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Precap ; Armaan decides to marry anjali, Atul and riddhima are depressed , abhi Invites riddhima to be his date for the party everone is going to. Riddhima agrees, Everyone meet armaaan's friend sapna at the party..

Aur abh aage..

Armaan: Sirf ek baat bata Atul...
Atul: bol na..
Armaan: Tu anjalli se pyaar karta hai na???...
Atul : Armaan Tu ye kyaa baat kar raha he! bas yaar kitna mazaak! Anjali teri hone wali patni he! Stop Joking Atleast now!
Armaan (sternly) : I am not joking atul! main sirf sach sunana chahta hu! Kya Tu anjali se pyaar karta he? aur wada karta he ke mere best friend ko aise hi pyaar karega?
Atul : haan karta hu.. parr..
Armaan : toh don't worry! Anjali Sirf teri Hogi!

Part 6:Humari pyar ki kahani

Saturday morning

Mallik Mansion:

Nandini, Rahul, and Nikki had arrived. They were cleaning their rooms when the bell rang. Karan went and opened the door.

At: "namaste chote papa" Atul came along with Anjali and arav. Atul and Anjali took ashirwaad from Karan.

Arav: "namste dadu!!" (Namaste dadu) he jumped into his arms and kissed him on his cheek.

Nandini came and asked who came.
Na: "Karan kon ayaa hai" she asked looking at the trio at the door.

Atul's eyes became moist seeing his bua.
At: "appne ladle bhanje ko nahi pehchana CHOTI MAA!!" When he said choti ma it made nandini's head shot up and she looked at him and said in a choked voice: "A-Atul???" Atul nodded and nandini ran to him and took him into a rib crashing hug.


He started removing their bags when she held his hand and stood in front of him.
R: Par hum ghar pe sabko kya batayenge Armaan? Abhi toh 4 din bhi nahi hue yaha aaye aur……….
He held her shoulders and blinked his eyes in assurance to calm her.

Part 12:A Tale of two Strangers- AR


That night she was all herself realizing her love…her life is back. But somewhere there was an unknown fear of loosening him again. What if after knowing her identity he will not accept her…and will leave her like he did several years ago…..She again went to the day when she went school after her holidays and found that armaan is nowhere and then came to know he has left the school.


new day new morning..
near the beach

a girl was jogging aur achanaq dusritaraf sia ladka bhagta hua ata hai aur dono gir jate.....dono ek dusre ki aankho mai kho jate hai blue in greens and green in blues.....
tabhi girl real world mai ati hai....
girl- tum tumm tumhara dimag kharab hai? bina dekhe chalte rehte ho idiot...
boy- hello madam jogging karne kai liye aate ho toh jogging karo aur mai vohi kar rah tha....jyada dikh raha tha toh shock mai jab ruki thi toh side ho jaati.
girl- u ..u shut shut up! jogging road ki side mai karte hai aur mai road cross kar rahi thi...
boy thought- yaar armaan (yess!yes! armaan ab girl toh koi uar nahi ridz hai) yeh ladki kitni jhagladu hai vaise yeh aanke ek dum riddhu jaisi hai naa...oye come to the point ab kaise bachu kuch sochna padega... tabhi side mai basketball court sai awaaj aati hai didi plsss jaldi aaohumr khelna hai

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Part 15:Ankahey Rishtey

Next morning had although normal start but it had a lot in store for many people today.. Armaan was looking abit relaxed than he was at night but still he was not his usual self.. he was talking to everyone in general nd noone in particular.. Ridhhima knew what his problem was so even she decided to Sanjeevni with him thinking Ridhaan will be fine with his grandparents nd Bi..

Intro:Mohabbat hai teri nafrat se

AR-FF Mohabbat hai teri nafrat se 


Riddhima : han muskaan …… mujhe rahul se pyar hone ag gaya hai ……. I think I am falling in love with him …….
Muskaan hugs her happily …….

