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Part 12:My Wish Come True


Part 12

""Ryan..!!"" she looked her nd there..
""Ryan kahan ho buddy.."" she again called gently but no response..
She had looked for him everywhere around but he was hiding somewhere..

In the morning as usual after Armaan went to office Ridhhima was busy completing her household chores when she heard something breaking with a loud bang nd next moment she heard Ryan wailing..
She rushed to see where it was nd she was stunned to see him sitting on the stair case leading to the terrace nd a small room that was locked.. She nearly fainted on seeing a very large nd exclusive showpiece being scattered into pieces..

Not caring about anything else, firstly she ran up to Ryan nd took him in her arms, calming him down.. he was wailing badly firstly coz he got scared by the sudden banging sound, when the showpiece fell nd secondly coz he knew he has done something wrong.. He held Ridhhima as tightly as he could at that moment nd sobbed on her shoulder..

After afew minutes when his wails turned into light sobs nd hiccups she took him to his room.. she sat with him there, with him still sitting in her lap, hugging her.. she made him drink some water nd soothed him by her gentle kisses..

""Ryan.. aap upar kyun ja rahe thhe beta.."" she asked caressing his head to which he just made a face nd shook his head.. Ridhhima kissed him seeing that face nd put him on the carpet to play, with final kiss on his head..

She again saw him going towards the stairs nd trying to climb up with his wobbly steps.. she quickly got him down before he hurts himself.. while he whined ""Guddoo.."" he tried to get out of her grip nd go back to the stairs again but stopped when he heard her strict voice ""Ryan.. bas.. aap vahan nai jaoge.. varna main aapko aaj apne saath mandir nai lekar jaungi..""

Since then angry Ryan was hiding  somewhere in the house..
Ridhhima realised that she had been strict with him nd decided to make up for it by spending some more time with him by taking him for a walk by the beach BUT it was too late.. Her angry Friend was punishing her now..

She finally sat on the sofa worried where he might have been.. she has also asked the watchman nd other servants but no one knew where he was so she was sure he is hiding somewhere in the house.. ""Tchhh.. Ryan.. aap kahan ho..? I'm sorry baby.. please don't do this..""she thought in her heart which was ready to stop any moment if she doesn't find Ryan in a few minutes..

She was scared nd cursed herself manier times but her mind stopped working when a sneezing sound came out of no-where.. Her eyes quickly scanned the lounge as she recognised the babyish sneez.. It Was Ryan..! but where.. She got up nd looked around behind the sofa's, she was about to look in another room when she heard a lil giggle that was coming from dinning Area..

She rushed there but only thing there was some cupboards where crockery was placed nd the table itself.. Then it striked her.. he was hiding under the table.. Next moment she was confirmed when she saw 'Lucky' coming from under the table with one of Ryan's balls.. Ridhhima took one chair out nd sat on her knees..

Ryan sniggered seeing her but stopped when he recollected what happened..

""Ryan.. yahan aao.. vahan garmi mein kyun baithe ho..?"" she tried being genlte as if nothing happened at all but he shook his head nd instead of coming to her, he crawled out from the otherside..
Ridhhima felt bad when she realised she has actually hurt him bad.. She mentally smacked herself thinking what bad was he doing if he wanted to go to the terrace, she could have taken him herself..


For few hours Ryan kept playing in his room nd sometimes with Bi but when Bi left to meet Tara, Ryan was getting bored.. He knew even 'his Guddoo..' has not visited temple today as all the time she kept stealing glances of him when he was playing..

He crawled to her nd found her sitting on her bed with her legs folded to her chest nd her head resting on her knees.. he stood taking support of the edge of the bed nd reached her saree.. While Ridhhima who was feeling horrible since morning was surprised when she felt a tug at her saree nd looked down to see Ryan there with his arms wide stretched for her to pick him..

She smiled abit nd without wasting a moment she picked him nd took him into a warm hug saying 'Sorry..' nd kissing him.. Ryan was enjoying the love nd affection being showered on him nd giggled when she kissed his nose lovingly..

""I'm Sorry Buddy.. ab se aapko kabhi gussa nai karungi promise.."" she said holding her ears while he smiled nd hugged her approving her apology..

