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Part 26(b):Sindoor

A:''mera matlab tha kii aagar tum inhein neeche lekar gayyi tou muski and rahul is still there they'll ask questions isiliyye keh raha tha''
And riddhima nodded knowing he is saying right and now she is in dilemma where she can puts her clothes but nevertheless she actually and immediately folded them neatly and then as her gaze fell on the couch and as she is hesitating armaan can understand her unspoken words so he just

A:''yes riddhima tum inhein yahan rakh sakti i don't have any problem all yours''
He said and riddhima is surprised at the last words and she looks towards him they share simple eye lock and riddhima averted her gaze and the putting her clothes on the couch neatly she immediately thanked him and
R:''thank you''
And armaan smiled and then
A:''its nothing riddhima acha aab chalein muski aur rahul intejar kar rahein honge itna time lagayenge they'll tease us na''
He said as the matter of fact and riddhima nodded and then they both moved out side the room and makes their way towards downstairs.
As they reached downstairs they saw muski and rahul was waiting for them sitting in the living room and seeing them muskaan just
M:''thank god aa gayye tum donow mujhe tou laga tha aaj tum donow newlyweds ko room se khinch kar bahar laana padega''
She said giving them teasing smile and armaan looked at riddhima whose face is all red due to shyness and armaan smiled seeing her all red face he don't knows why but her red cheeks always makes his heart skipped a bit and then as they don't speak anything more rahul
Ra:''abey oye armaan hum zara kal ke liyye discuss kar len tum log aapna romance bad meiin continue kar lena''
He said breaking the trance of armaan and makes riddhima more shy and armaan wondered why are his friends teasing him as they knows the relationship status of his and riddhima then what happen to them suddenly but no he never tells them that they sleep in different rooms so this is bound to happen. And then he just
A:''very funny ho gayya tum logon ka seriously guys tum donon na''
He said as he looked over them and then riddhima did not know how to run from the situation as she did not know why her heart is beating so fast as just the thought of him and her cheeks turning into bright shade of red so
R:''aap sab baithye main na khana lagati hun tab tak''
She said as she finds that excuse to go from there and moreover as armaan did not have dinner yet so this is not excuse either  but to her disappointment rahul stopped her as he
Ra:''bhabhi rukiye''
And riddhima stopped and looked at him with questioning eyes and then she
R:''kya hua bhayiya''
She asked and armaan too looked at him and then
Ra:''bhabhi as much as i loved eating your food aur i can eat again and again your food par aaj nahin actually aaj humari reservation hain dinner ke liyye so sorry bhabhi''
He said as he looked at muskaan who nodded and then armaan smiled these are his friends, they makes sure that they can took time for each other from their busy schedules and that's when riddhima noticed that muskaan and rahul bhayiya are actually dressed up for going out and she smiled seeing the love and then she just
R:''ismein sorry ki kya bat hain bhayiya carry one aur muskaan aap yeh sab mujhe morning meiin den deti abhie aapka plan than a bahar jaane ka''
She said as she feels that muskaan just comes there to give her packet in between her plans and then muskaan
M:''chal oye humare pas abhie time hain aur actually hum na selfish hain humein na basically tere haath ki iced tea peene aye hain so yeh sab tou ek bahana tha yahan ane ka''
She said making riddhima smile and then she just
R:''off course muskaan just give me 5 minutes abhie laayi''
And then she vanished in the kitchen while all three of them settled in the lounge and then armaan just said
A:''so another date han raool''
He teased him and rahul smiled and then muskaan
M:''chal oye hero kahe ki date tere saath reh kar na yeh bhi bore hote jaa raha hain yeh sab maine plan kiyya hain''
She said and armaan laughed hearing her and then she
M:''humari chod tu yeh bata all set for tomorrow''
She asked seriously and armaan looked at her and then
A:''han i take outfit for me and i guess tune riddhima ka outfit sab dekh liyya hain so all set''
He said shrugging his shoulders and muskaan and rahul looked at each other and then hit their forheads he sometimes really act like dumb and seeing them giving him the looks armaan asked
A:''kya hua aise kyun dekh rahein ho tum log rahul muski''
M:''tujhe namoone ko''
Muskaan said in little harsh tone but rahul pressed her hand and blinked his eyes he knows his friend's condition and they have to make him understand slowly not like this and armaan is taken back with muskaan's response so he
A:''uff muski kya hua''
And then instead of muskaan its rahul who replied as he just
