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part 15(c):The Right Choice

Honeymoon Bliss-II

In the night,there was a beach party held in the restaurant.Armaan was waiting for his lady love at the bar drinking lemonade(remember the pari waala episode)!As soon as he saw riddhima, he nearly slipped off his stool.Riddhima was wearing a yellow knee-length dress.He stared at her open mouthed and lost his trance when she winked
at him.

Armaan:Do you even know how hot you look?(he pouted)I have to keep these men away from you...
Riddhima:I know!(encircling her hands around his neck)
Armaan:This is anjie's na?(she nodded)You look nice in her clothes(he put his hands around her waist)
Riddhima:I only look nice in Di's clothes?(pouting sadly)
Armaan:no baby!you look good in everything in Salwar or in westerns!(kissing her forehead then cheekily)but I toh prefer you without clothes...
Riddhima:(hit his chest and got out of his arms)ARMAAAN!Such a shameless person you are!
Armaan:(passing her a drink and smiling widely)I am not shameless,I am romantic!
Riddhima:yeah whatever!

After some time,Armaan went to the dj...
Dj: for all the couples on the floor a song dedicated from Armaan to his wife riddhima...
Armaan:dance??(put his hand in front)
Riddhima:(smiled and put her hand in his)

Armaan pulled her into his arms keeping his hand on her waist and one in her hand and gentle swayed to the music as he whispered the lyrics into her ears.

Only you can make this world seem right
Only you can make the darkness bright
Only you and you alone
Can thrill me like you do
And fill my heart with love for only you

He took her hand from his shoulder and his hand and put them around his neck and gently pulled her closer by the waist as she gasped.

Only you can make this change in me
For it's true, you are my destiny
When you hold my hand
I understand the magic that you do
You're my dream come true
My one and only you

Wrapping his hands around her waist tightly he kissed her forehead as she closed her eyes.He rubbed his nose on her cheek and kissed her nose as she smiled slightly.

Only you can make this change in me
For it's true, you are my destiny
When you hold my hand
I understand the magic that you do
You're my dream come true
My one and only you

He put the strand of hair behind her ear while tracing her cheek with his thumb as riddhima pulled him a little towards him while Armaan leaned towards her and captured her lips in a slow and sensual kiss while pulling her closer.They came out of the kiss and kept there forehead joined.Riddhima looked at him in a dazed state as he pecked her lips softly and murmured a soft 'I love you' near her lips as she  smiled her dazzling smile at him.

