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Part 15(a): The Right Choice

 No kabab main haddis,It's just YOU and ME.

Honeymoon Bliss-I

Their flight was at 11 am .So they first went and met everyone at gupta house and then they went to the hospital to say bye to everyone and rahul drove them to the airport.They also pulled along Muskaan as she was the only one who didn't have duty and could spend time with rahul on the way back.Riddhima and Armaan were wearing jeans and black shirts.

Rahul:(hugged armaan):Bye man!Have fun and enjoy your honeymoon!Bye ridheema!(giving a side-hug to riddhima)
Armaan:If you don't tell me still I am going to have my share of fun,Rahoool!(chuckling while riddhima blushed)Ab toh naam sikh jaa Angrezi boy!It is riddhima,not ridheeemaaa!Bye Muski!
Muskaan:HAHAHAH!Haan hero!enjoy karna par humari shopping lists mat bhulna!(she hugged armaan and riddhima)
Riddhima:(smiled and hugged muskaan back)Bye Muski!Bye Rahul,aur Armaan ki baat mat sun he's mad!
They bid bye to them and turned to go as Armaan pushed the luggage and riddhima held him by the arm.
Armaan:WHAT?Basket tum apne pati ko mad kehte ho!Sharam nahi aati!(dramatically)
Riddhima:(showed him her tongue)Nahi Bilkul bhi nahi aati!Tumhare jaise besharam ke saath main bhi apni sharam bhul gayi hu'
Armaan:Tch TCh Aaj kal ki bhartiya naari apne pati ko besharam kehti hai'.
Riddhima:(frowned)Shut up Armaan!
They checked in their baggage,after their flight was on board-they entered the flight with an angry basket followed by a manaaoing Armaan.As they entered the air hostess smiled at riddhima and then smiled extra sweetly at armaan and fluttered her lashes at him while riddhima glared at her and armaan chuckled.They settled in their seats,a fuming riddhima settled in her windows seat while armaan sat beside her.He tried to pull her close but she glared at him.
Armaan:Arre Basket!I was just helping that bechari girl'Usse luggage uthane main problem ho rahi thi'.she only asked for my help!
Riddhima:Poor?!?Huhn!She was in no way bechari,ok?And why the hell was she ogling at you if she needed help with her luggage'And there were so many people there, but she only saw you!And that air hostess also,can't she see you are married??(she said in one breath and frowned)
Armaan:(smiled)Breath Basket!HAAHAHA!Kitna bolti ho basket..chapad chapad!And I am HOT,so they'll stare at me,na!And mere kya galti hai if they stare,hmm?Tum jal kyu rahi ho?Jalo mat,ok!Breath in,breath out!(he said cheekily)
Riddhima:(frown deepened)Hot?!Aur tum!Oh please!Aur main jal nahi rahi hai,ok(glaring at him)
Armaan:Tum jal rahi ho basket(loving the gussa look on her face)
Riddhima: main-jal-nahi-rahi!(she pointed a finger in his chest and said slowly glaring at him)
Armaan: (kissed her finger)Its okay basket,hota hai!Tum jal sakti ho,meri biwi ho tum!(grinning at her)
Riddhima: (pissed off)ARMAAN!Go to hell!
Armaan:Kitne baar same line bolni padti hai!Bas basket ab new lines laao,ok?(kissed her cheek)Ye puraani lines se main bore ho gaya,hu!
Riddhima: Argh!You are just impossible(crossing her arms on her chest and looking out of the window)
Armaan:I know!!(cheekily)But still you love me!(in a sing-song way)
After half an hour Riddhima was not talking to Armaan and was engrossed in her book.He tried to talk to her but she was not giving him any bhaav(attention).So he decided to do something to gain her attention as he was missing her.He pressed the bell for calling the air-hostess.It was the same air-hostess who was trying to flirt with Armaan.
Air-Hostess:(smiling seductively)What would ypu like,sir?
Armaan:(smiles)Can you get me a bottle of water??(looking at a fuming riddhima from the corner of his eyes)
Air-Hostess: Sure Sir,Anything for you!(winks at him)
Riddhima is glaring at both of them.The Air-hostess came back with the bottle and is ogling at Armaan while Armaan is laughing silently at riddhima's face.
Air-hostess: Here you go!
Armaan:Thanks Miss uhm'.
Air-hostess: Mallika!(smiling)If you don't mind you are'.You see it's a pleasure to meet such polite people like you.
Armaan: Armaan Malik!Nice to meet you too!
Air-hostess: Armaan!Nice name'..It neans desire,right?(looking him up and down)
Armaan: Yeah It means desire!And your name means princess right??(glancing at riddhima who was going to burst soon)
Air-hostess: (Blushes)Yess It does!
Ridddhhima: Ahem Ahem( fake coughs)Excuse me!
The air-hostess glares at her for interrupting their conversation and then alters her expression and Armaan looks like he is going to laugh out loud at riddhima's face.
Air-hostess:Yes maam!Would you like something?
Riddhima: (fake sugar tone)YES!I would like a blanket,pleaseee?
Air-hostess: Yeah sure maan(grumpily)Armaan would you like a blanket,too?
