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part 17(A) : the right choice

Part 17 A- Mission,movies,matches and madness.

We see armaan's face telling them about the plan.
Armaan:So M3 ka step I-Jealousy!And he starts telling the plan-

Later in the day.
Sanjeevani corridor.
Atul and Riddhima were peeping from behind the wall with a walkie-talkie in their hand.
Atul: (on walkie-talkie)Rahul ready?
Rahul: ready dude!
Atul: zyaada paas mat jaana muski khoon kardegi!(Riddhima giggles)
Rahul: (grumpily) Haan yaar!dara mat!Already nervous hu!
Atul: (cut the line and went to the second line) Hi anjie!
Anjali: Hey guys!
Atul: Anjali tum aaj bahut khubsurat lag rahi ho!
Riddhima: (hitting his head from back)Atul!Di tumhe dikh bhi nahi rahi hai...
Atul: (innocently)par woh hamesha hi achi dikti hai!
Anjali: (on the walkie-talkie)(blushing)Shut up Atul!Aur yaa I'm ready,just waiting for muski!
Anjali:  Guys on position!!Muski aa rahi hai...

In the corridor near nurse station,Rahul and Pamela are standing at one corner and muski is coming from side humming-
Muskaan: (revolving her stetoscope) Balle Balle de soniyaa de rang dekho...
Anjali: Hey Muskii!(Meeting in mid-way)
Muski: Hello Anjie!Duty khatam??
Anji: No going to take my file!
They heard Pamela giggling loudly and hitting Rahul's arm flirtingly.
Pam: HeeeHeee!Dr.Rahul you are so funny!And so handsome!(Saying the last bit huskily)
Rahul: (gulps looking at muskaan from the corner of his eye)You are also very pretty Pam...
Pam:Only pretty,I thought I was HOT!
Rahul: (stammering)Yes Yes!You are Hot too...
Muskaan was fumimg and wanted to strangle Rahul.She fisted her hands to stop herself as her face was turning red.
Anjali: (putting a hand on her mouth)Hawww dekh muski kaise woh Pam flirt kar rahi hai rahul ke saath...Actually karegi hi naa woh akela hi bachelor hai naa sanjeevaani main!
Muski:(gritting her teeth) Kyu JP aur Sid gay hai kya??Un ke saath nahi kar sakti kya??Aur yeh khota bhi vaapis flirt kar raha hai...
Anjali: Par woh toh kar sakta hai!Tera boyfriend thodi hai,filhaal toh single hi hai naa!
Muski:(sadly)Haan single hi hai!
Anjali: (smiling inwardly)Tujhe jalan ho rahi hai??
Muskaan: (stammering)uh...Pshhh!mujhe kyu hogi??
Anjali: mujhe aisa laga!chod na!(Reached there)Hey guys!(To rahul and pam.She then put a foot in between for muskaan.Muskaan tripped and landed in rahul's arms and their eye-lock started and anjali started smiling)

Meanwhile in the corridor,Atul and Riddhima were trying to see what is happening at the nurse station.
Riddhima: Atul bend down a little!I can't see.
Atul: Aur bend hua na toh gir jaaonga!
Riddhima: Arre pa-
She stopped when she felt two hands creeping on her waist and nearly jumped.She turned to give the person an earful for touching her and shrieked.
Riddhima: ARMAAN!Aisa koi darata hai kya!??
Armaan: (pulling her by the waist)Main kab daraya??(Smiling cheekily and kissing her shoulder)
Riddhima gasped and turned to look at him fully.As she turned she lost herself in his beautiful blue eyes and he was also captured in the hypnotizing eyelock.Gazing into each other,they were unknowingly leaning towards each other.As they were inches away from kissing each other,somebody coughed loudly.
Atul: Guys kahin bhi shuru ho jaate ho...Kuch toh sharam karo!
Armaan:(grumbling) Tujhe aa rahi thi na sharam,toh tu face turn karleta!Humara romance kyu bigaad raha hai??(riddhima blushed and hit armaan's arm while glaring at him)
Atul shook at his shameless reply and knew there was no point arguing with him.He went back to plan-gazing.

