(armaan ko gate par khada dekh muskaan dar jaati hai aur riddhima.shock ho jaati hai..armaan ki ankhon me gussa hota hai vo andar akar gusse me puchta hai..)
Armaan- kya ho rha hai yeh sab...


2months passed away with armaan and riddhima's never ending frolicking romance and love still unknown to all.But something had changed over time It was riddhima's relation with mayank! Riddhima had found herself a New best friend Mayank was one of the hotest dudes in college who coached the BB team as well.What shocked armaan was how riddhima had managed to open up mayank who was indeed a very introvert person, Though he did not like riddhima's closeness with him as much but he was in awe of their friendship They were friends only since 2 months but if you stood with them you felt like they were childhood friends.And armaan was happy if his Princess was Because he Knew How much she loved him and Every ounce of blood in his body loved and trusted her.

*one Normal day in college *

Armaan entered the class and saw Riddhima already sitting in her place that was beside him. He smiled at this. But his smile disappeared when he saw the look on Riddhima's face. Riddhima was scowling at him. He went and sat beside her. She turned her head to the other side. Armaan called her but she refused to look at him. He tapped on her shoulder but she refused to pay attention to him. Instead she got up and went to muskaan and began discussing something with her. She knew that Armaan wouldn't talk to her when she was with muskaan. Armaan hit the desk in anger. It had been a two months since they were dating. But still Riddhima had a new reason to be angry with him. So it was difficult to pinpoint what he did to upset her. Riddhima heard Armaan

Part 22:super model

After fighting with ridhima armaan started his car engine n drove away..
He was hel angry on ridhima..

Part 5:Love Binds Our Destiny AR FF

Anurag is shocked hearing this from riddhima's mouth and looked at her in pure disbelief and then he just simply

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Part 5 (b) :Ankahey Rishtey

In the evening at mallik residence

Ri: buddy hum kahan jaa rahe hain? Aap mere clothes kyun pack kar rahe ho?
A: buddy hum lonavla ja rahe hain.. mama papa ko vahan thoda sa kaam hai fir hum bohot saare games khelenge..
Ri: (excited) hum naani ke paas bhi jayenge na..?


Avantika walked in mallik mansion early from her office hours and seeing her a servant walks in and offered her a glass of water and seeing her, her shanky comes in he is the loyal worker of malliks and more than worker he is a family for them even armaan respected him as he spends his part of child hood with him as shanky used to take care of little armaan and then seeing him avantika tells him about her and harish plans as

Happy Birthday Fazil (20th November)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ke member fazil ka bd hai...toh chalo usey sab milkar wish karein....

On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

part 40 : Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

the gang still did not came yet n ridhima woked up with in 15 minutes 
armaan was surprised because if ridhima sleeps or take short naps it is difficult to wake her up once she gets into deep slumber but this time she wokes up soon n armaan said 

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Part 76 :Beintehaan

"wish u many many happy returns of z day didi ......didi aap khamaka chinta karti ho mujhey kya hoga ...vo vo actually umm vo  mera mobile vibration pey tha toh pata nahi chala ......haan frnds key saat hi hun didi ....mere frnds bohot insist kar rahey they aur apney bhi kaha nah toh mai rukh gayi .....haan didi i m enjoying .....sunny kaisa hai .....haan aap jo uskey pass mujhey toh vo yaad bhi nahi karta hoga ....didi haha......ji didi aap kaam karo mai rakhti hun ....ji haan mai kal yeha sey nikalungi ...luv u too didi ..bye.."


Thats when she heard some sound "Clunk Clunk" She looked around here and there, but could not source the sound..She again heard the sound but looked around to find no one..Then looking ahead she suddenly saw a hand sprint out from below of the para feet .. She freaked out she wanted to scream But she was so terrified that her voice got struck in the throat..The hand Was somewhat messy and looked very old! She was scared to death..She moved few steps back that's when she saw another messy hand make its way on the para feet, Her Eyes shrieked with fear which her mouth forgot to convey..She Was scared to death She kept looking towards them her brain could not process It till... She saw the Goofy Face Spring Up trying hard to not fall down... Riddhima Shrieked .....

Riddhima: ARMAAAAANNNNN!" what the hell are you doing here!!!! Aur woh bhi Iss time!! Itna Late!!Aur aisi haalat me?

Suddenly It striked riddhima he was full of dust and while shouting she tilted her head a little trying somewhat to understand What was going on..She looked at him still clinging on the para feet , The goofy Armaan smile stuck on his Face.. Instantly she smiled!

