Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Part 101:Beintehaan

"BHOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT" while screaming ridz  shattered on floor .....her eyes were full of tears seeing armaan in pool of blood....soon guards surrounded ridz  n armaan ......smeone was firing n guards were giving counter fire...whole restaurant echoed wiz bullets sounds many ran out n sme hided under zeir tables .....whole place becme a mess ...though zers a lots of noise around her ridz could nt  able tp hear anything ....she ws jst staring armaan n tears rolling down of her guards shouted "ma'am we nid to move frm here ..."

Ridz did nt gave any reply .....he shook her n shouted "ma'am ....apka yeha rehna sahi nahi hai aur sirr ko hospital leyjana hoga jald sey jaldh..."

Still no reply frm her she luked at z person who ws firing continously n he ws in waiter dress n other ws in gatemen dress .... ....blood rushed in her veins n while wiping tears angrily said "armaan ko hospital leyjaov ..."

Gaurd :bt aap ko chodkey .....(HE DUCKED TO SAVE HIMSELF FRM Z SHOT) aap bhi chalo ma'am

Riddhima gave him deadly glare  n tuk out her revolver frm her coat pocket n started giving counter attack ......she luked at z guard who ws still luking at her wiz disbelief how could a lady be so strong .....just a while ago he saw ridz shatttered on floor seeing her husband in pool of blood bt now she becme a tigeress ...ridz yelled "armaan ko hospital leyjaov now...."

Guard quickly lifted armaan wiz z help of other gaurd n left frm zer ....leaving 2 gaurds fr ridz help ......while firing she luked at z car in which guards were taking armaan.....she tuk a deep braethe n stood up until now she ws firing frm behind one table now while firing she moved towrds zose 2 men ...

Waiter asked fr mre bullets to gatemen bt he signalled zat he too dnt hve any bullets wiz him ....both luked at each other while gulping fear ....ridz noticed all zat n signaled z guards to catch zem  ....zose men tried to escape  bt ridz fired in waiters leg n he fell down ....she warned z gatemen wiz furious tone  "ek bhi kadam agye bahdaya toh bullet sir mey utreygi iss bar.."

Soon guards caught zem n checked zem thorougly fr any other weapons ....zen ridz luked at z waiter n frowned .....she had seen him long ago smewhere bt cant able to figure out who is zat ....zen he luked at z gatemen who is completely a stranger to her ....waiter ws winching wiz pain coz of bullet in leg ....ridz placed her feet on waiters leg were she shoot him n asked "kaun ho tum "

Waiter cried loudly out of pain n begged her to take off her leg while crushing z place mre ridz asked again "who r u ??"

Waiter ws busy in crying zen seeing z pain of waiter gatemen gt scared n wiz shivering n scared tone said "maddam ji apney isey jail bhejvaya tha kuch saal pehley radhika naam ki ladki keyliye..."

Hearing radhika's name she luked at waiter's face carefully n remembered he is z one who made radhika's life miserable 8 yrs ago ...sunny's blooded father every thing becme crystal clear to her bt still zers a small doubt n luked at gatemen while asking "tum kyun ho iskey saat ..."

Gatemen:maddam ji hum dono jail mey dost baney radhika sey badla leynah cahta tha par vo chali gayi india sey toh isney kaha uski life barbad apney ki aur badla leyney hum dono ney follow kiya aur yeha mauka patey hi isney apko shoot karne ki khosis par vo apkey pati ko lagi ....

Ridz fisted her palms angrily n ordered guards to hand over z gatemen to police n while placing her foot on sunny's father's neck said "isey saat mey leychalo ....iska toh alag hi intezam hona cahiye .."


Guards admitted armaan in near by hospital ....zers no specialist in zat hospital n zey called atul .....atul told zem to bring him here in an ambulance as zers no advanced epquipment to operate on him ...Armaan ws in O.T wen ridz reached zer ...her face ws pale seeing her coming towrds z O.T arnav hugged her n asked "tuh thik haina princess..."

Ridz detangled frm arnav n asked wiz shivering tone "armaan kaise hai bhaiyya ..."

Arnav did nt reply n engulfed her in his embrace n while caressing her hairs said "atul operate kar raha hai princess....armaan ko kuch nahi hoga..."

Ridz again detangled herself frm him n asked wiz teary eyes "sachi mey nah ..."

Arnav cupped her face n ws about to say smething meanwhile nurse cme zer n said nervously "sir blood bank mey AB+ ka stock khatam hogaya hai bohot khoon behgaya hai ek aur bottle cahiye aap kahin sey arrnge kijiye..."

Hearing it wizout giving second though arnav said "mera bhi wahi group hao ....take my blood ..."

