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part 29 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

thanks to all readers  for reading and commenting on  this ff,and specially thanks to LOVELY MUSKAN,a new reader and my new friend , who  have read all parts in 2-3 days,thanks muskan..hope you will like this part too.

thanks to anu who always encouraged me discussing about this ff and giving a long comment from dill se..hehe..

now only one part left,it will be finished  in 30th part. thanks again to all readers.

Anjali was standing near the window .it was raining outside. Anjali looked at the dark sky and heaved a long breathe. Today which had  happened in her life she never ever imagined about it. At morning when she was in her cabin,dr. soham called her and said that an emergency and very critical case came in hospital and only dr. anjali had to manage it. dr. soham said her the victim got shot in his head ,he had need a surgery immediately . Dr.anjali nodded and rushed to the ICU where the patient was but she flabbergasted  to see him.she felt that the whole world was revolving around her. the man who was lying on the bed ,it was raghav. He was unconscious. His head got injured and bleed a lot. Anjali felt that she will fall on the ground. She came out of the OT and ran to her cabin. 

Anjali came in her cabin and threw herself on the chair. All things which had happened in her life,came in front of eyes in a while..raghav,whom she loved more than her life..raghav,who cheated her..who left her alone when she was pregnant. After knowing about her pregnancy, she  had requested him to get marry and he always used to assure her about it and when she was 3 months pregnant,raghav disappeared left her alone and helpless. Anjali searched him a lot but then she got to know that raghav’s address was fake. Anjali had only one way to out of this situtaion,she chose it and  had attempted suicide but she had been saved and because of her fault, anmol suffered a lot,and left her alone .

Anjali caressed anmol’s pic and mumbled..”miss u beta,mumma ko maaf kar dena.”

Just then her mobile rang,it was dr. soham…anjali refused politely to attend this surgery and rested her back on the chair closing eyes.. but again her phone rang..

Dr. soham : “dr. anjali, its very critical case and u know na koi bhi surgeon available nahi hai abhi.”

Anjali : “sorry  dr. soham ,actually I am not feeling well,maine life line hospital me call karke immediately kisi senior surgeon ko bhejne kaha hai,wo aate hi honge.”

Dr. soham : “dr. anjali,patient ki haalat bahut najuk hai par mai aapko pressurize bhi nahi kar sakta,praying ki senior dr.jaldi aa jaye.he need a surgery at this moment.”

Hearing it she shievered. Her heart scolded …”tu itna selfish kab se ban gayi anjali? Yaad rakh tu ek doctor hai aur raghav abhi tera patient hai jo apni jindagi ki bheekh mang raha hai.”

Her evil mind warned…”nahi anjali,uski wajah se tune apni life ki sari khushi khoyi,apna beta anmol ko khoya,uski wajah se hi aaj arman ne galat kadam uthaye,don’t forgive him. marne do usey,he deserves it.”

Anjali  heaved a sigh  and got up to go from there but someone knocked at her cabin door.anjali saw that it was atul,with whom a lady stood. Her face was looking pale and like she cried a lot.

Anjali :”kaho atul ,kuch jaruri kaam tha?

Atul nodded whiile uttered : “yeh tumse milna chahti thi.”

Anjali  asked through her eyes about that lady .
Atul : “tum hi puch lo,mai bahar hun,I am waiting outside.”

Saying it he went from there. anjali saw that the lady was  looking  very nervous and scared.

Anjali : “aapko kuch kehna hai? don’t be afraid,kahiye mai aapki kya help kar sakti hun?

Suddenly the lady started crying ..tears started to flow from her eyes uncontrollably .

Anjali : “arey,plz don’t cry.aayiye yahan baithey .

But she stood there like a statue.

Anjali took the glass of water and offered her: “please have some water and tell me 
kya hua hai?mai aapki kya help kar sakti hun?

The lady drank water and stood there with sobbing face.

Anjali came to her and assured pressing her hand: “ agar mujhse kuch ho sakega toh mai karungi.”

Suddenly she bent  down and caught anjali ‘s leg while yelled in cry: “mere pati ko bacha lijiye didi. Aap surgery nahi karegi toh wo mar jayega.”

Anjali jerked hearing it and stepped backward while uttered : “koun ho tum?”

Lady : “mai..mai raghav ki patni hun,wahi raghav jisne aapko dhokha diya ,takleefen di. Wo mafi ke layak hai bhi nahi par aap bahut achchi hain dr. anjali,aap unhe jaan ki bheekh de dijiye,mai aapka ehsaan kabhi nahi bhulungi.”

Anjali uttered in a shaky voice: “tumhe humare barey me kaise pata?

The lady  replied in  a  teary voice : “mai aapko sab bataungi didi ,par abhi wo operation bed par pada hai,uski jindagi aap hi bacha sakte hain. Raghav ne apni galti ke kaaran apni sabse pyari cheez apni behen ko khoya hai aur ab apni jindagi khone ja raha hai.didi,mai aapse unki jaan ki bheekh mangti hun.”saying it she stretched her pallu infront of anjali as she was begging raghav’s life.” 

