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Part 2 : My Mr Right ~OS in 2 parts

She stood next to his car thinking about how her opinions were wrong...truly someone said...''never judge a book by its cover''...She turned on her heels and looked at the entrance still no sight of armaan...she looked at her watch..and it was already 20 mins...damn...she couldn't afford to miss her class two day consecutively ..''maybe he changed his mind'' she thought and turned to leave alone

But soon stopped her steps on hearing his voice...''Shilpa''

She felt a cool breeze blowing in her hairs...a new feeling she recognized and turned looking at him running to her

''chor ke jaa rahi thi'' he asked plastering a fake anger on his face...which shilpa thought was real

'' din' i thought'' she kept on stammering

''you thought the armaan malik backed off'' he completed and laughed on watching her nodding scarily....she was unbelievable....he could swore of having never saw a girl like this....he could never thank her enough for standing by his side last day...despite the fact he left no stone in hurting her in past....could she be real??

''armaan"" she shouted dragging him out of his dreamy land

''can we go!! i don't want to miss my classes today'' she said looking at him nervously

He agreed and got into the car

''are you tense??'' she broke the silence that prevailed into the car

''actually!! i am clueless about how would i face all??'' he sigh...keeping his concentration on the road

'' know from my personal experiences i realized people are there to talk....whether you would do good or bad... if you will waste your time thinking about what are people thinking about you...then you are one can help you'' she stopped thinking maybe she said more than she should have

Along of being motivated by her thought....he was highly impressed...he always made fun of her for her exterior look but he could realize...not only she looked cute...she had one of the most beautiful soul

''you're beautiful'' he stopped the car infront of the college and whispered unknowingly looking at shilpa

While all she could do was stare at him...thinking whether she is hallucinating

''what???'' she asked

Her question made him realize what he just said...embarrassed he replied...''oh nothing''

''i am mad'' she thought and got off the car

''aint you going to your friends??'' she asked as he followed her

''do you mind me staying with you??'' he asked with puppy eyes

''i dont'' she replied most genuinely

The entire college was surprise to see armaan and shilpa moving along...abhi tried to call out for armaan...but he clearly ignored his group...they din't try harder thinking...he would return once he is done with his anger but they were definitely surprise by the fact armaan was with shilpa

Armaan watched them laughing over something...least he knew they were making fun of how armaan decided to hide behind miss fatty as they say

''oye door hatt''  a girl's voice caught his attention

''muskaan!!'' shilpa tried to explain but it was too late muskaan was already standing between her and armaan

'' Whats your problem huh?? why are you behind her??'' she shouted angrily while armaan took his steps back looking at shilpa for help

''muskaan listen to me'' she tried to pull her back

'' no shilpu...he takes advantage because he know he's the son of the dean'' there again he felt his courage draining...being the dean's son was a curse for him he thought

''it's okay i will leave'' he left a weak smile at shilpa and turn to leave

''muskaan...tu atleast meri baat toh sun...he's not as bad as we thought...infact meri and uski dosti bhi hogayi....he was badly low and alone...mus"" she said shocking muskaan...gunjan and atul who were still trying to understand how did this all happen

She left muskaan going behind armaan..and found him sitting in a bench...looking at his old friends joking...she sat next to him

''i am really sorry for muskaan's behavior...she is not bad..just a little protective '' she said looking at him...but he was still staring at them

''armaan'' she whispered placing her hand on his shoulder bulging him

''i know shilpa'' he closed his eyes and mumbled

''oye if you know can forgive me too'' they were interrupted by a third voice...and watched muskaan along with atul and gunjan

''i am sorry armaan'' she held her ears...while the rest including armaan smiled

''one condition'' he said

''whats that??'' she asked

''if you people accept to be my friend'' he forwarded his palm and shilpa was the first to place her hands in without hesitating followed by muskaan...gunjan and atul

Slowly he found staying with shilpa's group of friends weren't really a bad decision....atul was an amazing friend...he named him champ...muskaan was crazy but as her name suggested...she always make him smile... gunjan was just like a sister to him..and shilpa...he was still trying to figure out what was angel??

A night shilpa found some knock at her door...she was tired and badly wanted some sleep...she walked and found armaan standing with some books in his hand

''armaan??'' she asked looking at the book

''i know its late...but i badly need to complete my project for tomorrow...i tried doing it alone...but i found that i missed a lot of previous notes...please help me'' he said in a single breath....silently hoping she wouldn't deny

''come in'' she moved letting him in

he sat on her bed and watched her working on his project and explaining him along....instead of listening what she was talking ...he was reading her expressions...her little she would bite her lips...widen her eyes...hold the pen next to her cheeks...he was mesmerize by all her ways

She stopped talking as she realized he wasnt listening to her but staring at her...she wondered what was wrong with her and touched her cheeks with a puzzling expression

''armaan...whats wrong??''

