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Part 11:Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

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So here goes the story ...

Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha ha, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai, Aur Isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahunchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain, yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhad hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga.Iske liye authority ya ni ki writer ya ni ki main uske liye jimiddar nhi hu...Kripa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekh lijiye...

Kuch shararat
Kuch najakat
Kuch khatti mithe pal
Samne agayi kuch beete saal
Kahani me aya kirdar suhani
Chalo dekhte hai yeh nayi hai ya purani...

Part 11

The guy who was with the girl got an urgent call & left while promising to come back after 1 hour now the girl waiting on the cafe there for someone...

When suddenly someone hold her eyes from behind...

Few moment before somewhere else in front of a flower shop...

A girl wearing Brilliant rose color chiffon sheath dress with white rose print which comes above her knee with white leggings & white dupatta was standing while selecting flowers & scene shows her pinkish lips with little lip gloss & hairs which is flung open in front side falling on her cheeks & brushing her cheeks because of wind & she is mumbling in between while putting her index finger nail in between her teeth & sometimes pointing towards flowers:konsa loon??di ka favorite to purple orchid hai but yaha to purple color ki orchid hai hi nhi...aur upar se I'm late,time bhi nhi dusri jagah dhundne ki...(Suddenly an idea popped up in her mind...)
Ordering some blue orchid & some materials which she need to fulfil her idea she moved towards the nearby temple to bring something...

Here in near a temple a guy wearing Lavender mist color shirt with all button tied up till the throat button no tie as the shirt is armani's branded collar shirt & Medium sky blue color blazer with same color trousers standing just a little far from the temple while defining & trying to find where the fault happen in his Dad's darling stylish black Mercedes Benz CLK 430.
& standing up took his mobile in forming to come here & took this car while he is gonna book a taxi while waiting for taxi near the temple.

As he was busy with his mobile suddenly he turn & the same girl who was on the flower shop few second ago go in her TVS Scottie pep while her dupatta brush in face of the guy...the guys stop talking for a while lost in the fragrance of the dupatta closing his eyes. After few sec with the screaming of other end he get back to earth & at the same moment he turn back to take a look towards this dupatta wali.He saw the girl is now keeping dupatta over her head is gone into the mandir..the next sec the guy thought"Mandir-puja-bhakti wali ...tch...not my a second thought ek try marne me bhi kya jati hai waise bhi jab tak taxi nhi mil jati kuch to time pass karni padegi na aur isse acha time pass aur kya ho sakti hai chal beta armaan to let's see "griming evilly..

Well guys this guy is none other than armaan mallik & let's see what more he is thinking:agar yeh ladki agle 5min nhi jayada ho gayi 1min nhi yeh to kam hogayi acha chal phir na 5 na 1 let's make it 3min k andar bahar agayi to I'll try but agar nhi ayi to forget it..."

BG Music start...

Jindagi do pal ki (scene shows armaan impatiently looking at his watch & back to the gate of the mandir)
Intejaar kab tak hum karenge bhala(scene shows armaan again looking at time now it's almost 3min 5sec left he start back counting tin,do aur teen chauthai,dhai,Do aur chauthai,do ,ek)

Music stop..

A Blur figure of that girl is coming through the gate armaan tried to see her face while some kids run in front of her & she looked towards them which makes her hairs fall on her face the next second as she turn her head making her hair fall on her shoulder showing her face armaan got confused where did he saw this girl then suddenly when he got where he seen her before he was shocked & the only word escape from her mouth: Basket..

The girl is none other than Riddhima who was at temple & at the flower shop a while ago as well.
He unknowingly start to walk towards her with a surprising expression but the next second with loud car honk break his trace. He look back towards the car & again saw forward to take a look towards riddhima but he didn't find her she was gone before he search for her or think is it was really her or not again car honk make her step away from the mid of the road..
He again look back but there are no sign of this dupattawali who he seems like riddhima to him...

& here riddhima who feels someone stare at her while moving out from temple area but didn't saw anyone because of cars...Shaking head she head back to her destination...

Back to mall...