Again Armaan's face showing,
Armaan: Next step will be Envy and insecurity!According to the plan,we'll plan a horror movie at our house.You can sleep over at our house.
Anjali: But how she'll be envious and insecure by this?
Armaan: Arre all of us are couples!So cuddle up close to each other(grinning at riddhima as she glared at him),so she'll feel envious and insecure that she doesn't have anyone to be close to and upar se the movie is scary so she'll be automatically close to rahool(thumping rahul' back)
Atul: Arre waah!awesome idea Armaan!

Same day,6 pm.

All the resident doctors were going home as their duties were over.Being the month of August,Mumbai used to face heavy rains.Today being such a day,they decided to go directly to Armaan-riddhima's for their movie plan as water had filled in some places.They entered the house and slumped on their couches,a little wet due to the rain.
Anjali:Ab Kapdo ka kya kare,hum sab toh geele ho gaye hai.
Riddhima: Dii!Aap aur muski mere kapde pehen lo...Aur Rahul aur Atul Armaan ke pehen lenge!Abhi Nikki ko lane gaya hai toh woh shaayad kapde change karke hi aayenge...
They decided it was a good idea and went to change.The guys had already changed after a lot of searching as Atul was chubbier than Armaan and Rahul was leaner than him.They were seated on the couches as Abhi and Nikki also came.Muskaan wore a red Patiala with a white t-shirt,Anjali wore shorts and a t-shirt and riddhima wore a black tracks and grey tank top (what jennifer wore in the first after-marriage interview :D)As Rahul stared at Muskaan,Armaan nudged him.
Armaan: You're gone man!We toh have full permission today as per the 'Plan'!(rahul scowled at him)
Nikki was shifting uncomfortably on the couch.
Riddhima: Kya hua Nikki??
Nikki: (scowling) I am not comfortable!I can't sit here...
Armaan: Obviously yaar!Tu itni moti ho gayi hai,mere chote se couch pe kaise fit ho gi...
Nikki's mouth dropped open and she started crying...
Nikki: Main moti ho gayyi hu kyaaa?(grabbing Abhi's collar as he shook his head furiously in a yes first and then a no)
Abhi then glared at Armaan as he Armaan giggled.Riddhima smacked him hard on his arm.
Riddhima: Shut up Armaan!Nahi Nikki tu moti nahi hui hai,ok?Armaan jaake uske liye mattress lekar aao.She can sit down!It'll be more comfortable there!
Armaan: (Pouting)Par main...
Riddhima: Jaaao!(glaring at him as he went away frowning)
Armaan went away muttering under his breath.
Muskaan: guys bhook lagi hai!Khaane main kya hai?(rubbing her stomach)
Atul: Hamesha bhukhi hi rehti hai naa...
Muskaan:Chup kar khotte de puttar(going to hit him as he ran)
Anjali: I was thinking of pizza!what say guys?
Rahul: yeah we already called for it!But they said 1 and 1/2 hour lagega due to the rains...
Riddhima: I'll make pakoras and coffee by then!
Muskaan: Ridz!waah kya idea hai...rains and pakoras!
Anjali: Haan chalo I'll help you!
All: NOOO!
muskaan: I'll help her!Tu...tu...woh...uh...Armaan ki madat kar cushions aur blankets laane main!
Atul : Haan waise tum toh continental banati ho aur pakore toh Indian hote hai!Main Ridzi ko popcorn banane main help karta hu...
Armaan had put a mattress beside the coffee table and Abhi had sat there with Nikki sitting between his legs.Rahul put the cd into the DVD and dimmed the lights as muskaan and atul came out with the popcorn and coffee.Rahul went and sat on one end of the sofa.Muskaan seeing this sat on the other end of the sofa as Rahul pouted sadly.Armaan went and put a pillow under her nikki's legs as she smiled at him.Her belly had come out now.
Armaan: ye leh fatso!(her smile changed into a scowl as he passed a blanket to them)
Muskaan: (popping a popcorn in her mouth) Kaunsi movie dekh Rahe hai?
Atul sat in between Rahul and muskaan with a little place for Anjali as it was a four seated sofa.Armaan sat on the single couch with a blanket as Riddhima entered with the pakoras.
Armaan: Paranormal activity dekh Rahe hai!
Nikki: (as Riddhima put the pakoras)woww!Kitne tasty hai Ridz.
Armaan pulled Riddhima into his lap sitting side-ways as others whistled while Anjali sat beside atul side-hugging him.
Armaan: Shut up guys!
Riddhima: Chodo naa Armaan(murmuring)Sab dekh rahe hai.
Armaan: Shut up!You are my wife,LEGALLY and vaise bhi Basket it is the plan,remember?
She sighed and sat sideways while leaning onto his chest and her legs hanging from the other side of the arm-rest but covered by the blanket.Armaan wrapped his arms around her waist while leaning his chin on her head.

