Monday, 16 February 2015

part 30 : An Arranged Love Marriage

R: Armaan pl....ease; hum baad main....... baat kare?

She tried to go away but he had sensed her hard breathing. He held her wrist and asked her forgetting all his anger for a while;

Tum theek ho? Kya hua tumhe? Ku.... kuch ho raha hai?

R: Nahi vo main......
she tried to be strong but her body ditched her. She blinked her eyes uneasily as she felt things blacking out.

Without wasting another second he picked her up and went towards his room.
Ananya who was about to approach them as she had heard some noise saw him carrying Riddhima in his arms. But since she was behind him she hadn?t seen Riddhima?s condition; so instead of worrying she took his gesture to be of a loving husband! She felt really happy for both of them; completely unaware about the true situation!

Armaan placed her on the bed and made her drink some water. After having a few sips she choked bad and all he could do was just rub her back to soothe her. Once that she had been back to normal he looked at her now with pure concern and worry.

He realised that this wasn?t the time to demand answers; but to take care of her. He had just pounced upon her after coming but her situation made him realise that she was never capable enough to care of her ownself. All these days she must have had a tough time; as she had two tasks at hand; to take care of herself and to hide things from everyone around!

Seeing her in pain had shook him from within! It was necessary to convince her to get operated but even more necessary to let her rest for now. It was almost time for dinner; and her shopping with Ananya must have surely worn her out.

A: Are you ok now?

R: Hmm.....

He could see her getting really uncomfortable now that the truth was out. All her efforts that she had been putting in all this while were of no use anymore! He knew she never wanted him to see her in such state when she would be going through pain; and as a matter of fact he did agree with her here. He himself had never like to see her like that in pain; EVER!

At the same time; he did realize that the day had been really hectic on her part. The confrontation to add to it; must have really disturbed her inner peace and his anger not to mention; itself made her shiver every time.

So putting an end to her misery he sighed trying to calm his own nerves;
Tum yaha shanti se baitho; main khaana lekar aata hu tumhare liye. I am sure tumhe dawai bhi leni hogi. Main aata hu; tab tak tum change kar lo!

He quickly made her plate and went back to their room. But as he entered he still found her sitting on the same place and hadn?t even changed yet! She looked in deep thoughts.

Simply sitting beside her he shook her a bit to bring her out of her thoughts.
Riddhima........hmm; khana kha lo!
He was about to forward the plate towards her but then he saw the bandage wrapped around her palm and remembered that she was hurt. So holding the plate closer he made a morsel and forwarded it to her.

She was not at all hungry. Her deteriorating health had already killed her appetite and the confrontation which led to her continuous sobbing had made her nauseated! She had no urge left to eat anything; but she did not want to push him further. He was too angry about all the lies and now knowing the truth must be hell worried for her; and she did not want to disappoint him anymore. SO she simply took the bite without looking up at him.

She had thought she would pull it off but after having a few bites she felt strong surge in her stomach. She instantly ran towards the washroom leaving Armaan dazed. He followed her and as he entered the washroom; saw her puking hard and obviously he had noticed that she had discharged a little blood as she puked!
She was completely worn out. He went and stood beside her and rubbed her back to provide her some relief as she stood taking the support of the counter. The puking had caused pain in her lower stomach again and she clutched her stomach feeling too weak now. Seeing her like that he now wished he should have actually never known the truth! Though it was his selfish thought but it was better that way; seeing her groaning in pain in itself killed him.

She was left with no more strength to stand on her own so she simply leaned back and grabbed his collar for some support. His hands instantly went around her waist and he settled her on the counter still keeping her in his arms. Her eyes were shedding tears while her face was covered with sweat as she breath heavily!
Wiping her tears and clearing the sweat off forehead he tucked her hair properly and caressed her cheek;
Riddhima.......main Abhi ko phone karta hu. Tum do minute ru.........

As he settled her against the wall; making her comfortable on the counter and was just about to leave her hand when she held his wrist.
R: Ar....maan please mujhe maaf kar dijiye!

A: Riddhima....abhi ye sab chodo baby; let me.....

R: Nahi .......Main.....main bhi aa....pke saath ek ......normal zindagi jeena chahti hu Armaan. Please mu....jhse ghussa mat hoiye. Main.....mujhe...... help me through this Armaan please.