The Girl 1 moving her hands towards her eyes while trying to unfold her eyes
Girl 1:Dekh sid agar tu aisa kar rhi hai then i'm telling u acha nhi hoga samjha na..
There was one guy standing in front of her wearing batman t-shirt with white trouser while a girl wearing Byzantium color t-shirt with Caribbean green jacket & leggings with white green hair band at hair was standing behind the girl holding her eyes...
Girl 1(after some attempts she succeed to put those hand down & saw the guy at her front frowning): Sid tu yaha...
Well the guy in batman t-shirt was none other than Siddhant modi who was looking at the girl 1 with weak & nerves smile..
Girl 1:To phir meri ankh kon pakra tha..(she turn & shout)Minnie..Tu
The 2nd girl was none other than Minnie
Minnie(while hugging her tightly): Diii...kaise hooo???????
Girl 1(hugging her with equal fever suddenly feeling movement at her belly): Dheere...
Minnie(making sorry face) :Opps...sorry..
Girl 1(smiling looking at her while tears of happiness at her eyes): Tu yaha..kab..i mean kaise...??
Minnie(wiping her tears):Uffo di...Don't cry na...pata hai abhi orry yaha kya bolti...
Tweety(flying & siting in minnie's shoulder): Anjali I Hate Tears [From film :Amar Prem By Rajesh Khanna...well nam ki jagah pe I change a little]

Guyyss this girl is none other than anjali who is cousin of riddhima & minnie,she is padma's brother's daughter. Though they are cousin only but for anji they are more than real sister they share an extra-ordinary bond. & the person about whom I was talking at previous part who helped to admit anji's parents about her marriage is none other than riddhima...
Ok baki ka age pata chal jayegi

Now back to story...

Anji (looking at tweety surprisingly):Yeh yaha pe kaise aya?
Riddhima who was standing behind an orchid bouquet which hiding her face said from behind a bouquet: Maine laya...
Anji getting up with the help of chair handle while minnie also helped her tried to look at the face which is hidden behind the bouquet. But failed to see as the person wasn't coming out from behind of it.There was some pea-cock feather in the bouquet for which she was went to temple & the bouquet was like this...

Anji (mesmerize with the beauty of bouquet but as well as curious to know who it is):Ap koan?
Riddhima (taking out her face slowly slowly from behind the bouquet):Itni jaldi mujhe bhul gayi di..
Anji: Ridzzz...
Anjali became elated watching her but soon remember something and keep her face away & turn towards sid: Tune laya na isse...(sid nodded nervously)
Next second the noodles which was kept on the table was at sid's head
Sid(Whined & look at anji):Maine kya kia?????
Anji:Teri galti yeh hai that tune ise yaha laya...( picking up her things turned towards other way & left)
Sid:Yeh hitler...(while wiping his face with napkin)
Next second there is a sound like splashhh!!!!
Riddhima splash the water which was kept at the table over sid's face
Sid (whined): What was that for????
Riddhima (glaring towards him): Maine boli thi tujhe don't call her that..
Then taking the bouquet she also turned away & run behind anji to manofy her..
Sid(looking down at his state then looking towards their way):Sari khandan hi pagal hai...
Next second he saw sauce dripping from his head
He with big eyes:Khoon?????
& next second a hot dog also in his mouth which make him stop talking
Minnie(standing on chair):Oh mister yeh khoon nhi sauce thi aur yeh isliye(while pointing towards hot dog)Taki tum chilao mat or kam pe lago...come follow us...(& turn but soon again turning towards him said)Never mess with gupta ladies. As well as kapoor's ...
Saying this Minnie with attitude went away & when saw sid didn't follow she go back & holding her cuff stared to drag him
Scene faded at sid's bechara face as now the hot dog is not in his mouth...

Here after riddhima gone
Armaan wait there when some person comes & takes his car to garage but he stand still there suddenly a Purple color tata nano stop in front of him
The music of dus bahane starting tune played in BG..
Armaan look at the car window when the person inside open the car window a girl wearing Black bean color coat with sane solor trouser with white shirt hairs tied in a ponytail with shades in eyes. She with hand remove her shades & give a look towards armaan & said:Wanna lift?
Armaan (surprised):Maddy?

Well guys this is madiha chadda
Twins sister of muskaan chadda & pa of armaan
Her character is little bold & modern
I mean jise har situation ko tackle karna ati ho...
Can b clam in time & even be like jhasiki rani like her sister
As much her sister create fuss that much she tackle everything
She kind of fun character
In my style kahu to for her...

