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Part 27(b): Sindoor

Here in armaan s room he is not at all able to sleep, her face keeps on coming in front of his eyes and her thoughts

A:''riddhima ko maine kitna galat samjha aaj oosne kitni achi tarah mujhe aur mere profession kii responsibilities ko samajh liyya. Mujhe tou explain bhi nahiin karne diyya. Kitni asani se sab handle kar liyye. Mujhe ek bar bhi mehsus nahiin honein diyya ki maine ooske saath kuch galat kiyya hain ya kuch aur. Shyad koi aur hota tou mujhse bahut hi naraz hota aur shayad mujhe galat bhi samjhta. Par riddhima ne tou aise react kiyya jaise kuch hua hi nahin oosne meri zimedari ko kitni asani se samajh liyye jabki main aur vo ek doosre ko bilkul bhi nahiin jaante bahut kam hi jaante hain , Fir bhi mere liyye oosne kitna trust dikhaya seriously she is such an amazing person.''
He speaks to himself and a smile form on his lips and then he just moved towards the jug of water as he needs to have it and seeing that water his mind raced back to the moment that happened between then in kitchen and
A:''main riddhima ke saamne khud ko control kyun nahiin rakh paata hun. Main ose baar baar aur khud ko embarrass kyun kar jaata hun. Pehle kitchen meiin gosh kya ho gayya tha mujhe kar kya raha tha main. Main almost ose kiss karne vaaala tha aagar muskaan aur rahul na ate tou. Par yar lag bhi tou itni sundar rahi hoti hain riddhima. Par armaan dude iska matlab yeh tou nahiin kii tu ooske aage aapna control hi kho den yeh tou sahi nahiin hain na. Kya soch rahi hogi vo tere bare meiin aur tu hain ki. Par mere chune se kaise sihar jaati hain vo ooska kya matlab hain. Abhie bahar bhi mere halke se haath lagane se oski body meiin sirhan se ooth gayyi thi aur vo blush ooski cheeks par makes her so beautiful. Aur aaj kuch aalag si hi dikh rahi thi ooske perfect curves (he looked at her clothes that's lying on the couch) no doubt suits meiin bhi achi lagti hain par aaj aalag si hi lagi. Nahiin main aise react nahiin kar sakta na aapna control kho sakta hun. Main hi bolta hun yeh kin a yeh rishta sirff ek sal ka hain aise karke main ooske saath nainsafi kar raha hun. Nahiin main yeh nahiin kar sakta main khud ko control meiin rakhhunga. Especially kal party meiin hopefully mujhse kuch oolta seedha na ho.''
He told to himself but his heart knows that he is attracted to her badly and he can't help it and he too drifted thinking about her unknown to himself.
Next morning
Riddhima is just finishing her chores when she finds armaan comes and seeing her he gives her smile which she returned and
A:''good morning riddhima''
R:''good morning armaan''
As he wished her riddhima wished her back and then she
R:''armaan coffee?''
He asked as she finds him settling at couch as per his daily routine with newspaper and
A:''yes please and aapki tea bhi''
He said and riddhima smile seeing him and then she nodded and go to kitchen she is thinking how to talk about that to armaan muskaan is actually pushed in mess. And she is thinking about it when his coffee and her tea get ready and as soon she takes them outside armaan leaves the newspaper and takes the coffee mug she offered and then he looked at her she is looking beautiful in her purple churridar but she finds her fidgeting with her duppatta and she is lost somewhere and armaan is surprised what happened to her suddenly she is fine till last night then now what happen to her, did she takes him wrong as the incidence transpired in between them yesterday night, gosh his heart suddenly sank if she hurt by his behnave so he tried to call her as
Riddhima is so in her own that she did not hear him and that makes armaan's doubt more clear so he called her again
And this time little bit loudly and that surely brings riddhima back to reality so she looked at him and then seeing him looking at herself she knows he called her so
But before he can say anything riddhima just started
R:''sorry armaan mera dhayan nahiin tha aap kuch keh rahein the''
She asked as she feels guilty maybe he asked for something important and she did not paid attention to him and armaan smiled seeing at her nervous face god she is looking so cute and then armaan just to calm her
A:''relax riddhima its ok mujhe kuch nahiin chahiye ok''
And riddhima nodded hearing him and then he
A:''infact mujhe tumse yeh poochna tha kii are you fine kuch khoyi khoyi si lag rahi ho sab theek hain na koi problem tou nahin na''
He asked taking her in surprise and riddhima looked  at him is he really guessing her and start reading her and then riddhima just did not knows what to say so she just try to shrug the thoughts so she just
