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Part 11:My Wish Come True


Part  11

Armaan entered the house nd he was really surprised to see his house Very clean nd silent.. the air smelt of his fav. food.. He took a deep breath but then took very silent steps towards the kitchen.. He gulped thinking ""Lagta hai aaj sach mein yahan koi toofaan ayaa hai.. pehli baar yeh ghar itna shaant hai.. na hi koi gaane chal rahe hain.. na Ryan koi shaitaani kar raha hai aur Bi bhi nai hain yahan.. aur Ridhhima.. vo bhi kahin nai dikh rahi.. Hey bhagwaan mujhe bachana..""

He entered the kitchen nd saw Ridhhima there.. he was at first mesmerised by the sight in front of him.. Ridhima was standing with her saree palla tucked at her waist, keeping the curve of waist bare.. her hair were tied into a loose bun nd she was wiping the slight sweat from her forehead while stiring Daal.. he so wanted to go to her nd wipe those pearl like drops from her back that had been visible to him due to back neckline of her blouse nd set her hair free..

He somehow controlled himself nd went to keep his tiffin in the dish washer nd have glass of water.. He was surprised when after having a glass of water he was presented fresh orange juice with a smile.. It was not usual thing at all.. ""Armaan beta.. lagta hai aaj koi solid planning chal rahi hai.. varna itna shaant welcome aur phir yeh juice..""he thought while giving a fake thinking of the consequences..

""Aap change kar lijiye.. aapka night suit nikal diya hai.. tab tak main dinner lagati hoon.."" Ridhhima said sweetly.. He went to get fresh, when he came out of the bathroom to get his night suit he just screamed on the top of his voice..


Both Ridhhima nd Bi rushed to his room nd found him standing on the bed.. ""Armaan.. kya hua.. aap chila kyun rahe thhe..?"" Ridhhima asked..

Arman could do nothing but peep from the pillow he had been hiding his face behind nd pointed at the couch.. Ridhhima turned to see the lil puppy sitting on Armaan's night suit nd he also seemed scared.. Ridhhima quickly got him nd patted him nd stroked him lovingly while he just rolled into a ball in her arms..

""Apne usse daraya kyun..?"" Ridhhima turned to Armaan nd asked strictly..

""maine..? maine isse daraya ya isne mujhe..? kaun laya iss kutte ko yahan..?"" Armaan asked..

""Armaan yeh sirf 3 weeks ka hai.. abhi theek se dant bhi nai aaye iske.. aapko kaise darayega.. aur yeh koi kutta nai hai.. iska naam 'Lucky' hai.."" Ridhhima said..

""Jo bhi ho.. isse abhi bahar nikalo yahan se.."" Armaan said abit angrily..
While Ridhhima looked at him glumly saying ""Yeh mere liye Sapna Di layi thhi aaj.. mujhe na hamesha se pet dog rakhne ka mann thha.. lekin vahan Badi Ma nai laane deti thhi.. Armaan yeh aapko nuksaan nai karega promise.. Ryan bhi iske saath khelta hai aur Bi ko bhi yeh pasand hai.. please 'Lucky' ko yahan rehne dijiye..""

Looking at her disappointed nd sad face he was in trouble now.. Finally after thinking much he declared ""Theek hai.. lekin isse mujhse dur rakhna.. aur meri files se bhi.. aur kal isse vacinate karva dena so that Ryan doesn't catch any infection..""

Ridhhima was more than happy now.. ""Thank you Armaan.. aap sach bohot achhe hain.. aur yeh already vaccinated hai.. Sapna Di ne pehle hi isse saare vaccines diye hain.. nd I promise he won't harm Ryan.."" Looking at Ridhhima's earnest nd happy face even Bi nd Armaan were Happy.. Armaan wondered how she gets so happy even in such small moments.. Its take such small gestures to make her Smile at her Best..