It was halfway into the movie and Riddhima was holding Armaan's collar tightly and peeking from behind it.
Riddhima: Don't open the curtain!Nahi!Nahi!Mat kholo please!
Armaan: Like she's going to listen to you!(hugging her closer)
Riddhima: (smacking his chest)Shut up Armaan!Oh no no!Shit the shadow...(hiding more into him)
Before he could say something,the door bell rang.Muskaan who was on the edge biting her nails shrieked.
Muskaan: Aaa!(she fell down and looked everywhere)Kaun hai...Kaun hai??
Rahul: hahahaha!Kya hua muskaan?darr gayyi!
Muskaan: K..ku...kuch nahi!Main kyu darungi??Woh edge pet hi isliyye phisal gayi...Tu toh chup hi kar nahi toh ek jhaped maarungi!
Rahul: Itni himmat hai na toh jaakar darwaza khol...
Muskaan: haan toh khotte de puttar!Darti hu kya??
Rahul:Haan toh jaa naa...
Muskaan:h..haan..toh jaa rahi hu!(she went away grumbling)
Rahul: (as soon as muskaan went)Guys could you please stop cuddling up,uska pata nahi I am loosing my control...(pouting sadly)
Armaan: (pulling riddhima closer)Chal hatt!Jo plan hai woh hi follow karenge...
Abhi: I agree armaan...Itna acha mauka thodi chodenge...
Atul: Sahi kaha armaan!
Rahul: (grumbling as the girls chuckled) Sab kamine hai ek number ke...meri lovestory main khud chance maar rahe hai!

