Monday, 9 February 2015

Part 30:Humari pyar ki kahani

"Soon the boys packed their bags and left leaving riddhima and armaan alone in the farmhouse. Riddhima went to close the door when Armaan came from behind and hugged her. He nuzzled in her neck, while she shivered in his strong grip.

Ri: ar-Armaan chodo!!!
Ar: Kyun?
Ri: tck… Armaan dinner banana hai abhi!
Ar: ohh to yeh baat hai!!

He backed off. Riddhima thought he was not gonna bother again but she was wrong. He turned her around and pinned her on the door.
She was way too shocked to react.

Ri: ar-Armaan kya kare ho?
Ar: (husky tone) tumhara pata nahi parr main to aapna dinner Karne laga hunn!!

Saying so he dangerously moved closer to her and pressed his well built chest on hers. She closed her eyes. He placed his lips on her neck and traced it moving up till her face. While his lips were on her neck, his hands were tracing her long bare arms. She was way numb to react. If she was gonna stay here another she would lose her balance. Slowly Armaan move his lips on her face, tracing it while she shivered. When he reached her lips, he started to tease her. She was getting annoyed with his teasings so she grabbed his face and kissed him on his full mouth. Now he was the one who was shocked, but soon recovered from it. After a good 2-3 minutes of their passionate kiss, Riddhima broke the kiss as she needed air. Where as Armaan was way to busy. He put his lips on her collar bone and traced it till her arms. They were way too busy, when Armaan's phone rang. Riddhima was the first one to come out of their love land.

Ri: (blushing) ar-Armaan tumhara phone
Ar: (annoyed) yeh phone humesha galat time pe bajna hota hai?

He left her and answered the phone. It was of one of their clients. They had a big project coming up for them, which would lead their company in a very high rank in business.

Riddhima ran to the kitchen breathing heavily. She quickly catch her breath and took out the vegetables to cool for dinner. She blushed remembering how they got carried away. If the phone hasn't rang, right now they would have crossed their limits. She mentally kicked her head for thinking this thought but blushed at the same time.

Armaan ended the phone call and ran to the kitchen. He saw riddhima's back towards the kitchen door as she was facing the cabinets, cutting vegetables. He slowly went up to her, and snaked his arms around her.

Ri: Armaan tum aapni badmashi chod nahi sakte?
Ar: (dramatically) tumhe Mera pyaar badmashi lagti hai?
Ri: Armaan haato mujhe khaana banana hai!!!
Ar: parr mujhe aise rehna hai!!!
Ri: Armaan???
Ar: (nuzzling) hmm?
Ri: mujhe baat Karni hai?
Ar: bolo na!
Ri: Armaan I want to get engaged!

At first when she said Armaan was way too busy to realize. Within 2 minutes he jerked back and turned her around.

Ar: KYA?
Ri: haan!
Ar: hmmmm kisi ko Bohot jaaldi hai shaadi ki?
Ri: Armaan main chahti hunn ke duniya mujhe Shahsnak Gupta ke beti ki waja se nahi Valle Armaan Mallik ki fiancé ki nazar se dheke!!!
Ar: (kissing her cheek) ohhh to theek hai Mumbai wapis jaa kar mom dad se baat karte hai na!

She turned around and started cutting vegetables when Armaan grabbed the knife from her hand and pushed her away.

Ri: Armaan yeh kya-
Ar: (putting a finger on her lips) shhhh!!! Aaj khana  The Great Chef Armaan Mallik banega!!!
Ri: acha? Waise yeh THE GREAT CHEF ne kab khana banana seekha?
Ar: aap keliye to Jaan bi-

She quickly covered his mouth with her palm. He could see immense love for him in her eyes.
He could understand by her eyes that she didn't like what he just said right now.

Ri: agar tumne ainda aisi baat ki to main naraaz hojaoun gi!!!
Ar:  acha Abb senti na ho! Aur meri haat ke banne hoye khana keliye Tayaar hojao!!

She smiled at his cute antics and went and sat near the kitchen counter and observed him cooking. He wore a white chef hat, and started to read the cookbook. He read the recipes and looked confusingly up towards Riddhima and saw her smiling. He smiled back.

After a while his first dish was prepared and he took a spoon to see if it's well cooked.

For his next dosh he started to cut carrots. Riddhima sat there admit in him cooking, not aware of what he was preparing.

After One hour, the dinner was prepared and Armaan made 3 dishes. Riddhima sat down on the dining table and Armaan served her the dishes.

Ri: (pointing at the first dish) yeh kya hai?
Ar: yeh? Yeh hai Palak Paneer!
Ri: (pointing at the 2nd dish) aur yeh?
Ar: yeh mutton paneer!!!
Ri: (third dish) yeh?
Ar: yeh hai vegetables salad with Paneer!!
Ri: (pouted) sub Kuch paneer?
Ar: nahi mujhe pizza bhi banana aata hai!
Ri: to phir kyun nahi banaya?
Ar: mujhe paneer ka pizza banana aata hai!

She pouted and started to eat. When she ate the first bite her frown changed into a wide smile. The food was delicious.

Ri:  OMG Armaan this is too good!!! Iss recipe mein aisa kya hai?
Ar: of course Maine banaya hai to aisa hi hoga!
Ri: Armaan seriously!! Aisa kya hai?
Ar: (whispering in her ears) Mera pyaar!!

She shivered feeling his hot breath. He sat down next to her and both had a wonderful dinner.


Riddhima was sleeping in her room, when sun rays disturbed her eyes. She woke up and yawned. She remembered last nights dinner and blushed. She got out of her bed and walked to wards the window. She looked down and saw Armaan swimming in the big swimming pool in their farm house's backyard.

She quickly put in her gown as she was just in her red satin  sleeveless nighty which landed above her knees. Her gown was made of net from the shoulders so you could see her shoulders through her gown.

She went outside and saw Armaan swimming. She came next to the swimming pool and saw Armaan's upper body was bare and she blushed. Armaan noticed this and had a mischievous smile on his face.

Ar: agar aapne mujhe checkout karliya ho tho normally subha KUCH kaha jata hai!
Ri: (coming out of her trance) huh? Good morning.
Ar; acha give me ur hand!
Ri: (suspicious) kyun?
Ar: do na!!!

Riddhima forwarded her hand and before she knew she was pulled in to the swimming pool by Armaan. She was beyond shocked and opened her eyes to see Armaan smiling mishcheiviously. Her body was soaked in cold water while her night gown sticked to her body tracing her curves. Armaan was amazed with this beauty. He was lost in her while she was trying to digest the fact that she was pulled into the swimming pool.

Ri: (shocked) Armaan? Yeh kya kiya?

She saw that he didn't answer. He moved closer to her shivering body. Her lips were shivering wet because of the cold water. She got nervous and closed her eyes seeing him this close. He slowly took her into a sweet yet passionate kiss.

Ok guys!!!
Hey haven't updated since Friday.
Hope u all liked it!!!
It was full of AR!!!
Aur I'll post soon and it will continue with AR moments!!!!
Abhi keliye bye bye!!!
Luv u all"

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