Thursday, 19 February 2015

Part 16: The Right Choice

Its just another day with a new mission.

It had been a week and half since armaan and riddhima had returned from their honeymoon.Life had been nothing short of beautiful for them.They had been thoroughly enjoying the phase of 'newly-weds'.The people in the hospital could also guess their happy state by the constant grin on armaan's face and the glowing face of riddhima.Everyone was happy to see them back and Atul had ran to Armaan and hugged him tight and said-"Mere bhai mere dost tu aa gaya,Maine tujhe bahut miss kiya!"While Armaan had said-"Maine bhi tujhe bahut miss kiya champ.."And then looking at the girls he had commented,"Aur tum log ko bilkul miss nahi kiya!!miss kaise karta pura time phone pe jo rehti thi basket ke saath!"He made a face at them as the girls scowled at him...

After showing them the pictures everyone was shocked and anjie gasped-"Ridz did this?Bunjee jumping,Para gliding?You must be kidding me!"And then Armaan had explained his basket's acheivements proudly!The only person who was not happy was Dr.Keerti(you must have been thinking Sid must be not happy!Naaah he is just plain jealous)So hitler was angry because they had come late a couple of times...She knew they were newly-weds and were late because of you-know-what ;) But they needed to understand the importance of their professions so it resulted in long lectures,punishments which led to a pouting armaan running behing a pissed-off riddhima to manoify as mostly it was his fault as he started their morning make-out sessions!But what could the poor boy do if his wife looked so beautiful in the morning.

Riddhima peeped from the door to see armaan still sleeping.She had taken out her clothes and forgot them on the bed and she also had to take her moisturizer from the table.So she stealthily came out of the bathroom in a red towel .She quickly took the clothes and turning around started tip-toeing to the dressing table.She jumped as she felt his arms pulling her back into his chest and gasped as she felt armaan's lips on her wet shoulder.His arm tightened around her stomach as he sucked the drops fallen from her hair on her shoulder and neck.Riddhima moaned as his teeth sunk in her velvety skin.The temperature soared due to her body radiating heat as he sucked and kissed the love-bite.He turned her around as riddhima kept her hands on his chest.His hands grabbed her waist and he whispered huskily in her ear, "Meri goodmorning kiss diye bina hi jaa rahi thi?"He kissed her more fiercly and as they came out of the breath,he went down to her neck placing fervent kisses while mumbling, "You look so hot in a towel" she moaned as his kisses became more passionate and clutched his hair tight in her tiny fist.but the phone rang making riddhima come out of the trance.She had kept an alarm to remind them if they were getting late as mostly they used to loose their senses and end up making out.It rang everyday 20 minutes before they had to leave for sanjeevani.She moaned as he was still kissing her ,"Ar..maan!"

He ignored as she pushed him a little while panting for breath still whispering, "Dr...Kee..rti..Late...Sanj..eevani"He groaned and frowned as she pushed him and got up...That freaking alarm had to ring everyday to destroy their moments!And HIS basket had to keep that freaking alarm!She took a deep breath and pulled him up and started pushing towards the bathroom and said, " Armaan!Go and get ready!We are already late because of YOU!Go and come back fast!" She handed him towel as he pulled her by the waist, "Achaaa!We are getting late because of ME???You come out in this towel and respond to my touches!And say we become late due to ME??",he said while kissing her cheek and going down to her neck as she pushed him away and glared at him, "Firstly I forgot to take my clothes!And secondly I don't want to fight we'll get more late and Dr.Keerti will give us rectals which I surly don't want to do!" And she closed the door on his face!She quickly wore her clothes and took out his clothes and kept them on the bed with his wallet,mobile and hankerchief and ran down to make breakfast.She made her own cappucino first and then put water boiling for his black coffee and then made two sandwiches,made an omlette for herself and ate it while packing the sanwiches in a tiffin and making the black coffee.She drank her cappucino as armaan came down.She looked at him in awe as his wet hair fell on his forehead and his abs showing through his tight muscled t-shirt.She blushed and averted her gaze as she saw him smirking at her as he probably caught her checking him out.He came down and kissed her cheek and said cheekily, " Chill basket!You can check me out but abhi nahi!You see we are getting late and we can do this checking-out thing later in the night,ok?" while winking at her.She fumbled and then glared at him, "Woh main...uh...I was not checking you out,ok?Anyways we are getting late so jaldi se tumhaari coffee piyo!"She said while quickly changing the topic as he shook his head chuckling at her.As soon as he finished his coffee,she pulled him by his arm giving him the keys and running towards the elevator.

