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Part 27(a): Sindoor

Riddhima is shocked as he said sorry why he is apologizing to her what did he do she looked at him confusingly and then she

R:''armaan aap mafi kyun mang rahein hain?''
She asked and then armaan holds her hand then he
A:''riddhima i am sorry kal humein party meiin jaana hain aur maine tumse ek baar bhi janane ki koshish nahin kari tumhe kisi cheej ki zarurat tou nahiin. Tum yahan nayi ho tumhe tou kuch bhi nahiin pata. Maine tou tumse yeh bhi nahiin poocha tumhe koi uncomforted tou nahiin i am such a stupid person. Aur yahan tum sirf mere liyye bina kuch pooche chup chap party meiin aa rahi ho. Just mere ek baar kehne par. And here maine kya kiyya i am so sorry riddhima. Tum sab mere liyye kar rahein ho meri reputation ke liyye tum''
But next moment he is cut short as riddhima speaks up
R:''shh armaan''
And armaan looked at her as she cuts him in between he looked at her and tried to speaks up
A:''riddhima lekin''
R:''chup armaan vaise tou kehte hain main bak bak karti hun aap bhi kuch kam nahiin hain''
She said commenting on his non stop blabbering making him pouted here he is serious apologizing her and she is making fun and seeing his pouted face riddhima smiled aww he looks so cute then she finally breaking her trance she
R:''aab aap meri baat suniye''
And armaan nodded looking at her face and then riddhima continues
R:''pehli bat tou armaan maine kal bhi kaha tha aaj bhi keh rahi hun yeh sab aapke liyye nahiin hain HUMARE liyye hain. Aur main kuch bhi karke aapke oopar koi favour nahiin kar rahi hun. Yeh rishta hum dono ka hain, so please aap yeh bat dimag se nikal dijiye ki main koi favour kar rahi hun aap par''
She said and armaan looked at her in disbelief but what can he expect from her more she is like this only and then seeing him looking at her riddhima continues
R:''aur rahi baat aapke mujhe kuch bhi na batane ki ya poochne ki tou armaan main jaanti hun aap kitne busy hain. Aap ek Doctor hain aur oonke oopar logon ki zindagi depends karti hain. Hum normal logon ki life meiin time nikalana mushkil ho jaata hain kabhie kabhie fir aap tou Doctor hain. Don't worry armaan main samjhti hun aapki responsibilities ko aur fir aapne mujhe muskaan jaise dost di jisne merii har kadam par help kari tou aap kaise keh sakte hain kii aapnein mera dhayan nahin rakha so aisa sochiyega bhi mat. Aur aapne mere liyye aapne busy schedule meiin se itna socha mere liyye yehi bahut badi baat hain so please armaan mafi mat mangiye aap''
She said making armaan surprised at her thinking she is so understanding he is not in state of replying to her but somehow he
A:''riddhima thank you''
R:''armaan please maine abhie kya kaha aapse aur aapko pata hain mujhe kitna acha laga aapko mere bare meiin itna khayal raha so please leave this topic aur jaante hain mujhe is baat ka pora ehsas tha kii aagar mujhe koi zarurat hogi tou i can straight to my friend''
She said making him smile and armaan gives her smile too flashing his dimples her simple words makes him away from his guilt and then riddhima seeing him smiling
R:''acha yeh sab chodiye aaj khana kha liyya tha na aapnein time par maine bhayiya ke haath bheja tha''
She asked changing the topic as the start walking again and
A:''yes madam bilkul aapke oos devar ne aapnein saamne bitha ke khilaya mujhe nahin tou ose ooski bhabhi ke haath ka khana nahiin milta na and he cant take that risk na''
He said teasing rahul's love for riddhima's food and riddhima smiled and then they walked with talking anything and everything and as the breeze blowed armaan looked at her as some of her treases comes on her face playing on her cheeks she looks so beautiful, and then armaan finally noticed that she is wearing something different from her usual churridars as he noticed she is wearing yellow long kurta and green leggings and her long hairs is opened and Sindoor adoring in her Maang that's all with small ear rings. He never knew that she wear something like these kind of clothes too as he always saw her in churridar and one time in saree. And he could not help but to notice her perfect figure as the kurta is hugging her till her waist making her curves more visible and he could not help but to gaze at her beautiful figure and riddhima feels some intense gaze upon herself and she somehow knows that armaan is looking at her but she does not have the courage to look at her finally she looked from the corner of her eyes and yes he is looking at her and then suddenly she remembered about her attire and that makes her conscious and armaan looked at her. He being a guy his gaze fell on her and  riddhima knows where his gaze is. She feels so shy not uncomfortable with his gaze . She at this moment needed her duppatta or she just wants to put her hand on his eyes to make him stop looking at her. He is arising goose bumps all over her skin just with his gaze when she could not take more
