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part 27: Ankahey Rishtey

Sanjeevni seemed to be a better place to all interns nd AR with Tina absent from there.. Initially things were back to normal though sometime when alone with Radhika, Karan would get emotional..


Sh: Theek hai; par yaad rahe is contract ya mere kisi bhi sach ke bare main kisi ko……..
A: Kaano kaan khabar nahi hogi; provided tum dubara humari zindagi main dakhal na do toh! Varna main apne vaade ka kitna pakka hu ye tumse acha aur kaun jaan sakta hai!


"Recap:- The gang goes for shopping.. AR moments.. Anjie finally confesses her love for Atul. Shanaya clueless about AR ( hahahaaha)

N ab aage..

Shanaya no longer wanted to wait there. She wanted to celebrate her happiness so she quickly left from there...

Abhi: Wow Ridz your plan worked.. Well done..
Armaan: Plan toh work Karna h Tha aakhir girlfriend kiski hai..
As soon as the words left his mouth Riddhima looked at him wide eyed
Nikki: Girlfriend?? Kiski tumhari???

while Rahul just coughed really loud..
Muskaan: (whispering) oye TB ke patient kitni over acting karega..
And Rahul stopped coughing.. Abhi just kept looking between Armaan and Riddhima.. with shocked expression.. There was pin drop silence in the parking lot no one spoke for a while..

Armaan: Koi aur dikh raha hai yaha par Jo cool ho handsome ho dashing ho.. aur Jo Riddhima ki pagalpanti bhi jhel sake?

Part 18:Humari pyar ki kahani

"Armaan left from there. Just when armaan left from there Tanya glared at riddhima and muskaan.

Tan: see yeh sirf aur sirf tumhari waja se hua hai!!!!
Mu: excuse me ismein riddhima ki koi galti nahi thi!

Riddhima had tears in her eyes and left from there. No one had ever insulted her like that. That too standing in her dad's and his friend's office. Moreover tanya was armaan's girlfriend.

Mu: tumhari problem kya hai Tanya? Ekk pal mein uske Saat itna friendly behaviour aur ekk pal mein itna rude?
Tan: yeh to tum ussi se pucho ke wo kyun armaan ko mujhse dur Kari hai.

Muskaan gave her a disgusted look and left from there. She went to riddhima's cabin and saw she wasn't there.

Mu: kahan ja sakti hai???

Part 8:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan sleep was disturbed by his phone ringtone, without looking at the caller name… He picks up the phone…
Armaan: Hello…. Still not open his eyes…
Voice: Hi Jaanu… Miss me… Said a familiar cheer voice…
Armaan: Basket… Tum poach gayi waha… Tik toh huna… Kab poch gayi…. Safar main koi takleef toh nehi huvi na… Aur tumne tik se khaya…. Tik se soya… Ab kuch bolo gi bhi… (He got up with a jerk…. And sit up on the bed…)
Riddhima: (Laughing…) Armaan… Tum bolne dengi toh main bolungi na… Aur itna saara sawal eksaat… Chalo ab pooch liya hai toh bataa deti hoon… Main tik se poach gayi… Main abhi hotel main hoon….

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part 22 : An Arranged Love Marriage

He instantly moved up and sitting next to her held her cheeks.
Riddhima I am sorry; but I didn’t want to....listen I was just.....teasing you! I am sorry if that made you uncomfortable......

Part 13(a): The Right Choice

a-New Beginnings with the usual.

Monday,Malik house.
21st July
She switched off the alarm on the side,rubbed her eyes and yawned.She shook armaan and said, "Utho armaaan!sanjeevaniii hai!!"she yawned again.He kissed her cheek and said, "Baskett!!"he smiled dreamily and took her in his hold more tight.She twisted in his hold and whined, "Armaan chodooo!Sanjeevani ke liye late ho jaayenge!"He shook his head negatively and said, "Basket 5 minutes please!"She sighed and said, "accha thik hai!mujhe toh jaane do'.."as he was protesting,she again whined, "Pleashhh"He left her,turned around and kept a pillow on his head.She got up,placed a light kiss on his ear and whispered, "I love you!"He smiled in his sleep.

She came back in a red suit drying her wet hair.She sat next to Armaan and ruffled his hair lovingly and said, "Utho Armaan hum sanjeevani ke liye late ho jaayenge!"As soon as Armaan felt her touch,he snuggled into her waist keeping his head on her lap.She bent down a little and he took the scent of her wet hair and sighed happily but then he felt water droplets on his face and frowned.He tightened his hold around her waist and whined, "Basskett!"She chuckled and said, "Utho na Armaannn,nahi toh senior doctor banne ke baad bhi Dr.Keerti se daat padegi!" And she caught his hand and pulled him up to a sitting position and said, "Main neeche jaa kar

Part 17:Humari pyar ki kahani

Muskaan ran to her cabin while riddhima left for armaan's cabin.


