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An Arsh Fairytale-One shot

Once upon a time...King Vidhyut and Queen Vishaka was blessed with their third daughter...unlike their previous daughters this one had fair milky skin....big green eyes...and they realized the baby wasn't only the prettiest child of the kingdom but she was blessed with she moved her hands they saw a small snowflake falling down her hand magically....and the baby smiled as if she knew what she just did

Along of being surprised..the couple felt proud of their baby...and introduced her to her fellow siblings and the other people of the kingdom

On her naming ceremony renowned sages came to bless the child....and they were all surprised how magical the child looked...just then the oldest sage stood and announced....""this child is blessed with a special power....but it will be solely on her to decide whether this is a boon or a curse to her""

His words shocked the entire palace...frighten by the sage word...the king asked ..."" What do you mean???""

''I mean if she manages to control her powers at the right will be a boon to her....but if she can't her powers will destroy all and become a curse"" his words sounded like a warning to all for the future

""What should we do??'' The queen asked worriedly holding her baby tight to her chest....''she was way too fragile for all of this'' she thought

""Nothing!! We can do absolutely nothing...the one who decided destiny must have had already thought a solution all we need to do is wait"" he bewared all....blessing the child and left the palace

While all stood worried for the baby...she was named Shilpa by the other sages which meant the ""the one who is perfectly created""

As the years went by Rajkumari Shilpa was already 8 years old...her parents kept on loving her caring for her but her siblings...and the other children of the kingdom realized she was not like all the kids...and they all distant themselves from her...she many times tried to approach her siblings and show them her powers weren't harmful....but none were fruitful

A disheartened shilpa closed herself in her room....she rarely came out unless it was for a family dinner or festive and still stayed with her parents...her rejection made her hate her powers...she started feeling like it was a curse for her...she spent her time in reading books

After 12 years she grew up into a fine lady...she had all what was meant to be in a princess
She sat on her bed with a book when she heard gentle knock at her door...she walk to the door opening it and found her parents

"""" she excitedly jumped into their  arms....feeling warmth again filling the heart as she felt them hugging her back

''Shilpa we need to talk to you'' her dad started

She replied by a nod and a smile

""Shilpa as you know you're grown up enough to attend balls....we want you to be in the next annual ball'' her mother said...pressing her hands over her hairs while she took a step back

''I can't do that saw all the people of our kingdom hate one like me what am i suppose to do there??"" She questioned as she felt the rejection fear engulfing her heart and the place where she stood started coating with ice

''Shilpa listen to're a princess...and princesses aint meant to be weak....believe can do it we know""

She looked in her parents eyes...they showed immense care love and trust in them for her

Reluctantly she agreed to attend the ball...and wore a long pink gown with silver pearls work on

As she walked into the ballroom she felt all in awe....why wouldn't they???...she was one of the prettiest princess they ever saw and also because they knew Princess shilpa was one who never liked to come out

''Prince Armaan why aint you dancing with any of the beautiful princesses here??'' He turned facing his father

''Dad!!! I have been noticing that princess over there...she has been standing alone since a while'' he looked at shilpa and tried to read her expression

''What are you for then???? Don't you need a queen for your crowning ceremony?? Who knows she might be the one??'' His father motivated him to move

As his childhood armaan been a very reserve kid...specially since the death of his mother....he could never open himself infront of anyone...but  right now he wanted to open himself to ''her'

He nervously walked towards shilpa...knelt on his one knee ...forwarding his hand ''may i have the honor to have this dance with you princess''

She was taken aback with this was her first ever...she politely replied...''i am sorry i fear i can't dance''

Her voice it was one of the sweetest he ever heard....he stood and bended himself...held her hands covered by her gloves to his lips...pecking them ""prince armaan''

That was the first time someone did such a sweet gesture for her...she felt her cheeks growing red...''Princess shilpa''

She was blushing he recognized....''i can teach you how to dance'' he proposed

She looked at him...carefully for the first time...he had captivating eyes...charismatic smile and a charming personality...she just couldn't twist her lips in a no

She shyly joined her hands with his and felt him taking her hand placing it on his shoulder....while he placed his arms around her waist pulling her closer....he felt her gasp at his doing...he made his touch gentler on her....making her comfortable and moved softly at the rhythm of the music....with her matching his step

It was the first time he was enjoying being at a ball...he watched her red lips...and her beautiful green eyes

While she was surprise by the fact she got soo comfortable this early with a stranger

''You're beautiful princess'' he whispered pushing a hair strand behind her ears and felt her tightening her grip on his shoulder...he smiled flashing his dimples at him and she thought ''that is the cutest smile she ever saw''

But as we say every beautiful moment has to come to an end...she felt one of her sisters bumping purposely into them...breaking their pair...and shilpa fell back...she took support on a table...this happened soo quick she din't realized when she froze the table

She looked at the table and noticed all's eyes were on her...she heard some whispering ''is she a witch??''

The accusation pinch her heart and she looked at armaan wondering if he's thinking the same about her...and found his eyes struck on the frozen table...she assumed he might be thinking the same about her...and she ran as fast she could out of the ball room

Armaan tried to run after her as he realized what just he knew what made him be soo attracted to he reached out he found her no were...but there were ice traces...he decided to follow them and found her sitting across a lake in tears

''Princess'' he said looking at her

''Go away!! Else you will hate me too like all the others do and think i am a witch"" she shouted standing up and trying to run again while armaan grabbed her pulling her closer to him

''Listen to me once'' he said with pleading eyes...but she still refused to hear...all what was going by her mind was the witch tag

''No leave me please!!  i am cursed'' she managed to pull herself out of his grip and ran but she stopped by a tree who grew just like that infront of her blocking her way

