Thursday, 31 December 2015

Part 50(Last):DMG 3

Part 50
Shilpa opened her eyes in the morning and looked at the handsome face of her beloved armaan as he slept. Even in sleep he had his arms around her and her hair were spread across his chest. She lay there and listened to his heart beat, she traced a random pattern on his bare chest and smiled as he moved restlessly in his sleep.  She leaned close and gently blew in his ear making him squirm and turn to his side trying to get back to disturbance free sleep. As he turned on his shilpa slid out of his hold and got up from bed. She quickly put on her robe and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

episode 2 : True Love Never dies

We see a girl with spex coming in the class
She is cusin of shilpa settling her spex she came in class
And she was about to sit but armaan and rahul came forward
And said
Armaan: hello

Part 19:Fateful love in an arrange marriage

ridhima was busy watching kuch kuch hota hai on TV n she was just too much engrossed in the movie
she raised the sound of the TV n she just forgot entire home

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Part 1:My Love, My Life - AR FF


It was another day full of love and life.. It was their 5th anniversary they celebrated today.. The night was peaceful.. when lying on the bed she came forward nd whispered ""Happy Anniversary once again Honey..!"" with a light peck on his cheek.. keeping his eyes close he pulled her into a tight hug, kissing her head he said ""Happy Anniversary Jaan.. I love u""

episode7 : pyar to hona hi tha

(armaan aur riddhima ek dusre ki ankhon me khoye huye hote hai...par riddhima sabse pehle dream world se bahar aati hai...aur niche nazar jhuka leti hai....armaan yeh dekhkar dream world se bahar aata hai...aur riddhima ko sambhalkar khada kar deta hai...riddhima usse door khadi hokar vha se chali jaati hai aur armaan bhi chala jaata hai...)

PART 2 : Chup ChupKe (An AR TS )


Armaan and Riddhima was remembering their old days but soon it was broke hearing baby letting out a cry... Nandini took the baby to Riddhima who took the baby in her arms rocking him softly... To Armaan and Riddhima surprise, he stop crying and they were glad as they didn't want their secret to come out without they talk to the real mother of the baby...

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Part 11 & 12:Cant forget you

All were looking confused after seeing Riddimas behaviour
Mus:Riddima tu ye kya kar rahi hai
Ni: ha Riddhima tume andaaza bhi nahi laga sakte ki pichle kuch dino se Armaan thumhaara khayal kaise rakh raha tha

"Because I love u"( kash fairy tale one shot) for roshni

hi friends,today is happy birthday of my sweet cute shona sis roshni.

roshni bahut dino se mujhe "kash fairy tale" likhne ko keh rahi thi par mujhe time nehi mil raha tha ,but i managed and wrote it for a bd gift for u shona sis. hope u will like it.

note ---its not related with karan shilpa's real  life or the writer's intention is not to hurt anyone. it is totally writer's imagination.

PART 110 (Last Part) :DILL MILL GAYYE 3


Armaan and Riddhima was sleeping in each other arms as the sun rays peep inside from the open window... Curtains were flying with the breeze which was travel in and out, silent were around the room as Ray was also sleeping on his cab which was next to Armaan Riddhima bed...

Monday, 28 December 2015

part 58: An Arranged love Marriage

But to her luck; she realized he was about to get really annoyed now as her car stopped. She tried few more times but the engine budged to start! This was the time to panic. She was in the middle of an unknown place; unknown lane and all alone thanks to her stubbornness. Maybe he was right... she

PART 1 :Chup ChupKe (An AR TS )

It was raining heavily, silent was around the world as it was midnight... Water drops hitting the roofs were the only sounds around the dark night... Suddenly silent around the hospital was broke by a couple running inside with a lady on stretcher who was crying in pain... They were soaked from head to toe, dripping water all over the tiles as they rush towards the OT shouting for help...

Sunday, 27 December 2015

part 3 : meant to be

Armaan n Shilpa proceed towards Dr. Shashank cabin n knocked on the door.

Voice: come in "from inside"

Part 4: Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Karan - Hello Shubhankar..
Shubhankar - Namaste papa...
Karan - jeete raho... Shubhankar vo Armaan khush hain is rishte se... Riddhima ne kya kaha...
Shubhankar - vo bhi raazi hain papa...

part 50 :Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

the room 's condition was sooo bad
the sandals were lying infront of the door
if someone enters,, the person will surely fall on the floor
the teddy bears were thrown on the floor... inshort the room looks like a complete mess

Saturday, 26 December 2015

part 50 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Its evening and Riddhima with Muskaan and anjali was sitting in anjali's room in joshi house.its been three weeks from Abhi-Nikki's marriage and soon after that all were back to the work.

