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Part 1 : My Mr Right ~OS in 2 parts

Hey Guys this was suppose to be a one shot but thanks to my wicked mind i chopped it into two...i hope you guys will like it

Happy reading

My Mr Right

Part 1

Is beauty all what we need to fall in love, Infront of beauty our every other talent fades away??

Thats a question she would never stop asking herself...she woke up reluctantly and heard her mother yelling for her to get up and get ready for college...she sunk in her blanket as she thought about her days at college and moan sleepily in a ''no''

But then she was the responsible and only daughter of Shasank Malhotra...Skipping college wasn't one of the best thing she could do...she woke showered...and wore her pink suit...and looked at herself in the mirror

Looking at her reflection her mind drifted to all those tags people used to bully her...''Fatty...fatso and what not''....''whatever they's my last year...i went through soo much...i just can't give it up now'' she thought

Grabbing her college bag she descended the stair...looking at her parents...''Goodmorning My princess''..she heard her father greeting her...their can't be any other encouragement other than seeing abundant love for herself in her parent's eyes

She took her breakfast...and setted out for a new day

As she entered her college...her eyes went on the bullygang...''Abhimunyu modi, Rahul Garewal, Nikki,anjali, vivek khanna and Armaan malik with the rest of the spoons'' no one other than armaan hurt her more...his parents were her parents' she knew him even before knowing he would be her college mate

Ignoring them...she decided to move to her group...though nerdy and crazy they were atleast amical...''Atul, muskaan....and gunjan''

While moving to her group...she watched armaan kissing that nikki girl on her neck...''maybe that's why rumors about them being together were circulating'' she fell disgusted as she remembered her father's quote..about college is a temple...she heard them..''Yo Fatty is here...Any one heard Pink make girls look fat...i think some of our fashionista here should give miss fatso some tip'' Armaan smirked as he ended his comment while his friends cheered for him

As the words sank into her heart...she fell her legs giving up...How she wished to run away from all the bitterful words...but she couldn't she wasn't a's not that she choose to be 90 kg...she was made like this...and she was already pretty in her parents and friends eyes...why would any stranger word affect her??

''Shilpa are you alright??'' Her weird curly hairs friend asked her one of her smile

She nodded at her..''Let's go'' She asked

''Woof woof...who let the dogs out'' Shilpa and gunjan tried to pull muskaan away as she screamed

''Jeez muskaan what were you trying to do??'' Gunjan asked sighing hard

''I was trying to show them their can they be such a pain??? They broke atul's plant'' As they looked at atul who made those sad expression...'' and they are persistentgly bullying shilpa...we need to complain about them'' she huffed in she completed

'' Muskaan we can complain them...but remember Armaan's father is dean of this college...Do you think he would take any action against his son...knowing that maybe it will ruin his entire career?? and beside i know his mother...she's a very kind lady...just leave it all'' Thinking about all the complications would cause by muskaan's idea

She managed to convince muskaan to let it go..and go through a day...without considering the presence of armaan and his group...she entered her have her parents with three suitcases alongside..and armaan's mother...As if her day wasn't tiring enough she had another shock to bear

She walk to her parents asking her ''whats wrong mumma..where are we going??"'

''You at ananya's place and me with your dad'' her mother exclaimed running her hand on her hairs

''But why mom'' she cried out

''Your nani fell ill shilpa...we badly need to leave....and we can't even take you's your last year and it would badly affect your studies'' her mother tried to make her understand

''But mumma!!''

''No but beta...You will stay with ananya the time we aint here'' here her mother just confirmed her doubt...She would live at Armaan's place..she silently prayed this was a nightmare and she would wake up soon

''Shilpa beta...I promise to love you cherish you just like padma does...please stay with me'' ananya always had a soft corner for shilpa...the fact shilpa was soo well behaved always manage to touch her heart

Looking at her parent's hopeful...she just couldn't deny them...even if that means staying under the same roof as that demon

She entered malik mansion and was left in an awe as she watched the classiness of her interiors...she was still looking around when she bumped into someone...she felt an unknown touch around her waist...and shivered on looking who did it belong to...''Armaan'' she whispered...looking at his confused expression

"what the hell are you doing here??'' He held her in his arms...looking at her eyes and face closely....she was cutely chubby...her eyes preserved a different sparkle...and he found that beautiful to look at...when he felt her struggling in his arms

''Choro mujhe'' she tried to raise out of his grip

''Chordiya..besides my arms were paining'' he grinned wickedly at her...leaving she fell with a thump...and left an ''aah'' in pain

''Armaan!!! Shilpa!!'' ananya exclaimed approaching to shilpa and helping her to raise on her feets