Armaan was happy when he saw that the Puppy, Ridhhima got seemed very quiet nd not much curious as in sniffing nd bitting things around.. He smiled when he saw Ryan so interested in the puppy aswell.. Ridhhima sat by him nd stroked the puppy while he was drinking milk..
After Armaan, Bi nd Ryan were almost done with the dinner Ridhhima also sat with her dinner.. She smiled when she felt something wet on her foot.. she bent down to see the lil puppy's nose on her feet nd he was resting with her foot as his pillow.. Seeing this her smile widened..

Armaan was glad that could somehow give Ridhhima some happiness.. He knew she deserves all the happiness in the World but with the distance nd awkwardness in their relationship he could do nothing for her.. He was happy that the distances Ridhhima had created were slowly diminishing.. Thinking of all this he put Ryan to sleep after playing with him abit..

He came into the room nd was surprised to see Ridhhima working on his laptop.. ""Ridhhima.."" he said nd sat besides her.. She looked up from the laptop nd grinned at him.. ""Vo abhi isme beep baj rahi thhi.. shayad koi new mail hai.. mujhe laga kuch important na ho to maine check.."" she was cut in between..

""Main tumse safai nai maang raha.. tum jab chaho mera laptop use kar sakti ho.. aur vo mail shayad Nikki ka hoga.. Oh I'm so sorry.. I didn't tell you about her.. Nikki is my lil sister.. she is right now studying in London.. iss liye shaadi par nai aayi.. vo next month ayegi.. uski shaadi hai next month.."" Armaan said opening a folder on the desktop..
He clicked on a few pictures.. ""yeh hai Nikki.."" he said when the pictures flipped through on the screen.. Ridhhima smiled nd asked ""Shaadi..? usse pata hai..?"" Armaan nodded ""ofcourse.. vo jisse pyar karti hai ussi se shaadi ho rahi hai to usse kyun nai pata hoga.. Dr. Abhimanyu Modi.. the owner of all Sanjeevni Branches in India..""
He then clicked to the mail.. It was indeed Nikki's.. She has just sent afew pictures of herself of the trip she went on from her college.. nd was asking about Ridhhima nd Ryan nd everyone else.. Ridhhima felt that she was good as usual.. but was waiting to meet her eagerly..


Armaan kept tossing on the couch when he heard some light whimpering sounds nd afew scratching sound on the door to their room.. ""Arre yar.. sone do please.."" he mumbled sleepily.. While when Ridhhima got concious of those sounds she just switched on the lights nd opened the door to find the lil puppy there.. ""Lucky.. come here baby.."" she picked him up nd closed the door behind so that Bi doesn't see Armaan sleeping on the couch..

""Ridhhima.. can you plz let him stay outside.. vo raat bhar room mein ghoomta rahega aur neend mujhe nai ayegi.."" Armaan said abit sleepily.. ""Armaan.. aap so jaiye.. Lucky aapke paas nai ayega.. dekhiye na bechara kitna chota sa to hai.. aur abhi usse iss ghar mein akele rehne ki aadat bhi nai hai.."" she said cutely.. Armaan hid a smile nd thought she was actually so innocent nd caring towards everyone.. he again stretched himself on the couch as he knew arguing with her was not a good idea at all..

Ridhhima made 'Lucky' sit by the end of the bed nd covered him half under her own comforter.. She stroked him lovingly nd patted him for afew minutes nd when she saw that he was comfortable, she dimmed the lights nd slept..

Armaan woke up abit early than his usual time.. He smiled recollecting how happy she was last evening when he permitted that puppy inside the house.. She was taking care of him while he was eating or sleeping nd also keeping eye on him when he was roaming about..

He frowned when he looked at her on the bed.. He saw her covered with the comforter nd 'Lucky' was settled near her stomach on the comforter snuggled closer to her.. ""kya kismat hai iski.. sahi naam rakha hai iska 'LUCKY'.. jahan mujhe hona chaiye vahan khud araam se so raha hai.. mere bed par.. meri biwi ke paas.."" he thought nd smirked nd somewhere felt funny too that he was getting jealous of a dog.. he went to get fresh smiling at his thought..