Tu hai lajawaab tere jalwe hazaar
Mera bhi pata hai main na maanu kabhi haar
Teri meri duniya mein be hisaab pyar
Main hoon ek angel aur devil mera yaar

[hey maddy dekh tujhe bhi la di ek dam style se teri gift puri ho gayi ;) ]

Now back to story...

Maddy(smile):Yes boss its me
Armaan:Plz yaar maddy no formality outside office
Maddy:ok I got it,so u wanna a lift?
Armaan(with flirty smile):jab itni khubsurat ladki lift dena chahe koi gadha hi hoga jo use mana karega..
Maddy(one brow up & in an offence ):Oy flirt mat kar...lift chahiye ya yehi par chodke chali jau...
Armaan(while getting up in car):kabhi kabhi main sochti hoon tu kahi na kahi muski se achi hai chillati kam hai next second hi tu mera vram tod deti hai(closing the cars door & turning towards her)Ab chal meri ma nhi to meeting k liye late ho jaunga.

In mall

After almost 3hours of continuous nagging & pleading finally anji forgave riddhima & they both hug each other happily
But sid got already injured by now...
Actually when after the caf incident minnie drag him to freshen up & make him change in a black t-shirt with black jeans & bring towards riddhima & anji who was on a soft toys shop
& bcoz of ridz's continuous pleading anji who was irritated throw a soft toy towards her which she catch properly but next second she throw another soft toy which reached near ridz & hit behind another showpiece which fall & sid comes that moment so the show piece fall on his leg..
Like this in between their fight sid got injured as everything was falling on him not on riddhima...
After anji & riddhima finish all the hurdle between them anji suddenly remember atul was supposed to come in an hour & now its 3 hour..she called him to inform but he was on a meeting
Riddhima:di chodo to DR(the spelling of it will be like D & R I mean beach ka & chod k)jab free hogi apko lene a jayegi..
Anji:Nhi Mujhe abhi jana hai ghar...Main ek kam karti hoon ammy ko call karti hoon
Riddhima(with confusion):Yeh ammy koan hai?
Anji(not giving proper answer):Are wo mera devar hai na(before she fulfill her sentence opposite side receive the call)
Riddhima assume gappu as ammy as she once talk with gappu when she c8 with anji meanwhile riddhima's phone also ring where her mom inform to come home as nani kept a poja for them,Riddhima requested anji to come but she denied saying she want to rest.
So biding bye to anji & sid minnie & riddhima goes towards the entrance..
Making minnie with tweety stand at the entrance she got to bring her Scottie from parking area..

At parking lot

When Riddhima was reversing her Scottie suddenly a lamborghini-avendator passed side of it in range which make riddhima & her Scottie unbalanced. While she  was making her Scottie stand here in the car the guy wearing Lavender mist color shirt & Medium sky blue color blazer with same color trousers stop the car feeling that he almost knocked out a Scottie & make his car backward & by the shadow guess it is a girl so thinking something showing his smile he just open the door & here riddhima hearing door open noise riddhima look back but as the door was upper side it make her fall but as she was standing little far from her scotty it's not fall.

Bg music start

Shokhiyon mein dooobi yeh aadayein, [scene shows the guy  coming out & while sitting in front of her in his one knee not touching with ground but putting strength on his one knee while in other knee keeping his one hand trying to see who it is ]
Chehre se jhalki hui hain [Scene shows as half & most part of  riddhima's face is covered with hair & due to dim light at parking area he can't see it properly still feels its glowing]
Zulf ki ghani ghani ghatayein, [Scene shows Riddhima turn her face when feel someone close to her which makes her hairs brushes with his face]
Shaan se dhalki hui hain [Scene shows as riddhima's hair brushes with the guys it makes him close his eyes losing in her fragrance]
Lehrata aachal hai jaise badal [Scene shows riddhima's dupaata started to fly & touch the guys face as the ac of his car was so high volume & his cars door was still open]
Bhaahon mein bhari hai jaise chandani,[Scene shows riddhima pull her dupatta back to see who it is]
Roop ki chandani[Scene shows as they face each other now & share a lovely eye lock]

BG music stopped breaking their trace...

