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siggies on AR (kash)

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That Night Riddhima Lay Unconscious in Her bed.For the First Time she Slept without having a dream, A deep slumber. This was her first sound sleep after her breaking up with armaan, Not because She was at peace but Because it was the result of the injections the doctor gave her. Armaan On the other hand had returned home after Getting the required medicines for riddhima. He set them on the table when he saw Padma There .Padma Moved towards him.
Padma: Thankyou Armaan Beta! Par iski kya jarurat thi ! Mein kisi aur ko bhijwa deti!
Armaan: Aunty, jaanta hu ke riddhima mujhse baat nahi karna chahti par uska ye matlab nahi he ke woh meri zimmedari nahi he! Riddhima ki parwa he mujhe aur mein uske liye kuch bhi kar sakta hu!
Padma's Eyes stung with tears! She could not believe her daughter was so lucky to have found a sincere guy like armaan! But even managed to spoil it. She wanted to make riddhima understand this too that armaan was a friend worth having but remembering riddhima's Negligence to listen anything about it She let it Be.


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part 3

4 dino sab apni fav jagah gaye and the day comeS. they were at airport , ney york.

anji- i will definitely gonna miss this place soo much.
sammy- ohh god i wish just some great girls there... bt seriously i will miss this place yaha nahi ata toh apni gunjan sai kaise milta
piya to nupur- u now what i will this place yaha nahi ate toh gunjun, sammy sai kaise milte par ek khushi m goin back to the place whichhas all our best memories
riddhu- true bt surely i will miss this place
nupur- hmmm yaha nahi ati roh apni gunjan sai mai kabhi nahi mil paati

announcement flight 24557 has lamded please board towards it. sab flight mai baith jaate hai


11 months later

It has been almost a year since Armaan and Riddhima started dating and it wasn't a smooth ride, it was quite the opposite. These eleven months played an integral part in their love life as it was during these months that they actually came to know each other properly, their likes, dislikes, habits, etc. was now known. They now understood each other and grew to love each other even more.

They spent time together. Every Friday evening was date night and it's a surprise that nobody knew it except for Muskaan and Maya from Riddhima's side and Rahul from Armaan's side.

Today is another such Friday and Riddhima was was super excited, it was the first buy-food-i-versary after all. It was this same day, 12 months ago that Armaan started buying her lunch, basically buying a way into her heart and Riddhima was super excited, she couldn't wait to see what was her lunch.

part 14:Fought for ur soul

ridhima was siting in her rum...!!!
sid : ridhima..
ridhima : sid plz ja yahan se mujhe kisi se baat nahi krni..
Sid : apne sidu se bhi nahi rimi..

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Okay so hello there to all of you. I am Saumya as some of you may remember. So this was just basically a note to introduce/reintroduce myself. Also I wanted to know if any of you has links or anything to my OSs? I never had a copy saves with me for most of them considering I never read my own work and with the blog gone I have all the resources gone. So if any of you could help me with that?

And and, I do have two three OSs saved up with me so if any of you wants to read, I can have it edited and posted as soon as possible? And if there is genuine interest, Bin Tere can be poated here as well. A refined and better edited version hopefully and this time around I do plan to end it. So let me know ASAP, yeah?

Part 8 :Ankahey Rishtey

Later that evening in the locker room..
All the interns were there.. Adi was keeping an eye on Karan nd radhika..
K: hey ravs.. (he said totally forgetting about the afternoon rude behaviour)
Rad:''''''.. no reply
K: Ravs I said hi..
Rad: we are here to work Dr. Karan Shergill nd not to chat so plz mind your own business..

Part 10: The Right Choice

- No Memory losses,No Shootouts!Its THE Marriage,finally.