""Armaan kal ghar mein Janmashtami ki pooja hai.."" Ridhhima told him when he was getting ready for office.. ""Pooja kyun..?"" he asked.. ""bohot saare reasons hain.. aap bas kal ghar par rahiyega.."" she told him sweetly..

""nai pehle batao.. I mean maine aaj tak kabhi yeh festival ghar mein celebrate nai kiya..""

""Armaan.. aapko yeh to pata hoga ki yeh din Krishna Ji ke Birthday ki tarah celebrate hota hai.. iss din Ladoo Gopal ki pooja hoti hai.. aur iss baar Ryan ko Krishna Ji ki tarah sajayenge.. kyunki vo iss ghar mein sabse chota hai.. isse usse bhi sabka aashirwaad milega aur aapne kaha thha ki Nikki ki shaadi hone wali hai.. to hum uske liye bhi pray karenge.."" Ridhhima explained him the minimal facts..

""Ryan.. Krishna Ji.."" he was surprised..
""haan.. yeh ghar ke liye shub hota hai.. jab main choti thhi to Papa Mama aise hi pooja karte thhe.. maine apni bachpan ki photos mein dekha thha.. ab mujhe yeh nai pata ki iss ghar mein kaise pooja hoti hai Janmashtami par.."" she said bowing her head..

He smiled nd nodded.. ""waise hi hogi jaise tum chahogi.. koi party thodi hai jo main ya koi aur mana karega.. pooja hai.. aur sab ayenge.. main Mom-dad.. aur Rahul aur Atul ko phone kar dunga.. kuch chahiye ho to mujhe bata dena..""
 He was amazed that she knew so much about every lil good thing possible.. She was sometimes a Kid.. nd sometimes so mature nd caring that he couldn't understand what she actually is..

Whole day Ridhhima was busy making arrangements for pooja nd getting the outfit for Ryan.. She took Sapna along with herself on shopping for things as she knew alone she would get confused for sure.. While on the other hand Sapna was observing Ridhhima nd Ryan's relationship nd Bond they had all the while they were shopping.. Sapna was touched when she came to know that Armaan kept calling Ridhhima all through the day to enquire if she needs any asisstance or something she wasn't getting..


Next Day..
Ridhhima had been working non stop since the morning.. Sometimes looking after the decoration of the temple built in the house nd sometimes running to check if 'prasad' is being prepared properly or not.. Armaan had an urgent meeting nd went to the office promising to be home before 6pm.. Tara, Bi nd Muskaan were helping her while Sapna also joined them, late afternoon, when her meeting with Medical board finished..

""Ridhu.. tu ab thodi der rest kar.. subah se yahan se vahan bhaag rahi hai.."" Sapna said catching hold of Ridhhima nd making her sit besides herself..

""Lekin Sapna di abhi mujhe vo.."" She was cut in between ""Shut up Ridhu.. chup chap thodi der yahan baith ja.. aur tune fast bhi to kiya hai na..?""

Ridhhima nodded simply nd said ""Main to har saal janmashtami par fast karti hoon.."" Tara smiled at Ridhhima who was talking of fast as if it was nothing at all.. Since morning she hasn't had even a single drop of water nd was running aroung making arrangements as well..

While Ryan who was made to sit with Atul nd Rahul was creating a mess.. He was crawling too quickly for them to catch him at once.. nd 'Lucky' was made to stay in the room aswell as Ridhima didn't knew if everyone would be comfortable with him roaming about..

""Achha theek hai main ab koi kaam nai karti.. itne main rest kar rahi hoon main ja kar Ryan ko ready kar deti hoon.. vo kapde change karte hue bohot tang karta hai.."" Ridhhima said with a smile nd went to Ryan's room.. She wanted to make Ryan wear that cute Lord Krishna outfit herself nd she knew she will not be able to do it once Armaan returns..

Besides she wouldn't be able to do anything after he returns.. He would keep following even in front of the guests nd try to help which would be really risky as he is prone to accidently commit mistake often.. She smiled entering the room when she saw Rahul trying to get 'Lucky' out of the table under which he had been hiding nd Atul lying on the bed with Ryan sitting near his shoulder nd was slapping Atul's cheeks while giggling at the same time nd when Atul tried to get up Ryan whined nd made a crying face to get him back in the same position..