Meanwhile here muskaan was freaking out for opening the door.
Muskaan:Thank rakh muskaan...kuch nahi hoga!Babaji meri raksha karna!Woh kaankhajure ko bhi mujhko hi bolna tha-kamina kahin ka!Is waqt kaun ho sakta hai!Waheguruji saath dena mera...
She walked steadily and hesistantly,thinking who could be at the door as the pizza boy couldn't come so early...She picked up a bat which was lying nearby and slowly opened the door and jumped a little after opening the door as the person in front shrieked a little...The interns Yuvraj,naina and Sid were standing there looking shocked.She quickly kept the bat aside and raised her eyebrows at them...
Muskaan: Tum log yahaan??
Yuvraj: Woh actually barish ke wajah,our car has a puntured tyre and...uhm...(then a little hesistantly)Dr.Armaan lives here na??
Muskaan: yeah Armaan lives here!Woh we were having a sleepover over here so everyone is inside...
Yuvraj:woh we wanted to ask Dr.Armaan if he has a spare tyre...(interns know their house as they had come for the house-warming party but sid was here for the first time.)
Muskaan: Koi gal nahi puch lena...Actually guys stay over,it is not safe to drive right now!
Naina: But can we?
Muskaan: Arre yaar darr kya rahi hai!Armaan and ridz are the most helpful people in sanjeevani!They'll only tell you stay here...Chalo we'll go inside!
They walked inside with Muskaan who was blabbering continuously while Sid slowly strolled behind them.He looked around at the house-it was beautiful,warm and cozy.It was done up in mostly in white with some of blue and red here and there.It had a very riddhima-ish look to it.They ahd many personalized items with many photoframes.There was a side-table which had a photo-frame of the whole intern-gang and one with riddhima and armaan's family.He was so lost looking here and there that he reached a little late in the lounge and heard Armaan saying-
Armaan: guys no formalities re!You can stay over...Every person from sanjeevani is like family re!
He looked at armaan-riddhima who were wrapped in each other's arms and was boiling but quickly altered his expression before somebody could look at him.He looked at riddhima who was too lost in the move to notice him.
Anjali:Guys could you sit down...the movie is going on...(and the interns settled on the mattress beside Nikki and abhi)
After half an hour the interval happened and Abhi-Nikki got up to leave.
Abhi: Guys we are going to sleep as Nikki's a little tired!
Armaan: Nikki tu theek hai naa...(worriedly)
Nikki: (smiling at his concern)Yes I am okay!Just want to rest...
Riddhima: But tum log ka khaana,I'll make something up...
Nikki: Nahi ridz we had a late lunch together and now the pakoras,so i am full now!I am just going to sleep now!
Armaan: Okay guys,you can take up the room to the right!Good night!
Abhi: Good night everyone!
As the movie started again,rahul was sitting sadly.He was sitting in the corner which was close to AR's chair.Armaan looked at him and raised his eyebrows.Rahul gestured him to closer and armaan leaned towards him and they started talking in whispers.
Armaan: (whispering) Kya hua Rahool??
Rahul: Kuch kar na yaar!Yeh plan toh kuch kaam nahi kar raha...
Armaan: Ok I have a plan!(whispering the plan)
Rahul: Yeh acha idea!Atul ko bhi samjha deta hu!
Armaan: Haan champ ko barabar samjha nahi toh wo kuch garbar karega!Actually Anji ko bata woh handle karlegi...
Rahul:Hmmm(he leaned towards Atul-Anji to tell them the plan)
Armaan picked up Riddhima so that he could get up.She looked confusedly at him as he wondered how adorable she looked with that adorable frown on her face...
Armaan: (kissing her cheek softly)Abhi aata hu,okay!(cheekily)Basket movie dekho,mujhe mat dekho...
She looked flustered and glared at him,going back to the movie.Armaan and Rahul both got up and went inside...
After a few minutes,Muskaan looked behind as she felt a tap on her shoulder.
Muskaan turned behind and found two scary faces,and shouted.
Mukaan:Aaahh!Bachao!(closing her eyes)Bacha lo babaji!Mujhe mat maaro...
She opened her eyes and looked at Armaan-Rahul who were holding their masks and laughing loudly.She fumed and got up while fuming.She glared at them as they gulped while moving back.All the others were laughing but stopped as soon as they saw her giving each one a daring look.They tried to stifle their laughs while muskaan shouted-
Muskaan:Kutton kamino!Mujhe dara rahe the...idhaar aao(picking up a pillow)Tum log ki haddiyaan na todi toh mera naam bhi muskaan chaddha    nahi...Punjab ki jatni hu,chodungi nahi(as they ran in different direction,she ran behind Rahul)Zaroor is kamine Rahul KA idea hoga(she hit him as she caught up with him)
Rahul:Ar..Arrre par...muskaan...sun toh...mera idea nahi tha!Armaan ka tha!
Muskaan:Jhuth bodega!tu Jhuth bolega...Khotte de puttar,mar janiya!Teri itni himmat.

Rahul and muskaan were fighting and Armaan was standing behind riddhima,laughing his head off.Riddhima smacked his hand and glared at him.
Riddhima: Kyu ladva rahe ho??
Armaan: Main nahi ladva raha...woh rahool ko khud ladna tha...
Just then the bell rang and Armaan went to open the door.He came back with the pizza boxes and kept them on the table.He saw Atul-Anjali had come on Rahul's place leaving Muskaan to sit beside Rahul.
Riddhima: (looking at rahul) rahul tune pasta order kiya tha kya??
Rahul: Nahi toh...Ask Armaan!He said he'll order for you!
Armaan: Yes Basket!I ordered pasta...You and your obsession with pasta!!
He handed over the box which she accepted while grinning widely.They ate the pizza and garlic bread,after that they returned back to original places.
After another half an hour,Muskaan was hugging Rahul due to fear.Rahul mouthed a thank-you to Armaan while winking at him as Armaan smirked,high-fiving Atul.He looked down to see Riddhima sleeping peacefully on his chest.Her hair were disturbing her as always.He tucked them behind lovingly and picked her up.
Armaan:(whispering) Main isko sulaa kar aata hu,okay?!
He went and kept her on the bed in their bedroom.He kissed her forehead and covered her with the duvet properly.He caressed her cheek and she smiled in her sleep clutching her duvet.He smiled,kissed her cheek and went down.After he came down,they finished watching the movie and went to sleep.Abhi-Nikki had slept in the parents room,riddhima-Anjali were sleeping in AR's bedroom,muskaan-Naina in guest room,Rahul-atul-Yuvraj-Sid were sleeping on the mattresses in the empty children room while Armaan crashed in on the couch.

