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part 19: Ankahey Rishtey

Adi asked Radhika to come with Karan nd as Radhika leaves the locker room to inform Ridhhima or Armaan about their outing Karan nd Tina have a clash which is witnessed by Ridhhima..

Part 41:Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

Next day every one was just chilling out as they all was tired coz of trekking last day
so all were just enjoying the chill weather out there

where as from morning armaan was no where to be seen ridhima some how managed to walk n slowly she came out of the room in search of armaan but she find only Rahul abhi nikki in the hall n muskaan Anji n Atul were in kitchen as Atul was helping anjali in cooking n muskaan was trying to learn the  receipe of the dish


NOTE: This is not Shilpa's pov. It's Armaan's story. This is the link to the song below,

Listen to it, it's beautiful!

Chapter 4

Armaan had a fairly standard childhood. He had two loving parents, a grandfather and a little sister. Life was fine.

He remembers his sister, his younger sister, two years younger to him. His lovely sister, a very sickly girl. To be honest, he was jealous of her, she was very sick and got all of his parent's attention which her craved for. He is a child and he would behave like one. He wished that she would go away somewhere so he'd have his parents all of himself, but that didn't mean that he hated her, he shared some wonderful memories with her.

He remembers the time when both of them ran around the house, playing hide and seek. He found australian two cent coin from his grandfather's collection, there was a picture of a weird lizard like creature at the back of the coin, he took it to his sister and both of them pretended that the lizard was a kind of superhero who would punish the people who farted in public, she drew a picture of the lizard with a red underwear, they decided to name it "LizardChaddi Man".

Part 23(b):super model

Ar reached beach..
AR came out of car n moved towards the sea..
It was time of sun set..
The sun was slowly going down the horizon.

Part 9:Humari pyar ki kahani


Riddhima was arranging Nikki's clothes while Nikki was busy thinking something.

Ni: (mind) Armaan bhai, riddhima di ko dhek ke yeh kyun kehre thay ke unka koi bharossa nahin, woh bhoot bi hosakti hain??

Nikki made a mental note to ask Armaan about it. Riddhima was done with her wardrobe when she saw that Nikki was busy thinking something.

Ri: Nikki kya sochri hai?
Ni: huh- haan kuch nahin main soch rahi thi ke ajj Khane mein kya banega?

Ri: fikar na kar!! Ajj mein Teri aur Aunty ki help kardeti hoon!!

Ni: nahin nahin di iski koi zaroorat nahin hai!
Ri: dheko nikki abhi bhi to main tumhari help karhi hoon na, to khana banane mein kya problem hai???

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Recap : Mayank And Shanaya Sort out differences. Armaan,Rahul And Atul Are Still Executing The Plan. Sapna has some secrets, Armaan Riddhima Nok jhok, Armaan About to make An anouncementt.

Armaan: Okay Guys! Can I have Everyone's Attention! Now That Riddhima Has ended her day dream about the Peon !
Riddhima : Excuse me!?
Armaan : Riddhima please! I really have an important Announcement stop Disturbing my Speech! and MyLady Anjie! Please Come Here sweetheart!

Riddhima made a face and took her plate in her hands and started chipping on the noodles in front of her! Rahul And Muskaan Had Stopped Romancing for once! and were Paying Attention to Armaan, And Anjali Surprised Yet Happily walked towards Armaan and Placed Her Hand in his Which he Offered. He Lightly gave her a Side Hug and looked at the Crowd!

Armaan: Guys! As u All Know! Meri aur Anjie! Ki shaadhi next year hone Wali thi! But abh Mene Bohot Socha! And Mene Dad And Anjie Ke Mom Ko Akhir Mana Liya he! Ke ...

Part 4: Fateful love in an arranged marriage

one week passed away soon n now the two families started their preparations for marriage

the haldi ceremony is gng to take place in Gupta mansion(ridhima 's haldi) n as well as in mallik mansion(armaan's haldi) so everyone was busy in dng last minute preparations

Part 3:Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdi...

Before I start the part…Thanks once again for the support & love u all giving& loves u all a lot for this
I really hope ap sab in parts par ke so najao…& partner here is ur birthday gift..Le de diyateri gift… ;) :p
Ab to happy happyhainatu ….:p...Actually huayunmaineteri birthday k din sochithiyeh part post karungi but rj k gift bhi pending thi to I can’t handle two part one after another so one week baad I give it..Ab now no more with my bakwass..& one important thing from now on part will be posted on my weekends means Friday or SaturdayI hope u all r ok with it…Thanks once again
So here goes the story ……….