''huh..what??''he realized what he was doing

And she smiled...he was soo cute...with that lost expression...unknowingly her cheeks were red with blush as she thought about him

They both found solace looking in each others eyes...''i should leave''armaan said moving his eyes embarrassedly

she smiled handling his project to him....and laid on the bed...closing her eyes...but she was no more sleepy...she thought about armaan...the last days she been with him and how their friendship progressed

After a few days Shilpa walked alone in the corridors...ananya had some work so armaan left to help her...shilpa heard vivek speaking....''miss fatty took our best buddy away from us....thought you were just fat...and ugly outerly...but you are even more innerly'' all agreed with him she separated armaan away from them

She somehow reached home crying and closed herself in her room...

Armaan reached home tired...thinking whether shilpa reached home safely...he quickly made his way to shilpa's room...found it close and someone soft cries...he felt like someone snatched his breath

''shilpa open the door'' he banged his fist at the door

She recognized that voice...and felt her tears filling her eyes more and more....never she thought she would get soo weak...getting bullied is not new at her...but the acussation they used...broke her heart....she could never think about separating someone with his friends

''Shilpa open the goddamn door...or i am breaking it'' his inquietude increased as she refused to open the door

He was about to bang the door harder...when she opened...her hairs were dishelved...and it looked like she has been crying since a long time

''What happened shilpa??'' he cupped her cheeks...looking into her eyes...but it continued on tearing

He gently pulled her in his arms...soothing her back...while she cried in his was no doubt heartbreaking for armaan to have her in this state...for him she was always the brave one...he doesn't remember when she saw shilpa crying this hard

He walked to the bed with her along...and sat...with his arms curled tightly around her...and her heart still on his chest

''Hey...What happened???..Are you hurt???...Someone said something??'' He mumured in her ears trying to understand whats wrong...''Shilpa'' he again asked

''They said.... i separated you... from them'' she broke between her sobs...confusing armaan

''who said??'' he lifted his eyebrows

''Vivek!!'' she broke the hug looking at him...''they said i took you away from them..and am ugly'' she complained like a little child to armaan

He couldn't help but smile at her innocent look...''and you cried because of this?...You almost took my life'' he pinched her nose...she blushed

''They are wrong...You never separated me from anyone infact mujhe kudh nahi pata agar tum nahi hoti...toh mein kya're a boon to me shilpa...and don't listen to those idiots you're beautiful'' he caressed her cheeks lovingly with his thumb

''Really??'' she asked was the first time that other than her friends...parents close one someone was complementing her to be was obviously done to convince her...but she liked it...least she knew armaan wasn't telling it to convince her...he indeed found her beautiful

He nodded...bending his lips on her ears...and whispered..''i love you shona''....he figured it out...when he saw was no doubt love what he felt for was soo pure...he loved staying with her...just to look at her and read her expression...her talks...her little gestures when he's sad....her caring nature...he was madly in love...with her cuteness....WITH HER

She pulled out looking at him...''You know armaan saying that i am beautiful to make me happy is different to lying that you love me'' she moved her eyes down...while her heart skipped at beat at armaan's last three words

''Shilpa listen to me...i am not saying it to make you happy''

She interupted him...''enough armaan'' why should she believe could a guy like armaan fall for her...who was he kidding with...she took her steps back when they both heard ananya

Reaching down she found her parents...and she ran in their arms...''we missed you princess'' she heard her parents words...and cried...armaan knew those tears weren't because of her was because of pained him as he realized he was the reason of her miseries...he had to talk to her

''thank you ananya for keeping shilpa with you'' padma thanked her friend

''Infact i should thank you padma...Shilpa changed my nalayak beta since she was here'' ananya joked looking at armaan and he blushed...truly shilpa changed him

At night he kept on changing turns...shilpa left for her home...he had to talk to her...and then realized...why is she in denial...because she thinks...she's not pretty

While shilpa entered her room...crying on her bed...She loved armaan too...who wouldn't fall in love with such a guy....but she wasn't the girl for armaan to be in loved with...she was fat ugly...and she thought maybe it was a joke for armaan..but love meant for her

The next day armaan reached his college early....he waited for shilpa...when she arrived she ignored for him and walked

''Shilpa listen to me'' he begged following her

''armaan...please leave me alone'' she replied angrily

Knowing it will not be easy he pulled her in an empty classroom ...and pinned her against the wall

''I love you'' he said...fixing his eyes in hers

''leave me armaan please'' her tone got softer

''i love you'' he  repeated....he could feel his eyes moisten fearing rejection....she could clearly read the pain in his eyes...but was confuse