Next day,Phuket.
In the morning Armaan took her to the scuba-diving lessons as they were not allowed to dive before that...
And then took her for bunjee  jumping.
Riddhima:(looking at the height and then the wide grin on armaan's face)you are even mad to think ki I am doing this?(she said crossing her arms)(thinking- Should I jump, or should I wait until someone pushes me or even to tell me NO REFUND AT ALL!A lot of money was put in this(she frowned while thinking)
Armaan: (confused at her changing expressions then said)no basket!you are doing this(stubbornly)
Riddhima:no I am not!
Armaan:basket arre try to karke Dekho?
Riddhima:Armaan if we'll toh yeh hamesha ke liye try hi reh jaayegaa(she said while gulping) it's amazingly high from the ground, maybe we should just leave quickly before we die and simply waste the money in order to save our life!
Armaan:(chuckling a little)Basket pleaseee!(he made his best puppy face)This is safe yaar!Kuch nahi hoga and I have done this before...(he said while pulling her)
Riddhima:Armaan mujhe darr lag raha hai...(mumbling)
Armaan:Arre main kis liye hu,hmm?(he said while cupping her face)main kabhi kuch hone dunga ka kya tumhe?
Riddhima:(nodded in a no and gripped his hand tight)
Armaan:then trust me!
Riddhima finally smile a little and then the cables and the ropes were attached and they were standing on a height from where they had to jump and riddhima gulped looking at the height. She closed her eyes tight and gripped Armaan's hand tight.Armaan smiled at her behaviour and put her in front of him and jumped.Riddhima shouted loudly-AAAHH'' and put her hands around his neck tightly and put her head in the crook of his neck.She was so confused, yet enjoying the speed of free fall or the feeling of reaching death at the same time,
Riddhima:Armaaan!I am scared!Hold me!
Armaan:Basket!(he tries to make her look at him as the harness stops!)Basket dekho it is so nice here! Relax. Breathe deeply. Look at those beautiful mountains in the distance...
Riddhima: (mumbling)Its  like I am committing suicide, jumping from a building. (He chuckled as she slowly lifted her head from his shoulder and looked at with slightly moist wide eyes)What's so nice about hanging in mid-air over such a height(she scoffed)
Armaan:Hanging with ME!(after seeing her moist eyes)Arre why are you crying??See don't you feel nice when the wind is hitting your face and'..(he lifted his hand to her cheek)
Riddhima: ARMAAAN!Don't touch my cheek,put your hand around my waist and hold me''.(she shouted and tightened her grip)
Armaan: Fisrt of all do you know you have a harness tied around you, so you'll not fall and secondly who's complaining?Basket's getting romantic huhn?!
Riddhima: Shut up Armaan!Here I am getting scared and you are saying all cheeky- stu-
 Before she could complete her sentence, Armaan smacked his lips on hers and probed her to open up as riddhima forgot all about her fear.She clinged onto him deepening the kiss as the harness started to pull them up.They got out of the kiss as they got breathless but still were close to each other with each other breath hovering over their faces and their noses touching.
Armaan: (breathing heavily)That's your first fantasy kiss,baby!
He smirked looking at her flushed face and stared as her face turned to a deeper shade of red.They reached the top and as soon as the harness were taken out,he saw riddhima's eyes narrowing at him.
Riddhima:(glaring)You jerk!Moron!Stupid! I should have never told you my fantasy'.I was scared out of my wits!(she ran behind him to hit him)
Armaan:(he ran away grinning)But you wanted it to be an 'UNUSUAL' place(he said cheekily)
Inspite riddhima of herself, a small smile did form on her face as he took cares of her wishes and demands too much but still she put on her mock angry face on and ran behind him.

Next morning,Phuket.
Their scuba-diving lesson were over and they had not entered the deep sea yet and were standing on the beach in their body-suits ready to get on the boats which will take to the the middle of the sea from where they have to dive.They had just practiced it in shallow water before. Just before diving-
Riddhima: Are you sure Armaan I don't need to know swimming for this?(sceptically)
Armaan: Yes baby!I searched for this before!In snorkelling you need to know swimming,in scuba-diving you don't need to''
Riddhima: (meekly)Okay!
Armaan: Riddhima let yourself out okay and enjoy!(he kissed her forehead and gave her an assuring smile as she smiled back)I am sure you are going to have fun.
He gripped her hand as they dived in together.As soon as they swam downward they saw the varied sea-culture.The fishes,turtles,sea-weed going by in the clear blue sea.Just like Armaan's blue eyes-Riddhima thought! They saw some corals, big ones, some of them look like giant mushrooms. The sea definitely looks beautiful underwater and it really amazed them to realize that there are thousands of creatures living under the sea. Peacefully.

It was indeed so peaceful down there. So quiet. All they could hear was only their breath... breathing in.. breathing out.. while enjoying the "green world" and its inhabitants around them..She could feel armaan's hand holding her tightly and he was as awed as she was at the beautiful sight in front of them.It was so breathtaking to look at nature from such close prximity.She knew that she could never do these things without Armaan.He was the only one who could let her out of the shell of the obedient and meek girl-next-door and all her fears would go away when he would just hold her hand.Whether she cribbed about the height,the speed or her own swimming skills,she knew more or less she enjoyed everything she had done-whether it was jet-skiing ,bungee-jumping or scuba diving.And she was thankful to him to force him to do these thing as she knew she would never thought of doing such adventurous things, and would have always had looked at the world from one side.She looked as he tugged at her hand and pulled her by the waist.He looked deep into her eyes and took out the scuba-set from his mouth and then her mouth and kissed her lips slightly.He took her equipment and put in her mouth back and his scuba-set also back into his mouth.He could see her widened eyes while she could see the grin forming on his face by his eyes and then she saw him showing two fingers to her.Her slow mind registered that he was gesturing at her second fantasy kiss while she shook her head smiling at him.
The next few days they need some more adventure sports like Para-gliding and other.And much due to armaan's shock,riddhima didn't crib again,just gripped his hand tight and did whatever he said.