Yehdharavahikekkalpanikkatha ha, is kahanikesabhipatraevamghatnayekalpanikhai, AurIsskaudeeshyakissibhidhaarmikbhawnaonkothespahunchanayariteerivajonkauphaaskarnanahinhain, yaadiinkakisivyaktiyavastu se koi sambhadhotahai to ussematraeksanyogkahajayega.
Iskeliye authority yani ki writer yani ki main uskeliyejimiddarnhihu…
Kripakarkesaregaltiyaanmaafi ki nazar se dekhlijiye…

Anjanaabhianjan hi hai
Ab dekhnahai age…
Kaisejudegiyehrishton ki dhagge.......??

Part 3

Get a few minute before the previous scene in some different place of the same country….

A girl wearing Pastel yellow top and Piggy pink trouser running towards the nearby park while mumbling herself saying: Aj to main late hogayi…its 4:30…pure adheghante late…wo bhi us moti k wajah se…

Part 2:Dream's Of a Princess

Note:- I have added english sub-titles in bold wherever necessary...:)

Well what to say about Armaan malik...he is the charmster...No one in this world could resist his charms...his looks can kill anyone...he have stolen many hearts from the day he was born..!! He dreamt of becoming a singing sensation when from nowhere his dancing talent was also highlighted..!! So, he was a perfect rockstar for everyone..!! He had done many stage shows in his school life...he had also participated in many concerts held and have won competitions with his gang..!! He is already popular enough but for him still a long way to go to turn his dreams into reality. And he knew to reach his goal there is only one way out i.e. the Indian's biggest Rockstar concert cum competition which is going to be held in this college where his dad is one of the trustee.

Episode 24:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 24

(riddhima armaan ke munh se yeh sunkar shock ho jaati hai use apne ears par believe nhi hota hai...vo stammer karte huye kehti hai)

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part 18 :Ankahey Rishtey

Later after dinner in AR's room.. Armaan came nd hugged Ridhhima from behind.. to his surprises she didn't react to his touch nd kept on arranging the clothes in the cupboard.. "kya hua.. meri Jaan naraaz hai kya..?.." he asked with love.. "As if you don't know Armaan.." her reply made him serious.. "yeah I don't know.. so tell me.. whats wrong..? ab to Tina bhi jaa rahi hai yahan se.."

part 23:I will bring my basket back

sitting up on the bed Mr. Armaan Mallik had the cutest frown on his face early in the morning. And the person responsible for the frown was obviously Mrs. Armaan Mallik. Armaan was busy for a little time every day for some or the other work which he had to handle even on his honeymoon leading to small nokh jhoks which always ended sweetly but this time maybe she was too angry on him or at least he thought so. But from last two days it was a little different. The story was a little vice versa. Riddhima was busy with something which she for any cost wasn't ready to reveal in front of him. And today it was just 7 am when he woke up all alone on the bed. If it had been any other day he would have instantly called her up as she wasn't in the room but she had left a note saying she would be back in a while and he shouldn't DARE call her and annoy her; because as he had some chores she too had some. He was helpless as he couldn't afford to upset her further.  But he knew it wasn't as easy as it looked. She for sure had something going on in her mind but couldn't pinpoint what that was.
       She came back around 11 and he sat there sulking all alone in their HONEYMOON suite.
A: Riddhimaaa where have you been yaar?? Can you believe it main apne hi honeymoon suite main pichle 4 ghante se akela baitha hoon!
R: Good for you. Main bhi aise hi har roz 2 ghantoon ke liye akeli baithi hoti hu. Ab tum bhi experience kar lo thoda bohot.
A: But Basket I can't help that. Mujhe kuch kaam hota hai isi liye... par tum pichle 2 din se pata nahi kya kar rahi ho! Mujhe bata bhi nahi rahi ho...

Part 48: We Belong Together

Armaan ran towards the fire escape, he saw the door was slightly open... peeping inside he saw Riddhima sitting in the lowest step, her head was on her knees... She bleed the salt of her soul and as it pours from her eyes..... she sees the darkness that she knows will soon swallow her.... She sat in the last step where her thoughts roam round and round with only the thoughts of guilt stirred in her completely. She froze in fear, and shivered in disbelief. The silence eating her surronding leaving the sigh of her loneliness shooting air out of her mouth with each breathe she exhales....Her eyes were screaming because she was guilty and her each translucent trickle of emotions flowed through her eyes...