She entered his cabin and saw him reading a file. He had his coat off and put on his chair.
Ri: (thinking) oh god he's so handsome!!! Oye ridzi focus!!!!!!

She came out of her thoughts and coughed to get his attention. He looked up at her and put the file down.

Ar: arre help me!! Yeh purani files to nahi chahiye na?
Ri: nahi yeh Bohot purane contracts hain!!!
Ar: ok phir inko storage room main rakh dena!!! Aur plz yeh jo files boxes main paddi hai inko is shelf mein laga do!!!

She started to pick some files and when she picked up the last file, something fell from it. It was a picture. She picked it up and saw it was her picture. She was standing with muskaan. This picture was taken in Atul/Anjali wedding.



Riddhima was working around the kitchen as she wants everything to be perfect by the time Karan and Armaan come for dinner... Riddhima took half day off from work so she can make as much food as she can with the help of Kaka and other servants... Also she had manage to decorate the place and invite her family and friends to come for the little celebration she wants to held with her love ones...
At the moment Riddhima was the only one working in the kitchen as Riddhima has send Kaka and others out from the kitchen asking to check other preparation and she tell them everything should be perfect... By 7pm, Riddhima finished her work in the kitchen and move to her room to get ready... She knows others would be coming by 8pm, where else Armaan and Karan would come after 8pm as they had a very important meeting...

Episode 27:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 27

(ARMAAN vapas mandir pohchta hai aur riddhima ko vha na dekhkar shock ho jaata hai.......vo riddhima ko idhar udhar dhundne lagta hai par jab riddhima nhi milti to vo apne cell me no. Dial krkr gusse me kehta hai )

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part 26: Ankahey Rishtey

Armaan was sweating badly recollecting how he heard Ridhaan's voice on the phone.. He drove as fast as he could nd on his way called Karan too.. he reached Karan's place nd saw Ridhaan crying badly sitting with his teddy bear.. Hw had a few scratches on his forehead nd on his knees.. as soon as he saw Armaan he practically ran to him nd hugged him tight.. Armaan picked him up nd got him into a tight hug to calm him down nd give him some feeling of protectiveness..

part 26:I will bring my basket back

Life Unexpected.

The sun shined brightly but couldn’t enter the love bird’s room as the curtains were pulled properly. Both of them were sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms. His sleep broke and he saw his angel sleeping in his arms with a sweet smile trying to hide in him to get away from the cold. He covered her nicely in the blanket and tried to get up but she held his hand and whined; uh………kaha jaa rahe ho?....mat jao mujhe bohot thand lag rahi hai. She pulled him closer and snuggling into him trying to find a warm and cozy position.
A: Arey vaah kya shuruat hai din ki. Bina kuch kiye hi Basket bahon main hai. I like it! She smacked him on his arm and pulled the blanket closer hiding inside it. I had love to stay like this with you forever baby par tumhe yaad hai na aaj sab aa rahe hai Basket. Toh tayyar hona padega….. toh utho jaldi se fresh ho jaate hai.
R: Nai abhi time hai na bohot. Mujhe sona hai. Tumhe jaana hai toh jaao mujhe mat satao. He glanced at the watch and it was just 8am whereas all of them were supposed to come around 11/12 in the noon. So giving in he pulled the blanket off her and engulfing her in his arms covered them properly with the blanket. He sensed that her lips turned into a sweet smile on his chest and she wrapped her arms around him again, rubbing her nose on his bare chest. Kyun jao na tumhe toh jaana tha na!

Part 16:Humari pyar ki kahani

Riddhima looked at Anjali and went into a deep thought. Nikki got up and went to riddhima.

Ni: batao na di kya baat hai?
Ri: phele promise Karo ke tum log mujhe taang nahi karoge!!!
Mu: paaka!! Chal abb spill the beans!

Riddhima closed her eyes tight and sighed.
She spoke in a quick speed.
Ri: IThinkILikeArmaan!!!

An: kya ridz? Slow down!!

Riddhima frowned at Anjali. She took a deep breath.
Ri: I… Think… I…
Mus: abb Bol bhi de!!!!
Ri: I… Think I
An: oye ye I I kya Kari hai??? Bol na!!!