Same day,Sanjeevaini caf.
After two three day the gang could sit together with the interns as the interns were pestering them for the rest of the story.
Nikki:So where were we?
Yuvraj: In the roka!
Anjali: Haan so the roka with some little problems as always!Wherever Armaan is concerned some or the other thing happens'.
Atul:The roka happened nicely and then started armaan and riddhima got the love-birds tag.Wherever they go,you would see them romancing-fire-escape,caf and even wards!Then they were given Dr.Keerti and Dr.shubhankar's wedding responsibility and Dr.Shubhankar's sister pari tapak gayi and unknowingly created a mis-understanding between the two'..
Naina:Kya hua tha??
Atul: Actually our love-birds had a fight due to Dr.Modi!(everybody looked at modi)
Abhi:Why are you looking at me like that?You see I and Armaan were not exactly the best-friends and he and ridz had a fight as she was working with me on a project.(mumbling)Agar armaan ka memory loss nahi hota na toh I doubt if we would have ever be friends.
JP: Memory loss??(wide-eyed)
Muskaan: Arre khote chup kar!Woh part of the story aaya nahi abhi tak'.(JP looked scared)So abhi and Armaan were not friends as armaan was really protective about nikki as a best friend and wouldn't let Dr.modi come near her'.
Muskaan:So after they had a fight,our hero went to a club and was drowning his sorrows in (taking pause and chuckling) in a LEMONADE!(everybody laughed)and there he met pari who asked him for a dance and she was sad that her beloved left her'.And then our heroine riddhimaji came there as she couldn't her pyaara armaan angry(she said with melodramatic expressions as everybody chuckled)and saw armaan dancing and became angry'So Armaan was going after her but this pari fainted and the manager told him to take her home and hamesha ki tarah hamara Hero phas gaya!Bechara aise situation uske saath hi hote hai'
Anjali: Atul ne ridz ko samjhaya and the next day she went to armaan's house with flowers and saw him sleeping in the hall!And Armaan ko malum tha ki ridz will get angry so he lied to her that no-one is in the house!
Sid: (thinking)So he cheated on her??
Atul:Sirf facts ke liye nothing happened between pari and Armaan!
Anjali:But unfortunately ridz got to know and she was really angry as Armaan lied'she said that she knew that Armaan didn't cheat her because she trusted him that much but was hurt that he didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth'..And after some days when billy uncle who happen to be Armaan's dad and Papa fixed their engagement and marriage date.But ridz was angry with him so she told him that she was really hurt and broke-up with him.And Armaan was so devasted that he decided to leave forever and he had an accident'..And ridz realised her mistake as she saw the surprise which he kept for her.But he went missing and ridz was shattered!
Muskaan: After some days police came to leave Armaan and after coming back he started flirting with everyone including me and Anjie!Not ridzi coz she thought he playing one of his pranks and not remembering her.So she gave him her a piece of her mind and he started calling her "teacher"He actually forgotten two years of his life and remembered only that,ki that day was his first day of sanjeevani.Ridzi used to cry so much  that he forgot their love but she could see that he was fighting with her in the same way as before.We tried to keep him away from the truth,we sneaked into his house and took all the pictures of riddhima out before he could see'..He had his room filled with ridzy's pictures,big portraits of her'.
Naina:Woww!How romanticc!But if you could let him see the pictures then Dr.Riddhima would have got her love back na?!
Muskaan:Haahaah!Haan !Armaan is very romantic'..Actually we were told to not let him know the truth as he could get into a relapse so we kept mum but he somehow got to know that he loved a girl called 'BASKET'!And he threatened that he would jump of the building if we didn't tell the name of the girl'
Nikki:And I told them ki he is a big nautanki and he is not serious and used to do these things in college...but ridzy became really scared and went and told him everything...But he was finding it really hard to believe as they were very different kind of people.
Anjali: And asked ridzi that how can these be possible and she was very broken...I and Atul gave him our piece of our mind and showed him the pictures and he started believing...
Atul: But Dr.Shashank told ridz to stay away from Armaan as he was not the Armaan she loved...Actually starting main Armaan was kind of a jerk isliye...
Anjali: So ridz stayed away from him a little but still helped him for preparing the re-test of his internship and so Armaan again started falling in love with her...But ridz did something wrong as she thought it was for armaan's happiness!Sorry but can't tell you what she did, don't want you to judge her!So papa got to know and decided to send her away from mumbai and so the day when armaan was going to confess...before letting him confess she told him that they never meant to  be...It is better that he forgot their love.And armaan was shattered...
Nikki: On the day she was leaving,Armaan got to know that ridz sacrificed for him and he went and told Dr.Shashank that it was his fault...while on the other side I,Atul and Anji kidnapped ridz from the airport and it all became very confusing as we didn't know where armaan was...
Yuvi: seriously kidnapped??(All interns were laughing)