Ridhhima giggled to herself slightly nd placed Ryan's custard bowl on the table 'Lucky' had been hiding under.. Looking at Ridhhima, Rahul shook his head nd sighed in relief.. ""Do you handle these two ALONE.. ALL DAY..?"" Rahul asked in a perplexed tone.. Ridhhima giggled loudly nd placed the milk bowl for 'lucky' in front of the table.. Rahul was stunned to see 'Lucky' coming out without Ridhhima uttering a single word nd licking the milk from the bowl.. Ridhhima gave Rahul a strange look at his puzzled face nd got what he was thinking..

""I think he knows me that's why.."" Ridhhima said quipping nd then went to relieve Atul aswell.. Ryan quickly crawled on the bed to Ridhhima seeing the bowl in her hand nd a warm smile graced on her lips.. Ridhhima took him in her lap nd cuddled him, kising him with love..


In the evening everyone including Ryan were ready except Armaan.. he was still thinking why he was made to wear kurta pajama nd why can't he wear normal jeans.. Ridhhima came in dressed in a beautiful Blue saree, one of Armaan's fav. he couldn't help but gaze at her in awe.. She broke his trance by shaking him abit.. ""Ab tak ready kyun nai hue aap..?"" she asked frowning..

""Yar yeh Kurta pajama kuch ajeeb sa hai.. I mean yeh pehen kar pooja karna zaroori hai..?"" he asked kiddishly.. she sighed nd said ""Armaan pooja mein aise hi achhe lagte hain sab.. aur Ryan to kitna chota hai lekin dekhiye usne bhi bilkul pareshaan nai kiya kisi ko.. aur Maa to pehle aapko dhoti kurta pehne keh rahi thhi.. lekin mujhe laga ki pajama theek hai.. pata nai aap Dhoti sambhaal paye ya nai.."" she said abit teasingly..

""What.. Dhoti..? No ways.. this is way too better than that.."" he said quickly combing his hair nd making his way out to the hall.. While Ridhhima just smiled at his antics.. He could be such a kid at times.. Now she knows where does Ryan gets his charm from.. She mentally smacked herself for thinking this way once but then again was happy to have HIM as HERS..

It was now the time for Pooja.. Ryan dressed as Krishna Ji was made to sit in a cradle which Tara was moving gently.. Afew of their Family friends including Shashank nd Padma were there.. Rahul, Atul, Muskaan nd Sapna were there aswell.. At first Ryan was enjoying the attention nd The Royal treatment he had been getting but when he scanned around nd didn't find Ridhhima or Tara around he started to get frustrated.. Tara came nd saw his bad face when one of her friends took him in her lap nd kissed him.. Tara took him immideately before he would start crying..

All the couples did the Aarti together.. after Ridhhima did all the rituals ie. giving Lil Krishna Ji's idol a bath with Milk nd then adorning him with new clothes nd jwellery.. First Tara nd Jai did the Aarti followed by AR, RM, Atul, Sapna, Shashank nd Padma..

""Pata nai kya maza aata hai iss dikhave mein inn logon ko.. yeh zaroor Ridhhima ne hi kiya hoga.. Shubhankar aur Kirti bhi yahi karte thhe har saal.. bilkul aise hi.."" Shashank muttered with a bad face as he stepped back with padma after the Aarti..

Ridhhima came with Diya to give Aarti to everyone with Prasad.. As she went to Armaan, she saw Ryan in his arms as Tara was busy nd in other hand he had Ryan's flute that he had been given.. Armaan raised his eyebrows as if asking   'Ab Aarti kaise loon..?'

Ridhhima smiled nd moved her palm slightly on the Diya nd brushed it on Armaan's hair gently making him smile nd she did that with Ryan aswell who was now ready to hop from Armaan's arms to hers, she could read that look on his face.. Armaan held him when he tried to reach Ridhhima but he started crying.. Ridhhima smiled at Ryan nd gave him a piece of sweet to keep him busy till she is back.. Armaan smiled seeing Ryan relishing the sweet in his tiny fist..