Anjali kept quiet for a while and made her stand holding her hand while uttered : “sorry,mai bhul gayi thi mai ek doctor hun aur tumhara pati mera patient. “

She took the phone and called : “dr. soham,I am coming.

Dr. soham : “that’s great! OT ready hai dr. anjali,please come.
After  few hours.

A sad  smile crept on her lips. Surgery was successful,raghav was out of danger now but as bullet had stroke in his head,he was lost his voice  for some time..anjali assured his wife  that after one more surgery he will get his voice back but its too expensive and not possible in india but in singapore,so she had to go singapore but anjali  reassured her to help her what would be possible by herself.

Raghav’s wife’s voice echoed in her ears..:”jab unko pata chala ki riddhima maid ke ghar gayi thi toh wo wahan tak gaye aur maid ne unhe sab kuch bataya,arman ke barey me.par riddhima kho gayi thi,unhe nahi mili.unhone bahut dhudha par jaise riddhima apne bhai se naraj hokar kahin chup gayi thi. uske baad wo tut gaye.unki galti ki saza riddhima ko mili aur unhone apni pyari choti behen ko kho diya .maine unhe akele me rote dekha hai.ab wo badal gaye hain par unhone pahle jo kiya uski saza milni hi thi na. bahut sarey dushman bhi paal liye hain apne burey karmon ki wajah se.”

Anjali  didn’t understand what to say,she only uttered : “kya wo log pakde gaye?i mean jinhone goli mari thi?”

She nodded : ‘haan didi.”

A silence occurred for a while then she uttered : “aapka ehsaan kabhi chuka nahi sakti didi. Kash !sab thik ho jaye aur riddhima wapas mil jaye,pata nahi kahan hai..”saying it she wiped her tears which trickled down from her eyes.

Anjali spoke unknowingly  : “riddhima yahin hai,thik hai.don’t worry.”

She yelled in joy : “kya!!riddhima yehin hai! I mean arman ke sath hai! Omg !bhagwan tera lakh lakh sukar hai.” saying it she folded her hand to pray to god.

Anjali didn’t understand what she  would reply. Riddhima is not with arman but how she would tell it .she only uttered : “kya tum unse milna chahogi?

She nodded : “nahi di,humey dekhkar arman phir se naraj na ho jaye aur riddhima bhi apne bhai ko hate karti hogi na.wo khush hai bas itna hi kafi hai humare liye.”

Anjali : “lekin raghav toh behoshi me bhi riddhima ko yaad kar raha tha .”

Sohini  uttered in a  wet voice : “haan di,mujhe laga mai unhe khone wali hun,maine apne guards  se kaha ki kaise bhi ho riddhima ko dhundh laye,bas unki ek akhiri ichcha puri ho jaye,apni gudiya ko ek baar dekh le. Par ab unke thik hote hi hum chale jayenge .”


anjali’s chain of thought broke hearing dr. soham’s voice : “dr. anjali,patient ko hosh aa gaya hai,he is fine maine check up kar liya par mujhe yeh samajh nahi aaya ki aap kyon anhi jana chahti wahan,aap unki dr. hain.”

Dr. anjali smiled : “dr. soham ,kuch baten ansuljhi hi rehti hai,jane dijiye na. by the way thanks aapne case ka charge apne hathon liya.”

Dr. soham : “mention not dr. anjali,its my duty. And maine unki wife ko milne ka permission de diya hai bas thodi der ke liye.”

Anjali nodded while uttered : “ from now I will be on leave for some days ,mera 1 conference hai ,i am going malasiya for 1 week and is patient ki treatment ab singapore me hogi,maine unki patni se keh diya hai.maine sarey arrangement kar diye hain,bas 2 -3 din me unhe wahan shift kar diya jayega.”

Dr. soham nodded and went from there. anjali took her bag and about to go from there but surprised   to see that arman and riddhima entered in her cabin like running, they were holding each other hands . they were panting heavily while both were fully drenched in rain.

Anajli : “kya baat hai?tum dono is tarah,itni raat ko? What happened arman?anything wrong?

Arman :”thank god di aap thik ho.chalo yahan se.”

Anjali : ‘par kyon?kya hau hai kuch bataoge bhi kya?

Arman didn’t reply but looked at riddhima. Riddhima was hesitated as she didn’t know anjali knew everything already.

Arman : “don’t worry riddhima,di ko sab pata hai.”

Saying it he addressed anjali : “di,raghav ke guards humey dhundh rahe hain,agar raghav yahan aa gaya toh ..di please aap abhi chalo humare sath.”

Anjali smiled sighly while uttered : “don’t worry mujhe kuch nahi hoga,tumhe sath dekhkar bahut achcha laga.chalo arman ,its too late,riddhima ko ghar chod aao  aur hum bhi ghar chalein?

Riddhima : “par di,wo bhai..