R:''humein aandar chalna chahiye bahut der ho rahi hain''
And armaan's trance breaks as she said that and he immediately tried to avert his gaze gosh what is he doing and then riddhima bends to pick up the cups which they puts on the side of the wall and at the same time armaan too bends to pick the cups and the result is they bumped in each other that makes them comes face to face their faces just a inch away from each other. Riddhima looked at him as his blue oceanic eyes caught her green almond eyes she could not able to tear her gaze, there is something in his eyes that always keeps her hypnotized and armaan just looked in her green almond eyes that holds so much innocent and some kind of addiction that his eyes could not able to move his gaze and lost in her eyes he did not knows when his hand moved towards her back making her stand at her place and with his moved riddhima's hand unknown to herself moved to his shoulder but she did not hold it just put her hand on his shoulder and armaan's right moved unknown to himself moved towards her right cheek and he caressed it with his knuckles and riddhima feels shiver runs in her spine as she feels his cold hand against her warm skin she looked at him deeply they both forget everything around them. Right now they are just girl and boy who have something in between them yet unknown to them as armaan traced her perfect jaw line with his knuckles riddhima feeling him so close just lowered her eye lids and riddhima then feels armaan's hands pulled her closer by gripping her lower waist and then a cold breeze blowed and riddhima's treases fells on her cheeks making armaan looks at her how she is looking so much beautiful he is drowning in her beauty with every passing second and he then slowly puts his hand and then rolled her treases in his hand and then puts behind her ear making her clutch his shoulder as she feels so much shy and the goosebumps all over her feeling his hand behind her ear touching her ear lobe unknown to armaan himself his finger touched her ear lobe little bit sensually that makes riddhima shiver under arm aan's hold and then armaan looked at her face her lips quivered and he looked at her red  lips which is shining with that pink shining gloss that's what they called them maybe. He so needs them he don't know how and when his face start moving closer to her face covering the differences between their faces and his finger traced her lower lips making riddhima jumped in his arms and the cup she holds fell from her hands bringing both of them back to reality  and riddhima immediately moved away from his grip and armaan too let her go feeling so embarrassed as what he is doing he again lost his control over himself and before he even can say anything or apologized of his stupid behave riddhima bends down and start picking up the broken pieces of the cup and she not sparing a glance to him she
R:''armaan aap dur rahiyeye yeh aapko lag jaayega ok''
She said as she wonders about his safety as she knows how much he is careless and clumsy this much she can knows from past 2 months and armaan looked at her and then he finds her broken pieces of glass and he is so worried about her that it might harm her so in a flash of second makes riddhima stands up taking her off guard and then as riddhima is so shocked she just
R:''armaan yeh aap''
A:''no bilkul chup aagar mujhe lag sakta hain tou tumhe bhi lag sakta hain chodo ise subh mali se karva denge samjhi''
And riddhima looked at him she is surprised at his behave
R:''par armaan main''
But armaan did not let her complete so he just
A:''kuch nahiin sunana hain mujhe chalo chup chap aanadar''
He said and then holding her hand in his and picking the another cup he dragged her inside the home and riddhima is surprised with his behave. As soon they entered in the house armaan locked the house and then riddhima looked at him and then seeing her looking at himself
A:''kya hua aise kya dekh rahi ho''
He asked as he saw her looking at himself continuously and then riddhima lowered her eye lids how she can tell him that she adoring him for his caring nature and then fumbling she picked up the cup and then she just
R:''kuch bhi tou nahin main bas yeh cup rakh kar ayi''
And shying to herself she just rushed from there and armaan smiled seeing her so nervous she always looks so cut whenever she got nervous and then armaan awaited for her so that he can wished good night to her before retiring to bed but seems like riddhima is hiding in kitchen from him so he has no other option he moved inside the kitchen and yes he is right there she is standing near the shelf doing nothing her cheeks turned red and he smiled he so liked her red cheeks and then he A:''aaj yahin kitchen meiin sone ka irada hain kya aapka''