Rahul with atul and armaan has went out for a business trip to Bangalore for a week ago and as muskaan was not feeling good without her husband, ananya asked her to spend sometime with girls so from three days,the trio are together enjoying their girls night out.

Only 10 days are left for the day when our lovely couple will be tying knot,taking vows to be together forever and ever. And before that Armaan has to finish some work as,soon the wedding functions will be starting and Both AR has given 20 days leave from the head of the home i.e. ananya who strictly told anuraag to spare their children from work after their marriage.

Riddhima has started designing her wedding dress on Armaan's special cute demand where as her other dresses were selected by padma.anjali and muskaan too were busy in shopping and other preparation. Elders too were busy arranging all the other arrangements.

All the wedding cards were distributed and the reception hall was booked too.kirti and shubhankar are soon coming with other guest too so that it will be help for mallik's.

episode 1 : True Love Never dies


Its a story about friends forever
Third year students
Armaan: college s most popular boy
Atul: very good guy and intelligent

episode6 : pyar to hona hi tha

Riddhima- iska matlab tum mujhe force karoge..
Armaan- nhi riddhima kabhi nhi..i just want you riddhima...
Riddhima(shock)- lust... this is lust armaan...u are lusting over me..?.chii armaan mene kabhi nhi socha tha tum aise hoge...

Friday, 25 December 2015

Happy Birthday Jaan(Ayushi)

Hey guys aaj humare blog ki jaan n meri bhi jaan  ayushi ka birthday hai so lets celebrate........

You are special and
I hope that you float through the day
 with a big smile on your face.
 Happy Birthday Aayushiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

one shot : jiyen kyon (a bd gift to aayu)

hi friends,,today is the happy birthday of my sis and teacherji aayushi...happy birthday aayu..May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

I wrote a one shot as a birthday gift.hope you will like it.

“arman,mai is tarah nehi reh sakti..”

“what do u mean riddhima? Is tarah means kis tarah?”

Part 3:Tum Dard Ho

 “Uss baat ko 15 saal beet gaye, shayad Armaan ab bhi woh nahi bhula, par usse mein sachayi kaise bataun...woh yeh sach bardaasht nahi kar payega, na hi woh mera bharosa karega..aur mein Armaan ko dukh nahi de sakti..chahe uske liye mujhe apni dosti ki keemat deni padegi.” Riddhima said to herself sitting in a room of Armaan’s house which was given to her as for the next few days she had to do a full day duty for which she had to stay at Armaan’s house.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

segment 33: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)


Riddhima : "tum baten banana bahut jante ho………
Arman (kissing her hand):" ye arman kuch nahi janta tha….but jab se tum mili ho sab sikh gaya hai….tumhare pyar ne sab sikha diya hai duck…I am in love………….

Introduction:My Love, My Life - AR FF


Intro to the characters...

Armaan nd Ridhima [KaSh] are same.. Armaan is a well known Neurosurgeon now nd Ridhhima is a Cardiologist..

Muskaan is Armaan's best frnd .. A Child Specialist and has no family..

part 57: An Arranged love Marriage

  An hour after or so... his cell started ringing disturbing their sleep. She turned away moving off him irritated by the disturbance and he somehow grabbed his cell tapping the table blindly. His eyes snapped open as his mother told him that she was supposed to call her last night but it was almost noon but yet she hadn't called so Ananya made a call herself.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Part 2:meant to be


3 years later

Sanjeevani Hospital Mumbai

3 years have gone since Armaan n Shilpa left Sanjeevani n have taken transferred to some other branch but no one besides Dr.Keerti n Dr.Shashanak know where they have gone.


episode 5 : pyar to hona hi tha

(armaan sanjeevni ke bahar car me khada riddhima ka wait kar raha hota vo dekhta hai..riddhima apna bag lekar car ki taraf aati hai..vo uske liye door open karta hai aur riddhima beth jaati hai..armaan bhi apni seat par bethkar car start karkar nikal jaata hai..dono raaste me hi hote armaan riddhima se kehta hai )

Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Hey Guys...I had opened an A/S shop on IF. Thought to post KaJen and KaSh edits from them. Hope You Like Them.

Part 14 & 15:Childhood friends- love finds it way

Part 14.

Armaan came out of the trance as he heard her to stop the car...!!

ridz- stop...stop..stop the car armaan..
armaan pushed the brake...
armaan- kyaa hua...
ridz- wo...wo peeche naa...Wada pav ka thela laga hua hai...wohi old wala jo hum bachpan mai dhabe kai baas sai khate thai...

armaan- arre yasr..mai lai aunga ghar mia khalenge..
ridz- nahi..nahi..nahi...hum jayenge..baarish mai khade hokar khane ka maza kuch aur hi hota hai
armaan- humare ghar mai nhai hai kyaa??!! waha dekhte hue khalena...yaha bheegi toh bimaar pad jaogi...!!