Armaan in his room is remembering something …..
Remembrance : wo beth kr ro raha hota hai ki achanak ….. wahan smriti aati hai …..
Smriti : armaan …. Beta ….. bhul jao us aurat ko …… wo aurat kisi se pyar nahi kr skti ……..

End of remembrance ……

Tabhi room me riddhima enter hoti hai ……Armaan riddhima ko uske baaloon se pakarta hai …..
Armaan angrily : tum ek ghatiya aur giri hui larki ho ….. tumhari meri zindagi me koi ehmiyat nahi hai ….. I hate you ……..


Note: It's going to be ArSh, because Shilpa fits the character more than Riddhima. Sorry about the note, ignore it.

You wouldn't believe what happened today, Sid finally got better and came to school with me. I told him all about how horrible and disgusting this Armaan fellow was.

"He laughed at me Sid, in front of everyone, he pointed at me and laughed, he sucks, I wanted to cry" I wasn't lying, much.

"He did that! how could he do that to you, an insult to my sister is like an insult towards me, we're gonna teach him a lesson" he said, looking very serious. I was overjoyed, the donkey is going to pay for what he did. My head wandered off to beautiful places where the donkey is being beaten up and laughed at, they seemed wonderful, I couldn't hold my excitement.

We finally reached school, I got off the car and took out my new bottle, it had buttercup from the powerpuff girls sliding down the swirly straw on the top of the bottle, this would teach the donkey to not mess with super-Shilpa, that's a nickname my father gave me, it's so apt.

Part 5:Humari pyar ki kahani

They came out of Shashank's office.

Ar: " wow ms. Laal naak ajj hum phir mile rahe hain aur sham ko bhi milinge!"

Ri: "excuse me, mera naam laal naak nahin hai and dare you call me that!" She showed him her index finger.
Ar: "woh to main tume balonga and now we have to work in the same office! Wow!" He sighed giving a dreamy smile.

Just than malaika passed by.
Ar: "my my, hi beautiful! May I know your name?"
Ma (blushing): "malaika main receptionist hoon"
Ar: "kya naam apka! Kuch logo ke naam to itne old fashion hote hain!!! Apko to meri personal assistant hona chaiye" he said while looking at riddhima.

Ri (fuming with anger): "ms malaika jis kaam se ja rhi thi wahan jaien!"

part 19 : An Arranged Love Marriage

The next day had been busy like hell. He was deep drowned in work till his neck. But every time that the frustration was about to explode he would think of her face that would greet him with a sweet smile and that heavenly hug that would always made him forget everything; and that would automatically calm him down.
Around 11.30 he quietly entered the house; making sure he was making no noise. In same manner he opened the door to his room expecting her to be fast asleep by now. But as the door opened he found the lights still on and the bed empty which meant she was still wide awake.

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Part 2:Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdi...

Before I start the part…
Thanks a lot to all of u for giving me such excellent comments[& u 4 yeh ap logo k liye nhi hai so bhadko mat apu,bubble,rj,partner]
& loves u all a lot for this
I really hope is part se koi bore na ho jay…
& rj its Ur belated bd gift…
Chal jee le tu bhi kya yaad rakhegi… ;) :p
Maine kar diya yeh part tere naam….:p
Actually hua yun maine teri birth month k puri month sirf yehi part likhi hai to sochi it deserves to be ur bd gift
Ab now no more with my bakwass

So here goes the story ……….

Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha ha, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai, Aur Isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahunchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain, yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhad hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga.
Iske liye authority ya ni ki writer ya ni ki main uske liye jimiddar nhi hu…
Kripa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekh lijiye…

Ek kahani ki shuruat
Kuch khubsurat rishtoon k sath
Kuch paheliyaan
Kya hat jayegi sari narazgi aur ban jayegi najdikiyaan
Janne k liye age pandni hogi…
Tabhi sabko sawalon ki jawab milegi…

Part 14:Ankahey Rishtey

It was a tiering day for all of them.. Somehow Armaan controlled his anger nd let Karan off after a few hours of his night duty when Adi volunteered to help him by dividing the work.. After the duty, outside Sanjeevni..