Morning,7.00 am.

Riddhima yawned as she entered the kitchen.She had got up early due to habit.She searched for something to make breakfast when she felt two hands snaking up on the waist.
Riddhima: Armaan itni jaldi uth gaye??Yeh miracle kaise ho gaya(she said while chuckling)
Armaan: (burying his face in the shoulder,while putting her hair forward and mumbling)Shut up basket!I didn't sleep...
Riddhima:(caressing his cheek)Kyu?Kya hua?
Armaan: Ek toh that uncomfortable sofa and upar se you know na I can't sleep without you!
Riddhima: (turning to face and cupped his cheek)Aww mera baby!(she bent his face and kissed his forehead as he closed his eyes and smiled)
The bell rang and Armaan looked confused.
Armaan:Itne subah kaun hoga?
Riddhima: Milkman hoga...
She ran outside to take the milk and came back to see Armaan drinking water.Behind Riddhima was their house-help Mary.
Riddhima:(finished explaining to Mary) Armaan tum abhi tak gaye nahi?Jaao jaake so jaao thodi der ke liye!
Mary: Good morning Armaan Bhaiya!
Armaan: Good morning Mary!(smiling at her)Basket I can't sleep now!
Mary is their house-help.She is 29 years old and has two kids.When AR heard how her husband left her when her kids were small,they immediately hired her.Mary wasn't getting work as her time varied sometimes due to her kids and riddhima could do all the work on her own and just needed somebody for help,so she was hired.Sometimes she brought her kids here and AR would play with them.She really liked her employers and thought they were such a nice couple.She always looked at them in awe.She was elder than them by a few years but still she called Armaan-Bhaiya and riddhima-Didi as try didn't liked to be called madam and sir.
Riddhima:Tum sofa pe jaakar leto,main aati hu,okay?(as Armaan left)Mary you start cooking,I'll just come back(she smiled apologetically)Aaj breakfast main thode zyaada log hai...
Mary:No problem Didi!I'll handle it...
Riddhima :Thanks mary!
She went to the lounge and saw Armaan laying on the sofa while looking at the ceiling,frowning.
She ruffled his hair as he smiled at her.She closed his eyes with her hands and kissed his forehead once and then sat on the coffee table in front of the sofa.She kept caressing his hair till he went into a deep slumber due to her soothing fingers,on the same sofa that he was finding "uncomfortable" a few hours ago.As soon as he slept,Riddhima kissed his cheek once and went out of the room to make breakfast for everybody.
2 days later,2.00 am.

Armaan and Riddhima were sleeping with her back resting on his chest and his palm sprawled on her flat stomach under her t-shirt.A phone's ringtone rang,disturbing their sleep.Armaan tightened his hold on her waist and buried his face in her hair,nuzzling there to block away the noise.Riddhima sleepily whined and turned around in his hold as his face automatically adjusted in her shoulder.She smacked his chest.
Riddhima: ARMAAN!Phone uthao!(she sleepily mumbled)
Armaan: Ouch yaar!Basket maaro mat!
He tilted his face and  grumpily grabbed the phone keeping it on his ear,he started nuzzling her shoulder again.

Phone conversation:
"Kya hai Nikkki??Chilla kyu rahi hai??"
"Toh tu kuch answer nahi kar raha tha?"
"Anyways Bol!Raat ke '2 BAJE' kya kaam hai tujhe?"
"Mujhe ice-cream khaani hai!"
"Behra hai kya?I scream you scream we all scream for Ice-creamm waali ICE CREAMMM!"
"(keeps the phone a little away from the ear)Sunai de raha!CHILAAATI KYU HAI?"
"Toh tu hi har cheez do baar repeat kar raha hai!"
"ok ok!Acha woh tere kamine pati ko jagaa na!"
"(sniff sniff)woh abhi ki mom ki tabiyaat thik nahi thi woh lonavala unse milne gaya hai"
"Haan Bol sun raha hai(then muttering)itni raat ko bhi kabab main haddi banna nahi chodenge..."
"kya bola?"
"K..kuch nahi"
"Mujhe ice-cream khaani(baby voice)Mere best friend itna bhi nahi kar sakta mere liye...ouch!"
""Kya hua?"
"Baby bhi kick Maar raha!Ki uske pyaare Chachu uske ice-cream bhi nahi laate!"
"Emotional blackmail mat kar aata hu...Bol nautanki kaunsi ice-cream khaani hai?..."
"Mango ice-candy"
"Okay!15 min main Pahuchta hu!Bye..."
"Ruko!Ab aa raha toh Chocobar bhi laana..."
"Ok Nikki..."
"Ruk Ruk!"
"Ab kya?"
"Woh ice-cream waale ke paas ek bhutta(corn) waala bhi,vahaan se garam garam corn-cob lekar aana,ok?"
"Aur kuch,madam?"
"nahi!Bye...aur jaldi aanaaa!Bahut bhuk lag rahi hai"
"Bye...ha ok!Ab phone rakhegi toh aaonga!"