Part 2:Tum Dard Ho

Armaan ko kabhi nahi pata chalna chahiye ki mein hi Riddhima hu, agar aisa hua toh pata nahi kya ho jayega.” Riddhima thought. She waited sometime in the living room and then Armaan came in. He wore a white shirt and grey blazer. Riddhima felt this weird nervousness on seeing him, she didn’t want to lie to him, but she had to. “Good Morning Sir,” she said confidently. “Good morning, I’m sorry about that, it was just that, you know,” he tried explaining what happened. “It’s ok sir. Siddhant ne mujhe sab bata diya.” She said “Yeh Sid ko bhi apna moonh

Monday, 21 December 2015

Part 49:Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

curtains fly slowly due to the cool winds, the cool breeze were making the room cold n by  the light rays of sun the whole room is shining brightly 
n we see our cute AR sleeping peacefully in eachother 's embrace 

Part - 9 : Selfish love

Armaan excitedly dials Fedrick's number but before he could give him a ring.He heard Riddhima's shocking request -"Armaan mujhe wahaa waapas jaana hai..mujhe uss aurat ki madad karna hai..kya tum mere saath chaloge?"

Armaan turns and quickly takes hold of Riddhima's shoulder.Armaan thought riddhima lost her mind.

Part 18:Fateful love in an arrange marriage

Recap - In last part we saw armaan Dnt want to go to conference leaving ridhima alone in home but ridhima manages to convince him n armaan drops her at her mother's home in between they share some romantic passionate moments..

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Part 1 :Tum Dard Ho

“Ridzi... tumne aisa kaise kar diya? Tumne maa ki jaan leli..Meri maa ki jaan leli..” “Nahi Armaan jaisa tum samajh rahe ho waisa nahi hai.” “Bas! Mein aur kuch nahi sun na chahta, just get lost!”

Siggies by Rockstar

few siggies on KaJen

introduction and part 1: meant to be

hi friends,this time a new beautiful ff by my lil sis anumeha..hope u will like it.thanks

this story is started from where Armaan is after Ridhimaa n asking her wat she wants from her life, she still wants to stick to her marriage with Sid or she wants to come back to him..n guys here in it , Shilpa is not Ridhimaa's sister she is just a simple intern.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

part 49 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Boys are in church with some guest along with mallik's and Gupta's.abhi's some relatives are also there

Abhi in his black three piece suit,atul in dark blue blazer with black shirt and black jeans looking handsome more than cute for a change. Rahul in off white jacket with blue shirt and black jeans.
Armaan in grey suit with white shirt in and silver grey color tie and sliver color watch looking dashing as ever.all the girls were drooling over him but he was just looking at the door of church waiting for his love who is the bridesmaid of the bride and will be coming with Nikki.

Soon anjali comes wearing a purple gown looking stunning as ever with Muskaan who is wearing off white knee length dress.both Rahul and atul keeps on looking them as they comes and sits in front bench.

muskaan winks at rahul who actually was about to fall looking her winking but atul holds him saying, "sambhal kar...abhi to bas shuruwat hai..." And Rahul gave him strange look.

"Abe she will soon be showing her mood swings jo ki jhelna bhot mushkil hai...and Muski...I don't know brother.. How you are gonna handle her..." Atul laughed with armaan who was listening them.

episode4 : pyar to hona hi tha

riddhima- mene hi bulaya hai sid..ko..
(yeh sunkar armaan ke face par boht zyada gussa aa jaata hai vi riddhima se gusse me puchta hai...)
Armaan- kyu...? Mene kha tha tumhara niche intezaar kar rha hu..saath chalenge hum..phir kyu..?

segment 32: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)


Dr mallick: "good morning,beta riddhima…arman kahan hai?

Friday, 18 December 2015

Part 49:DMG 3

Part 49

Shilpa sat in the room allotted to her at maan's house. Today was her wedding, as she sat infront of the dressing table with her hair wet after her bath. As she applied moisturizer to her face and neck she went over the events of the previous few days.
Maan and sujal had insisted on having the wedding at maan's house as they wanted her rukhsati to take place from the brothers house. Shilpa smiled as she thought about how her brothers had argued and her seemingly unorthodox brothers had turned traditional. What had surprised her more had been armaan.

part 56: An Arranged love Marriage

Robin (one of the maids) entered their room with a trolley of breakfast. "Ma'am the breakfast is ready. In case you need anything else you can call through the intercom I'll be at service!"
"Sure! Thank you..." She smiled at the boy and took the trolley. As she got busy arranging the breakfast on plates; she missed his attire as he had already stepped out. He stood in front of the mirror combing his hair when Riddhima's eyes caught his glimpse and she was bowled over would be an understatement.