''how do you want me to believe in you love me???....a few month back were bullying me for being fat and ugly...and today you're here convincing me you love me??? this all a joke for you??'' she finally said what was hiding down her her tears slipped from her eyes

''I know's hard...but the few days i spent with you....i are beautiful...look into my eyes...and tell me do you still think i am joking???'' she could feel honesty in his words...''Shilpa i did a lot of mistakes...tell me you don't love me i would accept it...but just don't call my love joke...i don't care what others think about you...what you think about yourself...but for're the girl who added life...sense in me shilpa'' he tightened his grip on her wrist

''You deserve better than me armaan'' she whispered...feeling defeated

''I deserve the best...and you're the best for me...i need you shilpa don't turn me down...i would die without you''  he placed his forehead against hers and cried

As his words captured her heart...she cried along whispering..''i love you too armaan'' and felt his grip loosen on her wrist...she noticed how his lips twisted in a smile....and felt her heart overwhelm...never she thought armaan would love her back and this much....she pushed himself in his arms...hugging him tight..''i am sorry''

''Shhh...i want to hear only i love you from you'' he hugged her back...smiling

Studying together...staying always along...and getting teased constantly by muskaan, atul and gunjan became a routine for day passed away...armaan would learn new things about shilpa...which would make him fall harder for her...and for shilpa...her life stayed in armaan

''Oh my god...Look at this couple'' They heard vivek's words

''Shucks armaan...i thought you had better choice...than this moti'' as he heard vivek...he formed a fist....and felt shilpa curling her fingers on that fist....she knew him more than he thought

''You wouldn't understand true love vivek...and i really pity you for that'' he taunted

''Yeah...i've heard love is blind...ab dekh bhi raha hoon'' he laughed with all the others

''Vivek love isn't're can't see how pretty shilpa is'' her eyes moisten looking at armaan defending her

''Pretty shilpa???'' he laughed...''You find this moti pretty???''.....''that was height of lying to make someone happy armaan'' he hi fived with his friends

''Vivek!!!!'' he shouted angrily pulling vivek's collars....''you know what i can break your face right here....and leave...but i wouldn't do that...since you make fun of shilpa...she will be the one defending herself'' shilpa lifted her head as she heard armaan

''I challenge you vivek khanna...8 month to here is prom night....i will prove you shilpa is the most beautiful girl of this college that night...mark my words'' he said angrily pushing vivek down....he pulled shilpa's hand taking her out of the crowd

He drove the car angrily...and stopped it near the beach...he din't say a word till that fight...he turned and looked at shilpa

''armaan'' she called

''Shilpa do you trust me??"" he asked and watched her saying yes

''More than myself armaan'' she answered curling her fingers with his

'''re the prettiest girl for me....but i want those people to lucky i am that i have you..i want to win that challenge...i want you to prove yourself'' he said fearing she would misunderstand her

''but armaan how??'' she was confused and feared to loose armaan

''I know how you just have to listen to me and trust me'' his eyes did show love for her

''I will armaan'' she said smiling at him confirming she din't misunderstand him

''okay then tomorrow morning i'll come to get you 5 am...wear this'' he gave her a bag

she opened the bag and found a track suit in....damn...she never wore anything like this....she was about to call armaan and tell him she couldn't do it...but then his hopeful face flashed infront of her

She woke up the next morning wearing the track's top were lengthy...she was thankful to armaan...she was worried for nothing.... she reached downstairs and found him already standing by his car

''How did you manage to wake up this early??'' she laughed at him

''don't ask....i placed ten almost chased me out of the house'' he whined making her laugh harder....he looked at her

''is it wrong??'' she asked looking down at herself

'''s perfect...'' ....whispering''goodmorning to her''..''lets run??''

Thirty minutes of constant running...she was she felt her weight tooking over her legs....she stood placing her hands on her hips

''Tired??'' he asked opening her water bottle for her

She nodded sadly taking the bottle and drinking....''just 30 mins can do it jaan..i know'' he bended and pecked her cheeks

She smiled moving her fingers on her cheeks....tracing that kiss feeling...and it worked like an energy booster for her....''lets go'' she ran

Leaving her at her place....he gave padma a list of diet food to be made for shilpa...he stayed awake whole night and made that list considering the fact she liked spicy foods...he found about all the recipes of healthy spicy diet food

The few days followed the same schedule...they jogged together...after college they would go to the gym but shilpa wasn't comfortable to exercise infront of the others....armaan brought the gym at home...and he would help her first she found it hectic...but as she was about to loose courage...armaan would cuddle with her...kiss her cheeks forehead.....and say things which only motivated her....she noticed many times...armaan would eat same as her...that's what he has been doing since she got on diet food