18th July,Gupta's
The whole gupta house was decorted In purple and white lilacs depicting a light serene environment for the engagement of the very-much-in-love couple.Muskaan,Anjali and Atul were running around the house finishing the decorations.The other three were going to be froms armaan's side.Rahul and nikki being there for obvious reasons(Best friends !) and abhimanyu to keep an eye on the hyper-active Nikki.The gang was going to swap during the wedding as it was their best friend's wedding and everyone wanted to be with them both.Riddhima was sitting in her room,in her light blue lehenga and brushing her hair.Muski came from behind and kissed her cheek,"Bahut sundar dikh rahi hai ridzy!I am so happy for you!"Riddhima hugged her back,"I am happy for me too"They both chuckled in their tears.Muskaan smiled and said,"Chal tu final touches karle,Hero ko zyaada wait karaya na toh mujhe maar daalega.Ridz tu kuch hairstyle karlena!"Riddhima blushed,"Woh 'actually'.armaan ko khule'baal..pasand hai'isliye!"Muski cheekily smiled and said,"Oh-hooo toh unke liye"Riddhima lowered her eyes while somebody called muskaan.


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The First Step
15 days have passed. It was a Sunday both the families were sitting together.
Padma: i guess ab hume dono bacho ke naamkaran (giving name to a child) kar dena chahiye kyon Ananya
Ananya: correct bola Padma hum parso rakhte hai so that yeh do din hum ache se prepration kar lenge. Akhir hamare prince or princess ka naming ceremony hai.
Angel who was sitting their listening to her parents talk got excited and said
Angel: mom, masi ma kya main dono ke naam rakh sakti hun.
Billy or Ananya look at each other since they have already kept the name and they also didn't want to disappoint the little girl. They were confused now what to do.

Part 3:Fateful love in an arrange marriage

next morning 

Gupta house 

ridhima wokes up n got ready in pink churidaar n went down to help padma in making breakfast 


ri - gud mrng maa 

padma - gud mrng Bete 

Episode 17:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 17

(riddhima car se utarjaati hai.. gautam bhi car se utar jaata hai.. riddhima ko bye kehne ke liye... Riddhima gautam se kehti hai..)

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segment 14: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)

segment -14

arman came in sanjivani with a very good mood .he came in his papa’s cabin where dr. kirti was waiting for him.

Dr.aditi : "welcome dr.arman'..mai dr.aditi....your senior doctor'''

Arman : "thanks'..nice to meet you'.kya papa ke hospital mein aap jaisi beautiful dr.bhi hain''..pata hota to pahle hi join kar leta'''.

Dr.aditi uttered smilingly  "you are very naughty ''mai aapke baare mein sab janti hun''..

Arman replied shrugging shoulders : "yahi ki mai bahut talented hun'..mere piche sabhi girls diwani hai''..


The only thing Riddhima remembered were his Sad Bloodshot Red eyes Filled with Pain piercing through hers! And the soft Embrace of his Words on her Ears which softly led to one namee " Riddhima'.....And her eyes closed shut.. Somewhat satisfied At being close to him but pained....
Armaan just stood there cradling his Riddhima in his hands but maybe he had lost the right to call her "his Riddhima" anymore. He could not and did not want to shift his gaze from her beautiful face. The face which had once been full of life had now turned pale. He could not believe that he had managed to cause so much pain and trouble. The heartbreak he was going through meant nothing in comparison to what he was seeing in front of his eyes. He wanted hug her tightly and tell her that everything would go back to how it was. But in his heart even he knew that anything he did or said would only lead to another misunderstanding. Without even realizing his one hand loosened from his waist and reached out to touch her cheek. Instantly he felt the unusual warmness. But only this time it was because her skin was actually burning. He then went and felt her forehead. It was burning like hell. He got tensed and started patting Riddhima on her cheek.
Armaan: Riddhima utho..Can you hear me..Comm'on aakhein kholo apni....


As avantika said this riddhima looked at her with confusion all over her face how come they take her parents name unable to hold her confusion more she

Happy Birthday Sonu (27th november)

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A very very happy birthday sonu sis ...many many happy returns of the day... I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

Part 7:Coincidence?not!

It had been a month since Armaan had started trying to woo Riddhima. She wouldn't deny, she enjoyed every bit of it. Sometimes she was genuinely angry and the other times it just plain fun.