Abhi: kidnapping was okay but these people are mad...I and nikki had a date that day and she came very very late and dragged them with her...And Atul was hungry so she took food from our table and said that there were some hungry beggars down and I was really confused as she used to go out and come back again quite a few times...Then finally I confronted her and they dragged me into this plan...and as a senior doc I had more reponsibility but still they woulnt listen to me.
Nikki:We went to Armaan's house as he called us there...he brought Dr.Shashank there who approved of their relationship as he said that armaan had come to him and said that it was not ridz's fault but his own and Dr.Shashank saw this sacrifice and knew that armaan had again started loving riddhima...And then their engagement date was decided...
Naina:And then happily ever after...
Anjali: Nope!!(Sadly)This was the most dreadful day of our lives...(Atul put a hand around her shoulder as she looked at him thankfully)
Atul: On the day of the engagement I remember ridz was so happy and she had gone to meet armaan at the hospital as he did not have a leave...I was supposed to cover up...After meeting armaan she went to check her patients and there two terrorists entered and they held the patients and ridz captive(sighing as the other interns gasped;even sid didn't know this story)Armaan was devasted and he was so mad that he went to save her even as people were stopping him...No one can stop him if its related to ridz so they actually got engaged in the ward for the facts!So these people were not terrorists,they were in-love couple and their best friend who were forced into this conditon due to high-profile opposing parents!(Sighing)And ridz and Armaan being the most helpful people in the world decided to help them...they sent the patients away and decided to stay with the terrorists!
Sid: (spoke for the first time)If armaan loved riddhima so much why did he make her stay in danger??
Atul: (a little angry at sid's outburst)Don't you dare doubt armaan's love!HE loves ridz the most in the world...He told her to go back but after going halfway she ran back to him...She Loves HIM too much na...And they talked to Dr.Shashank and told them that these people were not terrorists...
Abhi: so the police were told not to fire but after they came out the so-called-terrorists were killed and as a bullet was going towards armaan,riddhima came in between and fell on armaan as his head hit the glass table behind him...
Naina:Oh my god!
everybody was tearful,even shilpa...she was somewhat feeling guilty of telling armaan to choose her as riddhima has done such self-less acts for her love...She felt bad about coming in between such an everlasting love!Sid was also feeling bad for them but his ego overpowered his heart again!
Abhi:And then riddhima had a spine injury while armaan had a head injury!He was told that he would become mad in few days so he decided to not let riddhima spoil her life by staying with him as he knew if she came to know the truth she'll never leave him!So he told Dr.Shashank that to tell riddhima that he had left her as she had a spine injury and maybe could never walk again!He wanted her to hate him so that she could forget but destiny had other plans!We all went different ways...Riddhima went to delhi!
Muskaan:I went to patiala!
Anjali: I went to London!and rahul in USA!
Atul:(sadly)And I failed as I couldn't cope with the loss of MY brother!And then aage ka you know what happened after ridz returned after six months!
Naina: Oh that's why you knew them from before!Oh!
Yuvi : But how come Armaan is your brother??
Atul: He is not my real brother! But he is my solution to every problem...He never lets me feel that I am an orphan!(Dreamily)He is my shining light,my mentor and guide and he fights for my rights,he makes my world bright! Wow kya poetry hai na??(Suddenly ligthening the sombre atmosphere)
Anjali: (frowning)Then you should have proposed him only na?
Rahul : Tu gay hai kya??(Everybody is chuckling)
Abhi: Meko hamesha se lagta tha ki in dono ke beech kuch chal raha hai!
Muskaan: nahiii! Dono gupta sisters ke saath dhokaaa! Ridz ko phone karna padega ki armaan usko cheat kar raha hai...(As she took out her phone,rahul snatched it away)
Atul : nahi maine kisiko cheat nahi kiya!Main sirf  Anjali se pyaar karta hu!(After a pause)Aur mere plants se!
Muskaan: oye kamine phone vaapis de!(Yelling)
Rahul: Nahi dunga!(To atul) agar yeh phone karega toh hum marenge!
Atul: kyu???(Then remebering and tensedly)Arre usne bola tha ki agar kisine uska honeymoonn disturb kiya toh woh humari love-lives ke liyee idea nahi degaaa!Muski please phone mat kar!(Everybody laughed at this while rahul smacked atul's head)
Muski: Nahi main karungi!Khotte de puttar phone deta hai ki nahi?
Rahul: Nahi dunga chipkali!(They glared at each other)Chal hatt!
Atul was manooing anjali while abhi was listening as nikki was continously blabbering.The interns saw as the the conversation changed from sad to funny!They saw their senior doctors fighting with each other.
Dr.Keerti : DOCTORSS!
And the familiar voice was enough to scare them out as the usual with Dr.Keerti started scolding her dearest doctors while they passed pleading looks to Dr.Shubhankar to help them out.
Last day in Phuket,9 pm.
Armaan had gone down to see the check-out timings as they were leaving tomorrow for the OTHER honeymoon.He was excited to see HIS Basket's face as she will learn about the suprise.He entered the room and saw the room was dark and panicked a little but then he heard a familiar tune playing and a figure standing with their back to him facing the sea and glowing a little in the moonlight.He walked ahead a little trying to figure out the tune-
Armaan: Basket??(He asked sceptically)