She sat there for a long time like that hugging him close nd telling him a story to get him to sleep.. While Ryan was comfortably sleeping in her lap holding her saree tightly from one egde nd resting his head on her chest nd feeling her presence with her heartbeats..

After half an hour she was informed by a servant that someone was there to see her.. she was surprised, she was expecting no one at the moment.. She gently shifted Ryan to bed nd kept some pillows besided him so that he doesn't fall while shifting.. She kissed him, lightly brushing his hair nd went out to see who has come..


As she reached the lounge she was surprised to see Anjali sitting there..

""Aap..?"" Ridhhima asked in a fix while Anjali got up with attitude nd said ""Kyun..? Armaan ne tumse shaadi kar li to kya tum ab uske doston ko usse milne se bhi rokogi..?""

""Nahi.. mera vo matlab nai thha.. aap aaiye na.."" Ridhhima welcomed her warmly even after what Anjali did to her.. ""mujhe tumse koi matlab nai hai aur na hi tumhare saath baithne ka koi shauk hai.. mujhe Armaan se milna hai.. usne kaha thha ki aaj vo free hai.."" Anjali blurted rudely to which Ridhhima was surprised..

""Aisa nai ho sakta.. vo iss waqt apne project mein itne busy hain ki kabhi kabhi weekends par bhi office jate hain to aaj off lena to possible hi nai hai.."" Ridhhima informed her..

Anjali smirked saying ""Weekends par office..? tumhari married life to bohot interesting lagti hai mujhe.. huh..! Bechara Armaan kahan phas gaya tumhare saath.. Lekin kya kar sakta hai duniya ke liye to usse yeh zabardasti ka rishta nibhana hi padta hoga na..""

Ridhhima was hurt listening to all that rubbish.. But she had nothing to say as hers nd Armaan's relationship was still a formality nd she knew it very well..

She came out of the trance when Anjali again spoke.. ""Anyways mujhe iss mein koi interest nai hai.. iss Saturday maine party rakhi hai Armaan ko invite karna thha.. usse yeh invitation card de dena..""

Ridhhima recollected that he had to go with Ryan on Saturday at Tara's place for Lunch as she had not spend time with the for long.. ""I'm sorry par shayad vo nahi aayenge.. unhe.."" before she could complete she was cut in between by Anjali who was angry with Ridhhima replying negatively at each nd every statement of hers..

""tumhe kya lagta hai.. ki yeh majboori ki shaadi, pyar ya apnepan mein itni aasani se badal jayegi.. huh..!! aisa kabhi nai hoga.. main aisa hone nai dungi.. yaad rakhna Armaan yeh rishta nibha kar sirf tumpar ehsaan kar raha hai.."" She left saying this..


Whole day since Anjali left, her words were rewinding in Ridhhima's mind.. She was shocked that she didn't realise that she had been actually distancing Armaan from herself with this so-called-friendship.. ""Yeh galat hai.. vo bohot achhe hain.. lekin main unpar vishwaas nai kar pa rahi hoon.. aaj Di ne jo kaha vo kahin na kahin sach hai.. meri vajah se yeh rishta Armaan ke liye sirf ek majboori ban gaya hai.. na sabke saamne aur na hi akele, ek ghar mein rehte hue, hum yeh rishta mukamal kar pa rahe hain.."" She thought nd was in tears..

She was sitting besides sleeping Ryan nd thought ""Mujhe koi haq nai hai Armaan aur Ryan ki zindagi se khelne ka.. Ryan aaj chota hai iss liye mujhe apna dost manta hai, lekin jab vo apni Ma ke baare mein poochega tab kya hoga..? Na main kabhi Ryan ke liye ek achhi Ma ban paungi aur na hi kabhi Armaan ki Biwi hone ka haq unhe de paungi.. kyunki mujhe darr lagta hai jab vo mere kareeb aate hain.. pata nai kyun 4 mahino baad bhi mujhe unpar ab tak aitbaar nai hua ki vo mujhe chod kar nai jayenge.. mujhe unhe iss rishte ko zabardasti nibhane se mana karna hoga.. bohot kar chuke vo iss rishte ke liye.. unhe bhi zindagi jeene ka haq hai, jaise vo mere yahan aane se pehle jeete thhe.."" she said determining herself to ask Armaan to stop doing things JUST to PLEASE HER..