Hey guys,

I am planning to change this fic from ArSh to AR. Reasons- I don't mind writing either and I take a lot of time planning the plot line and I've noticed that people are not reading this fic because of the pairing. I'm sorry if anyone is reading this fic because of ArSh but , I'm changing the pairing, from now onwards the main character is Riddhima.


His prayers were answered when he saw Muskaan coming outside.. And Oh my God she was looking awesome in that olive green dress. Rahul could not move his eyes away from muskaan..
On the other hand muskaan's world only focused on Rahul everything else was a blur.. Slowly she began walking towards him. He was wearing an olive green shirt under a dark grey tux and trousers.. She could.not believe it they were actually wearing the same colour.. Muskaan reached Rahul.. Rahul took Muskaan's hand in his and kissed it lightly.. Muskaan blushed in response..
Muskaan: kya lag rahi hai yaar muskaan..
Muskaan: tu bhi theek thaak lag raha hai.. Ab chale bechara atul wait kar raha hoga humara..
Rahul : chalo..

And then after picking up. Atul they too were off to the party..

Riddhima: uffo!! Ye abhi kaha reh gaya!! Yeh toh ladkiyon se zyada time lagata hai tayaar hone mein.. Na jaane kab aayega..

Riddhima was ready and waiting for Abhi to arrive.. She was on minimal make up. Just a stroke of Maskara and some gloss to her already rosy lips..

part 21:I will bring my basket back

 A little more closer.

                 Sleep was far away from both Armaan’s and Riddhima’s eyes. Riddhima was now sitting in Armaan’s lap resting her head on his chest and had her arms around his waist. He had wrapped his arms around her and both were covered up nicely with the blanket. After such a long day she was not sleepy as she wanted to spend some time with Armaan. This was the time, which only belonged to them, and when they were closest to each other. But her body was hell tired. She was drained out because of travelling for the whole day. As the tiredness overpowered she soon dozed off into deep slumber. He felt her moving a little bit and her breathe which he could feel on his chest had turned shallow; so he bent down slowly to have a look at her to see the cutest site ever. She was already fast asleep in his arms but had a cute pout on her lips and a frown on her forehead. As she wasn’t feeling comfortable in that position she was snuggling closer to him trying to find comfort in his arms. He kissed her lips lightly and instantly the pout disappeared making him smile widely. He held her tightly and then slid down slowly taking her along with him taking care that she doesn’t wake up. As he rested his back on the mattress he put her down making her rest her back against the mattress. He was admiring her face when all of a sudden she turned around and hid her face in his chest hugging him. She snuggled into him and placing a soft kiss on his chest fell into a deep slumber surprising him. As he noticed the serene look on her face after such a long time he felt peaceful at heart. He never knew that he could feel so calm and peaceful just to see a smile on a person’s face; person’s calm sleep would give him

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Part 82 :Beintehaan

"atul bhaiyya ....didi abhi tak nahi ayi aaj ..."radhika asked bit worriedly ...atul luked at z clock which  ws showing 10:15 n said "arnav ney bataya tha ...aaj kisi project ki budget ko leykey meeting hai n may be der hogi aney mey ....sayad dono ussi meeting mey hongey ...tum fikar math karo radhika ...jaov sojaov ..its vry late kal college bhi jana haina ..."

Epilogue:Destiny Meets Love - An AR TS -


 It has been a month after AR confession, AR was back to their normal behavior... They fight with each other like they do before, Armaan irritate her just to see her face turn red and after all this still Armaan manage to steal Riddhima from others so he could romance with her...

Part 4(B):Humari pyar ki kahani

Afternoon, GUPTA empires:

Shashank was sitting in his cabin reading a file.

**tring** his office intercom rang.

Sh: hello!
Mallika: sir mr mallik is here to see you!
Sh: haan plz send them in and also inform ms Gupta

He put down the phone and went back to reading his file.