Ra:''dekh armaan meri bat dhayan se sun i know ki tei aur riddhima bhabhi ki shaadi kin circumstances meiin hui hain. Yeh bat hum jaante hain teri family jaanti hain bhabhi aur tu jaante ho. Par duniya nahin armaan. Society ki nazar meiin tou tum donow pati patni ho armaan aur yeh kal ki party aap donow ke owner meiin hain. Jahan tujhe aur bhabhi ko as Mr. And Mrs. Armaan Mallik ana hain''
He said and hearing him armaan is confused somewhere so he
A:''han tou rahul hum saath meiin aa rahein hain as Mr. And Mrs. Armaan Mallik''
And hearing him rahul started again as he
Ra:''let me complete armaan''
He said as armaan nodded he just started
Ra:''i know ki tu aur bhabhi saath meiin aa rahein ho. Par armaan yeh main bhi jaanta hun tune bhabhi se is bare meiin koi baat nahin kari hogi. Jabki armaan she is so new to all this. Oonhein iske bare meiin kuch bhi nahiin pata ki humari parties kaisi hain kaisi nahiin. She have her questions na armaan. Tujhe nahiin lagta tujhe oonhein thoda ease feel karana chahiye. Vo sirff terii reputation ke liyye agree kari aura a rahi hain aapni sab apprehensions ko peeche chod kar tujhe nahin lagta tera koi farz hain bhabhi ki taraf''
M:''han hero tum log atleast aapnein clothes and baki sab co ordinate karo and all tu yeh ache se jaanta hain kii kal sabki nazare Riddhima par hongi as Riddhima Armaan Mallik aur riddhima ke man meiin i noticed armaan bahut questions hain. Jinemin se kuch shayad mujhe dekh kar ease ho gayye hain. Par armaan kuch cheejein aisii hoti hain jo life partner se baanti jaati hain aur moreover she is doing all this for YOU for YOUR RELATIONSHIP tou tujhe bhi oos se baat karni chahiye after all its your first public appearance after your marriage as Mr.and Mrs. Armaan Mallik and that too in your circle so armaan she is way too nervous than you. Make her comfortable armaan itna tou tu aapnein life partner ke liyye kar sakta hain na''
She completed and armaan looked at them dumb founded this is something he is running away from so many days but both his friends brings all this in front of him and now he can't run away from this he has to answer all this and not to them not to himself. Its all about her and he looked at them and seeing him lost in the thoughts muskaan blinked her eyes and rahul pressed his shoulder knowing their statements affects their friend and the thing he is running he'll face it now and then before he can even say anything they heard foot steps they saw riddhima coming with tray in her hands and then she offered the ice tea to muskaan and rahul and armaan's eyes glued on her smiling face and as she comes closer to him and offered him he keeps on looking at her for few minutes making her nervous and then she looked at him he is kind off lost somewhere and seeing him not taking it riddhima has no option but to call him
And hearing her voice armaan comes back to reality and he looked at her as she is looking at him with smile on her face 
R:''armaan aagar aapko yeh nahin lena tou kuch aur bna dun aapke liyye''
She asked as she thought maybe he does not want to drink ice tea usually he just take food after returning home followed with his steaming coffee and then armaan smiled seeing her care for him so he just picked the glass from the tray and then he
A:''nahiin riddhima it's fine for me''
And riddhima smiled fully showing her eyes shining and armaan just looked at her face she has such beautiful smile and then after talking randomly muskaan and rahul left as they has bookings for their dinner thanking riddhima for the ice tea
Ra:''thanks bhabhi its wonderful''
M:''han riddhima bahut tasty thi atleast main yeh banana tou sikh hi lungi kyun sikhayegia na?''
R:''off course muskaan yeh bhi koi kehne ki bat hain jab bhi aap chahein muskaan''
And she give her hug as armaan goes outside to see them off muskaan speaks up as
M:''hero humari bat par dhayan dena ok''
Ra:'' yeah armaan think about it''
They said and armaan nodded and bid bye to their friends. As he entered in the living room he finds it empty and he knows she must be in kitchen he is thinking over muskaan and rahul's words they are right off course she just said yes in a second just for his sake just for his reputation and what he is doing he did not even bother to ask her if she needs anything to go to party let alone make her comfortable, he is seriously stupid other day he promised himself that he'll make her comfortable in every manner he can and now he is just acting like stupids, people even ask from their friends that if they are all ready for party and all when they have to attend one and here she is his wife and heck he did not even knows anything about it, he feels like kicking himself
A(to himself):''main poora ka poora idiot hun sachi meiin. Maine riddhima se ek bar bhi nahiin poocha ki ose kisii cheej ki zarurat tou nahiin  riddhima party meiin sirf mere liyye aa rahi hain. Jabki vo tou kuch bhi nahiin jaanti hain humari party ke atmosphere ke jaane kitne sawal honge ooske man meiin is ke baare meiin. Hum tou jab colleges ya school ki parties meiin jaate the tab bhi kitni excitement aur nervousness hoti thi humein jabki hum sab ko jaante hote the aur yahan tou riddhima kisii ko bhi nahin jaanti sivaye mere muskan aur rahul ke. Aur ose kuch bhi nahiin pata and she just said yes for my sake only. No main yeh mistake dubara nahin karunga i'll make her comfortable after all she is my wife and she is coming like Mrs. Mallik''