As a motorbike passed by them while giving loud honk as to move armaan's car side as its blocking the road.
& a guy from the motor bike comment: Abe o Romeo romance karna hai to ghar pe jake kar na parking area k bich me gadi kyun rok k rakhi hai..
Hearing the comment both got embarrassed & He forward his hand to help her get up. While ignoring it riddhima get up by herself & started to clean up herself as she was fall
Riddhima(while cleaning up look towards him then pointing her index figure towards the guy):Tum???
The guy(grinning):Yea me koi problem hai??
Riddhima(Angrily):Agar park karna nhi ati to driver nhi rakh sakti gadi to chalane ate nhi logo ko thokne k liye raste pe nikal jate ho...
Guy(with equal voice level as hers):Excuse me...galti meri nhi tumhari thi..tum bina dekhe piche karte ja rhi thi kar agar khud ko scottie chalani nhi ati to chalate kyun ho?
Riddhima (getting angry with high voice):mujhe chalani nhi ati ya tumhe...bina dekhe chalati jati ho..aur khudke galti k liye sorry to bola bhi nhi upar se koi pachtawa bhi nhi hai...
Guy(who was 1st decided to say sorry but watching her he forget to sorry start bickering with her more): Main galti karunga tab hoga na pachtawa jab maine kuch kiya hi nhi to main sorry kyun bolu...Galti tumhari thi tum sorry bologi
Riddhima(getting more angry while pointing her index finger towards him):Look Mr. ball...

Well guys as u know riddhima's mr ball is none other than armaan, so its armaan only... WinkTongue

Armaan (cutting her in between): I'm not mr. ball...I've a very hot & happening name ARMAAN (while putting much pressure telling the word armaan)..U know it so simple to spell come on try it A R M A A N...ARMAAN(telling the spell individually then said the whole name together)
Riddhima (getting more angry):yes u r mr ball ball ball ball...& Hot & happening wo bhi ur name...huh..
Like this they keep on bickering...

& hearing the loud noise coming inside from parking area the guards come up to see wht is it?
By now some people who was comes to park their car comes out & was standing rounding the both as bcoz of armaan's car they can't even take their car inside to park.
Guard who was one guy nearby 60 years with another guard nearby 40years comes with wearing blue color uniform comes to see this two fighting like kids.
They tried to stop them but they were continuously bickering...
Suddenly riddhima notice the crowd & say: See tumhari akal hi itna kam hai bich raste me gadi khada kr di ki baki log ja bhi nhi pa rahi hai...
Armaan(retorting back while with hand pointing 1st at her then at car then at other people's):oy yeh sab na tumhari galti hai,na tum mujhse takrati na main gadi khada karti aur na hi kisiko problem hoti...
Riddhima (narrowing her eyes with hands on her hips): tum kehna kya chahte ho maine tumse jaan bujhke takrai?
Armaan(matching her voice label): Aur nhi to kya ...Meri jaise smart,dashing,handsome hunk ko dekh ke tumhi ne to takraya apna is scottie ko...(while saying scottie with making face)
Riddhima(more angrily): SMART,DASHING,,HANDSOME HUNK(while telling every word with making faces) wo bhi tum...(faking laugh)Kuch jayada nhi hogaya????
Armaan(act like thinking):Nhi i think sexy,hot & happening bhi bolna chahiye tha..ha...Meri jaise smart,dashing,handsome hunk,sexy,hot & happening guy ko dekh ke tumhi ne to takraya apna is scottie ko...ab thik hai...(while raising his collar)
Riddhima(raising eyes):SMART,DASHING,,HANDSOME HUNK,SEXY,HOT & HAPPENING (saying each word with pressure)Yeh sare word ki matlab bhi pata hai ya aivey hi...
Armaan(defending):Oy main hoon SMART,DASHING,,HANDSOME HUNK,SEXY,HOT & HAPPENING(saying each word with pressure)aur mujhe pata bhi hai iska matlab samjhi na(while pointing a finger towards her)
Riddhima(faking laugh):Oy main hoon SMART,DASHING,,HANDSOME HUNK,SEXY,HOT & HAPPENING...aur mujhe pata bhi hai iska matlab samjhi na(immitating his each word more then pointing towards his face)...shakal dekhi hai kabhi ayne me...
Armaan(retorting back):Oh hello madam roz dekhti hoon boht hot hoon samjhi na atleast tumse to better hi hoon..
Riddhima(faking laugh):yea yea(rolling eyes)..Hot aur wo bhi tum...ayna bhi darti hogi yeh sochke ki use kis ajib chiriya ko dekhna padta hai roz roz..(While making disgusting face)...
Armaan(angrily then acting as if laugh): Yeh joke tha?????
Riddhima(with sweet smile):Nhi yehi sach hai...Kyun Mr. ball ko sach kadwi lagi??(Making faces then making sound though mouth)tch tch tch Koi nhi sachai kadwi hi hoti hai(& making sad face as if she is so sorry)
Armaan(pointing his finger towards her):U?? ek to ake mujhse takra gayi upar se anap shanap bak rhi ho...
Riddhima (pointing her index finger towards him):Look MR I'm telling u this again maine tumse nhi takrai tumne dhaka mari thi...Meri bas chale to main tumhari chehra bhi na dekhu kabhi...