She was enjoying playing hard to get and it was obvious there was a change in her behaviour, she smiled more and everytime she walked, she hummed. People caught her drifting off into the dream world and it really worried her close ones. Shilpa kept checking her temperature in case of a fever, Muskaan asked her if she was doing drugs and her mother was convinced she was possessed. The only ones unaware of her behaviour were Sid (thank god!) and Armaan (really god? really?). But boys would be boys even if they were complete idiots at times.

Today was different though. There was no food or note on her desk and this disappointed her, she was hungry and for the past month she had been stuffing herself with food and punishing herself later with a long session of exercise. She hated the exercise but the food was worth every pushup. She couldn't help but being disappointed for that was the only time when she did scowl or frown at him.

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Part 78 :Beintehaan

4 men were standing behind  ridz who ws sitting in chair ...while twirling z paper weight on z table ridz said sternly "lights off"

zen one person started z projector n while showing one picture said "ma'am zis is rohit mehra ..."

Ridz stopped twirling z paper weight ...her eyes widened wiz shock ...zen person continued ....

Part 7 :Ankahey Rishtey

The next two days passed normally.. AR playing nd having fun with Arav nd other kids..  Ash trying to impress Karan.. nd Karan getting jealous of Adi nd Radhika's friendship but certainly his destiny had other plans for him.. Jai was always concentrating on his work or on the kids..


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Part 6:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan waits for sometimes… But when Riddhima didn’t say anything or react for 5mins… He comes and shakes her holding by her shoulder….
Riddhima: Huh… Kya huva…
Armaan: Tumhe kiya huva Riddhima… Tum aise kyu kadi ho… Kuch bola nehi… React bhi nehi kiyaa…
Riddhima: Woh… Armaan… wo….

Episode 16:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 16

(riddhima gautam ko dekhkar shock ho jaati hai...par gautam use shock dekhkar smile karta hai..aur kehta hai..)
Gautam- itna shock mat ho..tumne hi kha tha kabhi india aau to lo tumne kha aur me aa gya..khush nhi ho mujhe yha dekhkar..

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Part 16 :And we are made to be one

After some day
Armaan and Riddhima were sharing a very friendly relationship with each other.... there was some time when Riddhima questions herself that why she was getting so free with Armaan... it was not her cup of tea to be free with any one just like that.... she was always a reserve type of girl never was to free with anyone except muskaan even with sid there was not totally freeness with her and him... but Armaan and her friendship was having no awkwardness in between them... she share totally free and pure friendship....

Part 26 : You and Me

Shilpa was completely shocked hearing Dr. Kirtis words she couldnt believe that Armaan was inside she immediately ran towards lab and saw Armaan from outside she was about to go inside when Armaan noticed Shilpa and shouted: Shilpa no stay out there dont come inside
Shilpa looked at him and tears started falling on her cheeks without waiting more Shilpa opened the door and walked inside but Armaan was in the corner and she was trying to go near him but couldnt fire started burning everywhere
Rahul Atul Muskaan and Anjali came there and saw Shilpa was gone inside Rahul went near Dr. Kirti and she explained him everything
Armaan shouted: Shona please go out i m trying to come out from here but first please you go from here


Riddhima woke up today again as sad as ever, Her heart Ached everyday with the pain she was going through, She quickly Got up brushed , Showered and dressed Coming out of the washroom her eyes fell on the calendar and a small pebble like tear escaped her Eye.. she saw the date and thought They would've completed a Year today! If ... only if he had really been in love with and NOT FAKED HIS LOVE FOR HER!" She straigtened up siting on her bed tying her Matching shoe laces, She thought and remembered what padma said!


Padma : Kya hua beta? Aajkal armaan dikhayi nahi deta! Naahi aata he tumhare saath aur usse milke bhi Kitne Din hogaye! Sach bolu toh i miss his flirting ahahah
Riddhima : Kya armaan armaan laga rakha he!!? AAjse armaan na yaha aaega! Aur hi kabhi kisi se baat karega! Aur mein bhi aapse ye umeed karti hu Ke usse milne pe aap usse baat nahi karenge!!Samjhi aap!? Naa Armaan mere zindagi me he aur naa hi kabhi waapas aega!!
Padma : par beta ! Itna kya hogaya ke jiss armaan ke saath tum ek pal bhi dur rehna pasand nahi karti thi uske naam se hi muh pher leti ho!!

