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Part 1:Vivaah… ekk nayi zindagi

A beautiful girl was sitting on a bed decorated with rose petals. Candles were lit everywhere in the room. She was dressed as a beautiful bride, who was sitting waiting for her husband.

Girl: (thinking) Aaj se meri nayi zindagi shuru!
Baghwan aap humesha mere Saat hi kyun aisa karte hain? Chachi kehti hain ke main manhoos hu? Apne kyun maa aur papa ko mujh se cheen liya? Maine aisi kya galati kardi hai ke app mujhe itni Bari saza derahe ho? Abb bus Armaan hi mera akhri sahara hai! Plz baghwan mere umeedon parr paani na dalna!

Tears were flowing out of her eyes. Not because she was missing her family, the reason was she didn't want to marry. Afters all she was a girl too. She had dreams. She dreamt of her prince, who will come one day and ask for her hand. He would climb up her window and secretly meet her when they're not supposed to.
Who would shower all his love on her. But her dreams were shattered in one moment. That moment when she got married. Not that she didn't like her husband. But the thought that was killing her was that what if her husband didn't approve her as his wife.

She was lost in her thoughts when she heard the door knob clicked. She wiped her tears. While a handsome young man entered. He came and sat on the bed next to her. He lifted up her veil and saw she was looking gorgeous.

Man: (whispered) riddhima!
Man: (he continued in a normal voice) tum jaanti ho ke shaadi meri marzi se nahi hoyi?

She nodded her head negatively. He got up from the bed and took of one flower filled string that was hanging from the ceiling attached to his bed, and threw it on the floor. She looked at him and got scared. His eyes were bloodshot red with anger and rage.

Riddhima: (scared) ar…Armaan!!
Armaan: (shouting) why did you marry me??
Riddhima: Armaan m-main-
Armaan: meri zindagi Barbara's kardi hai tumne! Just because of you!

Riddhima got of the bed and went near him. He dangerously held her shoulders and pulled her towards him.

Armaan: agar tum jaanti thi! Mujhse shaadi kyun ki?
Riddhima: main-
Armaan: main kisi aur se pyar karta hunn Riddhima! I DON'T LOVE YOU! Samjhi!! Tumne mujhse shaadi karke aapni zindagi ki sabse bari galti ki hai!

When he said that he loves someone else, the floor beneath Riddhima vanished. She froze and couldn't help but tears started flowing out of her eyes. One more pain was stuck to her life. He didn't approve her. Maybe he was right, she did a big mistake marrying him.

Armaan: dard horaha haina? Mujhe bhi aisa dard hoa tha jab meri shaadi tum se hoyi thi!

He sighed then left her shoulders and pushed her on the bed.
He ran his hand through his long silky hair.

Armaan: jo hoa so hoa! Abb kuch nahi hosakta. Hum sahi mayaan mein pati Patni to nahi hai parr humara rishta wohi hai! Isiliye tum Patni hone ke saare farz nibhaogi aur main pati ka! Lekin mujhse koi umeed na lagyi Bethna! Kyunke main tumein kuch nahi de sakta sivaye dard ke! Abb tumne mujhse shaadi ki ghalati karr li hai to Sab tumein iski keemat zindagi bhaar jitani padegi!

He went out of the room leaving a crying Riddhima behind. She ran into the bathroom and shut the door. She leaned on the door and started crying.

Title song from Pakistani drama Nikkah
( I changed some words)

Hum ne teri chahat ko
Dil mein aise boya tha
(She remembers when he came to see her for the first time)

Dharkano mein rakha tha
Ashk mein proya tha
(She remembered the when one of her friends teased her about her friends)

Sirf tum ko chaha tha
Tum hi dosh de bethy
(She remembered when he shouted at her)

Dost phir na reh paye
Aise hosh kho bethy
(She slowly slid down while crying on her knees, clinging to the door)

Faasale hain yaadein hain
Waqt ke takaze hain
( she remembered: ar: mujhse koi umeed lagyi na Bethna!)

Ho waqt ke hawa mein hain
Hum tere vivaah mein hain
Hum tere vivaah mein hain
(She remembered when he filled her maang)

Kaghazon ke pathon par
Dil ke naqsh likh baithe
Jo bhi kuch hamara tha
Tere naam likh baithey
(She was crying bitterly)

She stood up and saw herself in the mirror. Mascara was spread around her eyes. Black Tears were rushing down her eyes because of the mascara. Why was her life so complicated.
Why did everybody had to hate her. She never did or thought anything bad for anyone, then why God had too do this to her?

She washed her face and looked at her mehndi. The colour was dark red. They said, the more colour u get on ur husband's name's mehndi, the more he loves u! But in her case, that didn't match up with situation. She remembered her cousin sunaina teasing her when she saw her mehndi colour was dark.


Su: arre wah riddhu didi! Aapki haat pe jeeju ki naam lagi hoyi mehndi parr to itna gehra rang chada hai! Hmm lagta hai suhagraat parr kuch hone wala hai!!!
Ri: (smacking her) chal badmash!
Su: acha Abb main chalti hunn warna maa ayegi aur daant padegi!
Ri: sunaina? Chachi mujhe itna hate kyun karti hai!
Su: oh ho didi! Aap ke maan me laadh phootne chaiye ke kal aapki shaadi hai! Aur aap yaha maa ki baaton parr dehan derahe ho!
Ri: agar Armaan be mujhe accept na Kia to?
Su: agar maa ne kaha hai ke woh bas majboori se shaadi kare hain to Iska matlaab yeh nahi hai ke woh waki main yeh shaadi majboori mein kare hain! Dheko na didi kitna raang chada hai jeeju ke pyaar ka!


Tears were dropping continuously from her beautiful green eyes. A fat tear fell on her hand, where armaan's name was hidden. Her gaze shifted towards her maang, which was filled with his name's sindoor. She touched it. She could still feel his cold fingers on her maang.

Ri: (crying) sindoor ekk larki keliye kitna maayne rakhta hai ye aap nahi jaante Armaan. Mere liye apka pyaar to kya aapka narajgi, saza harr cheez qubool hai! Bas mujhe jis bandhan mein bandha hai usse kabhi na todna! Mera aapke sivaye iss duniya mein koi nahi hai!!! Aap ki narazgi bhi qubool hai!!! I love you Armaan!

Her eyes were bloodshot red because of all the crying. She came from the washroom and saw it 3:45 am. Armaan wasn't anywhere to be seen. She sat on the bed and waited for him.


Sun rays hit Riddhima's eyes and she opened her eyes only to be found in an unknown room. After looking around a few more minutes her eyes shifted towards the sofa where Armaan laid down sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Last night's conversation came in her mind and tears welled up in her eyes. She sighed and went to the bathroom.

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