Mujhey teri zaroorat hai(os in 3 parts)

Part 1

Armaan and Riddhima were about to get married. There was 2 months left to their marriage. Both having
Different professions, didn't get time to understand eachother. It was arranged marriage for them, but knowingly rather unknowingly, it was a love marriage.

Armaan being a acp/police officer had missions, which he had to go out of station for. And riddhima being a doctor sometimes had night duty. Whenever they met, they would rather be with family or friends, never alone.


Armaan and his family had came over for dinner. Riddhima was in the kitchen making dinner while armaan was outside in the lounge drinking tea and coffee with everyone.

Anjali and Atul had also come. It's been a almost one year they had been married. Malliks considered Atul as their own son even though he was adopted, but he lived separately.



After spending a memorable night with each other, AR got back to the cottage... They change to clean cloths which Armaan had pack with the help of Padma who knows his plan of taking Riddhima to the private island... They spend rest of the night talking with each other, about their friends how they would be reacting to know that where they had left without letting them know... 
While talking, they didn't know when the sleep took over them... They had a busy day and after all the events, they were so tired in no time they were dead to the world hoping they would spend rest of their life happy and together... 

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Part 84 :Beintehaan

All of sudden armaan n sid heard z stern voice "haan pata chalgaya armaan ..." ...hearing it both sid n armaan stood up shockingly n dumbstruck to see atul n arnav standing at z door n radhika behind zem.....sid stepped frward n tried to say smething bt arnav gave a deadly glare n sid backed off zen arnav moved near armaan n fisted his collar ....armaan did nt protest n bowed his head as if surrendering himself to aranav ...


Recap:- Armaan n Rahul's plan working in full force.. Anjie confused.. Mayank punishes Shanaya.. Shanaya comes to know that Armaan has now decided to marry Anjie..

N Ab Aage..

Shanaya was shocked to see Anjalli and Armaan's bonding.. She could not believe Armaan had moved on was ready to marry anjalli.. Uski saari mehenat par paani pher gaya .. Now she would have to plan a little more to snatch Armaan from Anjalli..huff!!!

Mayank was sitting un the bb court after the practice when he saw Shanaya standing there..

Mayank: Shanaya!

Shanaya turned around hearing her name and saw Mayank standing there..

Part 8:Humari pyar ki kahani

RIDDHIMA's ROOM: same day

She was sitting on her bed leaning on the bedpost.She was watching dill wale dulhaniya le jayenge on her laptop.

The scene was where raj and simran meet for the first time.She was watching and suddenly instead of raj (shahrukh) she saw armaan.

She just jumped on her bed and rubbed her eyes.Then she opened her eyes and saw she was hallucinating.

"Arghghhhhh armaan mallik tum kyun mujhe pareshaan kare ho?"She threw a pillow towards the door and continued watching.


She didn't feel like sleeping although she was hell tired. She moved towards the window and looked at the moon.

She armaan's face in it.

Roz tera intezar kyun hota hain?(She remembered when she had a heart-mind fight)

Part 23(a):super model

After a lot of reminders n then dhamki cum blackmainling by ayyuu meghs n palak.. I ginaly wrote this part...!!
Recap ridhima's karva chaut vrt.. Ridhima's confestion n armaan makes diner for ridhima..

Part 23 A

AR were siting on a couch watching tv.. Nt exactly watching they were just fliping channels..!!

Part 335 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 335:

Armaan: Kya hua?

Ridhimaa: Maine... maine kuch nahi kaha. Sach... maine kisi se kuch nahi kaha... tum poochh lo...

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Happy Birthday Aliena (16th dec)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ki old member aur ek bahut hi famous writer aur meri pyari sis Aliena ka happy bd hai,toh chalo sab milker usey bd wish karein...

Happy Birthday Aliena...many many happy returns of the day.On your special day I am recalling all the times we spent together. This always brings a sweet smile on my face! Happy Birthday to my special friend who will forever hold a special place in my heart.

part 17: Ankahey Rishtey

After a satisfying talk with Radhika, Ridhhima enters Ridhaan's room to put him to sleep.. she stopped at the door when she saw Armaan patting Ridhaan lightly nd telling a story oblivious of the fact that Ridhaan has already fallen asleep.. she smiled looking at duo as Armaan brushed Ridhaan's hair nd kissed his head.. She came forward nd kissed her sleeping son nd in a loving tone "So gaya.."