The figure turned around and as soon as he saw his jaws dropped down and one word escaped his mouth-'Wow'He was going to say beautiful but then just one word escaped his mouth-HOT!Riddhima was standing in a black lingerie which was fitting to her petite and curvy and flowed down from her waist to her mid-thighs.
She took her steps slowlyy and seductively towards him and winked at him slightly as his jaws dropped.

All I seee'
In hersszzz TouchWats d fun ? ah ah
Do u know wht i mean it isz ?
Sup sup
Can i get ya
Can i touch ya

She ran a finger slowly on his chest as his buttons opened and he closed his eyes taking a deep breath
Can i get ya
Can i touch ya
Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me

She took a round of him moving her finger with her and came in front and put her hands around his neck brushing her lips with his while the whole time he was dazed.

Ah zara zara .. Ooo ooo ooo
Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara
Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me
Ah Zara Zara
Ooo ooo ooo

(Bin tere sanam is jahan mein
Beqkaar hum
Dum da dum da dum
Bin tere sanam is jahan mein
Beqkaar hum ) '.. 2

She placed a lingering kiss on his cheek while humming the lyrics in his ears and taking his hands in her kissed them and put them around her waist.

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me
Ah zara zara .. Ooo ooo ooo
Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara
Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me
Ah Zara Zara
Ooo ooo ooo
(I love the way you touchin me, feeling me
Boy im gonna be rebelling
Boy my little secrets gonna let you know
That wen you put your arms around me
I love the way you surround me
Oh boy I m gonna loose control ) '.. 2

His hands unknowingly moved around her waist and hips,the smooth silk material pleasuring his hands...while her hands were tracing his toned abs...

