Friday, 6 February 2015

Part 15(b):The Right Choice

Sanjeevani,2 pm.

Meanwhile the interns had surrounded Atul on the caf table and were telling him to continue the AR story.Muskaan also came and sat beside them.
Muskaan:arre main bhi sunaaogi story...
Atul:Arre yaar sabar karo'..Main rahul aur nikki ka wait kar raha hu'.unhe story zyaada maalum hai'Lo aa gaye!
Rahul,Nikki and Anjali,Abhi entered together and sat with them.After the usual hey's-
Naina:Ek question why do Dr.Rahul and Dr.Nikita know more??(asked confusedly)
Anjali:Kyuki who log ne ek saal tak apni relationship secret rakhi thi'.Aur Nikki Armaan ki best friend thi!
Nikki:Aur Rahul ko ridz pe crush tha!(everybody oohs)Isliye ye dono compete kar rahe'.
Rahul:(coughs)Par mujhe sacha pyaar ho gaya aur Armaan mera best friend ban gaya''.(he looked longingly at Muski)
Muski:(coughs)Haan Atul story start kar'.
Anjali:Main karungi!Kyuki maine ridz ki diary padhi hai'.(smirking while everybody eyes widened)Aur koi usse nahi batayega(she glared at everyone)Or I'm not telling you the secret parts of the love-story!
(everybody nodded)Ridz and Armaan met in the basketball court first and she was the first person to beat Armaan in basketball and hence the name-'Basket'''And then started the prank-fight!Armaan and Riddhima were enemies and would keep playing pranks on each other!And that time we were not one group-I and Armaan used to be together and Atul and Ridz were together while Sapna was the mediator'.
Atul: And Armaan and I become friends after he started helping in pataaoing Anjie(Anji blushes)Yeah they used to fight the whole day and then some girl accused Armaan and Ridz sent Armaan to jail!
Naina:Kya??(wide-eyed)Seriously itni serious fights karte the!
Anji: Haan they used to hate each other!But Armaan was proved innocent by ridz and he was out of the jail'.And then armaan saved riddhima from vivek-a patient who tried to misbehave with ridz and I think ridz started having feelings for him when he consoled her even though he was angry with her was sending her to jail'.And then Armaan had feelings for her when they got lost in the jungle during medical camp!And he knew it for sure when Minnie got unwell and ridz consoled him'.And before you ask Minnie is a 13 yr old patient in the cancer ward who armaan is very attached to'and he is paying for her treatment as well'.
Naina:That's so nice!
Anji: And they had a break-up because of me'..I and armaan had made a bet for which armaan had to make riddhima fall in love with him but he forgot the bet and instead fell in love with her but ridz got to know about the bet and they broke-up.And Armaan was still trying to convince ridz that he was in love with her and then Armaan had an accident and ridz confessed her feelings as she couldn't see Armaan in pain'.But then  they broke-up again'..And we all didn't know that they were dating!
Yuvi:They had a break-up again!How many times did they broke-up?
Muskaan:Many times!They are the favourites of problems!And this break-up was because of me''Actually my mom and dad wanted me to get married and I convinced Armaan to be my fake-boyfriend and after a lot of convincing,he agreed!He told ridz that he is going to help a friend as I told him to promise to not tell anybody!And ridz got to know and she broke-up with him again!And I made things more worse as I had a crush on Armaan!(everybody looks at her and rahul glares)Arre Armaan is HOT,you can't deny that!(everybody laughs)
Nikki:I had a crush on him too!
Anji: Me three!And they got together after armaan became a dev-das(everybody giggled)and left sanjeevani'.Ridz realised her mistake and she went behind him and they got back together again! Guys you don't know this'.When riddhima was stuck in the car with the bomb,armaan had locked himself with riddhima'.(everybody gasps)
Rahul:Shit yaar! Paagal hai woh!
Sid&Shilpa:(thinking)Itna pyaar karta hai woh riddhima se!
Rahul: After some more months,they decided to tell us about their relationship but no-one gave a chance to them!So we went to resort and they decided to tell us there but some fire-works happened and they were going towards ridz and Armaan went in between and he nearly died!And then the sanjeevani concert happened to save sanjeevani and Dr.Modi here was crushing on riddhima and Nikita unki band baja rahi thi for trying to steal her best friend's girl-friend'.Kya mast ladte the nikki and Abhi!Who would have thought they would get married''.
Abhi: Ok guys I did not know Armaan and ridz were together and I agree I had a crush on ridz''And I liked Nikki but that bodyguard best-friend of her' s didn't let me come near her'.And Riddhima was the one who was trying to help me and nikki get together(he smiled)
JP: Arre aap aage ki story boliye naa'.Aur yahaan har ladke ko riddhima flowerji pasand thi except AJ aur har ladki ko armaan bhaiya pasand the,hai na?
Atul:(dreamily)Haan main toh hamesha se hi anji ka thaa'..
Anjali: Shut-up Atul!Haan so nobody knew about them except for rahul and nikki!And then the big bang-Armaan and ridz went on a date to the park and landed up in jail and papa got to know about them!That was scary cause he did not approve of Armaan,Actually I did not approve of him as well!We thought he was playing around with ridz but ridz was determinant and Atul,Muski and Nikki were also supporting him!
Atul:It was so hard for them as they were not allowed to meet and not given duties together'''.So to convince Dr.Shashank,Armaan put up a tent below their house!And Armaan became famous and came to be known as and people used to call him and speak about their problems.
Naina:yeah I heard about this Dr.Love but I didn't understand one thing,why didn't they elope?They loved each other,right?
Nikki:Yeah they did!But Armaan didn't want Ridz to leave her father and wanted to marry her with their blessings'.
Naina:Aww that's so sweet'.
Atul:So Dr.Shashank called the police and the whole sanjeevani came to help armaan-nurses,ward-boys,some patients as well!Armaan always helps everybody so they were ready to help in a jiffy'..They danced in front of the house'..And I should tell Nani and Padma mom love Armaan!They had no problem with him''And the hunger-strike!Actually it was an accidental hunger-strike!
Yuvi:Accidental huger-strike??
Anjali:Yeah he came to the hospital and atul asked him if he ate something and he said that he didn't eat something from yesterday and the media people got berserk and spread the new that Dr.Love was on hunger-strike!And then ridz also started fasting and she became weak'.and Armaan called her to tell everything and I recorded it and gave it to the reporters(guiltily)And ridz was angry as well as he was telling lies to everyone!And after I told everyone,they started accusing Armaan!Armaan said that after everyone assumed that he was on bhook-hadtal ,he really hadn't eaten anything and now he was on official hunger-strike''And I didn't believe him and he fainted and Dr.Modi checked him and I started believing in his love.After seeing that he fainted,ridz also started getting dizzy and nani told papa told that he'll loose his daughter if he'll remain stubborn.And papa agreed'..
Naina:(who was on the edge of the seat shouted)Yaaay!Atlast mil gayeee!
Nikki:Noo guys this was not the end'.they got many troubles coming''
Pagers beeped so they decided to continue the story later on'..