Arnav moved wiz nurse n before going signalled rahul n abhi to take care of ridz ...both nodded zeir heads ...n both stood ether side of ridz while holding her hands in zeir hands ...taers rolled down frm ridz's eyes n she bent her head on abhi's shoulder ....soon abhi left her hand n wrapped his hand around her shoulder n made her sit on z chair behind zem....Rahul too sat beside ridz n while pressing her hand which ws in his hand said "princess tuh ro math sab thik hojayega ..."

Ridz did nt say anything ...just kept on staring O.T wiz tears eyes .....zers a deep silence non of zem were talking ....abhi n rahul were passing luks seeing shattered ridz n sighed ...after a while billy cme zeir while yelling "mere bete ko goli kaise lagi ..."

Ridz did nt shifted her gaze frm O.T ...rahul n abhi gt up frm z chair n tried to explain wat had happened bt billy ws in no mood to hear anything n said "tum logon ney hi mara hoga mere bete ko ...kisi ko nahi chodunga mai ..."

He kept on creating fuss zeir ....abhi n rahul tried to calm him bt he threatened to harm sunny ...hearing sunny's name ridz stood up n angrily said "gt out from here ..."

Billy tried to say smething angrily bt ridz pointed her finger n shouted "ek aur sabdh bolah toh mai bhul jaungi aap mere pati key peeta ho ....jst gt lost frm my sight ..."

After a while atul cme out frm .O.T ...seeing him ridz ran near him n asked in a wet tone "bhaiyyaaa..."

Atul kept his hand on her head n said "armaan thik hai princess..."

tears rolled down n wiz shivering tone "mai dekhsakti hun ..."

Atul:nahi bacha ....abhi nahi ....thodi der mey usey room mey shift karengey tabh dekhna n bacha usey hosh aney mey waqt lageyga ..... tum ghar jaov abhi .....

Riddhima nodded her head as no said "mere armaan ko chodkey kahin nahi jaungi"

 zen atul cupped her face n said "princess u nid rest ....ghar jaov ...mai huna yeha ...tere armaan ko mai kuch nahi hone dunga.."

Ridz again nodded her head as no n hugged atul tightly n cried her heart out loudly ...since long she held all tears in eyes ..did nt let zem come out bt now she cnt control zem ...seeing her arnav cme near ridz n tuk her in his embrace n said "atul princess ko ajne ko math kaho ...vo jaa nahi payegi ...(to ridz)shhhh sab thik hai princess....khud ko sambhalo ..."

He made her sit in chair while she rested her head on his shoulder ...arnav kept on caressing her hairs n tried to sooth her pain .


Next day 

Ridz asked nervously "bhaiyya abhi tak hosh kyun nahi aya ...mre zan 8 hrs hogaye hai "

Atul:vo actually princess 

Ridz:sternly)sach sach boliye kya huva ....

Atul:princess voo surgery bohot hi complicated thi aur bohot khoon behgaya tha toh ....

Ridz held atul's collar n yelled "raat ko kaha tha nah sucessful hai surgery wat..."

Atul cupped her face n tried to calm her "relax princess... surgery successful hai par"

Ridz:par wat bhaiyya ...

Atul:jab tak hosh nahi ata hum kuch keh nahi saktey ...

Hearing it ridz left atul's collar n ran frm zeir .......she went inside armaan's room ...her heart beat cme fast wen saw armaan wiz closed eyes . oxygen mask on her face ....wires on his chest n needle in his vein....she clutched her dress n wiz heavy steps walked near him .....she sat on z stool beside z bed n tuk armaan's hand carefully in her hand ....placed a soft kiss on his hand n while controlling tears said 

"u cnt break ur promise bhoot ....tumney kassam di thi mujhey ....u cnt leave me lke zis .....tumhey ankhey kholni hogi bhoot .....u hve to wake up for me ....jaan leylungi iss bar mujhey dhoka diya toh samjhey tum ...."

Tears rolled down frm her eyes ....she sat lke zat fr hrs while holding armaan's hand .....zen she felt smeone's hand on her shoulder n luked at zat person ws anjali who cme to see armaan wiz muskan nikki n khusi ....ridz luked at zem while biting her lower lip to control her tears ....anjali caressed ridz's hairs n said "bhaiyya ko kuch nahi hoga riddhima ...himmat rakho ..."

Khusi:mai mandir jakey puja ye tika layi hun ...dekhna bhaiyya ek dam thik hoajyengey ....she did tika to armaan ....zen ridz asked in wet tone "sunny kaha hai ..."

Anjali :sunny ko school bhejdiya humney ...usey kuch nahi bataya ...

Riddhima:usney pucha nahi hum dono kaha hai karkey ...

Khusi:haan pucha usney ..anjali ney kaha tum dono kaam sey bahar gaye ho ....