While the two guards were looking at both side like once at armaan then at riddhima then looking at each other helplessly
Guard2(the younger one):yeh dono to ladte hi ja rhi hai ab kya karu ?
Guard1(the older one): Inko rokni padegi warna jiss tarah se bheed ho rhi hai humare job khatre me pad jayegi..tu ladke ko rok main ladki ko rokti hoon...
Then they tried a lot but they were not stopping so finally both of them somehow make armaan agree to side his car so the other cars also can go in..& while armaan was parking the car the both guards somehow requesting & pleading about their job can b in risk bcoz their fight & makes riddhima & her Scottie out from the parking area...

Entrance of the mall

When riddhima was doing late Minnie & tweety was talking between them while people staring at this talking bird.
Riddhima comes there while fuming & minnie Go towards her.
Minnie(surprising at her fuming face as she was gone all happy):kya hua jiji?Ap itna gusse me kyun ho?
Riddhima didn't say anything for a while & seeing it tweety start to sing...
Tweety: Arre re arre yeh kya hua, maine na yeh jaana
Arre re arre ban jaaye na kahin koi afsaana[From film dil to pagal hai]
Hearing tweety's song & with minnie's shaking her she got back to self & while looks at minnie with questioning eyes
Minnie:Wo to ap bataogi na kya hua itna gusse me kyun ho aur itna der kyun ho gayi apki...?
Riddhima(while one hand pointing towards parking lot):Wo waha..(Then suddenly stop thinking if minnie got to know about armaan she will create fuss to meet him so stopped)Kuch nhi..Chal..
Then they head towards their home

Here at Rangin ashiyana..
They reached & changed & come down
Riddhima comes in a Pure white & black Salwar suit with hair tied in two ponytail looking cute & minnie wore a cute bubble pink dress which end till her knee with a semi white dupatta while tieing her hair in ponytail where Padma wear Blizzard Blue color saree & shashank wore white with sky blue mixed pajama kurta & Nani wore a blond color salwar suit with black shawl
They started with the puja & soon done the puja
One hour later the puja finished
All just clean up everything & now sitting on the sofa tiringly at living room..
Suddenly the doorbell ring...
Everyone's attention turn towards that way. Riddhima & Minnie instantly got up & run towards the door before even Laila could go they run towards the door & hold two side of the handle pull it making the door flung open.
Looking at the person who was at the door they both look at each other & then putting their hands at their hips standing in same style say loudly: You are late...
Then Riddhima & Minnie looked at each other then shut the door at face of the person making the person startled ...

That's all for today
Well today I'm gonna announce the name of two winner of the quizzes till now
One from blog another from IF
& the persons who participate in it...
& the person who win it from blog is madiha & in this part as gift she wanted a character in her name so I did that...
& the person who win it from IF is Rihla Hawwa & in this part as gift she wanted Armaan & Riddhima's meet..
Well I hope both of u guys like this part as here I tried to fulfil urs wishes in it as a quiz gift as promised before..
& one more thing...
thnx to all others who comment on it..& participate in quiz
Milte hai kuch din baad
Tab tak...
Lv u all
Khudha hafiz

Non-writer trying dare devil act
Rupkotha urf aisha

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