Late In the Evening..
Armaan came home smiling widely.. with her favourite flowers nd chocolates nd a soft toy in addition to it.. He thought she might be angry as he forgot his lunch on the table itself..

Moving to his room he saw arranging the upper book shelf.. he silently went to her nd hugged her lightly from back making her shout in surprise.. looking at her face he started laughing but stopped when he saw Anger in her eyes.. He gulped, he had never seen her this angry nd disturbed.. He still tried to be normal.. He smiled nd gave her the gifts he got for her but to his surprise she didn't accept them..

""Armaan aapko mere liye yeh sab karne ki zaroorat nai hai.. jaise shaadi se pehle aap apni marzi se jeete thhe, ab bhi aap vaise hi jee sakte hain.. mere liye khud ko badalne ki koi zaroorat nai hai.."" she said plainly with a straight face..

""Kya baat hai Ridhhima..? tum aisa kyun keh rahi ho..? main tumhare liye yeh sab zaroorat ke liye nai, Dosti ke liye karta hoon.. mujhe acha lagta hai, jab tum haq se mujhpar gussa karti ho ya meri kisi baat par has deti ho.. main agar tuhare liye khud ko badal bhi raha hoon to yeh to acha hai humare rishte ke liye..?"" he said in a confused tone..
""Main sahi keh rahi hoon.. hum sirf yeh rishta dikhave ke liye nibha rahe hain.. hum dono jaante hain ki shayad yeh dosti kabhi humare beech pati-patni ka rishta nai banayegi.. to phir yeh compromises kyun..? Yeh rishta sirf kehne ka hain Armaan aur kuch nai.."" she said with tears in her eyes..

Her words made him angry aswell.. ""Compromise..? yeh rishta kuch nai hai..? Fine, lekin agar kuch nai hai, to tumhari aankhon mein aanson kyun hai..? maine tumse pehle bhi kaha thha ki main tumhare saath kabhi zabardasti nai karunga.. lekin apni taraf se yeh rishta nibhaunga.. agar main yeh rishta dikhave ke liye nibhata na Ridhhima to tumhari har baat nai manta.. apna har schedule banane se pehle yeh nai sochta ki mere late office mein rehne se tumhe fikr hogi.."" he blurted it all..
""bas Armaan bohot ho gaya.. nahi chaiye mujhe aapka ehsaan.. bas ab bohot ho gaya.. aapne mere jo bhi kiya, Thank you.. ab aur kuch matt kariyega.."" she shouted at him..

""Lekin Ridhhima maine kya kiya hai..? I just tried to cheer you up.. mere concern aur apnepan ko sirf ehsaan ka naam kyun diya jata hai.."" he shouted back in a hurt voice.. As tears made way through his cheeks aswell he continued ""Fine tumhe yeh lagta hai na ki maine tumpar ehsaan kiya.. then be it.. sirf tumhe nai Tiya ko bhi yahi lagta thha.. Jis din main usse yeh kehne vala thha ki main usse kitna pyar karta hoon, usne bhi mere pyar ko ehsaan ka naam de diya thha.. theek hai raho yahan.. na usne jaane se pehle mere aur Ryan ke baare mein socha aur na hi aur koi sochta hai.."" he went out with Ryan nd took his car..

While Ridhhima was left crying on the floor.. She had hurt him for the first time ever.. nd she had made him cry too.. she kept crying for long, since Bi was staying at Tara's place for the night.. she then went to check on Ryan nd she was surprised to see him missing nd Armaan's mobile placed on his bed..

""Oh no.. Voh Ryan ko bhi apne saath le gaye.. itni baarish mein drive kar rahe honge aur itne gusse mein.. Bhagwaan ji please unhe theek se ghar bhej do.. main unse kabhi nai ladungi promise.."" She said in her heart nd sat in Ryan room with his soft toy nd Armaan's mobile..