He smacked his lips on hers to shut her up then and there as he didn’t want that doubt left hanging anymore. He cared less about her permission; but right now he just wanted to quieten her.

Reminder of OS n Siggie compo

Hey people.....

this is Aayushi here......

i hope koi bhula na ho.. ki who aayushi.......
i know now a days i m not giving any update sorry for it people...
i m busy with projects and exams......

anyway i m here to make u remmember about the competitioni have arranged on blog about SIGGIES and TS/OS......

dead line is coming near and near.....
I have already given 2 months and 10 days adding to it and now 30 dec is coming near the dead line of submission.....

Part 12 a : The Right Choice

- It is just the Start- I

Blissful morning

21st July
2.00 am,AR's room
Armaan woke up due to somebody shivering beside him.He frowned and opened up his eyes then wondered why is she shivering?He shook her a little and asked,"Basket why are you shivering?Are you okay?"She rubbed her eyes and looked at him with a pout and said,"I can't handle AC at such a low temperature."she snuggled into him more while he chuckled and kissed her red nose and said,"Basket you could have told me na!"She murmured in a low voice,"I thought ki you'.."He increased the AC temperature and said,"Baby this is your room as much as it is mine!And since when do you need to ask!Just order like you do always!"She smacked his chest and smiled.She put her head into his neck and whined,"Let me sleep na"He kissed her head and said,"Okay baba sleep!"Mr and Mrs.Malik were learning new things about each other which they didn't knew about each other during their courtship period and many more were to be learnt.

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part 22:I will bring my basket back

The days were passing were happily and they were thoroughly enjoying each and every day in each other??s presence. As the days passed they both were knowing some tiny winy things about each other which were new to them. They were just cherishing each and every moment of their life.
     Riddhima was sitting and reading her book as Armaan was busy working on something. She was also hell tired of this as today, even on their honeymoon he had some or the other work to do and she was left alone to sit and watch some movie or read something. She got tired of reading and threw an angry glare at him. It was already 11:30 in the night and she was waiting for him but he was helpless. He was well aware of the angry glares he was getting and even he wanted to be with her spend some time with her but his work was important so he couldn??t do anything about that. She went outside swearing under her breath and switched on the tv to watch something. He sighed and went out to see what she is doing as he knew she was very much angry on him. She was swaping the channels with a deep frown on her face. He smiled looking at the pout on her face and sat beside her.
A: Basket suno na?. She was just ignoring him purposely and was trying to concentrate on the tv.
R: Pata nahi khudko kya samajhta hai. Agar time nahi tha mere liye toh honeymoon pe lane ki kya jarurat thi mujhe. Akele hi aa jata na. Pata nahi jaise hi administrator bana hai khudko kya samjne laga hai. Mere liye time hi nahi hota. Shaadi se pehle toh mere peeche bhaagta rehta tha aur ab?.. She was continuously swearing softly under her breath. On the other hand Armaan was trying hard to stifle his laughter listening to her as he was sitting right next to her he could obviously hear her.


Two months passed since I took the sacred oath to be the best enemy in all the land and true to my word, I was a very good one. I bought a power ranger bottle and "innocently" drank out of it very often. It obviously infuriated him, which made me happy.

Today was no different, I sat next to Sid and showed off my water bottle. I thought if mum, I forgot to tell you but she was becoming really fat, and daddy said that there was a baby inside of her, I don't know how it in but I thought mummy swallowed a baby. But daddy said that she didn't, he said that god put a baby inside her stomach, but I'm not sure how. People keep asking me if I want a younger brother or sister, honestly I don't want either, I want a dog. Muskaan has one, so I want one too. I hope God put a baby dog inside of mummy.

"I can't it anymore, what's her problem?" I snapped out of my thoughts, Armaan was now looking at me with quite a bit of anger. I faked innocence again and acted as if nothing happened.

"What did I do?" I asked him.

"Don't act so innocent, you're drinking from that bottle on purpose"


Atul is included in Armaan and Rahul's plan to make Anjalli realise that she loves atul. Sapna too included in the plan... Vivek tries to misbehave with Riddhima.. but Armaan rescuses her.. a teeny meeny AR fight.. Anjalli.does.not like.sapna being with atul..( hmmm... someone's jealous.. )..