''Where are your manners armaan'' Ananya shouted as armaan lowered his head

''Shilpa are you alright??? aint you hurt??'' ananya asked her worriedly

''No aunty i am fine'' she smiled at ananya

''what is she doing here mom??'' He can't decide shilpa's closeness to his mother did irk him...he din't like sharing his owns

''Armaan!!!'' she again shouted at armaan...silently signaling him to watch his tone...'' shilpa is going to stay for us until her parents are back in town...i want you to treat her well..''She was both in an ordering and scolding tone

Shilpa gulped watching at armaan glaring at her as ananya left to her room after showing her hers

''Hey you miss Fatty'' he called her

'' have a name'' she retorted was the first time she did it...but she thought it was the most convenient way...if she had to live with him under a roof...she had to learn to give it back to him

''Oh Yeah miss fatty shilpa..Better now??...Since you are now living at MY place...i'd like you to follow certain rules of mine...first of all...i don't like someone messing in my affairs'' he warned her

''I am not interested in messing in your affairs...i am living here just because of ananya aunty...or else am not interested'' she muttered keeping her eyes down...but it was actually audible to him...she left to her room as he stood back shocked at her guts...he pushed away all the thoughts...and left for another night at the pub

She got up early the next dressed for college..''Goodmorning aunty...Goodmorning uncle'' she greeted armaan's parent who were seated on the dinning table

''Goodmorning Shilpa!...Now that you are here..teach some of your good manners to my spoilt son'' Armaan's father shook his head as he uttered those words...she moved her head in reply as she thought answering to this would not be appropriate it was their personal matter after all

''Shilpa You still have time for your classes right'' Ananya asked

''Yes aunty...but i need to write some notes..and consult some book in the library'' she replied

''it's okay i will call out for armaan...he will drop it'' billy suggested with a fatherly affection

''NO uncle it's perfectly alright'' she tried to stop him but it was way too late...billy shouted ''Armaan!!''

After a few screams armaan managed to get down...yawning..''Armaan i need you to drop shilpa''

''but dad...i am not ready for college and i am still sleepy'' he whinned

''I don't care armaan?? orders or you find another sponsor for your parties'' billy announced strictly

Shilpa was stunned...she thought armaan's father might be always supporting his good and bad action...but from whatever she saw she knew it wasn't the case

He reluctantly grabbed his cars key..and entered the driver seat...waiting for shilpa to enter...''Oye..i am not your driver...sit here'' he directed her to sit next to him on the front seat sternly

She sat...putting her seat belt...refusing to meet his gaze...the remaining of the journey was quiet...Armaan was sleepy and not in mode to argue or tease..Shilpa thought it to be her good luck as they entered the college main gate...she quickly got out of the car not wanting to ruin her day by any bitter comment from him..and failed to notice she dropped her science project which armaan picked

''Areh yaar...Now what??'' he realized if he don't return shilpa's project back...she might think he stole it...and complain to his father...he angrily got out of his car...slamming the door walking to the corridor...''yo shilpa''

She was quite surprise to see armaan calling her...the others student thought as usual armaan was back to bully her...and continued with whatever they were doing

''You left your project report'' he handled her the file

Shilpa moved her shivery fingers on the she widdened her eyes...and her mouth remained opened with shock...''Armaan malik helped her''

It became more surprising when she saw him looking at her angrily.....she noticed his fist..and closed her eyes...thinking where did she go wrong

She waited a while with her eyes closed but nothing happened...and she opened her eyes slowly...he wasn't infront of her anymore

She sigh thinking he's gone but as she turned she saw armaan..watching a couple kissing...''damn'' she thought...''it was Nikki and abhimunyu''

''Abhi!! nikki!!'' he screamed with blood raising in his eyes

They broke their kiss looking at armaan...sure they never expected armaan this early

Next shilpa knew was a crowd of student around them....armaan's hands on abhimunyu's collars....''You cheap claim yourself being my friend...and here kissing my girlfriend'' he punched abhi's jaws while nikki shouted

Armaan was shocked...that was the girl who till yesterday were expressing her love to him...and was now shielding abhi...Abhi took advantage of the situation and punched armaan harder...''get back in your senses dude...nikki loves me...and we were about to tell you this'' he shouted back at armaan

''Yes armaan...i love abhi'' nikki looked at abhi worriedly ignoring that maybe even armaan was hurt.