She shut her eyes tight!
Ri: I think I like armaan!!!
Nikki, Muskaan, and Anjali jumped on her with joy!!!!


"Recap- Riddhima's plan in full mode.Armaan annoyed by Atul and Riddhima's Proximity. Anjali Realizes Her true feelings.

All Riddhima wanted was to help Atul get with Anjali.But Armaan's Childish and angry mood Were taking different turns in her plan And she wasn't quite happy by his constant ""I WILL SO KILL YOU"" glares to Atul.She was Furious! Pehle hi Ye Anjali kya kam childish Behave kar rahi he ke isse Bhi Abhi Shuru Hona tha! She Told everyone to go Ahead And Enter A shop far ahead which she named. Everyone Agreed that they Had The Best Dresses be it Traditional or Modern. Muskaan Shanaya And Nikki Jumped to The Shop. Sapna was not a Shopping person and She was Bores Already. She Excused her self and left to attend a phone call with a Smile On her Face. Rahul and Abhi Followed them With worked over look.Anjali was In No Mood To Go! As she was still looking at Atul And Riddhima's Proximity still he was holding her by her waist. She didn't Feel Like Going but was pulled by Rahul. He was in the plan but didn't like seeing her like this. Armaan still behaved like he did not hear what had been instructed by Riddhima and kept looking here and There Ignoring her. Riddhima told Atul to go ahead with others and Tell them That Armaan And She would be with them in sometime as they had some work. Atul agreed and gave an uneasy smile to armaan which was ignored. Atul's Face Fell but Riddhima placed a Hand on his Shoulder and Told him to go ahead as she will handle him. After everyone Left Riddhima stood with both her hands on her waist and narrowing her eyes but as soon as she saw the cute little Angry Pout On his Face. She melted common who could be angry on such a cute little puppy! And Seriously who would like to see his love with any other person. Understanding his situation she moved in closer behind him and Tapped his Shoulder. Armaan Knew the Touch and Shrugged her Hand Off and Looked in the Opposite Direction. Riddhima again Went on the other side and patted him on his shoulder and He turned to ignore her. Riddhima still kept patient. She Slowly Held his Hand.but he didn't Bother Holding it. He was still angry!

part 5:Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

Thanks to all of u for supporting me till now..As today its complete one month for this ff…& as I promise before its an gift for all of ones who take part on quiz & one more thing is everyone give the same answer so I can’t choose only one..So this part is everyone’s gift whoever takes part on quiz & a very happy new year to all of u………………

So here goes the story ……….

Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha ha, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai, Aur Isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahunchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain, yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhad hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga.Iske liye authority ya ni ki writer ya ni ki main uske liye jimiddar nhi hu…Kripa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekh lijiye…


Kahani me ek aur chehra
Kuch rishton ka khul gayi pehra
Adhuri mulakat na jane kab hogi puri
Dekhna hai age kya rahegi yeh rishte adhuri….

Part 5

Forward by it a laugh also

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Part 88 :Beintehaan

Riddhima reached home while taking on ph ....she entered z living room  hung up z call n thought "bhoot kyun uss idiot ki treatment karne gaya ... kya bhoot usey pehley sey janta tha ....kahin ye bhoot ka plan toh nahi par mall mey milna zen lunch sab coincidence tha nah ...arggg"...feeling irritated n very much tired ...threw herself on couch n while relaxing her body leaned back on couch n closed her eyes .....atul n arnav were having dinner ...seeing ridz zey quickly finished zeir food...zen arnav cme near her n sat beside ridz n while caressing her hairs asked  

part 25: Ankahey Rishtey

As the sun rays flickered in the room of the lovers who were hell tiered to wake up that morning.. Ridhhima frowned nd turned towards Armaan hidding herself in his bare chest to escape from those ruthless sun rays disturbing her beautiful sleep.. the movements under the sheet disturbed Armaan abit.. he pulled the duvet till his chest nd saw his "Jaan" cuddling closer to him, with a little frown on her face.. he smiled nd kissed her forehead..


He was already out of the house in the car turning complete deaf ears; to her plead and their questions! Throughout the journey to her house she kept pleading him to turn back but he just looked daggers at her; never budging to listen to her. He was rash driving which was another reason she was trying to stop him but nothing seemed to affect him even the least right now.

Part 15:Humari pyar ki kahani


Everyone picked up riddhima/armaan/nikki/Tanya/karan/shashank. Tanya had met everyone and was praised by everyone.