After a few minutes, armaan and Karan entered.

Ka: "Shanky tu" completely surprised and equally shocked.
Sh: "Ronnie tu iddhar" equally shocked"

Ka: "omg I can't believe ke hum phir mil re hain aur woh bhi buddhe hoke" grinning.
Sh: "I know, yaar college me kitni fun karte the aur ab Dekh itni dher baad mil rahe the" while hugging him!

"Dill sai Zubaan tak" (OS in two parts)

Ridhima: Mat jao naa mujhe chol kar..pleeth..!! (3 years old Ridhima requests his best friend)
Armaan: Ridhu..mujhe jaana paley gaa, mai bhi tum sai dur nai jaana chahta pal mama aur papa kai liye to jaana paley gaa na? (4 years old Armaan tries to make Ridhima understand for about twentieth time)

Happy Birthday Shilpa Anand(10th dec)

kise pata tha yeh choti si angel badi hoker itni khubsurat pari ban jayegi

hi friends..aaj ka din mere liye aur kashians/dmgians/shilpa lovers  ke liye bahut special hai kyonki aaj humari shilpa anand ka happy birthday hai...wo shilpa anand jisne dmg me riddhima ke character ko jaan di,jisne ksg ke sath pair banaker humey duniya ki sabse romantic aur best online couple di,jispar hum dmgians na jane kitni stories likh chuke hain.shilpa anand ki acting itni achchi thi ki usey pahle side role means dmg ke anjali ka role ke liye chune jane ke baad bhi use riddhima gupta ka role diya gaya jise usne hard labour ke sath puri taraf jiya aur humey ek innocent,beautiful,mature but thodi si aansoo bahnae wali aur sabse pyar karne wali ,sake dukh me dukhi hone wali but apni khilkhilati hansi se sabke dill ko jeet lene wali ladki ka avtar diya ..

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School is boring and school is annoying, I don't know who invented school, but if I could meet him, he's gonna get a good shouting from me. It's bad enough I have to wake up in the morning, but now I have to go to school, I didn't even complete my homework and I can't copy it from Sid. Did he have to get sick now? Life is unfair.

For breakfast I had parathas, thank god aunty made them. My mother can't cook, her parathas are as hard as her leather purse. Bleh! Anjali and Suvarna, as usual were in their own world, I guess they have a lot of unfinished business to talk about, being in 3rd standard and all.

School was fine too until that donkey Armaan came in. I don't like that boy, he talks to everybody but me! The whole class loves him, he has the swirly strawed Superman water bottle and he let Muskaan touch it, she says it felt magical but I don't believe her.


Atul offered riddhima his hand which she accepted and they both left from there...
Mayank stood there looking at Riddhima laughing at something atul was saying..

Armaan was fed up. He could not think.of any reason other than that of Abhi telling Riddhima about their conversation. He so wanted to believe Rahul who thought Abhi would never do such a thing. In his heart Armaan knew Abhi would not even think of doing anything like that. He was not one to back bitch about someone. He knew Abhi.. He would rather give himself a hard time than hurting his friends and breaking friendship.. So that left him with the only other option shanaya.. But why would shanaya do such a thing??? what would be her gain in all this??? Hurting Riddhima?? How would that even benefit her?? She loved Abhi right?? Then fearing Riddhima to cause a problem between her and Abhi was out of question. she knew very well that Abhi and Riddhima were just friends. Anybody who would have ever seen them together could notice their pure friendship.. It was that genuine.. Unless..

Armaan: Argh!! Mera dimag kharab ho raha hai soch soch kar.. Rahul please yaar kuch bol warna main pagal ho jaunga.. Rahul? Oye Rahul?..

Happy birthday Ayushi (9th dec)

hi friends ,aaj humare old blog ki ek bahut pyari member aur great writer of MKMRM Ayushi(Lovy) ka Happy Birthday hai. toh chalo usey wish karein.

