Monday, 23 February 2015

Part 31:Humari Pyar ki Kahani


Armaan and riddhima had gone to their rooms after their close encounter in the swimming pool. Riddhima was standing infront of the mirror in her room, drying her hair. She was lost in her thoughts thinking about their encounter, when she heard a loud shrill of her ringtone. She picked it up only The girls to be heard to the other side.

Ri: Hello!!!
An: (sadly) hello ridzy!
Ri: Kya hoa di itna sad kyun ho?
Ni: ridzy bhabhi!!!
Ri: Kya hoa hai niks?
Mu: ridzi!!!
Ri: Kya hai koi mujhe batayga ke Kya hoa hai!!!

Just then armaan banged into her room screaming her name. She closed her eyes and put her hand on his mouth. But to their unfortunate luck. Girls had heard everything now they were ANGRY!!! But the controlled their anger. Armaan took the phone and put it on speaker, while he kissed riddhima's wrists. Riddhima was giving him deadly glares.

An: ridzy was that armaan?
Ni: Haan bhabhz Maine abhi bhai ki awaaz suni?
Mu: dhek ridzy sach sach bata woh armaan tha kya?
Ri: (stammering) na-nahi di armaan yahan kaise aasakta hai? Woh to wahan mumbai Mai haina aapke saath! Ya-Haan to sirf main aur gur-gurmeet jee hain!!
An: (controlling her laugh) acha? Chalo maan leti hain! Waise bhi mere kaan bhaj rahe honge! Kyunke mera pyaara devar panchgani gaya hoa hai!!!
Ri: (confused) panchgani?
Ni: haan bhabhz atul bhaiya ne bataya ke woh panchgani Gaye hoye hai kissi kaam se!!
Mu: chal ridzy to breakfast karle aur hum bhi karlete hain!!!
An: haan bye ridzy!
Ri: ok bye !!
She cut the call and gave armaan deadly glare who was busy kissing her wrists. Armaan gave a confused look. She pulled back her hands.

Ri: Armaan I think di ko pata chal Gaya hai ke tum yahan pe ho!
Ar: (holding her by shoulders) relax riddhima tumne Suna nahi? Atul ne Sab sambhaal liya hai!!
Ri: (biting her nails) really?
Ar: haaannnn riddhima! Now let's go and eat.

He dragged her out of her room and took her downstairs. They both had their breakfast, while feeding eachother. But they didn't know what was coming up for them.


To Armaan and Riddhima's Unfortunate luck girls had heard armaan's voice. And now they were angry. They immediately went to the boys and threatened them to tell the truth about armaan. Boys being scared of the girls told how they went to lonavla after them in gurmeet, shuba tai, and Stella's attire.

An: iska Matlab armaan aur riddhima farmhouse mein akele hain?
At: dheko An-Anjali darling armaan bas-
Mu: oye Tu chup kar! Girls are u thinking what I am?

The girls looked at eachother and smirked. They went to boys and shouted at the same time.

Ni: parr iss time revenge bhabhz aur bhai ke against hoga!
Ra: plan kya hai?

Girls told the plan to atul and Rahul. They all high fived eachother.


Armaan and riddhima were watching a movie sitting in eachother arms. Riddhima was busy watching the movie, while armaan was busy romancing. He was nuzzling in her neck, kissing her nape. Riddhima was ignoring it but had enough. She turned in his hold and looked at him.

Ri: (irritated) armaan movie dheko!
Ar: (innocent) Maine kya kiya!
Ri: tumne- mujhe-
Ar: (smirking) Maine tumhe kya?
Ri: arggh armaan forget it!

She got up and was about to go only to be pulled back by armaan. She landed in his lap and they shared a eyelock. Armaan slowly brought her finger to his lips and kissed them. He brought her face closer to his and she closed her eyes. He was about kiss her but her phone rang.

Ar: arggh kameena phone? Isse bhi abhi bajna tha? Saare romance ki dhajiyan ura di!!

While he was busy cursing the phone, riddhima answered the call.

Ri: hello!
Pa: hello riddhima
Ri: maa aap?
Pa: (sternly) riddhima kal Mumbai jald phooncho!
Ri: (taken back) kya hoa maa?
Pa: kuch nahi hoa bus tum Mumbai pooncho!!
Ri: acha theek hai!!

She cut the call and looked tensed. Armaan saw this and got confused.

Ar: Kya hoa hai?
Ri: Hume kal Mumbai Jana hai!
Ar: kyun?
Ri: I don't know maa bohot ghusse mein thi!

Before armaan could say anything, his phone rang. It was Ananya's. She told armaan the same thing.

Ri: Kya kehrahi thi Aunty?
Ar: woh bhi yahi keh rahi thi ke Mumbai pooncho!
Ri: humari moms ko ho kya Gaya hai?
Ar: pata nahi chalo abh packing bhi karni hai!

Riddhima went with armaan so she could help him pack. She was packing while armaan had something else planned. While she was packing, he hugged her from behind.

Ri: tck armaan packing Karne do na!
Ar: haan to karo na aur mujhe mera kaam Karne do!
Ri: konsa kaam?
Ar: pecking! See dono P se shuru hote hain Aur G se khatam: packing and pecking!!!!

She rolled her eyes and continued packing, while he just continued with his romance.

Heyyyyy peeps!!!
Ik it's a short part!!!
But I'm very busy!!!
But I'll update soon!!!
Hope u liked it!!!
Luv humaira!!!

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