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part 27 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

when tamanna and sid heard about riddhima and arman's meet,they became happy. they thought that now riddhima will  open up  surely .they were waiting for her move but riddhima hid herself more in her hard shell. After that incident she tried to ignore arman. in between arman got an eye donor for tamanna and her surgery was fixed on next month. Riddhima got to know that tamanna was sid’s childhood friend but didn’t know about their relationship. Sid told them how tam met an accident and lost her eyes and lost desire to live too,but arman encouraged her more and made her to go through the surgery and found out a donor.sid used to praise about arman more and more to convince her but riddhima had always kept silence as she knew nothing about him. she wanted to keep herself away from those things but she was feeling that sid had a soft corner in his heart for tamanna. Now she was forced to think that she should be separated from sid as they had no in any relationship. One day when sid was not in home she went to sid’s mom and uttered : “aunty ,mai aapse kuch kehna chahti hun.”

Sid’s mom looked at her and spoke : “haan beta,idhar aa,baith…

Riddhima sat beside her and kept silence ,she didn’t understand how to start her conversation.

Sid’s mom : “kya hua riddhima?tum kuch kehne wali thi?”

Riddhima thought a while and uttered : “aunty,mujhe lagta hai ab mujhe yahan se chale jana chahiye.”

Sid’s mom jerked with her words,she asked surprisingly : “sid ne kuch kaha kya?

Riddhima : “nahi aunty,wo toh kabhi kuch kehta hi nahi.”

Sid’s mom : “phir achanak aisa kyon keh rahi  ho riddhima?yahan tumhe koi problem hai kya? Aur abhi tum toh yahan internship kar rahi ho,aise kaise kahin chali jaogi?’

Riddhima : “mere internship ke bas 2 months hi reh gaye hain aunty ,mai uske baad hi jaungi.”

Sid’s mom : “par tum jaogi kyon?”kahan jaogi?

Riddhima : “kahin bhi aunty,actually maine job ke liye apply ki thi,mujhe delhi me job mill gaya hai par internship ke baad hi join kar paungi..aur mai  apni PG ka preparation bhi wahi se karna chahti hun…so…”she left her word incomplete and looked at sid’s mom.

Mom : “beta,tum wahan akele kaise rahogi aur rishu ka kya hoga? Aur tum jaogi hi kyon ,mai kuch samajh nahi pa rahi.”

Riddhima : “rishu aapke paas hi rahega aunty,wo aapki amanat hai,agar us din aap mujhe apne sath na lati toh pata nahi rishu hota bhi ya nahi ya mai bhi pata nhi kahan hoti. Mai akeli hi jaungi ,mai ab akele hi jeena chahti hun..apni life ke problems ko khud sambhalte hue.aap sabko bahut paresaan kiya hai maine,sid ko mujhe duniya ke samne patni banana pada but usey apni jindagi me aage badhna chahiye na.”

Sid’s mom : “par beta,wo toh tumhare sath bhi aage badh sakta hai.”

Riddhima : “nahi aunty,mai sid ko deserve nahi karti and I think wo tamanna ko pasand karta hai,he deserves better option na.”

Saying it,she turned to go from there but stopped hearing mom’s voice : ‘kya tum usey maaf nahi kar sakti riddhima?”

She looked at her with a jerk and asked in trembling voice : “kise?”

Mom : ‘tumhare pati ko? Maine tumhari ankhon me uske liye pyar dekha hai,mujhe lagta hai wo bhi shayad tumse pyar karta ho par koi majburi hogi jo chod gaya. Agar tum usey maaf kar do toh mai usey dhundhkar laungi riddhima aur tumhare pairon par uska sir hoga.”

Riddhima smiled sighly while uttered : “aisi bhi kya majburi jo apni patni ko,pyar ko chod jaye.shayad maine usey pyar kiya tha par wo mujhe nahi aunty.aur ab mai usey apni life me nahi chahti ,mai jaisi hun thik hun.”saying it she left .

Sid’s mom mumbled : “ab toh bhagwan ji hi koi chamatkar kar sakte hain,pata nahi riddhima kab maaf karegi arman ko.hey ganpati bappa koi rasta dikhao.”