An: yeh kon hai?
Ra: anjy yeh Tanya hai armaan ki ex-girlfriend. She's soooo annoying!! Abb plan kaise kamyaab hoga????
Ni: fikaar not bhai!!! Maine iss Saab ka bandobast karliya hai!!! Afterall I'm Nikita mallik!!!!
At: ok so guys abb plan number 3 ko execute karna hai!!!
Ni & mu: plan number 3 kya hai!!
Ra: oye Punjab ki sherni, tujhe kabhi kuch pata hua hai?
An: isse pehle you both start!! Plan number 3 hai ke we girls are gonna have a sleepover with ridzi and make her realize her feelings!
Ni: OMG apko pata hai ajj ridzi di bhi plane main yahi kehrahi thi!!!!
Mu: saach?? Hayye rabba tusi te kaam asaan kardiya!! Thankyou Jee!!!

She folded her hands and thanked God looking at the sky. Just then Tanya, armaan, and riddhima joined them.

Tan: Hi I'm Tanya, armaan's girlfriend...(proudly)
At: ohhh mere bhai kon si wali hai 54th ya 56th

The way I found love-os

"At night, 10'O clock..
A woman nearly 26 years old, wearing a long purple night gown, enters in one of the big rooms of her house...the room is full of cartoons and toys kept everywhere..colourful lights hanging on the roof, a big tv and video games kept neatly in one side of the room. There is an orange and red bed in the middle of this children's room. Two cute twin girls (of about 5 years old) are trying to sleep...
Woman: Maria, Arima..why haven't you slept yet?
Maria: Mom!! Jab tak aap bed time story nahi sunao can we sleep?
Woman: Oh, sorry..abhi sunaati hu apni angels ko!!
(She sits on the bed with Arima on her side...Meanwhile, A man also enters the room..)
Man: Meray bighair..??
Arima: Dada..aap ko bhi story sunni hai?
Man: Haa kyu nahi..mai bhi to abhi bacha hi hu!!
Woman: Very funny..ab to mujhe 3 babies ko sambhaalna pade ga!!
Maria and Arima giggles while the man goes and sits at the other side of bed, besides Maria)
Woman:, konsi story sunau?

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Part 19 :And we are made to be one

Ridhima was too much confused to say anything....

Ridhima in her mind.....

Part 1:Milenge Milenge

Somewhere in France
''Mom!!!!!!!!!!!'' She shouted loud waking up....panting and looking around in her room
''Shilpa...What happened to you baby??'' She rushed to her daughter...hugging her and pulling her heads on her chest comforting her
''I dunno mom...I felt like someone was pushing me and telling me to go away...his voice was full of pain'' She whispered...sweating hard...trying to remember and assemble the puzzle of her dream together to get a clearer view

part 21 : An Arranged Love Marriage

He shouted losing all the left over patience at her meaningless behaviour. What on earth was wrong with this woman; here she hid such a big thing from her husband and now she was just been rude to her friend only because he was trying to make her realize how wrong she was!

Part 14:Humari pyar ki kahani


The models were ready. Riddhima was setting the dupatta of one the models.

Tan: riddhima plz meri dori band kardogi?
Ri: I'm sorry Tanya! U have to do it urself main abhi Bohot busy hoon!!!

Just then armaan came.

Ar: kya hoa?
Tan: main riddhima se keh rahi thi ke woh meri dori band karde!!
Ar: main kardeta hoon!!

He sided her hair and saw she was wearing the same lehnga choli that he dreamt riddhima in. Soon he started to tie her Doris, while riddhima got jealous.

Ri: agar aap logon ka patch up session khatam hogaya ho to show start hone wala hai.

Part 6:Fateful love in an arrange marriage


Ridhima woke up n stretched her arms n open her eyes n was about to get up from the bed when he notices her hands n was surprised to see the mehendi color it was dark brown n he saw her feet n there too the same color appears she smiles n kissed her palm where ARMAAN is written

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part 24: Ankahey Rishtey

Tina somehow manages her temper nd goes to her flat.. she was practically fuming when she entered her room.. She had never expected Karan to love any other girl.. She wanted him to always get hyper nd react to her nd not ignore her.. nd she felt disgusted at Radhika..

True love lasts a life time (One shot)

Note: Please note that the characters in this oneshot are genderswapped, for those who don’t know about genderswap or genderbend, the character’s genders are swapped, in this context Armaan is the girl and Riddhima is the guy. Armaan’s name is Armahni and Riddhima’s name is Riddhiman. I’m surprised i actually got the closest names! The characteristics of the characters are the same, just the genders are different. Please do give it a read because I had so much fun writing it.

