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part 2:Vishwas AR SS

Riddhima is looking here and there enjoying the chilly weather of Delhi armaan went to use the loo and then suddenly riddhima feels someone is looking at her and she feels the gaze upon herself but to her luck she finds no familar face around her thinking may be she is assuming and she smiled to her thought but next moment she proved wrong as she heard a voice

P:"is it you riddhima gupta?"
And hearing the voice riddhima gets startled and turned in the direction of voice and riddhima is shocked see him not at all expecting him to be there meeting him in a such way and for a second her face got pale she don't knows and don't expect him to be there and suddenly her eyes start moving here and there to look for armaan then she heard his voice again as
P:"hey are you there?"
And riddhima looks at him then she just thought something and then smiling lightly at him she nodded and then he
P:"thank god you reacted I thought you did not recognise me"
He said and riddhima smiled slowly and then he just
P:"so hii riddhima I never expected to see you here"
And riddhima then nodded and then she replied to him courtesy
R:"hii yea its really surprising"
And he smiled and then smilingly he just asked
P:"well you see i lived in Delhi only so i can be here so how are you riddhima"
He asked as riddhima smiled rememering and knowing he resides in Delhi but it never meant that she expected to met him it's quite surprising
R:"hmm yea I am fine how are you"
She asked as the courtesy sake and
P:"I am fine too and now after meeting you here I am more than fine never thought will see you in person riddhima"
He said conveying his happiness of meeting her to him and before she say anything she feels tug at her shoulder and just the touch enough to tell her that whose hand is this, yes off course it's Armaan Mallik her husband how she can be wrong feeling hia touch and there he is standing close to her with his charming smile and then as he looked at the person standing in front of his wife a tall guy he confused and looked at riddhima for introduction and riddhima saw same in his eyes too so
R:"armaan yeh Saras hain mere friend aur Saras he is Armaan Mallik mere pati hain"
She said as she introduced both the men and saras for the moment is startled hearing the introduction but he composed himseld but on the other side armaan smiled and then he forward his hand for shake as he
A:"Armaan Mallik riddhima's husband"
And that brings saras back to reality and he shook his hand then smiling he just said
S:"hii Saras Desai nice to meet you man riddhima this is so not fair you did not tell me about your marriage anyways congrats to both of you"
He said as he complained in friendly manner eyeing to riddhima then congratulating them and
A:"thanks saras and riddhima its not done jaan you should have called him to our wedding na sweet heart"
He said and riddhima just smiled at them and
R:"yea but actually we are not in touch that time armaan aur humari shadi bhi tou kitni jaldi ho gayi"
She said as she explained the reason and then armaan smiled
A:"and I am so thankful for that ki we gets married so soon"

He said meaningfully and lots of emotions in his eyes that saras clearly noticed and then armaan breaks his trance as
A:"yea saras she is right humari shadi just in month ho gayyi khair leave it so you here on airport"
He said turning his attention to saras and he just tells
S:"yea just going for a conference riddhima congrats so how about you guys here on airport"
R:"thank you yea just coming back from short trip"
She replied not using honey moon word but to her dismay armaan has other plans as he said and tighten her hold around riddhima and she smiled as well shivered under his touch
A:"well not a simple trip saras we are returning from our Honey Moon "
S:"that's so good man so shaadi meiin nahin aa saka tou kya ek cup coffee may i offer as a simple marriage gift to my darling friend and her husband from me"
He said as he looked at riddhima and for a moment riddhima looked in his eyes to find that emotion in his eyes but before she can see anything she heard armaan"s voice that brings her turn to armaan as
A:"off course man why not but treat is from our side as the make up treat you can say kyun jaaan"
And riddhima just smiled and then speaks in slow voice
R:''yeah armaan is right''
S:''my pleasure but treat is from my side''
He said reluctantly and then armaan smiled and then he
A:'is baat par na hum bad meiin argument karte hain saras nahiin tou treat hi nahin ho payegi you see humari flight hain just in a hour so''
And hearing armaan saras smiled and then he replied to him that
S:''yea you are right so let's go''
He said and then three of them walked towards the coffee and riddhima is thinking about something but then
R(in her heart):''tu bhi na riddhima kitna faltu sochne lagi hain oon sab baton ko kitna time ho chuka ho tuu bhi bhul jaa oon sab baton ko tere aur saras ke beech meiin sirff plain friendship hain nothhing else''
She said in her heart and then calmed herself and then finally a broad smile appeared on her lips feeling calm and satisfactory and then she finds in her thoughts they already reached the cafe and she finds armaan and saras are talking with each-other and then as they reached and settled on the table as saras called the waiter for taking their order as waiter asked them for order and before riddhima can give her order she suddenly heard saras's voice as he just
S:''so riddhima tum tou humesa ki tarah aapni favourite strong coffee logi na 1 cup coffee strong one with 2 spoon milk 2 spoon cream and 1 spoon sugar am i right''
He asked and for a moment armaan is shocked hearing him how he so precisely described riddhima's taste of coffee and riddhima is shocked as he describe it she looked at armaan's face and she finds his face has shocked expressions and then she
replied looking at armaan's face directly to be precisely says in his eyes

R:''actually saras my taste is changed now i love cappuccino now hain naa armaan''
She said and armaan has the millioan dollar smile on his face as he heard her as she is actually saying his favourite coffee