Riddhima got up in the morning but frowned not finding Armaan beside her.She squeezed her eyes shut at the sun peeping from the window.She then slowly opened her eyes to find Armaan standing with a tray in his hands and grinning.He tugged on her blanket but she put it on her face stubbornly.
Armaan:Basket wake up baby!
Riddhima:(whining)Uh nooo!I wanna sleep''
Armaan smiled at her cute puppy face and kept the tray aside and got in the blanket and snuggled closer to her and kissed her bare-shoulder as she wearing a spaghetti top.He pulled her closer by the waist and kissed her cheek a few times and then went to her ear and whispered-
Armaan:Baby wake up!(she moaned a little)
He bit her cheek and chewed it a little and then whispered-
Armaan: You are so tasty I could just eat you up!(he bit her earlobe as she hissed)
RIdddhima: uhmmm(moaning)
Armaan: get up and see-I brought you breakfast-in-bed.
Riddhima smiled and pecked his lips and got up resting her back on the bed-post and leaning on to Armaan.
Armaan:See these are usual pancakes,toast and your cappucino!And this is a Thai speciality called Khao yam.It was only breakfast which I didn't find weird.It is a rice-salad which is eaten in breakfast(he said all this proudly and in an adorable tone)
Riddhima kissed his cheeks which made his dimples dig deeper as she mumbled an I love you to him.She brushed and they ate their food with their daily amount of romance and fun while feeding each other.After they finished-
Armaan: Basket you freshen up while I'll go and see what we can do today.(he was just in his shorts and picked his phone and wallet and went towards the door)
Riddhima:OK!(frowning)Oye where's your shirt?Why do you have to go shirt-less?
Armaan: (grinning)Basket it's a beach!
Riddhima: So??(glaring)wear your shirt and go!
Armaan shook his head while grinning at his possessive basket.He put on his vest and then went to her and kissed her forehead. Armaan:Now happy?(riddhima nodded)(he pecked her lips)Bye!

Their hotel was connected by the beach and Armaan stood on the beach waiting for his dear wifey.
As he stretched he was well aware of the eyes following him.He felt a sudden breeze and turned back to see riddhima coming in a-WHAT?His eyes literally popped while his jaws dropped.He was staring at her with mouth wide open. Riddhima blushed on seeing his constant stare and was well aware of the other eyes glancing upon her.She went upto him smiling and closed his mouth by her finger.Armaan came out of his trance embarrassed and glared at the other guys who were glancing upon her as riddhima chuckled.
Armaan: Riddhima??Yeh kya pehna hai?
Riddhima: (frowns)Kapde pehne hai!Achi nahi lag rahi hu?(pouts){Riddhima was wearing a yellow spaghetti top with white shorts}

Armaan: No No!You look VERY HOT!And that is the problem-first I'll have keep my hands off you till night and second-Mujhe tumhe insab  se chupa kar rakhna padega.(he pulled into his arms)
RIddhima: tumne hi bola tha( imitating him)Basket it's a beach!Aur beach par aise hi kapde pehente hai'.
Armaan: very bad imitation!Chalo we are going to do the first thing in your adventure trip!(he said proudly)
He pulled her near the shore and then slowly moved aside and said-TaDaaa!
Riddhima: Jet ski??
Armaan: Haan Jet ski!Chalo jaldi chalo!
Riddhima: (pulled back)Nahiii main nahi jaaongi!Armaan mujhe swimming nahi aati'.Main gir gayi thi toh??(looking scared)
Armaan: Basket!(she didn't listen to him so he cupped her face in his palms)Meri taraf dekho!(she looked into his eyes)Main tumhe girne nahi dunga,ok??(she pouted so he pouted more)Pleashhh mere liye?|
Riddhima: (frowned)Ok chalo!
Armaan got on the jet ski and riddhima sat behind him clutching his waist tight with her eyes tightly shut.Armaan smiled seeing her tight grip.He started the jet-ski and as it went faster so did riddhima's grip tightened.
Armaan:Basket open your eyes and look around(he said softly)
Riddhima opened her eyes and smiled a little as she felt the water in her face and the wind running in her hair.It was truly an exhilarating experience.Armaan turned a little back to see riddhima smiling and smiled himself.He was happy to see her smiling and experiencing something new.
Riddhima:Thank you Armaan!(whispering in his ear)I love you!
And that was enough to make his dimples dig deeper.
Armaan: I love you too!


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