''Armaan are you on dieting too??'' muskaan asked as she watched armaan eating his salads

''Bhoot chada hain inke sar pe'' shilpa answered eating hers...she many times asked armaan not to do it

''why??? Only you can eat healthy foods??'' he mocked her

''Pagal'' she got up..''where are you going'' muskaan asked

''I need to get a book from the library will be back in a few'' she left the canteen

''Shilpa is really lucky'' Muskaan said looking at armaan still eating the salads...she could see how hard he was trying to eat it

''No...i am muskaan...You should see shilpa when she exercise...her weight acts on her legs...sometime...she smiles hiding her body aches from me...thinking i would get hurt if she would tell me... i would have had stopped all of this right here muskaan...because she's already the prettiest girl for me...but i just want her to prove herself...i want her to quit underestimating herself...i want her to now answer those bulliers back...'' he said getting back to his salads..''you know my sacrifice is very little compare to whatever she's going thru''

Unknown to them shilpa was standing near and could hear all what he said...she was really unknown armaan knew about her pains....she felt really lucky

After 8 month she managed to get down to 50 kg...after listening to armaan's word that day...her courage got double

She looked at her bed...there laid her dress she was ought to wear for the was armaan's choice a red dress.... she wore it...curled and let her hairs open....wore simple dangling earings and looked at herself in the mirror

''Gorgeous'' she turned looking at armaan dressed in his suit and red shirt...she choose that

''Handsome'' she mouthed back blushingly

He got close to her....kissing her forehead...''you know what i am scare someone might snatch you away from me shona''

''That can never happen...shilpa is armaan's'' she whispered cuping his cheeks while his hands went on her waist

''ahem...ahem'' They turned and watched their mothers standing

''What timing'' armaan said as padma pulled his ears...''ouch aunty i was saying how you looked prettier than your daughter'' he said quickly making all laugh at him

''chup...Shilpa told me about your relationship...and guess what we all approve both made us proud'' padma said while ananya agreed with her

''I love you both mom'' armaan hugged both the ladies

''What about me??'' shilpa whinned pouting her lips

''We are here princess'' she watched billy and shasank who stood by her side

They left for the party with a content mind....entering in the ballroom...all eyes struck on them... there were finding it hard to recognize shilpa...she looked soo pretty....and armaan damn handsome...they were both complementing each other

Armaan eyes wandered to vivek and he smirked looking at his shocked expression....he moved his hands possessively around shilpa's waist showing all she's his

''Oh my god shilpa!! You're looking amazing'' muskaan shreaked excitedly while she blushed deeply...her cheeks were almost matching her dress color....armaan found it awesome

''You know armaan...we need to call the fire brigade soon...kyunki bohot jald aag lagne wala hain kahin'' atul taunted....joining to all laughs...while vivek left the party fuming in anger....he knew he lost the battle no use of talking

They were all enjoying when armaan felt someone call...he turned and found rahul and anjali

''Armaan dude...we know we wronged you and left you the time you needed us the most...we are really sorry yaar'' rahul said guiltily

but he turned his back to could he forget how they sidelined him....he felt shilpa holding his hands...''armaan...i think you should forgive them'' he looked at her surprised....she was still the same kind hearted girl...''shilpa am not as great as you''

''You are more'' she said getting on her toes..and kissing his forehead

He turned back to his old friends...''friends'' he hugged them and watched nikki and abhi

''Armaan yaar...we are really sorry...we wanted to tell you the truth but before you got to know it in the wrong way and at the wrong time'' abhi said

''It's okay yaar...infact i should thanks you guys...agar woh din yeh sab nahi hota i would have had never got the love of my shona'' he pulled shilpa closer to him

''We are sorry shilpa...and armaan was right you're definitely one of the prettiest girl'' nikki said

She laughed politely thanking them....while armaan nuzzled his nose in her neck...''so miss beautiful''

''you know armaan...why are they finding me beautiful....because i am adorned by your are the best guy any girl would wish for'' she said pressing her lips on his cheeks....and he raised a bowl infront of her

''whats that??'' she asked curiously

''french fries'' he answered dipping one in ketchup sauce and taking it to shilpa's lips....''like this or like will always stay the best girl for me...i already proved what i wanted now there's no use of depriving you from the things you like''

She pushed his hands away....placing her lips on his....kissing took him a min to realize what just happened....and he started kissing her back happily..''i love you my mr right'' she whispered against his lips

He replied back...''I love you too shona'' before he claimed her lips again....that was their first lip kiss...but not the last

Haa...i am done with this story...i had a lot of fun writing reminded me of my enemies partner or lovers...i hope you guys liked it too

thank you guys
Love you all

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