Riddhiman remembers the day he first met Armahni, he was jogging along the beach and got to the basketball court to tie his shoelaces when a basketball hit him on the back of his head. He was angry, he turned back to find Armahni, of course, he didn’t know her then. She wore a jumpsuit and was showing off to the schoolboys. His hatred for her only increased when she opened her mouth.

part 25:I will bring my basket back

All is well as you are with me.
               The very next day Rishab and Sanjana apologized to both Armaan and Riddhima. Whereas Riddhima made it quite clear for everybody about her and Armaan’s relationship. But just like yesterday even today was a very tiring and a busy day. After the briefing session Riddhima and Armaan directly met at night after their duties got over. Armaan was still worried about the dreams but somehow he was trying to get over it. Around 7 both of them got free when Armaan was sitting in his cabin waiting for her. He had called her directly there itself after her work. She completed her work and entered his cabin to find it dark. But she could sense that he was in the cabin as she could feel his presence there.
R: Armaan?? Kaha ho? She switched on the lights and found him sleeping with his head on the table. She smiled as he looked soo cute like a baby sleeping with his head on his folded hands and was trying to hide his face in his hands to get away from sudden brightness. She went towards his desk and kept all his stuff inside and then taking his mobile and id placed it in her handbag. Slowly she went ahead and called his name caressing his head but he simply turned his face to other direction and slept again. So she bent down and rubbing his back called his name in his ears. After 2-3 trials he woke up and turned around to face her. As soon as he saw her face he smiled widely. He sat straight and greeted her. Getting up he locked the door and coming back pulled her in his lap on the bed.
R: Arey ye tum kya kar rahe ho?? Chalo ghar chalte hai late ho raha hai na!! He placed his head on her chest and hugging her closely he said;

Part 337:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 337:

Padma: Kya?

Ridhimaa looked up. Evidently everyone present had heard her.

Ridhimaa: Nahi... kuch nahi...

happy birthday roshni (29th dec)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ki ek bahut pyari ladki,meri pyari si shona sis aur  great writer,kash/arsh fan roshni ka happy birthday hai...toh chalo usey wish karein..

Happy Birthday roshni...I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

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Part 87 :Beintehaan

At shopping mall

Armaan:impateintly) radhika hum yeha kyun aye hai ....

Radhika:pata chaljayega w8 ...

part 23: Ankahey Rishtey

Most of Ridhhima's cases were done.. there was still half an hour for her duty time so she decided to go home nd free Karan soon as well.. She informed Armaan about it while karan went to inform Radhika.. co-incidentally both Ridhhima nd Karan were at Sanjeevni's gate when Ridhhima called him.. "Karan.. agar tumhe koi jaldi nahi hai to mujhe kuch zaroori baat karni hai.." Karan knew Ridhhima would ask him about what happened between him nd Tina.. nd for some unknown reason he had the feeling that Ridhhima would understand him..

Episode 26:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 26

(riddhima gupta house me aati hai..aur apne room me jaakar bed par rone lagti hai..aur rote huye kehti hai..)



Armaan and Shashank was standing outside the OT while Dr.Kriti and the team which has come to do Riddhima operation was working on Riddhima operation inside the OT... Rahul and Muskaan was there with Armaan and Shashank while Padma and Nani were in AR Mansion with Ray... Sapna was with them as she has to take care of Sonam and Amita, no one want to bring kids to the hospital, not yet...
Nikki call before Riddhima was taken to the OT for the operation, Atul and Anjali were on their way while Nikki and Abhi said they would be coming after an hour as Nikki can't leave the baby earlier when her mother wasn't awake yet...

Part 13:Humari pyar ki kahani

AIRPORT; Next Morning

Everybody was here to see-off armaan, riddhima, nikki, karan and shashank.

At: (whispering) oye nikki ab tera kaam hai inn Dono ko Kareeb lana!!!
Ni: don't worry bhai Abb plan number 2 execute karna baaki hai aur phir uske baad humara kaam asaan hojayega!!!

She winked at him and he smiled. Nandini and Padma bid bye to armaan and riddhima by kissing both of their heads. Finally everyone bid bye as they had to leave for boarding.


Armaan had his seat taken next to riddhima while Nikki's was behind. Shashank and Karan's seat were somewhere in the back.
They had fastened their belts while the airhostess came to ask if they need anything, specially armaan. She had an eye on him as soon as he came in the plane. She was wearing a mini skirt with a buttoned up shirt. She had purposely opened the two first buttons of her shirt as before they were buttoned. She was trying to seduce armaan.