Happy Birthday Lovy  ..On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Part 4(A):Humari pyar ki kahani

afternoon, Gupta empires:

Shashank was sitting in his cabin when armaan and Karan entered.

Karan: "Shanky tu" he said suprisingly! When Shashank heard "Shanky" his head shot shot up.

Shashank: "Ronnie tu, omg can't believe it" he said while getting up from his chair.

Karan: "I know, phir se mil rahee hain aur wo bhi buddhe hoke!!" While hugging Shashank.
Karan: "Shashank ye mera beta hai armaan, MD of mallik empires."
Shashank suprisingly said " ekk minute, kahin tu wahi mr mallik to nahin Jo London se Indian attire ke dresses lene ke liye aya hai?"

Karan: haan
Armaan came forward and touched his feet.

Episode 22:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 22

(armaan riddhima ko bed par lita deta hai...aur kehta hai..)
Armaan- tum yhi tumhare liye khana laata hu...
(armaan yeh kehkar room se bahar nikalta hi hai ko tabhi gautam use milta hai haath me khaane ki plate lekar..)
Gautam- vo ridzi ke liye...

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Part 13:Ankahey Rishtey

Whole day Karan tried to reason himself that Radhika nd Armaan were right on their part.. Radhika being in love with a guy comes to know that he's a father already must have got a big shock nd Armaan has acted in a strict way just to keep his sister away from any further harm..

Part 3:Humari pyar ki kahani


It was the next day early morning. Armaan and Karan were driving the car. They had just reached India!

Karan: "beta nandu ko call kardi?"
Armaan: "haan dad, aur onki Saturday ki tickets bhi karwa dhi hai"
Karan: "chalo that's good, bus Gupta Saab se deal final hojaye to London Mai fashion show kar ke hum mr Gupta ke Saat partnership karlenge! It all depends on the fashion show and the designs he gives us!"

Armaan: "waise… dad-"
Karan: "designer larki hai ya larka? Yahi pochna hai na?"
Armaan: "haan Lakin apko kaise?"
Karan: "Tu humesha yahi question karta hai? Ekk number Ka flirt na ho to!" Karan chuckled.

Armaan frowned at said: "aap pe hi Gaya hoon! Ap bhi flirt ho!"
Karan: "arre ab kahan flirt karta hoon? Saari azadi khatam hogayi!" He said with a sulking face.
Armaan's face was widened with shock and Karan said" mazak Kara hoon buddy!"

Part 26(a):Sindoor

As riddhima entred in the room after armaan called her once again she nervously comes inside. Armaan gives her smile as she comes inside that riddhima returned giving nervous smile to him and then she is still in her thoughts when armaan breaks trance as

Part 11 : The Right Choice

 You are my soul mate now.

20th july,9pm
The ceremonies were over,the bidaai had come.Riddhima walked over to padma,nani and gave them and started crying.
Riddhima:I'll miss you!
Padma:haan beta we'll miss you too!But I am happy for you beta,you have finally found your happiness!
Padma looked at armaan while nani caressed his face.
Nani:Beta meri bachi ka dhyaan rakhna aur usse tang mat karna.
She playfully twisted his ear.
Armaan:haan nani dhyaan rakhunga,bolni ki baat hai kya!Aur isse tang karke mujhe marna hai kya?Kitna ro rahi hai aap log,ab samjha basket ki water tanki yahaan se aati hai!
Riddhima smacked him while others smiled through their tears.
Anjali:Shut up Armaan!(She hugged riddhima tightly)Ridzii I'll miss you so much.Tu kaise rahegi is bandar ke saath!!Armaan isko bilkul bhi tang kiya na toh haddiyan tod dungi.
Riddhima:Diii aap ro mat!main aaongi na aap se roz milne!
Armaan:(rolling his eyes and mumbling)Tum kya jaaogi yeh sab kabab main haddi's apne hi yahaan par pade rahenge!