Armaan kept the phone and shook riddhima.
Armaan: (rubbing his eyes and yawning)Utho basket!
Riddhima: (mumbling sleepily)Tch...Kya hai armaan??Sone do naaa!(hugging him and sleeping)
Armaan: Basket nikki ko ice-cream khaani hai aur woh kameena modi bahar gaya hai!Chalo naaa(pulling her out)
Riddhima: ARMAAAN(frowning and hitting his chest)Tchh...Sone do naa(pulling the blanket over her face)
Armaan: Ouch!Neend main bhi haath chalta!Kaise uthao isse?(putting his elbow on the bed and resting his head on the palm of his hand and thinking)Soch Armaan!IDEAA!
He went inside the blanket and smiled at her cute scrunched up face.With a cheeky grin on his face, he buried his face under his face under her chin nuzzling on her collarbone and then placing kisses on her throat and collarbone.Riddhima moaned and smacked his chest.
Riddhima: ARMAAAN!kya hai??Nikki tumhe bulaya,tum jaao!
Armaan: Basket!Paagal ho kya??Akela kaise jaao!(pouting)Pregnant Nikki bahut dangerous ho jaati hai,uske weird mood swings sambhalna bahut hard hai yaar!pleaseee!
Riddhima: noo!(whining)Tch...Mujhe sona hai naa!(turning her back towards him)
Armaan sighed and started kissing her neck from back,pushing the strap of her tank top down.Sliding his finger down on her bare arm,he kissed her shoulder and went to her ear nibbling and kissing it.
Riddhima: (sighing,turning her face towards him she whined)Armaan!jaao naa...
Armaan: (came on top of her,pining her under him) See if you'll not come with me,I'll keep kissing you and then one thing will lead to another,leading to "things" between us(grinning cheekily as she blushed) and eventually you won't be able to sleep!And Nikki will also howl and cry if we don't reach there on time!(kissing her nose) So what do you want to do now??
Riddhima: (sighing exasperatedly and grumbling)Okay utho!
Armaan: (smiled)Good girl!(kissing her forehead,he rolled off her)See there is a good point here basket,you'll get to have an ice-cream...Ab toh smileee!
Riddhima: (smiled and hugged him and hit his arm once)That is for ruining my sleep!(hugged him again)
Armaan: (chuckled and kissed her hair)
Half an hour later.
Nikki opened the door huffing and puffing,looking daggers at Armaan.Riddhima smiled and took Nikki in a hug as Armaan gulped standing there with lots of bags in his hands.
Nikki: Hi Ridzi!(sarcastically) Bahut jaldi aa Gaye Armaanji!
Armaan: (confusedly)Hi Nikki!(hugging her as she smacked his back) Ouch yaar!Hum dono late aaye hai toh Mujhe kyu daat padh rahi hai,basket ko toh badi smile de rahi thi!(he looked at Riddhima who shrugged at him)
Nikki: Kyuki phone maine tumko kiya tha!Aur upar se tum sab ladke idiots hote ho...(scowling at him)
Armaan: Arre par maine kya kiya?Basket uth nahi rahi thi...
Nikki: Toh tujhe ache se uthana chahiya tha naa!Idiot kahin ka...kitni bhuk lagi hai mujhko!
Nikki stomped her feet going inside and Armaan went behind her pouting silently.Riddhima had already gone inside to take out ice-cream for them.She came out to see them settling on the sofa.She looked at Armaan who was pouting sadly and realized that he would've gotten an earful from Nikki.She shook her hea,bent down and kissed his cheek softly as he looked up and a dimple appeared at the place she kissed.She sat next to Armaan on the three seater couch and Nikki sat on the single chair which was very big and comfy from the sofa and sofa-chairs.
She gave Nikki her bowl which had all the different flavors while she put a spoon of her chocolate ice-cream in her mouth.
Nikki: Thanks Ridz!Yeh idiot nahi khaaega?(smiling a little because of the ice-cream)
Riddhima: Usse nahi chahiye!He's not(rolling her eyes) "an ice-cream person"
Nikki: HAWWW!Mere dost hoke ice-cream nahi khaata!Oh my god!
Armaan: (rolling his eyes)Isme kya badi baat hai re?
Nikki:Oh god!Kaise insaan hai re tu?Chod tujhse baat karke apna ice-cream ka maza nahi kharab karna chahti...(eating the ice-cream and moaning) Ohhh my goddd!Awesomee...
Riddhima: (eating and moaning)Mmm...Heavenly!
Armaan:(raising his eyebrows,looking from Nikki to Riddhima) Tum log yeh disgusting awazein nikaalna band karoge?
Nikki: Achaaaw! Riddhima jab bedroom main awaze nikal rahi thi,tab toh "disgusting" nahi lag raha tha!
Riddhima: (blushed a deep red)NIKKKI!
Nikki: kyaa?Phone pe awaaz aa rahi thi.
Armaan: (gulped as Riddhima glare at him)
Uh..Shut up Nikki!Actually main bhi khaa kar dekhta hu ki kya itna "heavenly" hai isme?
He opened his mouth as Riddhima put a spoon in his mouth.
Armaan: Isme kya hai?It is cold and sweet!
Nikki: How dare you insult my ice-cream?Chod I don't want to waste my time by talking to people who say such bad things!Huhn!
Armaan: (disbelievingly looking at her and then shrugged his shoulders and started to watch TV)
They were talking and laughing about old times when Armaan remembered something.
Armaan: (munching on pringles) Niks Sid bhi yehi par reh raha hai,na?Usko bhi toh bol sakti thi naa ice-cream laane?
Nikki: Haa!Uske ghar par renovation chal raha hain na,toh he's staying here!Aur tu mera best friend hai na?And I am not that close to him!
Armaan: (muttering)Isliye main phas gaya...
Nikki: Kya bola?
Armaan: K..kuch nahi!