GOD smiled while blessed her..”tathastu”
GOD smiled while blessed her..”tathastu”

But God was confused to take any steps to make out this  big problem so he chose the best option. It was rishu,who suddenly fell from the stairs and got hurt .his collar bone was fractured and he was admitted in the hospital . anajli ran to him getting this news. She herself took care of him and he was discharged after plastering. Riddhima took leave for some days to take care of rishu and anjali promised to go her home to see rishu everyday. When arman got the news ,he was tensed about rishu,he wanted to see him,to take care of him but it was not possible . sid asked him to go with him to see rishu but arman refused,he din’t want to make riddhima annoyed. Anjali was so attached with rishu,after hospital she went to see him regularly and spent time with him.  arman can’t help asking about rishu to anjali  .anajli noticed that arman was so restless to getting news about rishu’s health. Anjali liked sid’s family,specially sid’s mom,who was always welcomed anjali rishu was better and anjali stopped to go their home as she was very busy in her profession .but she used to ask rishu’s health condition regularly. sid and riddhima both were in leave ,riddhima for rishu and sid for tamanna as tamanna’s surgery was in a few days, she was admitted in the best eye hospital in mumbai. Arman was disturbed not getting any news of rishu ,he didn’t disturb to sid this time. sukanya was coming hospital regulary but arman didn’t want to talk or ask her about anything  as he had understood that sukanya liked him. 

One day when anjali was in home,busy in some work,arman came silently to her and asked : “di kuch puchna tha.”

Anjali lifted her eyes from her file and asked : “haan arman,bolo na.”

Arman hesitated a bit then asked : “rishu kaisa hai,I mean abhi thik hai na?”

Anjali : “haan arman,wo thik hai bas thoda cranky ho gaya hai.par mujhe dekhkar bada khush hota hai. “

Arman kept silence.

Anjali  uttered losing in her thought : ‘bilkul anmol jaisa hai..wahi ankhen,waisi hi hansi..i miss anmol par rishu ko dekhkar lagta hai wo wapas aa gaya hai.”

Arman looked at the pic which was kept on the table beside anjali’s bed. he picked the photo and caressed it.

Anjali uttered wiping her tears..”I’m scared ,rishu ko bina dekhe kaise rahungi.”

Arman : “par di,wo yahan roj aata hai,riddhima ..i mean dr. riddhima aisa kyon karegi ki aap rishu se mill na sako.”

Anjali heaved a sigh while uttered : ‘riddhima ka intership khatam hone wala hai,wo delhi jana chahti hai for PG,aur usey wahan job  bhi mil gayi rishu bhi uske sath hi jayega na.”

Hearing it arman jerked .toh riddhima ab usse dur jana chahti hai? par kyon? Agar jana tha toh yahan aayi kyon thi? kya wo isi tarah aran ko tadpati rahegi,usey chodkar aane ka badla legi? Akhir chahti kya hai riddima? Di ke itna close aakar,rishu ko unke karib karke ab kyon aisa kar rahi hai?di ne uska kya bigada tha? riddhima janti hai di anmol ko khokar bahut dukhi hai phir aisa kyon kar rahi hai? he had to stop her to go from there..par kaise rokega? Uska haq hi kya hai?”

arman saw that anjali was staring him.he turned to go from there .actually he wanted to hide his pain which was clearly showing in his eyes. He stepped to the door but stopped hearing anjali’s words from back..”wo chali jayegi arman…kya tum uske bina jee paoge? “

arman looked at her with a jerk. He uttered in a broken voice..”di..

Anjali nodded in yes while uttered : “mujhe sab pata hai,sid ki mummy ne mujhe bataya hai.waise mujhe hardam yeh baat satati rehti thi ki mera bhai itna sad kyon rehta hai,kyon kabhi kisi ladki ko nahi chaha par ab mujhe pata chala gaya hai.”
Arman bowed head.a lone tears trickled down from his eyes.

Anjali : “arman, mai ab yeh kehna nahi  chahti ki tumne jo bhi kiya galat kiya par yeh jarur kahungi ki rok lo riddhima ko,mafi mang lo usse aur tab tak mango jab tak wo maan na jaye par usey jane mat do.”

Arman uttered in wet voice ; “wo maaf nahi karegi di..mai hun hi itna bura.

Anjali got up and came to him. she caressed his cheek while uttered : “nahi arman,jo galti karke regret karte hain wo bura nahi hote.”

Arman uttered in teary voice : “par di,maine kiya toh galat hi na? agar riddhima ko kuch ho jata? Mai toh rishu ka papa kehlane ka haq bhi nahi rakhta,usey protect karne ki jagah chodkar aa gaya .”

Anjali : “thank god ki sid ki family usey mil gayi. .”

Arman nodded .

Anjali thought a while and uttered : “mai riddhima se baat karun?”

Arman refused immediately : “nahi di,riddhima phir humse aur dur chali jayegi . usey pata nahi chalna chahiye ki aap sab janti ho .aur galti maine ki hai toh mai usey manaunga.”

Anjali smiled while uttered : “that my bro…I am waiting for that day jab riddhima humare ghar aayegi ,mere rishu ke sath.

Arman smiled sighly while uttered : “pray for it di. “

Anjali nodded in yes while uttered : “sure arman,mujhe mera anmol wapas mil gaya hai as rishu.mai usey dubara kho nahi sakti.
Love u all

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