He said breaking her trance bringing her back to reality and riddhima looked at him and she is shocked to find him standing at the door step of kitchen. She is not at all expecting him there. And seeing him she immediately turned and moved towards the fridge and then she
R:''nahiin bas kuch nahiin aapke liyye pani ka jug le rahi thi''
She replied nervously putting some of her fringes behind her ear and armaan smiled seeing her behave and then as they walked out of the kitchen armaan switching off the lights and riddhima moved ahead as they reached near the temple armaan turned off the lights of there too and as they reached near the stairs riddhima called him
And armaan turned as he stopped in his mid tracks and then riddhima passed him the jug of water saying
R:''aapka pani''
A:''thank you''
Armaan thanked her and smiled at her which she did returned but with lower eye lids and then he just
A:''riddhima thank you for sending the food and juice for me it means alots to me''
And riddhima looked at him and then she just
R:''no need armaan and thanks aapnein khaya''
And they looked at each other for a second as they say this and then armaan breaks the trance and then he
A:''ok riddhima good night''
R:''good night armaan''
She wished him back and then as riddhima is about to enter in her room she heard her name as
A:''arey han riddhima main tou kehna hi bhul gayya''
Riddhima turned and looked at him awaited to continue as
R:''ji kya''
A:''you are looking gorgeous in this dress, this colour and attire suites you''
He said and winked at her and before riddhima even can think or say something he is vanished from there and then riddhima gets what happened he complimented her that too very first time and that makes her blushed she smiled as nervous smile comes on her lips and blushing and seeing the stairs for second she moved inside the room with blush on her cheeks and smile on her face. She looks in the mirror as soon she entered in the room, they said na when you get ready or you are conscious about your looks the someone special says you something good all your abbreviations just flew away and same is with her as soon armaan says that she is looking gorgeous she really feels that. Though many people manier times complimented her that she is looking beautiful even hot and sexy even in this dress too she gets complimented but don't know why today his simple  compliment makes her feel so good that she has big broad smile on her face and she keeps on looking at herself for some minutes getting herself believe that she is looking actually good and then she got changed in her night clothes all the time she is lost in his thoughts as
R:''armaan kitne ache hain na onhein meri kitni fikar hai oonhein meri ki main comfortable hun ya nahin. Kitna guilt feel ar rahein the ki mujhse kuch pooch nahii paye ki mujhe kuch chahiye tou nahin party ke liyye. Sachi meiin bahut ache hain armaan. Bas thoda sa gussa zayda ata hain oonhein par ismein oonki bhi kya Galati hain. Hum sab insan hain hum sab meiin kuch advantages aur kuch disadvantages hoti hain. Aur main tou oonka gussa bardasht kar hi sakti hun. Aab tou mujhe aadat bhi ho gayyi hain. Aur main tou aise keh rahi hun jaise mujhe gussa ata hi nahiin, mumma humesha kehti thi ki gussa aur main jaise do dill ek jaan hain (and smiled crept on her lips remembering her mom's words). Tou oonhein bhi aa jaata hain par aaj kal kitne calm rehne ki koshish karte hain. Mera bheja hua khana bhi khate hain aur meri parvah bhi karte hain. Shayad aab yeh din bahut ache se nikal jaayenge mujhe oonmein bahut acha dost mill raha hain''
She said to herself and she closed her eyes to sleep with smile adoring on her face but as soon she closed her eyes she saw her image with him in the kitchen and she immediately opened her eyes and then she
R:''par jo humare beech meiin ho raha hain kya vo sahi hain. Jaise hum qareeb aa rahein hain. Jaane kyun mujhe aaj armaan kii nazron meiin kuch ajeeb sa mehsus hua. Kya tha armaan ki nazar meiin jo main aandar tak sihar gayyi. Mere saath aisa tou pehle kabhie bhi nahiin hua. Mayank, sam (her college friends) oonke saath bhi accidently touch ya friendly hug hotein the par aisa kabhie mehsus nahiin hua tou aaj armaan ke saath yeh kyun. Aur armaan ki eyes meiin maine kuch dekha jo mujhe aandar tak sihra gayya. Nahiin yeh sahi nahiin hain armaan mujhe sirff dost ki nazar se dekhte hain. Main aisa nahiin soch sakti. Armaan bhi aapnein aap ko galat samajh rahein honge us sabke bare meiin soch kar nahiin this is not done. Mujhe khud ko armaan se dur rakhna hoga yeh ooljha hua rishta aur nahiin ooljhna chahiye''
She said to herself and then in all these she drifted to sleep she herself did not knows.


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