Tuesday, 17 February 2015

part 28 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

“Jindagi jab ruk jati hai toh hum kisi chamatkar ka intzaar karte hain. Riddima ki jindagi tham gayi thi aur uske sath hi arman ka.anjali ke sath atul ki jindagi ruki hui thi aur sid –tam toh bas intzaar me they ki kab inki life me movement aaye toh wo bhi apna kadam aage badaye. Ab bas intzaar tha kisi chamatkar ka jo sabki jindagi badal de….”


Only one month was left for riddhima’s completition so as rule the interns were sent in a camp.they were posted in an interior village for 7 days ,as senior doctor,dr. sid and dr. mihir was with them.today riddhima and the gang returned from camp and sid informed that she had night duty for 2 days. Riddhima liked night duty as dr. arman was not at hospital that time.she didn’t want to face him cause now she wanted to go from there. after completition she had to go to delhi for her PG . she wanted to forget everything which had happened in her life. When she came here ,she had a motive..the motive was to take revenge from arman but she got weak. Slowly she realised that she couldn’t take revenge from arman as she loved him from the bottom of her heart. Here she met with anjali di and loved this nice lady..anjali is so pretty,she couldn’t want to hurt her . all things  messed up and now she felt that sid had the right to choose his partner.riddhima didn’t want to destroy his life . so she had to go from there but thinking about rishu,she was very confused. She didn’t want to take him with her as rishu had the right to grow in a family, had right to live with his parents, not only with mumma also with his  papa.

Riddhima had duty in child department. she completed check –up,gave medicine and necessaries to them and came in the canteen for a coffee. It was raining outside. Riddhima ordered a coffee and snacks  and captured the corner seat. Suddenly power went and the canteen boy kept a candle and her ordered on her table. riddhima looked around the canteen.. A few people were there,some were interns,senior doctors and staffs. Riddhima sipped her fav. coffee while took out the mobile and started to see rishu’s pic which she had saved in it. She smiled seeing her cute son.he was looking like his father…the innocent face..the dimpled smile..all were like arman. she caressed it and whispered …”love u beta.”

Suddenly she jerked hearing a familiar voice. She lifted her eyes and saw that 2 people entered in the canteen and sat in front of her table. she identified them in a while.they were her bhai,raghav’s guard. Riddhima  shivered.she forgot about her coffee ,forgot about the world. An unknown fear ran down through her spine. Why bhai’s guard came here?  kya bhai arman ko dhundhne aaye they or riddhima ko ya anjali di ko? She tried to hide her face while heard one guard spoke..”arey bhai,ab hum riddhima ma’m ko kahan dhunde.kahan kahan nahi dhundha raghav sa’b ne aur ab phir se wahi paresaani.”

Second guard : “aur arman bhi toh nahi mila.wo mill jata toh shayad riddhima ma’m ka pata chal jata.”

Riddhima scared horribly. bhai abhi bhi usey aur arman ko dhundh rahe hain.agar unhe pata chala ki riddhima yahin hai aur uska beta hai toh pata nahi rishu ko kya karey..aur arman!wo agar bhai ko mill gaya toh bhai kya usey jinda chodenge!nahi abhi arman ko inform karna hoga …arman ko kuch ho jaye toh wo kya karegi!she shivered imagining it..without arman her life was nothing.

She got up quickly and came out of the hospital…now heavy rain was started but riddhima had no care of it. She had to inform arman as soon as possible. She forgot that it was mid-night ….no one in the street,no any vehicles were there…forgot about the whole world and ran towards arman’s house.


Arman was lying on his bed but sleep was far away from his eyes. he knew only one month was left of riddhima’s internship.after that she is going delhi,she didn’t want to stay here because of arman surely but how he could survive without her and rishu. He had to stop riddhima somehow.but how it was possible! riddhima didn’t forgive him yet. 