A;''yea sweetheart vaise bhi you already had your strong coffee today in either ways i am not allowing to have you another cup of it so madam a simple cappuccino for you and yes you can eat a sandwich also''
He said playfully and riddhima smiled hearing him as she feels him lightening his mood completely and saras just looked at them and then armaan
A:''ok tou two cappuccino and one veg sandwich and saras tum kya loge?''
As armaan placed their order he asked saras about his choice and
S:'umm yea i have a mocha thank you''
And the waiter left taking their orders saras looked at riddhima as he saw that smile in her eyes and the shine in her eyes and then his trance breaks as
A:''so saras you lived here in Delhi?'
As armaan looked at saras he asked just to start the conversation and
S:''yes armaan i lived here in Delhi actually posting here na so''
As saras replied to him armaan smiled and then he
A:''that's good so riddhima yaar mujhe aapni aur saras kii friendship ke bare meiin tou batao you never mention him''
As armaan said that casually looking riddhima and saras riddhima shifted uncomfortably at her place as she is baffled at armaan's sudden question not knowing her answer and saras somewhere feels bad that riddhima did not takes him as his friend even that she did not mention about him to her husband as he looked at her he did not know when unknowingly from his mouth words skipped
S:''this is so not fair riddhima yar tumne mere baare meiin armaan ko kuch bataya hii nahiin kya aab hum aapki dost kii category meiin bhi nahiin ate madam jii''
He said and riddhima looked at him all surprised as he said 'madam jii'' like he used to say in past and she can see hurt in his eyes and voice and she looked at armaan and before she can say anything armaan cover up as
A:''arey nahiin saras i guess mere hii dimag se nikal gayya hoga riddhima ne aapne baki doston ke saathe tumhare baare meiin bhi zarur bataya hoga you see main hii riddhima meiin itna busy tha kii kuch samjhne na time hii nahiin milla bas main sirff Nikki ko ache se jaanta hun kyunki vo naa humesha kabaab meiin hadi jo banti hain nahiin tou i hardly meet any of her friends and same is with her''
He said and saras gives a small smile and then he
S:''yea i can understand armaan acha tou tum humari friendship ke baare meiin pooch rahe the naa''
A:''off course man so riddhima you and saras college friends han?''
He asked and riddhima who is just now mute listener to their talks is now looked at armaan knowing she had to answer him now so she just speeaks as she feels two pair of eyes looking at her intently
R:''han armaan actually saras is my senior in college so saras how is prerna?''
She replied to armaan and asked from saras try to divert the topic and saras exactly knows this that she is avoiding the more questions of his relationship with her and before she asked anything armaan beeped in
A:''oh that's good but hey who is prerna man your girlfriend han?''
S:''nahiin armaan prerna is my wife''
He answered him and then armaan smiled and
A:''oh congrats man that means you married too''
S:''yea and she is doing fine riddhima''
He answered riddhima as he looked at her and then waiter arrived with their coffees and as soon waiter served them their coffee riddhima start sipping it and
A:''so saras i guess you are very good friend of riddhima as i can see by you know her choice perfectly in coffee am i right?''
S:''well armaan riddhima is one of my best friend and i still take her like that and adore her so i can at least knows my friend's taste in coffee you too i guess as knows your friends am i right?''
He replied seriously and asked armaan and armaan just take that as friendly answer and question and yes he is right friends do knows each other so
A:''yes saras absolutely i am pretty good friend you see pehle mere freinds kehte the aab tou merii pyaari si biwi bhi yehii kehti hain kii i am a good friend''

He said as he looked at riddhima love and affection clearly visible in his eyes and then
S:''yes armaan if riddhima says this then you might be a very good and true friend you see riddhima kii dosti paana is not an easy task han par aagar yeh kisii se dosti kar le tou ooska saath kabhie nahiin chodti hain riddhima''
He said and riddhima looked at him as she can sense the honesty in his voice the same she used to feels long years back but she feels the deep meaning this time and her trance breaks as she heard armaan chuckling and he just as
A:''looks like merii biwi ne tumse bhi badi mehnat karvai hain friendship ke liyye han saras''
He said and saras smiled as he feels armaan's naughty jovial question and
S:''well to be honest jayada nahiin we actually clicked instantly hain naa riddhima''
He looked at riddhima as he thought to let her answer
R:''han right actually armaan saras is my senior naa tou humne college ko represent kiyya tha seminar meiin there hum mille the than it started our friendship armaan as same subjects and all so just clicked''

Riddhima said and sars smiled heartly as he heard her truth and honest reply yes he met her at the seminar and then armaan before say anything his phone buzzed and looking at the caller he
A:''sorry guys riddhima jaan i'll be back this is important i have to take it baby''
He said and answered his call giving a apologetic smile to saras who just nodded genuinely as armaan moved outside the cafe to answer the call he
S:''so riddhima tum khush tou ho naa?''
He asked and riddhima looked at him for a second but then she just smiled
R:'' han saras i am so happy armaan ke bina i can't think of my life now even tum batao prerna ke saath kaisa chal raha hain so planning a family now aab tou kitni der ho gayyi tumhari shaadi ko na''
She asked as its almost quite a time since he got married and then he
S:''kuch sapne shayad adhoore reh jaate hain''
He said and riddhima is surprised hearing his strange reply so
S:''matlab naye rishton ko banane ke liyye ateet se bahar ana padta hain
Madam jii''
And his this reply makes her surprised and left her in shock.

A:''so saras here is my number you can call anytime and I am glad that I have find a good friend''
S:''yeah me too bye riddhima''
A:''bye saras see you soon''

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