Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Part 3:Kya tum?

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"Ammy Tu Karne kya wala hai?"
Asked Rahul one of Armaans new friend from Highschool
"Han yaar tell us something ti Ridhima ki kese pathayega "
Asked Danish
"Armaan Malik jo bhi karta hai privately karta and u Guyz just wait and watch" Armaan said with a smirk
Just when the bell rang breaking their conversation
Armaan:Let's go guyz
He said heading towards the class

Everyone was busy in the lecture while one head was thinking really hard REALLY REALLY hard on how to get Ridhima
Hmmmm Ridhima Jesi larkiyan as per my knowledge woh kisi ko apne zyaada kareeb nahi aane deti Aur woh apne friends pe Bohot trust kartin hein that means ke agar mein Atul aur Muskaan Ka trust jeet lun Tou mein Ridhima Ka trust bhi jeet sakta Hun Ridhima Aur Dosti Larkiyon ko patane ki pehli seedi hoti hai baby I will get ya soon Armaan thought with a evil Smile on his face


Armaan was walking towards Muskaan when he was stopped by Rahul Rahul pulled him aside
Armaan:Abbe kya hai yaar
Rahul:Dekh Armaan Ridhima ek Bohot achi larki hai tu uska dil mat torna
Armaan:Hey mind ur own business ore ur not going to advice me okay just because I made u my friend doesn't mean ur gonna roam on my head Armaan
Said angrilly And went away from there
Rahul sighed he didn't knw about ridhimas past but all he knw was she is a nice girl he didn't had any attractions towards her but Did had some attractions towards Muskaan

Armaan:Hey Muskaan hi!
Muskaan:mmmm yes
Armaan:woh mujhe tumhari ek Assignment mein help chahiye thi
Muskaan:oh lekin mein Khud Iss assignment mein phassi hui Hun
Armaan: oh acha Armaan frowned and was about to go when
Muskaan:hey wait Ridhima hai na woh help karsakti hai mein Bhie ussi ke paas jarahi thi tou agarr....tum chaho tou
Armaan:theeke lekin kab
Armaan said pretending to be excited
Muskaan:Tum mere Ghar ajaana wahan ridz Bhie Hogi Sunday ko aur assignment tou Wese Bhie Monday ko Submit Karni hai right
Armaan:Thanks Muskaan Thanks a lot okay bye and turned walking through the corridor he had smile plastered on his face an evil smile
Mission A completed good job Armaan and he mentally patted himself


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