Ridhhima just went to put the Pooja thaal in front of the idol nd took hold of Ryan from Armaan.. ""Ridhhima..? Its okk.. I'll handle him.."" Armaan said thinking she might not be comfortable handling Ryan..

""Nai Armaan.. aap jaiye sab ke paas main isse change karake sula deti hoon aaj.."" she said sweetly.. She didn't wait for Armaan's answer as she knew Ryan was getting irritated with the loud noise of 'bhajans' that were played around as he was sleepy nd hungry..

She took his Milk bottle after she got him changed nd settled herself on one of the swings in the backyard where the noise was comparitively less.. she made him lie down in her lap nd took him in a cradle hold..
""Bachh baby.. ab aap yahan ninni kalo.. hmm.. Aapki guddoo aapke paash hi hai.."" She kissed him while talking to him nd soothing him, as she knew he was tiered.. He was much more relaxed nd in a few minutes he was deep slumber, holding Ridhhima's saree nd her finger in other hand.. Ridhhima kept on soothing him nd pushing the swing gently with her feet.. She kissed his forehead nd shifted him abit higher in a comfortable position such that he was snuggled into her shoulder..


Armaan searched all through the house but was unable to find Ridhhima or Ryan.. he sighed when finally a servant told him that the duo was in the backyard.. he stopped afew feet away from Ridhhima nd Ryan when he saw How Perfect HIS Lil Family looked.. He quickly took a picture of them together secretly.. Ridhhima was brushing Ryan's back , soothing him nd gazing in the sky at the stars.. She looked around when she felt someone's gaze on her..

She saw Armaan looking at her intently.. She could feel her body reacting to his gaze so she teared her gaze away from his eyes nd again looked at the sky.. Armaan smiled at her nervousness.. he could see her melting under his gaze but he knew she was not ready to admit it as yet.. He moved to her nd sat besides her on the swing.. he forwarded her a spoonful of Kheer.. When she looked at him quesioningly he said authoritatively ""Tumne subah se paani tak nai piya hai.. ab jab tum apna vrat khol sakti ho to tum yahan Ryan ke saath ho.. chalo ab chup chap muh kholo main khilata hoon..""

Ridhhima smiled nd didn't knew why took the bites he had been offering lovingly.. ""Aapne khana khaya..?"" she asked sweetly when he was feeding her.. He nodded nd glumly said ""lekin mujhe bura laga ki tumne mujhe bataya nai ki aaj vrat rakhte hain.. bina kuch khaye tum subah se itna kaam kar rahi ho aur maine abhi tumhare bina hi khana kha liya..""
Ridhhima didn't knew how to express the Happiness her Heart was feeling when his words settled in her.. ""Aap..  aisa.. aisa nai hai Armaan.. aapko office jana pada na aur mujhe laga ki shayad aapko vrat rakhne ki aadat nai hogi issliye nai bola.. aur agar aapne mere bina khana khaya to abhi mujhe AAP hi to khana khila rahe hain na.. Aap bohot achhe hain Armaan.."" Two fat tears made way through her eyes nd one of them fell on Ryan's ear, disturbing him abit.. He shuffled cutely nd rubbed his ear with his tiny fist.. While Armaan nd Ridhhima both reached out to sooth him together.. Ridhhima for the first time felt something new inside her when she felt Armaan's hand on hers..

Even in that dim light of the lamp lit around the garden, he saw her going red abit.. After afew seconds, he smiled showing his deep dimples nd took his hand back before their Sweet moment turn into an awkward one.. nd to let go of the silence he again forwarded a bite to her..

While on the otherhand Sapna who had accidently witnessed the sweet moment felt contented that her 'lil Ridhu' would not be hurt now.. She has though seen the Love in Armaan's eyes nd the affection nd protectiveness in Ridhhima's words but yet she wanted a proof which she got just now..




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