Main bhi jeena chahti hu.....I.... I don?t want to die Armaan. Mujhe marna nahi hai.........
Mu....jhe aapke saath re.....hna hai; aapke saath poori zind.....agi gu....jaarna hai; par......main majboor hu Armaan. Main apni khushi ke liye.......aapki khushiyon ko daav pe......nahi laga sa...kti!

Mujhse aise..... aise mat ruthiye Armaan. Meri zindagi pehle hi mujhse ruth chuki hai; ab ....... aap ghussa mat keejiye please! Mujhe bacha lee....jiye is sab se. Kuch kariye  na Armaan....... bataiye na main kya karu?

Main ye operation na....hi karwa sakti; par main jeena bhi chahti hu. Aapki baahon..... main rehna chahti hu.......main kya karu?

She rested her head against his chest and hugged him shifting her body as close as possible to him as her eyes turned heavier.
Aap har baar mujhe har musibat...... se nikalte ho na; baar bhi bacha leejiye! Bataiye na Ar...maan; main kya karu?

Armaan?s eyes automatically shed tears as pleaded. She wasn?t really speaking out consciously but her words pierced his heart deeply! It was as if she was asking him to save her and kill her at the same time! He dragged her closer in his arms and hugged her as tight as possible.

Aise hi rahiye Armaan.......mujhe aise hi humesha aapke paas rehna hai......humesha.......par ye sab.....main........
He rubbed her back letting her sob in his arms; just cradling her not knowing what to say. But soon realised that she was not in a state to sit and cry her eyes out; she needed rest. So picking her up he brought her out while she still rested her head against his chest making herself comfortable in his arms.

Giving her the medicines he laid her down as he could see that she was very drowsy; her eyes which were having a hard time to keep open were about to give away in few minutes. She had no stamina left in her for anything. She looked pale......tired!

Taking her head in his lap he patted her forehead to make her sleep. Her breathing soon turned shallow and he could see that she was in a deep slumber. As she slept; she still had her strong grip around his finger that she had held some time back. He covered her properly and immediately thought of calling Abhimanyu.

As he spoke to him over the phone; Abhimanyu suggested him to just get her to the hospital the very next morning. It was time to have her tests done and operate her as soon as possible.

As he kept the phone; he looked at her face which though looked serene; but the dark circles; the dried tears and the paleness of her face made him restless. He had never felt so weak, hurt, restless, vulnerable and so many mixed emotions at a time!

Riddhima had set her mind and she wouldn?t budge. But he couldn?t let her do whatever she wished!
A: Kaise samjhaun Riddhima ki tumhara operation hona mere liye kitna jaruri hai! Kyu nahi samjhti tum ki mujhe sirf tum chahiye ho aur kuch bhi nahi. Kis tarah tumhara faisla badlu main? Meri koi baat samjhti kyu nahi tum; kyun ho itni jiddi?

Par is baar tumhari jid poori nahi hone de sakta main! Tumhe samajhna hi hoga Riddhima; ye tumhari hi nahi meri bhi zindagi ka sawaal hai. Agar tumhe kuch ho gaya toh main kaise jee paunga? Kaise manau tumhe tests ke liye; is operation ke liye!

He was just staring at her helplessly as the time was slipping out of hands and he felt useless. These tests weren?t possible without her consent; and operation too had to have the patient?s will especially in such cases. But what could he do to convince her?

As he was busy thinking he felt something against his finger; as he looked down at the hand that was caressing her forehead he found the vermillion that had come on his fingers while caressing her forehead.

As he looked at the red colour and the black beaded thread that was clinging against her neck he realised something and something struck his mind. He looked at her face and concluded that what he was thinking was the one and only absolute way of making her agree to get operated.

He bent down and kissed her forehead;
Shayad is sab main main tumhe aur mujhe dono ko hi takleef pohochaunga par ye takleef us takleef se yakeenan kam hogi agar tum mujhse dur hui! I can?t afford that Riddhima! I am sorry; but you have left me with no other choice.
PRECAP: Toh theek hai Riddhima; this time decision is yours completely; tum socho tumhare liye kya jyaada jaruri hai? Tumhari jid ya main!


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