She looked at the tree curiously and at her hands wondering whether she did that

''Apparently you aint the only one with powers'' she heard his voice and turn facing him
She noticed him raising a rose plant from the soil

''You have powers too??'' She was bewildered by whatever she saw

""yes!!..i do...just like you'' he answered nervously

''Is that the reason you din't reject me??'' She started building her steps towards him

''No no'' he feared to be misunderstood..'' i was oblivious about your powers when i saw you first...its just that you looked soo beautiful....and amazing...believe it or not i am a very reserve person...i would never initiate things with anyone but with you it was all different'' he confessed while completing the distance between them

She was standing inches away from him and he continued

''You aint like the other princesses depicting arrogance...your innocence capture my heart princess....i think i've fallen for you'' he picked her fingers to his lips pecking them continuously while her eyes filled up with tears

''Please don't cry'' he moved his lips on her eyes kissing away her eyes

''Prince are one of the most charming prince i have ever saw...i think the connection between us is way more magical to be explained''she din't have to say a lot her few words did the magic...and he could see a new spark in her eyes...was that love for him??....He gently took her in her embrance..while she shilpa always loneliness feeling out throughout her was the very first time...she was being showed affection other than her parents

''Summer and winter'' they were interrupted by third voice

They turned to find a sage looking at them

''You both are blessed with prince armaan with summer and you princess shilpa with winter...your stability makes this nature beautiful'' he said with a smile

''Who are you??'' armaan asked

''I am a sage who blessed both of you on your both were born with these powers as a blessing...and you will have to use it to maintain stability'' he explained

As he ended his words they felt a black cloud filling the sky

''Your kingdom needs you princess shilpa...use your powers wisdomly'' he said leaving in the air

''Whats happening armaan??'' She was tense as the weather started getting stormy

''Princess i think we need to get back to the kingdom'' he thought about the sage words

''No!!...i can't'' she again thought about the accusations

''Princess trust me...i am with you..lets go back'' he felt the environment getting darker

''Really??'' She confirmed

''Yes'' he cupped her cheeks leaving a kiss on her forehead

And they moved together towards the kingdom....This time..shilpa wasn't scare...she had someone with her

They entered the palace and found a lady dressed in black pointing a wand at her sister...this might not be a good sign armaan thought

''Who are you??'' Shilpa yelled angrily looking at the woman

''I am Queen aashka ...and i am deeply offended for not receiving any invitation for this ball'' She said in a rude and sarcastic tone

''Shilpa stay away from her she's a witch'' she heard her mother warning her with evident  worries in her eyes...but she made her mind

''Ain't you aware Queen...We don't go anywhere without invitation??'' She heard armaan's grip on her wrist as she completedly

''Din't you hear you mother princess...i am a witch...there's nothing on this earth which can beat my evil powers'' she pointed her wand on Shilpa's eldest sister....making her yell in pain

''Stop i said'' Shilpa screamed loudly...she raised her fingers and pointed her icey powers at the witch...who was taken aback by the sudden assault

She fell on the ground...there never been any other power who could pushed her away

''Oh So you belong to my're a witch too??'' the witch raised and taunted

''No she's not a witch'' she heard her sister scream...for the first time they showed care for her

''i am a princess...and i will show you what princesses can do if someone evil attempts to hurt her owns and kingdom'' With full force she directed her powers at her

But the witch managed to stand and reccuperate.....she pointed her wand at shilpa's powers attempting to push it was all over a black light which emited from the witch against a white one which emited from shilpa

All stood in horror watching their princess putting all her efforts in protecting them...when they saw a green light which emited from shilpa's was armaan

''Need help princess'' he whined at her....and added in his powers as well

And the witch was reduced in ashes in no minutes....the black clouds faded away from the kingdom

''Shilpa i can't thank you enough for saving me...despite the fact we all sidelined you...we are really sorry'' her sister hugged her....and she smiled through her tears..hugging them back..forgiving them for all

''King Vidhyut...I would like to ask your daughter's hand for my son Prince armaan'' armaan heard his father asking...but he interupted him politely ....''Father before you do this i have something else to do..May i??'' he asked to his father and continued on receiving a positive nod from him

He knelt on one knee just like the first time infront of shilpa...placing one hand on his chest..''Princess Shilpa...i don't know what made me feel soo connected to you...maybe the fact we both have nature's blessing...but what i know're the most special princess..i've ever saving your kingdom you showed how brave you forgiving your showed you are not only beautiful from outside but from inside already made a place for yourself in my heart...will you make a place for yourself in my life??...Will you be my Queen??'' He asked in the most genuine and simple way...while all could feel their eyes moisten at the youngster love

She looked at her parents and saw them agreeing...she entwined her fingers in armaan's one...''Prince Armaan...You came in my life like a boon to me...If it wasn't you i would have had never come back and save my kingdom and people...never ever i would have had been able to forgive myself comforted me..and helped me in overcoming my fears...though we just stood by my side the time i badly needed someone're the only person who accepted me the way i have a heart of gold along of being the most charming prince...i don't see any reason for me to deny of being your Queen'' Her soft and polite tone rang in his ears like the most beautiful song

He stood..hugging her....capturing her eyes in his...and whispered...''I Love you My HeartQueen'' He slowly closed the gap between their lips....sealing that moment....they could all see a positive light emiting from them....which fell on them becoming light snow flakes and flowers

As they broke the kiss...she slowly whispered blushingly..''I love you too my king'' it was only audible to him...but it managed to make way to his heart...making him the happiest man alive

After their marriage Prince armaan was crowned as King and Princess Shilpa as Queen...They were the most magical couple..and ruler...Together...they managed to overcome all evil

And they lived happy ever after

I hope i din't bore you guys with this....i got inspired by ''Frozen'' movie to write's my favorite disney movie...i thought why not on arsh...I hope you guys liked it

Love You Guys,

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