(Tere hi tera hi intezaar hai
Mujhe to bas tujhse pyaar hai
Tera hi tera abb khumaar hai
Khud pe na mere ikhtiyaar hai ) '' 2
(Bin tere sanam is jahan mein
Beqkaar hum
Dum da dum da dum
Bin tere sanam is jahan mein
Beqkaar hum ) '.. 2
Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara
Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me
Ah Zara Zara
Ooo ooo ooo
Once time touch me like this
I like what you want
What you give its a risk
Two time touch me like this
Together wanna fasa d style the way tat a lover
Three time touch me by far
Gets over here comes the crazy with me in my car
Its one time touch me like this
I know wat you want, wat you can, wat you say.. my lover
(Yeh dard-e-dil to ho na agar
Sataye abb dooriyon ka gum
Behek jaye na yeh kadam
Hai tujhe meri jaan ki kasam ) '.. 2
Bin tere sanam is jahan mein
Beqkaar hum
Dum da dum da dum
Bin tere sanam is jahan mein
Beqkaar hum

His hands went upto her bare back while her hands caressed his shoulders and then holding him by the collar she pulled him towards the bed.

(Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara
Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me
Ah Zara Zara
Ooo ooo ooo) '.. 2
(Bin tere sanam is jahan mein
Beqkaar hum
Dum da dum da dum
Bin tere sanam is jahan mein
Beqkaar hum) '' 3

She pushed him on the bed and went over and kissed and caressed his chest and abs...She went upto his neck and kissing him gave him a love-bite there...

The bite brought him out of his trance as he turned and pinned her under him and started kissing her with a different passion...

She ruffled his hair and whispered in his ear breathing heavily-Remember this song??This was the first song I used when I  unintentionally seduced you so decided to use the same song to intentionally seduce you!He looked up and smiled at her and kept his lips on kissing her passionately.Today all shackles were broken.Every awkwardness and shyness had gone away and she had submitted herself truly.Riddhima had shown utmost trust in him by such a bold act of her for his happiness inspite of her shy nature...And he was going to make it the best night for her.The whole night he caressed and kissed her body like never before.He did not left even an inch of her body and drove her mad with his passionate love-making.

As they lay in each others arms,Riddhima was making patterns on his bare chest and then she giggled a little.Armaan looked at her questioningly'
RIddhima: (went upto his ear and whispered huskily)You know I was going to wear a red one but then decided to not give my husband a heart-failure'..
Armaan: (looked at her shocked) Basket how did you suddenly became bold?
RIddhima: (pecked his lips) See it was your fantasy and I am on a little (she showed little with her fingers)vodka!(seeing armaan's shocked face) I am half in my senses so don't worry!So did you like what I did?(she asked in a low voice burying her head in his chest)
Armaan: I loved it !You were totally sexy there!(he pulled her closer)
RIddhima: I have one more surprise for you!
Armaan: More HOTTER than this one?!(he asked excitedly)
RIddhima: Maybe!(she got up wrapping the sheet around herself)
Armaan: Yayyy!
He got up and put on his shorts and followed her and was confused on seeing going towards the washroom'.He thought she's going to freshen up so decided to tease her!
Armaan: So you wanna shower together?(cheekily with a grin)
RIddhima: Yes!(she said grinning herself at his shocked face and she pulled his hand)
Armaan's eyes widened as he entered the bathroom.He saw the Jacuzzi set up with bubbles,scented candles and bath salts.It smelled just the way he liked-riddhima's smell-Lavender!The candles were providing a very dimmed romantic atmosphere with two wine glasses place by the side'.He smiled wide flashing his gorgeous dimples at her and mouthed a I love you to her and picked her up in his arms as the sheet slid away!
And then you know what would have happened'..