It was 1am.. Armaan nd Ryan were still not home.. Ridhhima was now getting panicky with each passing second.. her heart was rushing as if it was innating something bad.. She dragged herself while sobbing badly to the pooja room nd kept praying for Armaan nd Ryan's safety..

Afew minutes later she heard her phone ringing she practically rushed to get it.. Next moment she was shocked.. It was Atul's call nd he had asked her to reach Sanjeevni as fast as she can.. Not caring about what she was wearing, she quickly picked her mobile nd rushed to another car.. sitting in the car all she could think of was Bi nd Tara.. she called them nd informed them to reach there aswell..

Getting down from the car before driver could reach her with an umbrella she rushed inside.. She asked the first staff member she saw, about Atul nd reached emergency room.. ""Atul.. Armaan aur Ryan.. kahan hain..? vo theek hain na..?"" she asked in a panicky state..

""Haan bhabhi.. accident to bohot severe thha lekin kismat achi thhi.. Ryan ko kuch nai hua kyunki vo back seat par thha aur apni safety chair mein thha.. Vo bas thoda darr gaya hai.. aur Armaan ke haath mein thodi chot aayi hai aur sir par bhi.. Nothing to worry about, abhi vo behosh hai.. aap itni der jaake Ryan ko dekh lo.."" Atul explained.. Before he could finish Ridhhima ran to Ryan's room nd was shocked to see Anjali there already..

Anjali was Ryan's doctor.. As Ridhhima ignored Anjali nd tried walking through the door Anjali stopped her.. ""What do you want..?"" she asked strictly.. While Ridhhima who heard Ryan wailing got impatient.. ""Mujhe Ryan se milna hai.."" she said freeing her hand but Anjali stopped her yet again..

""No ways.. yeh mera patient hai.. aur main sirf iske parents ko hi andar jaane ko allow kar sakti hoon.. so you better get going from here.."" Anjali said.. By this time even Tara nd Bi were there.. they were stunned to see Angry Ridhhima shouting at Anjali like that..
""Just Shut Up.. I'm His Mother.. That kid is Ryan Mallik, My Son.. You're his doctor so behave like one.. Apni limites cross mat karna varna mujhse bura koi nai hoga.."" saying this Ridhhima rushed inside leaving the rest shocked to death..

She saw Ryan crying in a nurse's arms nd was trying to get out of her grip.. she quickly took him nd settled on the sofa kept there.. Ryan just hugged her tight nd kept crying for a while while, Ridhhima was feeling all his fears herself.. She kept soothing him talking to him to ease his fears.. ""Bas beta.. Bas.. haan aapki guddoo yahin hai aapke paas.. mera bachha bas ab chup.."" she tried but he was still sobbing..

Ridhhima felt terrible seeing him like that.. Intentionally, she bent abit so that her hair fell on his face.. While when he felt her  soft hair hit face lightly, he stopped hiccupping nd sobbing abruptly nd parted from the hug.. She took the opportunity nd wiped his tears gently.. cradling his face she planted many kisses full of affection nd love on his face making him feel loved nd protected.. nd she again took him into a hug giving him time to feel her presence as his head was placed on her heart.. ""Ryan.. darte nai hain betu.. aap to mere strong buddy ho na.. mera buddy rote hue nai haste hue ache lagta hai.."" she kissed his nose tickling him abit..

Tara who was standing at the door witnessing the lil sweet moment felt proud of Ridhhima.. She had a smile too when she saw Ryan giving a weak satisfied smile to Ridhhima nd hiding himself in her hair that fell on her shoulder..


""Oh my.. Yeh Armaan ka beta hai.."" Anjali came in with a shocked expression on her face when she saw Ryan sitting in Ridhhima's lap nd having his ice cream happily..

""Agar aapko pehle pata hota to aap unse shaadi ke sapne nai dekhti na..?"" Ridhhima asked with a smirk aswell.. ""Huh..! ofcourse main usse shaadi karti.. iska kya hai.. ek care taker rakhlo aur bhool jao.."" she said pointing to Ryan while Ridhhima slid her arms protectively around Ryan nd ended Anjali's doubt once nd for all.. ""Armaan ne shaadi sirf ek biwi ke liye nai ki hai.. unhe apne bete ke liye Ma bhi chahiye thhi.. aapki issi soch ki vajah se aaj aap nai main unki biwi hoon.. aur Ryan mere liye kya hai aap nai samjhengi..""