After half an hour,the girls were still chatting enthusiastically while Armaan had gotten bored  and was watching TV.Nikki had gone to the bathroom as riddhima heard A yawn and looked at his droopy eyes.She kept a hand on his cheek as he was leaning on her shoulder.Caressing his cheek she softly called him as he closed his eyes feeling her tender touch.
Riddhima: Armaan...
Armaan: (opened his eyes and smiled softly)Hmmm...
Riddhima: Neend aa ahi hai?
Armaan: (pouting)Haan!
Riddhima: Toh room jaakar so jaao...Vaise kal tumhaari duty jaldi hain na?
Armaan : Haan!Tum bhi chalo naa!(frowning)Mujhe tumhaare bina neend nahi aati...
Riddhima: Armaan!Nikki ke saath rukna padega na?Ek kaam tum yehi par so jaao!
She got up and sat on one side of the couch as Armaan smiled and lay his head on her lap.Her fingers automatically started massaging his head while ruffling his hair softly.He took her free hand and kissed it and slept holding it near his heart.

Nikki came back after 15 minutes changed into her pyjamas as she had spilled ice-cream on the earlier ones.
Nikki: Awww!You guys look so adorable!
Riddhima gestured her to be quiet as Armaan was sleeping.Nikki quickly clicked a picture of their on Armaan's phone which was lying on the table.
This whole scene was noticed by Sid who had come down hearing noises and he had seen Riddhima lovingly stare at Armaan's face as she caressed his hair softly and after hearing nikki's comment,he had stomped back into his room.
Nikki: Ridz we'll sleep,okay?I am tired now and you have duty tomorrow.Thanks for the ice-cream!(she hugged Riddhima from the back)
Riddhima: Maar khaayegi thanks bolegi toh!Haan tujhe bhi Ab rest karnataka chahiye.Good night!Tell me if you need something.
Nikki: Goodnight Ridz!
After Nikki went,Riddhima woke up Armaan and made him sleep in the room.Covering him with the duvet she snuggled up to him as his hands automatically wrapped around her.


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