Phuket Airport.
Saturday,1 pm.
Riddhima: We are going to switzerland??(She asked excitedly)
Armaan: (took her in his arms and pecked her lips)YES! You see MY wife loves snow!
Riddhima: Yayyy!You always know what I want!I love you!I love you so so much(she hugged him excitedly,her eyes twinkling with happiness)But...Why?...How?...What?...When?.(Stammering)
Armaan: For this smile!(Rubbing his thumb on her cheek near her lips as she smiled fully again)And Papa had already booked tickets for this beach holiday and I couldn't say no as it was their gift so I decided to take Mrs.Basket Malik to her favourite snow in the second part of the honeymoon!And the girls have packed your woolens!
She tiptoed and kissed his lips softly and then hugged him tightly.

As they entered their cottage,riddhima gasped slightly looking at the cozy and homely place.It had a living room with large comfy window seat with a fire-place in the opposite direction.It had an open kitchen and a small staircase which led to their bedroom.The bedroom had large sliding windows which led to the porch cum balcony(it also had stairs to go down)They had taken a cottage as armaan didn't want to go in the hotel,in his words he said-'Basket we are mostly going to spend time in the bedroom as the snow is there we are hardly going sightseeing so privacy in a cottage will me more!(Huskily)And waise bhi itne cold weather main we need to warm up,right? 'to which she had blushed very badly!She was brought back to present as his hands tightened around her from behind and he kissed her cheek.
Armaan: Liked it?
Riddhima: (looked around)Loved it!
Armaan turned her to himself and looked at her lovingly as she looked beautiful in her jeans and plain white tee with a blue zipper jacket,her long hair loosely flowing behind and some bangs covering her eyes.Her cheeks had turned red due to her blushing from his shameless banter and her nose turned red due to the cold while her whole face was glowing white...He kissed her nose and put the bangs behind her ear and then lightly whispered in her ear as she shivered under his hold-"So ready to be heated??"And without waiting for her answer he had picked her up in his arms and took her to their bedroom!He put her on their bed and bend down and kissed her neck as she gasped and closed her eyes and clutched his collar tight.He places soft kisses from her ear-lobe to her neck as she arched her neck but he groaned as he heard her cell's ringtone.He didn't pay attention and placed kisses on her cheeks.She extended her hand and placed the phone on her ear and pushed him a little'.He frowned but didn't pay heed to her and opened her jacket and placed kisses on her upper chest.Riddhima glared at him and sat up-
Riddhima:Yes Di!Yeah the Guess bag!Ok Di!
Armaan frowned hard'..He was pissed of at the girls!Phuket didn't have more shopping option but Switzerland had,therefore they were calling riddhima up and giving their shopping lists and disturbing them!He was mighty pissed off as riddhima pushed him and grumpily sat on one side of the bed with a pout on his face and arms crossed and his back turned towards her.
Riddhima talked to Anjali while keeping her eyes on her grmpy baby as he sat there with an adorable pout and messed up hair.He looked so cute that she wanted to pull his cheeks hards.She knew she had to do serious damage control as he would be mighty pissed off'She was a little angry as they were spoiling the moment so she kept the phone in point 7 minutes and switched it off to stop more disturbances!She slowly went and hugged him from behind and kept her head on his back and left a small kiss there'
Riddhima: Sorry Armaan!I am so so sorry!
Armaan:No No why are you talking to me?Huhn!
He tried to take her hands off him but she tightened her grip and left few kisses on his back while sensuously moving her hands on his chest'.It was having the desired effect on Armaan as he closed his eyes enjoying her caress.He groaned a little as her hands moved from his chest to his abs still slowly'.He couldn't take the torture anymore so he turned back and pinned him under him and smacked his lips on hers!And then the passion overtook and they made love without any disturbances this time'.

Riddhima woke up in the morning to see his side of the bed empty.They had gotten up in the night after their love-making for eating and slept again...She frowned to not find him near her!She took out her jacket as the heater was on and the place at warmed a little...Thinking about the warm word she remembered last night and indeed he was right,they did not feel cold at night.She shook her head a little smiling and went to freshen up a little!