Just as Anjali was about to react, Ryan spoke ""Guddoo.. kham.."" he said putting the empty ice cream cup forward nd making Ridhhima smile at him as he was painted in chocolate ice cream from his nose to chin.. Ridhhima cleaned him from his baby wipe nd threw away the cup in a dustbin.. She knew having not eaten anything after his early evening meal, he would be hungry.. ""Ab aur kya khana hai aapko..?""

In reply Ryan showed her, his incomplete set of teeth, making her giggle nd said ""Bnana.."" as Ridhhima kissed his head as he flapped his hands nd clapped in glee.. while Ridhhima took him to the canteen to see if 'A banana' was available.. as Armaan was still unconscious.. nd leaving baffled Anjali behind..


After sometime when Ryan was asleep in Ridhhima's embrace, Atul told them that Armaan was gaining conciousness.. They all went to see him.. Ridhhima who had seen his hand nd  head bandaged was in tears.. ""I'm sorry Armaan.. meri vajah se aaj yeh sab hua hai.. aur meri ek galti ki vajah se, aapko aur Ryan ko itna dard hua.."" she whispered while sitting besides Armaan who was whining as Nurse was bandaging his head properly..

""Atul.. just bandage it normally.. I'm a quick healer.."" Armaan said in a petrified tone.. Ridhhima who was sent out as Armaan needed a check up came in running when she heard Armaan's voice in that tone..

""Armaan Mallik.. I'm the doctor here nd I know ki yeh cut bohot deep hai aur iske liye stitches zaroori hain.."" Atul said in the ordering voice..
""Atul..?"" Ridhhima called him aside in confusion when Atul explained him the situation.. ""Bhabhi Armaan Stitches ke liye mana kar raha hai.."" he said.. to which Ridhhima miled nd said gently.. ""Aap chaliye main unse baat karti hoon..""

""Vo itni aasani se nai manega Ridhhima.. usse accidents se phobia hai.. he hates hospitals.."" Tara told her when Ridhhima requested her to take Ryan home nd she nd Armaan would follow in a while.. ""Aap tension na le ma.. main unhe samjha dungi.. yeh unke liye zaroori hai..""

As Tara left Ridhhima went to Armaan nd kept a hand on his shoulder.. before she could say anything he started ""agar Atul ka saath dena hai, to mujhe tumse koi baat nai karni.. mujhe sirf yahan se nikalna hai aur apne bete ko dekhna hai.."" he said getting abit teary ..

""Main maanti hoon ki agar main vo sab aapse nai kehti to aaj yeh accident nai hota.. I'm sorry Armaan.. main aapko dukhi karma nai chahti thhi.. mere liye na sahi, apne bet eke liye hi, stitches lagva lijiye.. usse kitna bura lagega agar aapko dard mein dekhega to.. Aap sirf aankhein band karke apni zindagi ki sabse pyari cheez ke baare main sochiye.. kuch nai hoga I promise.."" she said hugging him nd encouraging him..

He was lost in her words.. he hugged her tight from her waist, encircling his one hand around her nd buried his head in her saree.. He closed his eyes tightly nd extended his injured hand weakly for stitches..

The nurse who was stitching the wound smiled seeing them.. Armaan was lost in her fragrance nd seemed scared While Ridhhima was nervous feeling his face dug at her bare waist.. She never knew when his lips started moving on her waist.. He was moving minimum due to which even Nurse didn't got to know what was happening but His touch was playing a havoc on her skin.. She was lost as she felt his cold lips nibbling her skin.. He was nibbling at her belly button licking it sensuously.. she didn't knew when..  even she lost the track on where they were nd what they were doing..


During their ride to mallik house both of them were feeling awkward.. Armaan was guilty to touch her like that nd she was feeling strange as to why did she felt lso pure in his arms.. though she pushed him back as soon as the nurse broke the trance but still she felt her heart throbbing when she recollected his touch..