R:''nahiin armaan aapko aisa hi lag raha hain mera thoda shayad sar bhari hain tou bas''
And hearing her armaan immediately gets up from the couch and without giving any chance to riddhima he puts his hand on her for head and he asked as
A:''riddhima tumhe kahin fever vagarah tou nahiin ho gayya over exertion ke qaaran kal sab shopping and all then saare house chores''
He said getting tensed up for her and riddhima juts shivered as his cold palm placed on her warm for head and she looked at his fcae which shows the extreme care and then her thoughts breaks as he just
A:''bukhar tou nahiin hain but let us get on safer side main aapna bag lekar aaya''
And he is moving towards his room to get his bag and riddhima knows she has to stop him as she is fine actually so
And hearing her he stopped in tracks and turned and then looked at her and
A:''han riddhima''
R:''armaan main theek hun kisii cheej ki zarurat nahin hain bas aab thodi der so lungi tou theek ho jayega  armaan aap tension mat lijiye please''
She said try to makes him normal but armaan is armaan so he just
A:'' i know tum super girl ho but super girl bhi kabhie kabhie beemar h sakti hain so let me do your check up''
He said and riddhima looked at him she somewhere knows that its not all going to work but she wants to try so she just
R:''armaan lekin''
A:''riddhima aab tum kuch nahiin bologi samjhi''
As armaan said sternly riddhima nodded like a kid and then armaan
A;''good girl''
And then armaan moved towards his room to grab his bag leaving smiling riddhima behind. Soon armaan is back and that follows riddhima's check up for full 15 minutes as riddhima's temprature comes little bit less than its normal
A:''see tabhie tumhe weakness ho rahi hogi ooske qaaran headache pata nahiin saara din tumhe kya kam karne kii soojhti rehti hain kabhie aapnein aap ko bhi dekh liyya karo had hai yar lapravahi ki, saara time kam kam jab bhi ata hun sirf kam meiin hi lagi hoti ho. Aagar aapnein aap ko rest nahiin deti ho tabhie aisi headache ho rahi hain subh subh. I am sure kal muski ke saath market meiin zarur kuch oolta seedha khaya hoga tumne saara junk food and all muski tou hain hi crack tum bhi ooske saath pagal ho gayyi thi. Aab oon sab bekar cheezon ki gas chad gayyi hogi and the result is this headache''
As armaan stopped glaring at her riddhima gulped just a mere headache and this much scolding god what if she had fever her will eat her up and the way he said about junk food that brings back the memories of the other day abhi tells her that armaan is against the junk food and today she got to see that trailer too and remembering that a smile comes on her lips and seeing her smile armaan frowned here he is scolding her and she is smiling is he looking joker to her so
A:''yahan main tumhe joke nahin suna raha hun riddhima daant raha hun and you are smiling care to explain aapko kis bat par hansi aa rahi hain''
He said and hearing him riddhima looked at his face showing frown and she just gulped and then armaan looked at her then
A:''riddhima main kuch pooch raha hun tumse han''
R:''umm kuch nahiin armaan mujhe bas aise hi kisi bat par smile aa gayyi aap ready ho jayiye main nashta tayar karti hun tab tak ok''
And riddhima stands up from the couch and armaan looked at her unbelievably and then he
A;''riddhima main kya farsi meiin bol raha hun jo tumhe samajh nahiin aa raha hain had hain yar you have headache go sleep and take rest''
And iddhima looked at him he is making such a big issue of just mere headache so fed up of this she this time is
R:''armaan kuch nahiin hua hain mujhe i am fit and fine aur jo thoda sa headache hain na vo ek goli khaungi tou i will be fine its nothing to take tension armaan''
She said and armaan looked at her and then he just speaks out as a doctor
A:''ji nahin koi goli nahiin khaogi tum you know pain killers are harmful in the long run''
R:''armaan par nashta''
A:''kuch nahin chahiye tum bas aapni tea finish karo and go rest that's all aur aab main ek bhi word aur nahin sunoga this is order from your husband samjhi tum''
He said taking riddhima in shock but he himself did not know when these words comes like this.

p.s those who were asking me about precap scenes there is time for them to comes up and yes in the next part the party surely happen thanks.


How could u do this?

Matlab Voo Aab Bhi Aapna Ateet Nahin Bhulli Hai.

Mai Kya Karun.

Now what is this who is telling this and to whom and what happened that everyone was reacting like this?

To know answers stay tuned


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