As they sat in the car and he started driving,she said, " muhh kholoo!!Aaah!" He looked at her wierdly as she was telling him to open his mouth fast.He said, "Basket paagal ho gayi ho kya?"She took out the sandwich and took it towards his mouth and said, "Arre breakfast armaan!Khaao fast!" He smiled as he took a bite from her hands while driving...No one had cared about him this much!She remembered even if they were getting late.She gave him all the love he had missed in his childhood.He was HER baby!She quickly made him eat all the sanwiches lovingly as he took the last piece,they reached sanjeevani.She quickly handed him over the piece and said,"Finish the piece!I'll go as I have to give duties,ok!Bye armaan!see you at lunch."Pecking his lips softly she strode off as his dimples digged deeper seeing her love for him.

Later in the night.

Riddhima came of the shower wearing a pink noodle-strap nightie which had a small pixie towards the end of the dress.She was rubbing the towel on her wet hair and came to the mirror to dry them properly.Armaan was studying a case and dropped it as soon as his basket came out and started ogling at his wife.He came out out his trance as she flicked her hair making few drops fall on him and he decided to tease her a little.
Armaan:(clearing his throat)You are so obsessed with showers,na??
Riddhima:Huhn!(Coming out of the lala land)Excuse me I am obsessed with hygiene!Tumhaare tarah nahi ki do do din tak bina nahaye reh saku...You boys are such disgusting...Ewww!
Armaan: Perfumes and deo kiske liye bane hai??So that without the whole task of bathing we smell nice...Bathing is so boring(and then cheekily)With you it is nice though!t(winked)
Riddhima: (blushing)Shut up Armaan!!Tumse toh baat karna hi bekaar hai...Shameless(he chuckled)!(She turned back and started twisting and turning to look at herself in the mirror)Shit Armaan dekho I've become fat!(Pouting at him)
Armaan: Kuch bhi haan basket!you have not become fat!You are perfect!Now come here naaa!(Whining)
Riddhima:No I have become fat.I'll go jogging from tomorrow(walking to him)You know you should also go for basketball tomorrow!
Armaan: I'll see!But you have not become fat,okay!(Pulling her to him and whispereing huskily)I'll show you how perfect you are,hmmm?
She blushed as he kissed her!And then you know the rest...