Armaan : Shhhh... Riddhima!! Itna chilaa chillaa ke kya saare Mumbai ko Jagana he!!? Aur aise mand jaise kya hass rahi ho?? Jaldi meri madat karo!!Nahi toh me gir jaunga! U want me dead??

Part 4:Coincidence?not!

I intended for this to be a short story so I'd be ending it in 2 or 3 chapters.

They say time flows like the wind, but in Riddhima's case it was the opposite. Time flies when you're having fun, but when you're not, it's slower than ever. This was Riddhima's case.

It had been a month since she'd started working for Armaan and she hated it. She wouldn't deny that she had learnt a lot about her field in this one month than she had been the past two years.

Nothing had changed. Nothing at all. Armaan was still the same, a jerk. He had been worse to her if not worst. He loaded her with so much of work that her social life was practically nonexistent, if touch discount Muskaan, a colleague with whom she had hit it off instantly. She hadn't had a chance to speak to Sid the entire month, she was just so busy. It seemed that Armaan wanted her to die alone with the work he'd given her. She hated it.

main tera hero - one shot

Main tra hero...

ridhima enters armaan's rum..!!

R : stupid idiot moron gadha ulu..
Meri neend haran krke mze se so raha hai.. Tri toh...

After a storm comes a calm -One shot

"Another day, another dollar",that what my father taught me. From a very young age I have seen Business. We talk business,we live as a wealthy business family and to be quit honest I liked it, in fact I loved all the attention I got due to this family and I am quite proud to be the only son of 'Maliks' being THE ARMAAN MALIK. My life was perfect until I meet Riddhima. She changed my prospect towards life. I am madly love with her but she never liked me. She was forcefully married to me. When I told about her to my family. They accepted her without any issue and Riddhima's family accepted me. That how we got married but my life is miserable then. The fact that she hates me hurts me more then anything. Everyday my day starts at 6 in morning and I return home around 1 in night this how we aren't able to talk each other. The only time I see her is in bed when she is sleeping. I admired her,kiss her and sometimes talk to her but of course she never knew about this. And then one day she came to me, in my office.......

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Part 16:ArSh FF - Arranged Love

Once her friend had told Shilpa that there comes a moment in everybody's life when they are surrounded by thousands of people but their whole concentration is only on one particular person. That once in a person's lifetime, there comes a moment when nothing else matters to you, everything fades out except one particular thing or person who has the ability to capture all of your attention. For Shilpa, this was that moment. She was actually experiencing it all.

Part 45: We Belong Together

Armaan walked towards the driving seat and sat in the car, Riddhima had closed her eyes, she was lost in deep thoughts, her life had turned upside down today....She felt like her heart had been ripped out....There was an aura of grey around her... It was a mist that wouldn't rise.... A state of depression that she couldn't see herself through.... She knew Armaan was with her, but her family's absence was hurting her badly...

Part 6:Unsaid Love

Part 6

Part 4:Love Binds Our Destiny AR FF

All were flabbergasted hearing him he knows her before they knows each other already how this can be possible if it is true then how come they did not know about this all were too shocked and too numb too react but nandini breaks the silence as she


Thank u guys for liking and commenting on previous part

Gupta house 

In morning, padma wakes up and see shashank sleeping peacefully. She smiles looking at him and says sorry shashank m raat ko tumhe or angel ko kitna pareshan karti hun bus 1 month ki aur baat hai and kisses his forehead. Just as she was about to get up shashank holds her hand and says tum mujhe kabhi pareshan nai kar sakti mujhe pata hai tum humari is princess ke liye kitna pain bear karte ho to yeh to kuch bhi ni.
Padma: acha shashank chodo mera hath mujhe angel ko bhi uthana hai.
Shashank leaves her hand (thought to write something romantic but couldn’t imagine shashank doing romance hehe)
Padma gets up and goes to another room. As she enters the room we see room coloured in pink with various cartoon characters painted on wall. In the middle we see small bed with a small girl sleeping with a teddy with a smile on her face. Padma looks around the room and sees toys scattered everywhere padma shakes her head and goes towards the bed she sits beside her and looks at her angel urf garima and says garima beta get up......... garu beta utho

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Part -12 :Pyar Ka Ehsaas

 Rahul aur muskan wapas chale gaye they .billy bahut sad they wo unke sath rehna chahte they par arman ko chodker nahi ja sakte they.riddhima bhi bahut sad thi unke jane ke baad par ab wo billy uncle se bhi jyada judna nahi chahti thi. wo chahti thi ki usey yahan se dur kahin ek achchi job mil jaye aur wo yeh sab bhulaker yahan se chale jaye.