N Ab Aage...

Armaan and Rahul Were waiting for the Next day to arise,Where As Sleep Was Miles Away From Anjali And Riddhima's Eyes.

Anjalli could not sleep the whole night.. All that was going in her mind were images of the previous night's party. Atul with sapna.. How they were dancing and the smile on Atul's face when he was with Sapna.. Why did Atul being with someone else bother her so much??? why was she not able to concentrate on Armaan the love of her life?? He was so sweet with her the whole night but all her attention.was focused only on Atul.. Atul had never ever behaved like this with her.. this was the first time he was actually ignoring her?? Everything was so weird.. God!! her brain was going to explode!! she had to talk to Atul.. clear all the mess that she had created in her head.. Anjie got up from bed and got ready for college.. She messaged Armaan not to pick her up as she was going early to college.


part 5

in college......
sab ko ek ajeeb si feeling aa rahi hoti hai.......ridz ka haal toh koi bayan hi nahi kar sakta aur angad usse toh ek ajeeb si feel aa rahi hai , abhay voh subah ki baat yaad kar muskura rha hota hai...kripa orphanage mai jo ladka mila tha uske baare mai soch rahi hoti hai.. (arre angad aur kaun), armaan bhi aaj kissi kai saath signal par flirting nahi karta balki uss ladki kai baarr mai soch raha hota hai.....sab ka haal behaal hai bhai ab hmmm ab kya hoga? chalo aage dekhte hai....

ridz enter the clg then suddenly a bike comes and her scarf flies to the person face who was driving the bike....
ridz frowning- huhh! dekh kar nahi chala sakte bike...aanke hai yaa button...
tabhi vo ladka apna helmet utarta hai aur dono ek dusre ko dekh kar kehte hai...
ridz- tummm!
armaan- tummm! tumm mera peecha kar rahi ho
ridz- mujhe kissi pagal kutte nai kaata hai....

Part 7:Humari pyar ki kahani

Gupta mansion:

The bell rang. Shashank went and opened the door.

Ka: "oye Shanky kya haal hai?" Karan came and hugged him. Along him, the mallik family and Atul-family came.

Sh: "them hoon yaar! Namaste Nandini ji!"
Na: "namaste bhaisaab!"

While armaan,Nikki, and Rahul bent down to touch his feet.
Sh: "jeete raho! Wah Karan Teri beti to baddi khoobsurat hai! Kash mera koi beta hota to mein in Dono ki shaadi kardeta!". Nikki blushed.

Ka: "arre bhabhi aur riddhima beti nazar nahin arahi?"
Just the arav spoke up" haan naanu, bua kaa hail"

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Part 83 :Beintehaan

Next morning

Arnav said angrily "mai usey chodunga nahi atul....uski itni himmat humari princess key samney phir sey aya aur usey phir chot pohancahyi..."

Atul:disappointedly)princess ney humare haath bandh rakhi hai warna usey marey huye 5 saal hogaye hote arnav...

Arnav:fuming)toh kya hum issi tarha dekhtey rahey princess key ansoo ...aur vo usey hurt karta raheyga ..shame on us atul...shame on us...ek bachi ko sambhal nahi patey hum...he banged his hand on wall ...seeing it khusi interfered n said

Part 16:Ankahey Rishtey

Locker Room
All interns were now in the locker room.. Adi was observing Karan nd Radhika.. Karan was trying to make a conversation while Radhika was avoiding it.. when suddenly Radhika got irritated coz of karan, jai noticed this change in her expressions nd shouted yet again.. "Chipkali..chipkali.."  for once Radhika jumped but then looking at Jai laughing she also ran into fits of laughter remembering the same incidence in lonavla..

siggy on AR

a siggy on AR/KASU

Happy Birthday Diksha (14th dec)

hi guys,aaj humare old blog ki ek bahut hi pyari member,meri pyari sis  dik (diksha) ka happy birthday hai.toh chalo usey wish karein.

Happy Birthday  Diksha sweety...many many happy returns of the day...I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

Episode 23:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 23


(armaan tayyar mirror ke saamne tayyar ho rha hota hai ki tabhi riddhima ki ankh khulti hai vo bed par bethti hai aur armaan ko tayyar hota dekhkar usse kehti hai...)