Episode 21:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 21

(riddhima ring dekhkar Bed par jakar beth jaati hai....aur ek book padne lagti hai...thodi der baad armaan vapas aata hai...aur riddhima se kehta hai..)

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Part 81 :Beintehaan

Armaan quickly get into his car n started following zose cars .....he could nt able to believe his eyes she really his soniyo??he did nt expect her like zis...he always thought she must be crying n in a devasted condition she seems very happy n luking mre beautiful ....and  y zat lil boy ws calling her "mama"??is he zeir son??result of zat night??bt is zat possible??feeling lke his brain ll explode....he ws driving very rashly behind zose 3 cars .....after a while zose cars stopped infornt of kidz zone ...its a children play station ...Armaan stopped his car lil away n saw ridz getting down frm z car along wiz zat lil boy ....both went inside n 2 guards followed riddhima n rest of guards were w8ng out side ...

Saton janam tere sang

Heloo peple.. Im again with another idea..
I dont know ye naturaly hai.. Wen ever i have my examz.. My mind gives me a new idea... I guess my mind needs a big wala sped breaker in order to focus on examz...
I stil remeber posting fought for soul in my collage campus after wring my examz..
Enough of my bak bak..


SHANAYA SMILED TO HER HIDEOUS BUT CLEVER PLAN TO TEAR THEM APART BUT...the marriage was not what she had planned but armaan was in such a desolate state! At least he was away from riddhima .. snatching him from anjali would be easier for her as there was not strong bond holding them together.. She had to just find a way to do that but at the moment she had to handle this riddhima shit properly!coz this female was a little too smart!..

Riddhima had never been so heartbroken in her entire life.With each tear that was falling from her eyes she was trying to erase the memory..Just like an annoying siren Armaan's words always kept ringing in her head.. The words made her hate Armaan even more.. Riddhima hated herself for even falling in love with such a person who had no respect for her parents.
How could she even think of forgiving a person who had insulted her father..
"pata nai kiska khoon daud raha hoga uski rago mein"
The words kept haunting her..How dare he even insult a person he had never known. Riddhima's father was the best father in the world. The people around him were never sad or unhappy he had an unusual happy vibe around him always.


Hi, I'm Shilpa Malhotra and I'm 6 years old studying at Raintree international, 1st standard B section. I love chocolates, teddy, mummy, daddy and pogo. I hate spiders, vegetables, boogeyman and Anjali (my sister, a chocolate stealing monster). I live in a giant joint happy family.

Let me introduce them to you. First there is mummy, she is the best mummy except when she takes away my chocolates and makes me eat vegetables, she's a home maker. My father is awesome! he buys me icecream without my mother's knowledge, I mean how awesome is that! plus he is really brave, why? you ask, the answer is given above. My sister Anjali is annoying! that's it, I ain't saying more.

My grandfather is a widower, my grandma died of cancer and apparently she asked him to promise her that he would get married again, or so he says. I honestly think it's an excuse to flirt around with other old aunties. He even uses me to impress them! but he's my grandpa and I have to love him.

Happy Birthday Lakshmi (7th November)

hi friends...u know aaj humare blog ki old member aur meri pyari sis lakshmi ka birthday hai...toh chalo uska bd celebrate karte hain...

" Happy Birthday Lakshmi....May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer."

Part 2:Humari pyar ki kahani

London, Mallik mansion:

A beautiful lady claded in pink saree with golden embroidery on it was sitting on the sofa reading a magazine.

Girl: "mamaaaaa where are you?" She asked while coming downstairs. Her hair were all messed up and she was wearing a Minnie Mouse night suit.

Lady: "main yahan hoon Nikki!" She replied. Nikki walked in and hugged her from behind.
Nikki: "mom breakfast do na phir college bhi Janaa hai! Papa aur ammy bhai kahan hai?" She asked.

A boy came and tickled in her stomach and said " Banda hazeir hai behenji! Kya baat ajj meri Bari yaad arri hai apko?" She said.
Nikki: "app India jare hona isliye" she said with a pouted face.