Arman got up restlessly and took out ridhima and rishu’s pic from drawer and mumbled caressing their pic…”mat jao riddhima.please mujhe maaf kar do. kuch bhi saza de do par mujhse dur mat jao..please…”

His trance broke hearing banging sound on the door. Someone was banging the door loudly. Arman came to the door and opened it quickly and stunned to see the person ,who was standing in front of him…fully  drenched in rain….with a pale face ,shivering lips…with a devastating look.


arman was surprised to her in this state.kya hua tha riddhiam ko?wo is tarah ,barish me bheegkar ,itni raat ko yahan kyon aayi? kya rishu ko kuch hua?arman asked in a scared tone ….”kya hua riddhima? Rishu thik toh hai? “

riddhima was not able to reply but nodded in yes. suddenly she was about to fall but arman held her quickly and took her inside the room.riddhima was still trembling ..for fear or cold,arman didn’t know.he heard riddhima was mumbling something in a very low tone.

Arman made her sit on the couch and asked worriedly : “tum toh puri tarah bheeg gayi ho riddhima.kya hua,sab thik toh hai? mujhe phone karti toh mai aa jata hospital.is tarah akeli itni raat ko aana jaruri tha kya?”

Suddenly riddhima uttered in a shaky voice…”nahi,tum hospital nahi jaoge..tum ..tum ..yahan se chale jao arman. tumne kaha tha na mai maaf kar dun toh tum chale jaoge..maine maaf kiya tumhe…chale jao arman,meri nazron se dur…mere bhai ke nazron se dur…wo tumhe maar dalenge.”

 Arman was not understanding what was she saying. He asked confusingly…”kya keh rahi ho riddhima? Raghav  bhai yahan aaye kya? tumse kuch kaha unhone?”

Riddhima : “nahi,mujhe nahi pata,par bhai ke guards ko dekha maine,sanjivani me..wo..wo ..tumhe aur mujhe dhund rahe they.tum abhi yahan se chale jao arman..mai tumhe kuch hote hue nahi dekh sakti..please…

Tears rolled down from her eyes.arman sat in front of her and replied cupping her face…’mai kahan jaunga riddhima? Tumhe aur rishu ko chodkar kahan jaun? Achcha hai ki mai tumhare bhai ke hathon mar jaun,mujhe yehi saza milni chahiye. “

Riddhima smacked him hard while uttered : “ I hate u….tum kabhi nahi sudhroge.maine yahan se jane ko kaha hai,agar mujhse abhi bhi pyar karte ho toh subah hote hi yahan se chale jaoge..it’s my order.aur kabhi meri zindagi me wapas mat aana.”

She got up and turned to go from there but arman uttered holding her wrist: “itni badi saza toh mat do riddhima.mujhse nafrat karo,mujhe maaf mat karo,mujhe jo chahe saza do par apne se dur jane ko mat kaho.isse toh achcha mai sachmuch mar jaun.”

Riddhima tried to free her hand while uttered : “chodo mera hath arman.maine kabhi nahi chaha ki tumhe kuch ho..pyar kiya tha tumse..bahut jyada,shayad bhai ke baad tum hi they jo mere dill ke itne karib aaye aur shayad bhai se bhi jyada chahne lagi thi tumhe. “she paused and wiped her tears.

Arman uttered in a choked voice : “maaf kar do mujhe riddhima..

Riddhima looked at him and uttered in a stern voice: “chale jao yahan se arman.”

Arman smiled painfully while uttered : “ek baar bhaga tha toh ab bhi uski saza mil rahi hai,par ab nahi,ya toh raghav bhai ke hathon marna hai ya tumhe sath lekar jana hai.it’s my promise riddhima.”saying it he dragged her slowly close to him and whispered : “bas ek mouka do riddhima,mai,rishu , tum aur anjali di..yehi hoga humara pyari si duniya. Mai tumhe kabhi bhi sikayat ka moka nahi dunga.”

But riddhima jerked hearing anjali’s name.she pushed him hard while uttered in a scared tone…”di..anji di toh hospital me hai.kahin bhai ko pata chal gaya toh?”

Arman  never thought about it. He uttered in an inarticulate voice..”di..anji di kahan hai? riddhima ,i have to do something ..abhi di ko inform karna hoga,unhe raghav  ki nazron se dur rakhna hoga.

Meanwhile riddhima took her mobile and started calling anjali but her phone was switched off. she saw that arman stepped to the door while mumbling in a horrified voice ...”god di ki raksha karna..mujhe abhi sanjivani jana hoga…

 Now riddhima caught his hand tightly while uttered : “mai bhi jaungi arman..anjali di ko kuch nahi hoga. Hum unhe kuch nahi hone denge..yeh mera promise hai.”

Love u all

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