Part 5 (a) : Ankahey Rishtey

It has been 2 weeks now that the interns have entered sanjeevni''. They've all been gud frnds except for ASH' She still hates Radhika and gets into fight with whosoever tries to defend radhika.. Adi nd radhika hav turned to be really gud frnds now nd jai is gud to all..
 Karan on the other hand is really confused as to why he hates ASH even when she is so beautiful nd why he smiles at Radhika's sweet concern talks'


Armaan followed her. Riddhima ran faster and then just stopped looking at her house.. Armaan came behind her. He saw Riddhima's shocked face. He looked in the direction in which Riddhima was looking. Armaan too stopped dead in his tracks and gulped!!
Riddhima sensed the sweat forming on her temple. This could not be happening! why oh why? What was she going to do now!!!!!!
"Aap yaha kya kar rahe hai Mr. Mallik"
The person standing at the door asked...
Armaan was too shocked to even understand what the person was saying let alone answering.
"Armaan main aapse baat kar rahi hu.."
Armaan recovered from the shock and said...
Armaan: voh main.. Voh...main voh actually...
Riddhima sensed that Armaan was about to have a panicky attack and she decided to handle the situation..As armaan always got tongue tied in front of KEERTI MA'AAM .
Riddhima: actually keerti aunty voh Armaan mujhe drop karne aaya tha aj bb selections the na toh college se nikal ne mein der ho gayi thi isiliye...

Part 331 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 331:

Ridhimaa stared at Armaan.

Armaan: (taking her hand) Idhar aao...

He drove her to the locker room bench and made her sit down. He sat down before her, on his knees.

Episode 12:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 12


(riddhima sokar apna sar pakadte huye jaagti hai...aur kehti hai..)
Riddhima- ohho....yeh mera sar kyu dard kar rha...(phir acahanak riddhima ko raat ka sab yaad aata hai..aur vo darte huye kehti hai..)

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Part 75 :Beintehaan

"princesss tumney yuvraj ko mara???" arnav asked ridz while fuming wiz anger .... ridz kept z file aside n very cooly replied "haan mara maine...sooo wat??"

Arnav yelled "kyun mara ...he is such a nice guy princess...."

Ridz wiz devlish smile "jst nice guy ? hahaha dnt u think yuvraj too much nice guy hai.....[wiz attitude] issiliye maar padi usey ..."

Part 24 : You and Me

Armaan saw her from glass door and was just looking at beautiful sleeping beauty in front of him he opened the door and started walking towards her

Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte' Armaan was looking at Shilpa while walking towards her
 Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera'he went near her and moved her curls from her face and pinned near her ear
He smiled seeing her sleeping
Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte'.he sat on the bed and held her palm
 Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera'.his tears fall on Shilpa's palms
Tujhse Juda Agar Ho Jayenge To'.Armaan pressed her palm tightly
Khud Se Hi Ho jayenge Juda'.he took and kissed her palm
Kyunki Tumhi Hi ho Ab Tumhi Ho'.he leaned down and looked her face carefully
Zindagi Ab Tumhi hohoho'He planted soft kiss on her lips
Chain Bhi Mera Dard Bhi'.He took deep breath as if he was controlling himself going more close to her
Meri Aashiqui Ab Tumhi Hohoho'he stood up and was about go when he turned and looked at her again

The musings of a lovestruck-one shot

So this is my entry for the oneshot competition. I've chosen plot 2. It's based on Armaan's Pov.

The musings of a lovestruck

Life is like a rollercoaster, it has ups and downs. Or so I've heard. But never in a million years did I think that it would actually happen this vigorously in my life. This is my tale of love so far and it's not pretty. Let me start at the very beginning, the very beginning.

This is the day I was born. 24.10.1989. The beautiful woman sitting on the bed next to the window is my mother. The bundle in her arms is me. There is no body near her. No family or friends. You see, my father was a bastard. He cheated on my mother. Promised her love and married another to quench his greed for luxury. My mum's family were traditional and middle class, they did not like the fact that their daughter had conceived before wedlock. She was disowned. My father didn't give a damn about my mother. Making me, a bastard.

Episode 11:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 11

(riddhima apne room me bethi huyi apni shaadi ki album dekh rhi hoti hai ...tabhi album me muskaan ka photo dekhkar use kuch yaad aata hai..aur vo kehti hai..)

Happy Birthday Rajani & Mahima (16th nov)

hi guys..kal humare old blog ki 2 popular members rajani and mahima ka happy bd hai,toh chalo unhe wish karein...

Happy Birthday Rajani and Mahima ....May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.