Monday, 19 January 2015

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he banged in his cabin with anger
he stood infront of his office desk by taking support of the desk by keeping his hands on the table
he runned his one hand on his hair n was sooo angry
suddenly he feels something n stood straight n slowly slowly turned his face to other side
he saw her coming slowly slowly into her cabin

her face has no emotions at all
the emotional turmoil is too much to handle
she came n took the support of the mirror wall

( the mirror wall is one sided mirror
from armaan 's side everything can be seen clearly but from the ridhima's side she can't see anything)

Armaan saw her in that terrible state
he knows that she have to take out all the pain which she is holding since long
she have to cry her heart out
he can't help himself after seeing her in that state
he can't see his love suffering alottt infront of him n he can't even do anything
he feels sooo horrible seeing her in that state

she stood their with the support of the mirror wall
she kept her hand for the support n the tears started rolling down her cheeks

the words ring in her ears
how she is been dragged with her past
she wanted to runaway from her past but her past is haunting her terribly
she started to move on in her life
but her past always stood infront of her n snatched her life everytime when she is almost on the verge of forgetting everything
destiny always plays with her
she remembered the words
the painful words echoed in her ears

armaan eyes started leaking looking at ridhima
he went towards the wall n placed his hand there where ridhima placed her hand
he looked at her with loads of tears in his eyes n
she stood their bowing her head crying her heart out
he kept his other hand where ridhima clinged to the wall
he was crying seeing her crying like that
she needs a support
she needs a shoulder to cry on
she needs someone who can console her
who will give her strength to fight with her destiny
n that someone stood right infront of her
being with her silently

Ar - ek baar awaaz laga kar dekho ridhima
sirf ek baar
please ridhima mujhe tumhara dard kam karna hai mujhse apne. dard baato
please ridhima apne aapko itni takleef mat do

he went on pleading her to stop crying
but she cried more n slid down to the floor crying more

armaan turned other side n moved forward to his desk
he bends down standing with his hands keeping on the table
he closed his eyes
he dnt want her to suffer like this
he can't even console her

she cried more sitting on the floor n he closed his eyes not able to see her in that state

please please dnt throw any shoes on me
i knw i knw i am testing your patience
but this scene is really important in the story
that's y i make a scene promo
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