Ridz nodded her head zen soon her eyes widened ...billy's words echoed in her ears ...she gasped n gt up frm z stool ...n ran out ....quickly went to z sunny's school .....ridz hugged sunny tightly n said "chalo mere saat ....sunny ws horrified wiz ridz behaviour n confused zen he  saw revolver in ridz hands n z blood stains on her dress ....he gt scared n asked "mama red colr kya hai ..."

Ridz luked at herself n realized since yesterday she had nt chnged her dress n said "kuch nahi baby ...vo red ink gir gaya tha kaam kartey waqt..."

Though talking wiz sunny ridz eyes were scanning z surrounds ....n her eyes fell on z peon who ws staring zem while hiding behind z wall .....ridz pulled sunny close to her n luked at gaurds n signalled zem to catch zat peon ...

Ridz asked sunny to cme wiz her bt sunny asked "kyun mama ...."

Riddhima:mujhsey koi sawal math karo chup chap chalo sunny ...

Sensing z seriousness in her voice sunny walked along wiz her ...ridz rushed towrds z car n made him sit in z car n said "sunny mama 2 mins mey wapas ajayegi ...tum car sey bahar nahi niklogey samjhey ..."

Sunny nodded his head ....zen she instructed driver to keep eye on him .....gaurds caught z peon n beating him while asking y ws he staring at zem ...ridz wen near zem n asked z peon "kyun chupke dekhrahey they ..."

Peon :mujhey kuch nahi pata ...mujhey chod do...

Ridz banged her hand against z near by wall n while clicnhing jaws asked "tum jhut bolarhey ho ye tum bhi jantey ho aur mai bhi ....iss waqt mai bohot gussey mey hun ....jaldi sach bolo warna..."

Peon:mujhey kuch nahi ....

Ridz lost her temper n asked "knife do mujhey"whils traeching her palm towrds z guard ...gaurad gave him knife ....seeing z knife peon gt scared n while gulping fear said "aap mujhey darakey kuch bhi bulva nahi payengi ..."

Ridz signalled guards to hold him ....gaurds held him n made him knelt on ground ...ridz smiled devilishly n said "mai sirf darane mey believe nahi karti "befre he could understnd her ridz made a deep cut on his wrist ....blood ozze out frm z cut n shrieked wiz pain ...zen ridz said in a stern voice "mai janti hun tumhey kisney bheja ....bas ek bar tumhare muh sey sunah cahti thi ....par seedhi ugli sey ghee nikalna muskil haina ...tumhari jism sey akhri karta tak behne tak tumhey tadpa tadpa key marungi ....."

Peon:wiz pain)plzz memsahab ...maaf kardo ..chodo mujhey ....

Riddhima made another cut on his other wrist n said "maafi toh tumhey mileygi nahi par haan sach tumhey marne sey bacha sakti hai ....ek key badh ek itney cuts karungi ki tum kuch hi palon mey marjaovgey ....waqt rehtey hi sch bologey ya ...."

Peon cried out loud "billy sahab ney dheer sare paise di ...suraj ko marne keyliye..."

Hearing it ridz closed her eyes n fisted her palms ....aftr a while she opened her eyes wen heard z peon begging "boldiya nah sach abh mujhey hospital leyjaov plz..."

Riddhima:mere bete ko marne ki sochney waley ko mai hospital ......hahahahhaha ......she made a cut on his neck nervous ....n wiz in few secs peon died while struggling alot ......Ridz luked at z guards n said "body ko uski right plcae bhejvado ..."


Ridz tuk her mobile n dialed to smeone n said "aaj billy malik key ghar pey incme tax ki raid honi cahiye ...make sure vo kisi sey bhi contact nah karpaye ..."

She dialed to other number n said "kishore mehra ko jitne paise lagey vo khilaov ....bas kisi bhi haal mey billy malik ko vo contract nahi milna cahiye ..."

She dialed to another number n said "billy mailk ki chemiclas factory pey lock out chaiye mujhey ..aaj hi ....i dnt knw anything ....jst do it ...workers ko tum kaise manage kartey ho i dnt knw it ...hmm."

She dialed another number n said "..................................................."

Zen she walked near her car in which sunny ws waiting fr her ....seeing her sunnya sked "itni der kaha thi mama 2 mins bolah apney ...mai bore hoarah hun .."

Ridz settled in z car n tuk sunny in her embrace n said while contrloing her taers "sorry baby ....mama ek imp kaam mey phass gayi thi .....tumpey uthne wali har buri nazar ko jadh sey hi khatam kardungi .."

Sunny did nt understnd n asked "mujhey samjhmey nahi aya mama... aur aaj school nahi hai toh aap mai aur dada ghumney chaley ..."

Hearing it ridz tightened her grip on sunny mre tightly n controlled her tears n said difficultly "phir kabhi jayengey sunny ....abhi nahi"

wiz luv
anamika gaddam puran

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