He had nothing to say after this...he pierced the crowd and left the college...but what no one noticed shilpa did...he was ''Bleeding''

She ran out of the college calling for a cab..and got back home

''kaka where's aunty??'' she asked the old man

''Beta! ananya mam went out for her routine check in the orphanage''

''and armaan??'' she asked

''In his room'' he replied as he continued his work

''Kaka can i have the first aid kit'' she asked nervously

He looked at her examining whether she's hurt but no she was alright...he came back with a first aid kit and handled it to shilpa

She reached to armaan's door...fighting with her inner self to knock or let it be...but still managed to leave soft knocks on his door

''Mom leave me alone'' she heard him shouting from inside

Maybe she should leave him alone...but then he was hurt...she silently prayed...and pushed the door...He was curled in his bed..looking at the ceiling...she could see how bad he was trying to hold on his tears

'''' she called out for him

''what are you doing here??'' he looked at her frowning

''You're hurt!!'' she pointed at his wound with her finger

''it's okay'' first time his tone softened towards her...she walked to his bed..sitting on..burying her fears down in her heart

''Leave shilpa...i don't need anyone'' he din't realize this was the first time he addressed himself to her without teasing her

Without saying anything she opened the first aid kit...took a clean piece of cotton and dripped some antiseptic on it....slowly she pressed that cotton piece against his lips corner...where he got hurt ...he flinched at the stinginess of the antiseptic

She could see a drop of tear escaping from his eyes..but kept his concentration on his wound

''Why are you doing this?? when all i have did is mistreating you''he broke the silence as she cleaned his wound

''Because i don't think you're a bad person...if you were then meri project wapas dene nahi aate shayed'' she dropped the cotton in the nearby table bin

''I came back fearing you might complain to dad''he confessed looking at her...she was undoubtedly cute

She chuckled thinking he was scare of her..''Are you laughing at me??'' his words brought her back..''actually not only you but the entire college might be laughing at girlfriend cheated me with my friend'' he felt himself choking at the kissing scene of abhi and nikki flashed again in his mind

''No one would make fun of you armaan'' she squeezed his hands assuring him while he pulled her closer..placing his head in her lap...if that wasn't surprising enough...he brought her hand on his head...''my head is aching'' he whinned softly against her lap...she slowly moved her fingers in his hairs...stroking his hairs

She din't know what made her do this for him...true he always hurt her...but she couldn't act mean like he did to her...specially right now...she could only imagine how hurt he must be right now...getting cheated by his girlfriend and friend...that too infront of the whole college

''Do you have any idea why they did this too me??'' he asked to her while shilpa shook her head feeling the pain in his voice

''As i was the son of the dean no one liked to be my friend...fearing i might complain them to my father...but then i met these people...i tried to change myself in the complete bad boy to be in their group...the complete bad boy meant bullying all those who were weaker compared to us'' he opened his heart to her feeling the comfort of her hands in his hairs

She could never believe he established the bad boy image only to get accepted in a group

''and you know i was actually falling for nikki'' he felt an unknown pain in his heart

''It's okay deserve the best and she was definitely not the best now sleep'' she thought sleeping might do some good to him

He closed his eyes and in no times...he slept in her lap...she carefully shifted his head on his pillow and got out looking at her was really late..she missed her classes was no use to go back...she entered her a few book out of her suitcase

After five hours...she dozed out on her books...she din't actually spend her time studying...but she was thinking about armaan...he was as lonely as she think...he's not as bad as she thought...she felt a tug on her hairs...and she woke up...opening her eyes she shreaked out loudly finding armaan standing infront of her

''Oh my god'' He backed out placing his hands on his hand...taking long breath...''You scared me...why did you scream soo loudly??'' he asked trying to get his breath even

" i scared you??? You scared me'' she looked at him widdening her eyes...and remembered about his wound...ignoring the argument...she asked..''are you okay??''

He smiled at her caring attitude...she was definitely an unique piece...''yes i am...You skipped college??'' he asked looking at her moving her head in a yes

''Why?? Sangat ka asar??'' He joked clearing the air

''No!! It was kind i thought about studying at home'' she closed her books

''Thanks'' she heard him whispering...and failed to believe her ears...she looked at him with a puzzling expression which he thought was quite funny

''I said thanks'' He confirmed

''It's okay'' she managed to come with something as reply

he quickly gave her a hug and left the room...she was confuse by this guy...but shrugged off all the thoughts and got back to her studies

The next morning she found ananya and billy talking about how armaan stayed at home last night...she walked to armaan room and found him awake...looking at his and nikki's pictures on his laptop

''Armaan??''he looked at her wanting to be rude again and shoo her out of his room but failed

''Aint you coming to college??" she asked fearing he would scold her

''No'' instead he replied coldly

She walked to him..''You know armaan...when you people used to bully me na...i used to think that i will skip college...but then i realized that's what cowards do ...and i had to prove myself brave not coward''

''I am sorry'' he could never think what was fun for him could be really hurtful for someone else..while trying to be the cool guy...he ignored such a kind girl....and she was still here encouraging him

''If you want my sorry then earn it by showing yourself brave malik'' she blinked her eyes and moved her feet to leave his room

''Shilpa..will you wait for me??..i don't want to go alone'' he asked

''15 mins not more than that'' she laughed and descended the stairs

So who wants the next part??? Haat upar karo hihi

love u guys

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