Part 46: We Belong Together

They stayed in eachother's arms, Armaan seized Riddhima by her waist, pulling her against him... He cuddled her in the folds of his arms... producing an affectionate and protective imagery hug. Riddhima smiled with twinkling tears falling from my eyes. Her arms gripped Armaan, leaving Armaan smile as she held onto him.There, in that moment, she could sense nothing but the comfort and warmth he offered with his strong, masculine frame. The scent of Downy lingered Riddhima in Armaan's hug....With one last choking squeeze, Armaan pulled her more into himself and they remained floating in eachother's arm.... 

Part 332 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 332:

Ridhimaa looked at Anjali, who exclaimed.

Anjali: Ridz ko dekhne!

The others sitting in the room saw Anjali and Ridhimaa, standing at the door, looking perplexed.

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Part 6 (b) :Ankahey Rishtey

They had a peacefull night..

Next morning they returned the orphanage to find all the interns nd others sitting, having breakfast nd Ridhaan was again fussing over not to eat from any1 except AR.. He saw them coming from the garden nd ran from Padma's lap to ridhhima nd Armaan' He was although happy but was crying too as e was really scared last night..

part 18:Life out of control(season 2)

Riddhima brought Sapna in with her. Sapna was dressed casually in jeans and kurti, and Riddhima wore jeans with a slightly fancy blue top, Armaan’s given necklace adorning her neck and his bracelet on her wrist. There was no other piece of jewellery on her, besides some hoops that glinted in the dark, on her ears.
“Ridzy, parso meri haldi hai, and a day later sangeet with mehndi right after it. Tayyariyan nahin huwi.”
“Chup, tu ghar pe sirf kaam aur badayegi!”
“Tu bhi na…”

They entered the club, looking around at the people who were dancing. Riddhima caught Armaan’s eye and signaled him an ok. That’s when the music stopped, and Armaan walked onto the stage with a mike.
“Guys, sorry to stop the music. And now you think I’m going to bore you with a lecture right? But that’s not going to happen. Main sirf yeh kehna chahta hoon, ki two of my closest buddies, met at this very club, on this very dance floor, and are now about to get married!” He was met with cheers from the crowd. “So I’d request Amit and Sapna to come up here, and please start off the dance to a very romantic song.” Armaan smiled, and Riddhima pushed a shocked Sapna onto the dance floor, where Armaan pulled an equally astounded Amit the same way. As soon as their hand’s met, the song started, and Armaan got off the dance floor.


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Part 3
One day Padma and Shashank were sitting and talking about something. Suddenly Padma started feeling dizzy she held Shashank hand tightly. Shashank saw her and shouted Padma. Padma got unconscious. Shashank immediately called Billy as he was not in a position to drive himself. Billy came and they took Padma to the hospital. Ananya couldn't go with them since she could not leave her son alone and also couldn't take him with her. Angel was also with Ananya. The trio went to hospital and called doctor. Doctor immediately took her to ER. After some time the doctor came out and told Shashank that
(Guys I don't know anything about this. It is all imaginery)
Doctor: Mr Gupta aapki wife ka BP boht low ho gya. We cannot go for normal delivery, it has to be caesarean.
Shashank: ok doctor

Part 9 : The Right Choice

- Making MY house OUR home.