He said to himself and unknown to himself he somewhere start accepting the truth that she is his wife.
He is still in his thoughts when he heard riddhima's voice
R:''armaan khana laga dun ya thodi der tak khana hain''
She asked him as she thinks maybe he wants to eat after sometime as he just has ice tea with muskan and rahul and hearing her
A:''riddhima abhie kha lete hain i think you must be hungry after all the shopping spree of yours with muski''
He said as he knows she might be hungry and moreover he wants to talk with her and for him the best time to talk with her when they have their normal walk with his coffee and her tea and riddhima nodded hearing him and she just
R:''theek hain armaan aap aayiye main bas lagati hun''
She said and armaan nodded and then as riddhima walked in the kitchen armaan moved his way towards the dining and as he settled on dining with in second riddhima appeared with tray filled of food and then as riddhima comes and set the plate for him armaan looked at her as she is about to move inside the kitchen again as
And riddhima stopped as he called her thinking maybe he needs something and
A:''tum kahan ja rahi ho''
R:''aapke liyye chapatti banane''
A:''oh acha yar this is so not fair maine bola tha na ki bana kar rakh liyya karo hum saath meiin khayenge''
He said as he told her always just make the food and they will eat together and riddhima smiled at his complaint
R:''ji par aap aaj kafi thake hue lag rahe the tou socha ki garma garam den dun''
She said as she can see how much tired he is and
A:''oh par main itna bhi thaka hua nahin hun ki aapni dost ka wait na kar sakun aab tum jaldi s jao chapatti banao aur then we'll eat together''
He said with a smile but riddhima is not satisfied so she just
R:''par armaan aap shuru kijiye na main aati hun bas''
A:''riddhima bat vo nahin hain mujhe akela khana acha nahiin lagta pehle tou majboori thi aab tou tum ho meri saathi i mean meri partner tou aab main akele kyun khaon''
He said that so sweetly that makes riddhima smiled and she is surprised at his words too partner but she can't think about this right now so she just nodded and rushed to kitchen to make chapattis for both of them not wants to  makes him wait for more and
R:''ji armaan bas 2 minute''
As riddhima got busy in kitchen armaan pulled out his cell to play the game to kill the time but his thoughts were struck on riddhima how he is going to talk to her. He never talk about something like this to her. But he cant back out now she did everything for him for his self respect. Now its his turn. He is busy in his own that he never noticed that when riddhima comes and settled on her chair after putting chapatti in armaan's plate and seeing him engrossed in his cell riddhima sighed she called him one two times but he did not replied his eyes fixed on cell but little did she knows he is not at all busy in playing anything on cell he is busy about thinking about her not taking it anymore as she got irritated she snatched phone from his hands and that worked armaan jerked back to reality and as he saw that riddhima has snatched his phone he looked at her and without giving him single chance to speak up riddhima said to him that
R:''Dr. Armaan Mallik khane ki table par phones are not allowed at all chup chap aapna khana khayiye ooske baad hii aapko aapka phone milega''
She said sternly and armaan is kind off shocked hearing her stern voice she never talked like this except the time when they were facing that hard times but that is different and then he just keeps on looking at her face and then he
R:''no armaan chup chap khana khayiye kya stupid si game lekar baithe hain khana khayiye aap''
And hearing her he knows this is final voice so he nodded and start having his food and their dinner passed quietly as armaan tells her about the reason of his going early in the morning and all. After finishing the dinner armaan asked riddhima to join him for walk as
A:''riddhima ek cup coffee ke saath walk''
R:''off course armaan aap chaliye main ati hun''
She said smilingly and after taking two cups one his coffee and another her tea she moved outside where armaan is already awaiting for her and giving him his cup of coffee armaan
A:''riddhima '

As he called riddhima looked at him and then
A:''i am sorry riddhima''
And as he apologized riddhima is shocked

How could u do this?
Matlab Voo Aab Bhi Aapna Ateet Nahin Bhulli Hai.
Mai Kya Karun.
Now what is this who is telling this and to whom and what happened that everyone was reacting like this?

To know answers stay tuned

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