Sunday, 18 January 2015

character sketch:My Wish Come True

Hello.. I am back again after ANKAHEY RISHTEY.. You guys have given alot of love to my first FF.. and I hope that this one is gonna leave all of you in love with its characters..

This one is different from ANKAHEY RISHTEY completely.. here AR will be exploring nd understanding their love for each other after their marriage nd a hidden truth about Ridhhima's parents' death is on its way too..


Armaan Mallik: Very professional nd introvert.. MD of Mallik fabrics pvt. Ltd., top garment manufacturing house.. father of a 1.5 yr. old baby boy, Ryan..

Jai Mallik: (Armaan's father..) Owner of Mallik fabrics pvt. Ltd. .. a very juvenile nd soft hearted man personally.. but professionally he is really a man with a plan.. he wants his son to happy in his life.. Shashank's friend..

Tara Mallik: Armaan's mother.. a housewife.. a perfect mother.. takes care of her grandson Ryan nd loves him like anything..wants her son to re-marry for Ryan nd his own sake..

Ridhhima Gupta: done fashion designing.. Introvert nd innocent by nature.. an orphan.. her parents Shubhankar nd Kirti's death is till a mystery for her.. all she knows is that her father commited suicide.. lives with her uncle.. Completely ignored by her uncle nd aunty since childhood.. her only friend is Anjali, her elder, cousin sister..

Shashank Gupta: Ridhhima's uncle.. owner of Guptas pvt. Ltd. .. has brought her up just as an obligation.. loves his daughter Anjali.. is a fast friend of Jai Mallik even though they are biggest business rivals..

Padma Gupta: shrewd lady.. always neglects Ridhhima nd favours her own daughter Anjali even in her wrong deeds.. wants Ridhhima to get married nd go away as soon as possible

..Anjali Gupta: she is a doctor by profession.. met Armaan before in her father's business get togethers.. has a secret crush on Armaan but doesn't know about his son or marriage..


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