Riddhima: No thank you!MY HUSBAND and I will share the blanket(holding armaan's arm and glaring at her)
Air-hostess:(sad that the stud is married)Ok maam!
Armaan: Oh ho bada pyaar aa raha hai?Abhi toh baat bhi nahi kar rahi thi'.
Riddhima: (takes her hand from his arms and crosses them on her chest)Haan mujhse kyu bat karni hogi?Jaao baat karo us 'MALLIKA' se!(pouts angrily)Huhn!
Armaan:Arre basket tum bhaav nahi de rahi thi'.isliye usse baat ki taaki tum jealous ho jaaogi toh baat karogi(grinning)
Riddhima:HAWW!Main jealous nahi thi first of all aur dusri baat main baat nahi karogi toh tum dusri ladkiyo se baat karoge??Hmm?(pouts sadly)
Armaan: Arre par!Aise nahi hai'Main kabse bula raha par tum sun nahi thi!(saw her putting a more sad look)Acha baba sorry,aage se aisa nahi karunga'.Tum shaadi baad bahut emotional blackmail karne lagi ho!(smiles a little)
Riddhima: (smiles wide)Woh toh hai'Tum hi bolte ho naa ki main 'SENTI' hu,toh phir apne senti hone ke faayde toh uthana chahiye ,na?(fluttering her eye-lashes innocently)
Armaan: HAWWW basket!Tum par meri company ka bahut bura asar pad raha hai?Tum intelligent ho rahi ho?!(crossing his arms on his chest with a smug look)
Riddhima: OH please main pehle se hi intelligent hu!(she pulls the hand rest up)Apne haath hatao(trys to remove his hands)
Armaan: (wide-eyes)Huhn?!NAHIII Basket yahaan nahi,aeroplane main hi shuru ho rahi ho!Room main jaayeenge na tab yeh sab karna(smirking)
Riddhima: (smacks his arm)Ewww Armaan!Kitne disgusting ho tum!Haath hatao mujhe sona hai(takes his hands out,shifts closer,wrapping her hand around his waist,keeps her head on his chest)Mujhe planes main bahut neend aati hai'.I usually sleep during travelling!
Armaan:(smiles and then wraps one hand around her waist,the other caressing her hair and keeps his chin on her head)Aur yahaan main soch raha thi ki meri wifey kuch romantic karni ki soch rahi hai?Bhagwaan aapne meri wife ko hi kyu unromantic banaya? Riddhima:Shut up Armaan!(then smiles a little at his blabbering and closes her eyes)
Armaan: Ok ok!Acha basket Phir jab hum new York se vaapis aa rahe the tab kyu nahi soyi rahi thi??
Riddhima:Woh mujhe stress tha na,papa se milne darr lag raha tha!
The Air-hostess comes and fumes to see them wrapped around each other.Armaan takes the blanket and wraps around them while riddhima glares at her and digs deeper into armaan.
Armaan:Thanks Mallika!(he smiles while she mumbled a welcome and went away)You know basket,we are going to have so much fun!
Armaan:You know why??
Riddhima:(exasperatedly)No!Tell me why?
Armaan:(cheekily)We are going to do things which you have never done in your boring life'..This is Basket's adventure trip!We are going to do all adventure sports'
Riddhima:(her eyes widened and she pulled out)No way!I am not doing any of those'.(frowning)And MY life is not boring'
Armaan:Acha tell me have you ever done-bungee jumping, jet skiing, rock climbing etc'.In short have you ever done something other THAN basketball!
Riddhima:(mumbled)Nooo but basketball is also a sport!
Armaan:But basketball is not the only sport'.
Riddhima:(pouting angrily)Then I am not doing any of them'
Armaan:Yes you are!
Riddhima:No I am not'..
Armaan:Yes Yes you definitely are'..
Riddhima:No I a-
Armaan:Yes you are'(panting)
Riddhima:(dazed)Yes I am'
Armaan grinned'If Mrs.Malik knew to take her way out so did he.He pulled her closer and slept kissing her hair.

After 4hours they reached phuket at 4pm(Thailand time)By the time they came out,it was 5pm and the car sent by the hotel took them to Swiss Garden-name of their hotel.The bell-boy opened the door to their room and riddhima gasped a little.It was an all white room with a big king-size white bed with a LCD in front.There was also a couch in the room.They had a balcony with sliding doors overlooking the beach and the vast blue sea.Couple of arm-chairs were placed in the balcony with a coffee-table.

She went to the balcony and was awe-struck by the serene view and did not notice the bell boy leaving.And nearly jumped when she felt two hands creeping up her waist and shuddered feeling his cold lips kissing her shoulder.
Armaan:Liked it?(pecked her ear-lobe)
Riddhima:(she turned around in his hold and put her arms around his neck and smiled a watery smile)Loved it!
Armaan:(seeing her moist eyes)Kya hua baby?
Riddhima:Armaaan,Its not a dream,right?(she asked cutely)whenever we are happy,something happens(a lone tear escaped her eyes)
Armaan:(he rubbed the tear away with his thumb and kissed her forehead)Nothing will happen baby!I'll not let anything happen this time.Do you trust me?(she nodded)And it is not a dream and I can prove it to you(he grinned)


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