Next Morning
Riddhima was ready in her jogging suit consisting of black track pants and red tank top.She tied her hair in a high ponytail and sat on the bed to tie her shoe-laces.Then leaned back and ruffled armaan's hair slowly.
Riddhima; (pushed his hair off his forehead)Armaan get up!I am going jogging...Don't you want to go for basketball??
Armaan: (taking her hand,kissing it and sleeping on it)Nooo! I want to shleeep!
Riddhima: Mere haath chodo!mujhe toh jaane do!
Armaan: Nahiii!(whining)
Riddhima: Armaaan pleashh!Haath nahi chod rahe toh utho aur chalo mere saath jogging par!
He quickly left her hand and turned around and put the blanket on his face and slept again.She smacked his head.
Riddhima: Lazyy bum!
Armaan: (he came out of the blanket and turned to face and whined)Baskettt!
Riddhima: (smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead)Bye lazy bum!
She went and started her jog from the basketball court rounding the whole park and coming back again.As she came back after one round to the basketball court again,she saw a cute baby with her grandpa and started playing with the baby when a ball hit her head.She smiled and took the ball in her hand,she went towards the court smirking!Armaan was standing there in an open white jacket and shorts grinning at her...
Armaan:Bulls eye!
Riddhima: Tumhe haarna kitna pasand hai na?
Armaan: (pulling her by the waist)Jab tumse dil haar chuka hu toh game kya cheez hai?
Riddhima: (smacking his chest) Such a cheesy line armaan!(Looking at his open jacket and bare chest)Oye why is your shirt open?(Zipping him up) You are not allowed to roam around shirtless in my absence,ok?
Armaan:Oye hoyee!Basket becoming possessive!
Riddhima: I was always possessive!And you toh weren't coming for basketball,na?Tumhe toh neend aa rahi thi naa?
Armaan: (hugging her) Tum chali jaate hi neend nahi aati! (Closing his eyes and pulling her closer)
Riddhima:(hugging him back and then smacking his back) Aur maaro cheesy lines!
Armaan: Ouch yaar!Mere toh koi izzat hi nahi hai,sach bol raha hu phir bhi maar rahi ho!(Hugging her tighter as she tried to come out of his grip)
Riddhima: Armaan chodo!Koi dekhlegaa...
Armaan: Nope!!
Then they heard some giggling sounds and saw the usual kids who Armaan plays with, standing there staring at them.They immediately separated from each other.
Kid:Bhaiya aap log match khelogee??Woh purani waali match aaj puri kardo!
Armaan: (spinning the ball) kyun basket khelna hai kya?Daro mat main easy game khelungaa!
Riddhima:.(Mimicing him) daro-mat-main-easy-game-khelunga!Main kisi se nahi darti hu...Zyaada udo mat Armaan malik!
Armaan: You'll loose Basket Malik!
Riddhima:Oh please!Bring it on!(Standing in front glaring at him)
Armaan: (grinning)Aur bacho tum log kiske saath ho??
Kids: Riddhima didi ke saath!
Armaan : (jaws drop)Haww dhokebaazo!Main sikhaatha hu tum log ko aur kehte ho(making a face)riddhima didi ke saath ho...
Kids: Bhaiya aap sirf bolte ho!Didi saamne aate hi haar jaate ho! (riddhima smirks)
Armaan : Aee main kabhi nahi haarta!
Riddhima: woh toh game ke baad hi pata chalegaa!
Armaan: Haan Haan dekhenge!
And as always the game started and riddhima won...And a smiling riddhima and sulking armaan went home.