8th july-lunch break

Riddhima entered the canteen in the thoughts of her best birthday ever, to find it empty.She frowned, maybe Armaan and the gang had not come.She felt hands snaking around her waist and she jumped and then heard a voice,"Basket main

hu!"armaan kissed her cheek.She smacked his hands away,"Armaan yeh canteen hai...kch toh sharam Karo!"she said giving him a reprimanding glare while Armaan cheekily replied,"matlab canteen nahi toh akele main kar sakta hu!"She shot him a glare and went to the table.He followed and started maanaoing her.Just then Nikki,Anjali,Sid and naina also came!Armaan pulled out a chair for Nikki.He'such a gentleman-riddhima thought.Anjali frowned,"Uske liye chair nikali Aur meri liyye?"she pouted.Armaan cheekily answered,"Awww bechari anji ko bura laga"she nodded,he exclaimed,"Woh pregnant isliyye,tu ho jaa phir nikaluga!aur waise bhi tera woh Atul mujhme line maarne ka ilzaam lagata"and then whispered,"waise is Nikki ke mood swings chal rahe,kab kaunsi Baat par gussa ho jaaye,pata hi nahi chalta!"two hands smacked him.Nikki and Anji both exclaimed,"Armaan!"while Ridz and naina snickered.Armaan got up and

Part 6:Coincidence?not!

Armaan had an inflated ego and he knew it and that is why when Modi got as much of marks as Armaan did, he didn't like it and neither did Sid. They say like poles repel and it was 100% true on this case. But that doesn't mean that they're 100% like either, Armaan was much more practical than Sid was and hence he was richer.

Armaan's childhood was fairly standard, his father was rich and his mother beautiful. He got his mother's looks and his father's intelligence, but he was more intelligent than his father. He was a genius with the IQ of 130, which was higher than 98% of the world population.

Throughout school, he was always the topper and he hated it when Sid once got as much as he did. He couldn't figure out why an ordinary boy with less IQ than himself could get as much as him. So he did the wisest thing by telling Sid that he should be honored to get as much as him and he should enjoy it while it lasts for it wasn't going to happen again and true to his word, it didn't. But it started the epic rivalry between the Modi-Malik clan.

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Part 77 :Beintehaan

"apke sare reports normal hai radhika ....abh aap ghar jasakti ho ..."armaan said wiz a smile ....radhika smiled back n said "thnk u armaan ..."

Radhika while picking her bag was about to say smething bt  nurse cme zer n while panicing said "doctor sahab ..... meena phir se  violent hogayi hai ....hum control nahi kar parahey hai ..."

Part 25: You and Me

Shilpa woke up in the early morning and rubbing her eyes she saw Armaan was combing his hairs standing in front of mirror she moved up and spoke: Armaan where are you going so early morning
Armaan looked at her and spoke: sweetheart getting late for hospital' Shilpa looked at the clock and again looked at Armaan and spoke: Armaan it's 8 am now and so early you are going
Armaan looked at her and spoke: Dr. Kirti called me so have to go
Shilpa nodded her head in yes but somewhere she was upset she wanted to spend some time with Armaan but he was already ready to go at hospital


" Guyzz no PDA ??"
hearing the voice Armaan and Riddhima broke their hug and turned at the source of the voice. It was Mayank. RIddhima and Armaan sighed in relief.

Riddhima: Oh!! Mayank tum.. Acha hua tum mil gaye main tumhare paas hi aanewali thi!
Mayank: Kyu sab theek toh hai??
Riddhima: Areh voh kal na Shanaya ka birthday hai toh Armaan aur main uske liye party organise kar rahe hai! Aur tumhe aana hai!
Mayank: par jaha tak mujhe yaad hai kal tum dono ki second anniversary hai! Toh phir shanaya ka birthday kaha se aa gaya??
Riddhima: Haan na usi ka plan tha lekin meri vajah se sab gadbad ho gayi! Voh maine galti se poore class ke saamne chilla diya! Toh sabko pata chal gaya! And co incidentally kal shanaya ka birthday bhi aata hai toh kal subeh jaldi nikalna hai! Be ready!

Episode 15:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 15

Next morning

(riddhima ki ankh khulti hai to vo dekhti hai..armaan uske paas so rha hota hai..aur vo armaan ki baho me hoti hai...vo armaan ko sota dekhkar smile karti hai aur uske cheeks par kiss karkar apne man me kehti hai..)
Riddhima- kal raat meri life ki sabse khoobsurat raat thi....i love you soo much armaan....

Part 7:Unsaid Love

Armaan looked at her as she said this he has no answers to her question yes she is right he is the one giving her all the pain he slowly tried to say that