She came outside to see him siting on the winow seat with a cup of coffee and staring out of the window.She picked up a box of pringles from last night and strode towards him.She faked a cough to get him out of his thoughts!He gave a big smile to her and pulled her to him nd sat her between his legs.
Armaan:You are up baby?
Riddhima: yeah!Why are you up so early?Tshe frowned,snuggling up to him and finding her spot)
Armaan:(slipped his hand into her tee and caressing it lightly with his thumb) Couldn't sleep!Jet lag!You want coffee??
Riddhima: (nodded and then diverted his hand with the mug to her mouth and drinking the coffee)Mmm!(And then popped some chips into her mouth)this is so tasty!You are getting better armaan!(He smiled at her)My favourite coffee,my one of the favourite places, my favourite person and MY MOST FAVOURITE CHIPS!
Armaan: (mock angry tone)More emphasis on chips,not the person?Hmm?
Riddhima: Yeah!(Pulling his cheeks a little)Chips are more important!(Looking at the chips lovingly)MY FAV BARBEQUE FLAVOUR!
Armaan: Whatever!But why is switzerland one of the fav,why not the most favourite place?(He said nuzzling in her neck)
Riddhima: Because my most favourite place in the world is Sanjeevani!If it hadn't be there I would have never met you!
Armaan: (smiled at her confession and bend down and put a lingering kiss on her cheek)Basket you always wanted to be doctor kya?
Riddhima: Uhmm no! I had two fav subjects in schools-History and Art!
Armaan: I always knew you were a geek!
Riddhima: Shut up Armaan! So where was I??Yeah so I wanted to become an archaelogist and my drawing was real nice that is why I was interested in rahul's painting...
Armaan:Ohh!So why the sudden change?
Riddhima: When we were little we used to come to sanjeevani with smriti mom and papa!And after seeing the happiness on papa's face after saving a life and how people depended on you and trusted,I decided to become a doctor!(Finally looking at him and saw him staring at her) So you also wanted to doc or something else?
Armaan:I always wanted to become a doctor,I loved science specially biology!Being a prankster,I still was very good at studies...And I never believed in love that time so I decided to give all the care and love to my patients which I never received(he said in a sad rone remembering the bad times)
Riddhima:(she looked at him and saw him sporting a serious look and decided to lighten the atmosphere!She squeezed his hand a little and blinked assuringly at him as he smiled a faint smile and then said cheekily)I always knew you were a closet nerd!The stud was a geek as well(she said taunting)
Armaan: (frowning) No I was not(pouting angrily)
Riddhima: Yes you were!I said it matlab it is right(then seeing something in the distance)See armaan that girl is making a snowman I also want to make one...(Excitedly)
Armaan: (looking disbeilivengly)I call you baby doesn't mean you become one okay?Basket you'll get cold outside baby!
Riddhima: (pouting sadly) Pleaseee Armaan!(He still didn't say anything)Nobody listens to me!Main bechari pyaari ki maari...(Fake sniffs)
Armaan: (shook his head smiling at her) Chaliye nautankiji!
She gave him her biggest smile,then hit him for the word-nautanki and then hugged him tight.As she started going out,he caught her hand and looked at her frowning.
Armaan: (sternly) Wear something warm!
Riddhima: WHAT?But this is warm(she whined)
Armaan: (shook her head)No it is not!
He went inside and bought a jacket for her and made her wear as she was pouting angrily!He zipped her jacket and pecked her lips and red nose and pulled her out!
They went outside and made a snowman,clicked pictures and had snow fights.
They did go for sight-seeing but most time they spend in their bedroom...They did various snow sports too like snow boarding,snow ledge,skiing and also sat in their cable train.Now you must be thinking about their third fantasy kiss right!You must be thinking that it must have happened in the snow sports but no it was their 8th or 9th one...But riddhima had only asked for three na but our armaan would kiss her in every adventure sport and so the list had increased a lot! Her third kiss had happened in para-gliding!
This trip was the best which they ever had...This trip had totally transferred her from the boring riddhima to the adventurous and bold armaan's basket!She was feeling free now and a lot more confident.While Armaan was happy to see the other side of his basket which he had unknowingly taken out!
This honeymoon was definately a BLISS!


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