""Ghar aa gaya.."" he mumbled awkwardly..
He was happy to see heer not pushing him away abruptly.. She supported him while taking him inside.. he was surprised to see Ryan's cot in their room nd his mother sitting by it..

Tara hugged him as soon as she saw him nd broke into tears.. When she strictly asked what made him act so foolishly, Ridhhima tried saying the truth but Armaan interrupted her saying ""Mom.. nothing serious.. main bas kuch sochte hue drive kar raha thha issliye.. but I'm fine now..""

Later that night..
""Armaan.. Armaan shant ho jaiye.. Aapka beta theek hai aur so raha hai.. usse kuch nai hua hai.. aur iss sab mein galti aapki nai meri hai.."" She said brushing his hair as he was mumbling in his sleep.. She stirred him abit making him concious..

""Nai Ridhhima.. Galti mere ateet ki hai.. mere uss darr ki hai jo Tiya ki maut ke waqt se mere andar hai.. uski maut ka zimedaar kahin na kahin main hoon.. vo to mujhse itna pyar karti thhi.. lekin main hi uss pyar ko samajh nai paya.."" he said distancing himself abit as he saw both of them sitting close..

""Apne dil ki baat bol dijiye Armaan.. mann halka ho jata hai.. aur phir aap kehte hain na ki hum dost hain.."" She asked gently placing her hand on his shoulder..

 He sighed nd knew that it was high time she knew about him totally.. ""tumhe jaana hai na ki mera aur Tiya ka rishta kaisa thha.. main tumhe batata hoon.. yeh ek aisa sach hai Ridhhima jisse sunkar agar tum yeh bhi sochogi ke main kisi ke pyar ke layak nai hoon to bhi main tumhe dosh nai dunga..""

""main yeh sach aapke liye sunna chahti hoon Armaan, apne liye nai.. aap mere liye ek ache insaan hain.. aur rahenge.."" she supported him..
""Tiya aur mein college ke first year mein mile.. pata nai but we just clicked.. we were best friends since then.. uski Mom Simla mein rehti thhi aur kuch waqt baad unki death ki wajah se she was very upset.. tab main iss ghar mein akele rehta thha.. All I could think of was to make her feel that she is not alone.. I asked her ti shift here if not as my friend than as a tenant.. tabhi Bi bhi yahan rehne lagi thhi..""

He got up nd went to the window.. ""Mujhe nai pata chala ki kab usse meri dosti, pyar lagne lagi.. vo dheere dheere iss baat ko samajhne lagi ki Vo mujhse pyar karti hai lekin main usse sirf dost manta hoon, aur iss liye usne apni feelings kabhi nai boli..""

""To phir aap dono saath kaise aaye..?"" Ridhhima asked when he stopped talking.. he turned nd faced her.. ""Ryan ki vajah se.. college ki Re-union party mein kisi dost ne hum dono ko bohot pila di thhi.. uss raat humne nashe mein.. kuch din baad usne yahan se jaane ka decision liya.. mujhe nai pata thha ki voh yeh sab mujhse dur jaane ke liye kar rahi thhi, lekin kismet se uski pregnancy report yahan reh gayi.. Mere bohot force karne par, humne apne dosti ke rishte par ek naya rishta banaya, Ryan ke liye.. vo humesha yahi samajhti rahi ki main uspar koi ehsaan kar raha hoon.. lekin sach yeh thha ki dheere dheere main usse apnane laga thha.."" he stopped to relive his memories for a while nd two fat tears made their way through his cheek..

""mujhe nai pata chala ki kab main iss rishte ko puri tarah se apnane laga.. aur jis din main usse yeh baat share karne vala thha, humari ladai hui.. usne bhi yahi kaha thha ki main uspar ehsaan karma band kar doon.. gusse mein maine bhi usse bohot kuch bol diya aur vo ghar chod kar chali gayi.. Aaj tumse vahi sab sunkar aisa laga jaise tumhe bhi kho dunga.."" he said getting into sobs..

While Ridhhima hugged him while sitting besides him on the bed.. Today she had known the grief burried inside him.. she felt bad for Ryan nd Armaan.. how badly have they lost Their important relationship..




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