Part - 8 : Selfish love


Everything started blurring and she faints off ,but this time someone was there to hold her.Yeah guys this is none other than Armaan who seems terrified and worried for riddhima.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Part 48:Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

recap - in last part we saw armaan n gang having fun in mallik mansion,
sunaina unexpected entry in mallik mansion, muskaan n ridhima playing pranks on sunaina n
AR cute moments in the night

part 25(last part) : lovers or rivals

After the haldi ceremony was over both groom families went to a nearby hotel From where barat will leave towards the wedding venue.. I.e. the gupta farm house..
Both the couples were ready in their bridal attires waiting for the moment went they will officially become each other's..
Now  was the time for last few ceremonies before the departure of barat..
At grooms place..
Hall was full of relatives n frnds n were waiting for the grooms..
Armann came down the stairs holding mann's hand(atul-anji'son..)
Both were looking same..
They wore a skin sherewani with golden n mehrum embroidery.. N were holding swords in their free hands..

episode3 : pyar to hona hi tha


(stretcher par padma ko OT me le jaate hai..Dr shubhankar...riddhima armaan ananya surbhi sab OT Ke bahar khade hote hai...riddhima bahar khadi ro rhi hoti hai..armaan use chup karaane jaa hi rha hota ananya akar use hug kar leti hai..aur kehti hai)

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

part 48 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Mallik mansion was decorated with beautiful flowers and curtains.lightning all around the mansion with fragrance of flowers.

Ananya and padma are checking all the arrangements for food snacks and drinks

Armaan and Rahul are arranging all the other stuff and doing all the necessary changes with help of some workers.

Shashank is with anuraag to check the the guests and all with Nikki's parents

Today is the very first function of AN's marriage that is sangeet.all the arrangements are done and now all are busy doing last touch ups.

Atul is with abhi and girls are with Nikki in guest rooms getting ready as all the functions are held in mallik mansion.

It is evening time and all the guest have arrived enjoying the soft music playing in background and the tasty snacks.

episode 2: pyar to hona hi tha

(riddhima us ladki ko armaan ke saath dekhkar shock ho jaati hai... idhar ananya armaan ko dekhkar boht khush hoti hai..aur bhaagti huyi jaakar armaan ko hug kar leti hai...par ananya armaan ke saath ladki ko dekhkar shock ho jaati hai..aur kehti hai. )
Ananya- yeh koun armaan...?

segment 31: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)


When riddhima woke up…she remembered all the things,which happened last night.she looked at arman’s bed…but he was not there,”kahan gaya?...itni jaldi to kabhi bhi nahi uthta….but riddhima ko isse kya matlab?...achcha hi hua…wo arman se baat bhi nahi karna chahti…wo bahut naraj hai arman se………

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Part 48:DMG 3

Part 48

 Amidst laughter and applause armaan crushed shilpa to himself and closed his eyes to savour the moment.  

He pulled back to see tears in shilpa's eyes: you know you're right!(wiping her tears) you don't look so good while crying!(making shilpa hiccup on a laugh) 

Part 9&10:Cant Forget You

Part 8

As soon as he got into the next room she started to check out the room he realised it was Ridhima when he was about to get out through the window he had some sounds from a room which was attached to that room he decided to check that room 2 he slowly entered the room hey girl was lying in bed glucose attached to her veins he couldn't figure out who was that because she was lying so many wires attached to her body then he noticed that there was a cradle at near to that in which baby was sleeping the baby was around 2 years old armaans curiosity increased slowly started to walk towards the bed as soon as he saw the girls face she was standing Numb

part 109 : Dill Mill Gayye 3

Sun rays peep inside the room as silent was around, two people sleep cuddling to each other while the little one was sleeping peacefully in his cab... Birds were flying singing while trees and grass were dancing with the breeze... Sun rays hit Armaan face making his sleep disturb, he hide his face on Riddhima hair who was sleeping hugging him hiding her face on his chest...

Monday, 14 December 2015

Part 17:Fateful love in an arrange marriage

ridhima looked at armaan who was not so happy talking on the phn

ar - Maine pehle hi Kaha tha na ke mujhe koi bhi project aagey nahi badaana iss waqt
didn't i told u that before ?????

Part 2:Dill mill gayye VMs By Nima

Kash,Kasu and Kajen Vm on the beautiful song Beintehaan

Part 1C:Yet Another Cinderella Story

Part - 1 C

Armaan is really Angry now.How dare this girl slap him ?.He was quiet from that much because he came in this party uninvited and that stupid curly haired girl did'nt allow him to speak anything.But now enough is enough.This girl has crossed her limits according to him.Noone means Noone messes with Prince Armaan mallik Rathode.Armaan was about to yell at her,when muskaan's Voice interrupted him.