  Later that night'.
Riddhima was humming a tune and preparing the food when Armaan slowly and stealthily entered the kitchen and put a fake cockroach beside her.He was doing to gain her attention as she was angry with him because a patient was flirting with him and that patient gave him her number,before Armaan could say no,the patient thrust the paper in his hand and went away with riddhima seeing this!She turned her gaze to look for the salt when she saw it and screamed out loud as Armaan kept his hands on his ears.
Riddhima: ARMAAAN!Bachaooo!(she ran straight into his arms and hugged him tight)
Armaan: (smiled and wrapped his arms tight around her taking in her scent)
Riddhima: Arm'aan'woh'cock..roach! I am scared!! (she buried her face in his chest)
Armaan: (eyes closed) Hmmm'..
Riddhima: Cockroach gaya kya??(in a timid voice)
Armaan: Hmmm''(nuzzling in her hair)
Riddhima: Pata nahi kaise aa gaya??(she asked in a confused tone)
Armaan: Hmmm(tightened his grip on her waist)
Riddhima: (irritated) Yehh Hmmm kyu kar rahe ho?
Armaan: (still in his own world) Hmmm'..
Riddhima: (then analysing everything about how a cockroach came into the room achanak se)Armaaan chodooo!Tumne woh cockroach rakhaaa thaa naa(hitting his back and coming out of his grip)
Armaan: (coming out of his trance)woh fake cockroach??? (then looking at her fuming face,his eyes widened)Oh shittt!
And he ran as riddhima ran behind him to hit him.They dodged the dining table,vases,tables and ran around the couch as riddhima threw cushions at him.He sank onto the couch breathing heavily from all the running and pulled riddhima onto his lap wrapping his hands tight around him so that she cannot hit him.She panted and rested her head on his shoulder,taking her hands out of his grip and keeping one around on his neck and other on his chest.She then smacked him hard on his chest and said-
Riddhima: Jerk!Moron!I was so scared pata he!
Armaan: Ouch(rubbing his chest) Hehehe!But that was so damn funny,the way you screamed! Basket how did you become a doctor??You are scared of cockroaches,don't you remember we had to cut them during college??
Riddhima:Oh please huhn!They were not alive as in they were in semi-alive!Not flying and roaming around us with their scary little faces(she said making a face then pouting)Aise koi daraata hai kya??
Armaan: Aww mera baby!Baby darr gaya!(she smiled listening to his baby talk) I didn't know ki jungle biliyon ko cockroaches dar lagta hai!!(chuckling)
Riddhima: (frowning) ARMAAAN!
Armaan chuckled and kissed her while lowering her down on the couch.And as expected she lost herself forgetting all about her anger.She fisted his hair pulling him closer while probing his lips.As they came out of the kiss he went down to her long neck leaving fervent kisses there and nibbling on to her high collar-bone.His hands were caressing her waist inside her kurta while his mouth went to her throat kissing it and sucking on it as she arched her body moving closer to him.He further went down but riddhima pushed him because of the bell ringing continuously and whispered,"Do..or"

Armaan grumpily went and opened the door to find Rahul looking at them with a smile on his face.
Rahul: Andar nahi buloage??
Armaan: Aayiye naa rahoolji !(Sarcastically)
Rahul : (he raised an eyebrow at armaan's sarcastic comment and then he looked closely at their dishevelled state and saw armaan's pissed off face and riddhima's red face)Oh shitt!I am so sorry!Did I interuppt something??
Armaan: what does it look like? ( He said in a more pissed off tone)
Riddhima: Shut up Armaan(glaring at armaan)Aise kuch nahi hai rahul!You sit I'll bring coffee(she smiled and went inside)
Armaan: Kamine ho na tum sab!Har waqt galat time pea ate ho.
Rahul : Arre yaar mujhe kya maalum tha ki tum log yeh sab kar rahe hoge!Dekh main yahaan bahut important baat karne aaya hu yaar!
Armaan:(in a grumpy tone) Kya important baat?Kal hospital ke liye nahi ruk sakta tha kya??
Rahul: Arre yaar hospital tak rukta toh band baj jaati yaar!Dekh teri love-story set ho gayi toh meri mat bhul samjhaa!(coming inside)
Armaan: Meri love-story banne doge toh banegi na kabab main haddiyon!
Riddhima: Guys lado mat,ok!Armaan tum chup baitho aur rahul tum apni problem baatao!
Armaan: But Basket!!Iski koi problem nahi hai bas disturb karne tapak jaate hai(in a grumpy tone with a pout)
Riddhima; ARMAAAN! Bas ekdum chup!(he made a face and crossed his arms)Rahul tum bolo!
Rahul: Mujhe muskaan ko patane ka plan chahiye!!(as he saw they tried to protest)Haan main jaanta hu usne time maanga but its been nearly a month!Uske liye wait karta raha toh saalo beeth jaayenge!Toh jaldi koi plan baatao.Bolna Armaan!
Armaan: Arre main kya bulb joh button chaalu karte hi plan dimaag main aa jaayega!Tu ghar jaakar so jaa...Main kal tak soch kar baataunga...
Rahul: Tu pakka soch lega na?!
Armaan: Haan baba!Ab jaa naa!
Rahul: Thik hai!Main chalta hu
Riddhima: Arre rahul khaana toh khaakar jaao!Maine rajma chawal banaya hai...
Armaan: Arre basket use jaana hai toh jaane do na!(in a whisper) Taaki hum apna kaam khatam karle iske aane ke pehle joh incomplete reh gaya tha!
Rahul: Kya??Joh bhi chodo!Ab aaya hu toh khaake jaaonga...
Armaan: Bas Muskaan aur atul ke saath rehkar tub hi bhukkad ban gaya!
Rahul: Aee meri muski ko kuch mat bol...
Riddhima: Shut up both of you!Aur chup chaap khaana khaao nahi toh rahul,main muskaan ko plan bata dungi aur armaan tum (whispering in his ear) main rahul ko yahaan rukne ko insist aur tumhe room main ghusne nahi dungi(he nodded in a no horrified)
And then they ate the food silently like little boys...