Anjali came to her and spoke holding her hand…: “ghar jao riddhima,mai sab kuch bataungi par aaj itni raat ko nahi. Don’t worry all is fine.”

Riddhima nodded and they came out of the hospital way to home.

At early morning anjali called riddhima  in her home to say about raghav.riddhima was scared thinking  about what she will say  but when she got to know that bhai got shot and was in hospital,she burst into cry.

Anjali : “riddhima,wo thik hai,darne ki koi baat nahi.”

Riddhima uttered in her cry : “thank you di,aap toh bhagwan ho,bhai ne aapke sath…..

Anjali cut her words in middle and replied : “jo ho gaya bhul jao riddhima .agar aisa hai toh mere bhai arman ne bhi bahut galat kiya tumhare sath,phir bhi tum humara care karti ho aur mai toh ek dr. hun,patients ki life bachana meri duty hai.”

Riddhima kept silence but tears were flowing down from her eyes uncontrollably.

Arman who was silent during their conversation, uttered : “riddhima,raghav bhai ke paas jao,unke paas raho abhi,unko tumhari jarurat hai.”

Riddhima looked at anjali and uttered : “kaise jaun,kya bataun unhe?

Anjali : “kuch batane ki jarurat nahi riddhima ,waise bhi abhi wo kuch puch nahi sakte,aisi haalat hai hi nahi.”

Riddhima was about to ask something  but anjali phone buzzed,it was dr. soham : “ma’m jaldi hospital aaiye,patient was becoming restless.”

Anjali uttered worriedly : “yesterday he was fine na,achanak kya hua?

Dr. soham : “ghabrane ki baat nahi,bas wo aapse milna chahte hain.”

Anjali ; “mere barey me kisne bataya? Maine mana kiya tha na?

Dr. soham : ‘I think his wife told him about you ma’m.please come otherwise he is refusing to take medicine too.

Anjali didn’t want to go in front of raghav ,so she got confused totally but riddhima caught her hand and uttered : “di,ek patient ko haq hai uske dr. se miley,usey thanks kahe unki life bachane ke liye. Bhai ko bhi pata chalna chahiye unhone kitna galat kiya tha aur aapne unke liye kya kiya hai.”

Arman came to di and uttered : “riddhima is right di,aapko jana chahiye.”


Anjali ,riddhima and arman was standing in front of raghav,who was lying in bed , covering with wire and bandages .raghav opened eyes and tried to lifted his head but anjali stopped him saying that ..”mr.raghav,please aisa na karey,lete rahiye and please don’t be excited,aapke liye thik nahi hoga.”

Raghav said yes through his eyes and folded his shivering hand in front of anjali.
Anjali :”yeh kya kar rahe hain?”

Raghav’s wife  : “wo mafi mang rahe hain didi,please unhe maaf kar dijiye.sorry didi maine sab kuh unhe bata diya,unhe bhi toh pata chale unhone ek devi ke sath kitna galat kiya tha.aur tab se baichen hain aapse mafi mangne ke liye.”

Anjali : “its ok ,maine apni duty puri ki.

Raghav apologized through his eyes while folding hands.

Anjali uttered in  a  wet voice : “mai wo sab bhul chuki hun raghav,please khud ko takleef mat do.”

Raghav tried to smile and looked at arman riddhima.

Arman : “riddhima bhai ke paas jao please.”

Riddhima went slowly towards his bed and broke into tears while hugging him.

Raghav caressed her hairs while his eyes were searching arman to beg sorry  but arman went from there silently. 


After one month

It was the day when riddhima completed her internship and was about to go delhi for her PG. anjali ,sid,tam,sid’s mom,sukanya and atul ..all tried to stop her from going ,they requested a lot to stay there but riddhima refused them politely. She gave anjali rishu’s responsibilities and anjali accepted it happily but she didn’t understand why riddhima was punishing herself keeping rishu away from her. when she asked..riddhima had only one answer : “di,meri wajah se arman anmol se dur chala gaya tha ,shayad anmol naraj tha isliye wo chala gaya par ab rishu hi aapka anmol hai,ab wo aapka beta hai.mai khush hun ki usey aapki jaisi mummy mili .”

Anjali : “and about arman? usey kya tum maaf nahi karogi riddhima? “

Riddhima uttered sighly : “di,uski punishment toh baki hai na,usne ek masum ladki ko dhokha diya,usey akela chod diya ,iski saza toh puri honi hai . “

Anjali : “aur tum? Kya tum khush reh paogi is tarah apne bete aur arman se alag hoker?

Riddhima nodded : “nahi,shayad bilkul nahi par maine bhi galti ki thi na,kisipar itna trust karke,so I deserve this punishment. Shayad humari duriyan phir se mujhe uske paas la de. “

Anjali heaved a long breathe while uttered : “shayad…and I will be waiting for that day. Intzaar karungi jab mere bhai ki saza puri hogi aur riddima phir se arman ko apna legi.”

Love u all

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