Next morning.
Everyone was in locker room except for muskaan and anjali.Armaan climbed on top of the bench and shouted-
Armaan:suno suno guys...Mere dimaag ne ek plan banaya hai!Is kamine rahoool ki madat karne ke liye!Isliye yahaan par aao!
Rahul: aee kamina kisko bola?huhn!
Armaan: Plan chahiye ki nahi?!
Rahul: nahi nahi kamina kya,Ulla da patha,idiot,jerk-sab kuch bol de!
Atul: Hey guys!Hum kitne din baad mission kar rahe hai,hai na?
Armaan: Haan champ!Ab mera superbly awesome idea sunna hai ki nahi?!
Riddhima:Armaan tum khudki tareef karte rahoge yaa idea bhi baatoge??
Armaan:(putting his hands around her waist)Ab tum toh tareef kart nahi toh mujhe hi karni padegi naa!
Rahul: Ahem Ahem guys!Log hai yahaan par!
Armaan: Haan toh!Meri biwi hai...Anyways plan-
Atul: Nahiii!Ruk jaao!
Armaan:Kya hua champ??
Atul: Meri anjali nahi aayi!Usse aise missions karna bahut pasand hai aur woh ache ideas bhi deti hai!Jab Dr.Shashank aur sister padma ka mission tha tab nani ko apne side rakhne ka idea unka hi tha na??
Armaan: Haan bhai!Teri anjie mahaan...
Riddhima:Armaan di ke baare main kuch mat bolo...
Armaan:Arre maine kya bola-
Rahul: guys plan pe concentrate kare!
Anjali: (comes in)Hey guys!
Armaan:Lo atul tumhaari anji bhi aa gayi!
Anjali: Tum sab aise saath main kyu khade ho?Kuch toh gadbad hai!
Armaan: Anji tum yahaan aao phir I'll tell you the plan.So the plan's name is "Mission MR"
Atul: (confused tone) Mission mister??
Armaan: (exasperated at being interuppted again)ab yeh mister kahaan se bich main aa gaya!
Atul:Arre tune hi toh kaha MR,uska full form mister hota hai!
Armaan: Champ MR ka full form hai muskaan rahoool!Kya yaar tu bhi!
Atul: toh specify karna chahiye tha naa,naam change kar yaar!
Armaan: Acha theek hai-(tapping his chin)Hmm...Mission muskaan manaoo or Paatao punjaban sherni!M3 or PPS!
Atul:wow yaar kya mast naam sochaaa!
Rahul: guys plaan!
Armaan: (he tells the plan-you'll get to know later)
As he finishes evrybody smiles as armaan raises his collar,muskaan enters.
Muskaan:Helloji!Kya khusur-pusur ho rahi hai?
Ridhhima:Kkkuch nahi...
Anjali: (fake chuckling and waving her hands)Haan kuch bhi toh nahiii!
Armaan:Arre jaldi chalo Hitler daategi!
And everybody quickly takes their things and goes out as muskaan looks at them confusedly at their weird behaviour as 15 minutes were still left for the duty!She shrugged her shoulders and went behind them...


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