Monday, 23 February 2015

part 32: An Arranged Love Marriage

After 9 hours of surgery Riddhima gained consciousness. She opened her eyes slowly as she still felt them a little heavy. She found Armaan sitting by her side; with her hand still in his. Padma too was sitting right next to him. The moment she had opened her eyes she had seen both of their faces light up immediately. Once that she opened her eyes fully and looked up at Padma; Armaan left her hand and placing a light kiss on her forehead instantly walked out of the room to call Abhimanyu.

After a quick check up he informed everyone that she was absolutely ok; and would just need some medical observations and proper care. Padma had not left her side a minute after that. She had pampered her day in and day out; but still she couldn?t see the usual happiness on her daughter?s face. Muskaan and Sapna had come to meet her the very evening as they were too worried about her after the sudden news. Everybody had seen her turn into a silent soul; no smile; no pleasantries, as if she had left nothing to offer. Somewhere Padma had sensed maybe things were not too good between Armaan and her; as she had never seen her speak to him since yesterday.

Also she had a slight clue; that the surgery muxt have put her chances of pregnancy in threat. But she wasn?t really sure what had made her so lifeless. Armaan had been on his toes right from the time she had woken up. He had not had a wink of sleep. She had seen him sit and stare at Riddhima without blinking as if telepathically having a conversation with her while she was asleep. 
She knew Armaan was always good enough to take care of her daughter; but something was missing. Something had gone wrong somewhere between the two!

The very next morning after the surgery; Armaan was all alone with her in the room. Padma was sent away to have a shower and rest for a while as even she had stressed herself a lot in past two days. Riddhima woke up frowning as she felt really thirsty; but as she opened her eyes she found Armaan who was fast asleep right next to her head; in a very uncomfortable position; still sitting on the stool. Only his head rested against the bed while he slept in a bending position. She as usual found her hand in his tight grip.

Detangling her hand from his hold; she rested her elbows on the bed and prepared herself to sit up. She took a deep breath she she still felt drowsy due to all the medicines and shut her eyes tightly. Taking the support of her mattress she made an effort to sit; but groaned loudly as she felt a sharp pain erupt within her.

Armaan instantly woke up with a startle due to her shriek and found her eyes shut tight shedding tiny tear drops while her hands clutching the bedsheet in a firm grip; her face portrayed pure pain! He instantly held her face and caressed her cheek trying to soothe her;
Kya hua Riddhima. Dard ho raha hai? Main Abhi ko bulakar laata hu!

He was about to go out but he heard another moan from her mouth while she withered in pain;

Armaan stopped in his tracks and held her hand tightly caressing her forehead as she cried in pain. He could see that she was having difficuly to even say anything; her grip grew tighter around his hand telling him she was feeling terrible pain.

He instantly called out;
Sister......Sister?? Koi hai.....Abhiii....he rang the bell that was kept beside the table in case of some emergency!

Abhimanyu and two sisters instantly walked in as he rang the bell. They told Armaan to go out but her hold on his hand was to strong to follow their instructions. Abhimanyu saw that and thought to let him be; after all he was her husband it was OK if he stayed back. He instantly told the nurse to check the dressing but she found no blood stains. He instantly gave her a pain killer which she gulped down quickly.

Ab: Kya hua tha Armaan? Aise achanak....

A: Pata nahi....2 minute pehle so hi rahi thi; meri bhi aankh lag gayi thi; aur achanak pata nahi kya hua; she shrieked in apin aur meri aankh khuli toh bas dard main ro rahi thi!

Ab: Riddhima; kya tumne khud se uthne ki koshish ki thi?
Riddhima nodded her head after a few minutes silence.

Ab: Hmm.....tumhare stitches abhi taaja hai Riddhima. Tumhe aise akele baithne ki koshish nahi karni chahiye; hmm? Abhi toh thankfully tumhare stitches nahi khule; par agli baar they may tear open. Don?t stress yourself ok?

Armaan ko bol dena agar tumhe uthna ho; vo tumhari madat kar dega baithne main....aur agar koi nahi hua toh bell baja dena nurse aa jayegi tumhari help karne; theek hai?

R: Hmm......
Riddhima just answered in monosyllables as the pain didn?t let her think straight. And slowly as the pain subsided she felt herself going back into slumber. Entire two days that she had been in the hospital; she did not have enough conscious to retort to Armaan?s help. Or else if she was in her senses; she couldn?t deny as he was always accompanied by Padma, Shashank, Ananya, Billy or her friends!

Once that the tests were done and all the medical observations were concluded; Abhimanyu gave him a green signal to take her home. But he also sent in a nurse with her as she had to get her dressings changed!
Back home; she was carried in a wheel chair to the guest room which was on the ground floor.

Nahi mera kamra toh upar hai sister aap......
Armaan who was right behind them took charge and told the nurse to go away and get other things that were to be set for Riddhima.

Haan kamra upar hai; par kuch waqt ke liye tumhe yahi rehna hoga Riddhima! It?ll be a task for you agar upar ke kamre main rahenge toh; baar baar dinner, lunch, breakfast ke liye tumhe upar neeche karna padega. Usse acha tum theek nahi ho jaati tab tak isi kamre main rahogi!

She did not bother replying to that and he just stood quietly as that was quite expected of her. But now that she was back home; he would make things right.

He very carefully placed her on the bed making sure he wasn?t hurting her in anyway. Sitting down he caressed her cheek but she instantly turned her face showing her unwilling ness to his presence!

A: Naaraj ho na mujhse......jaanta hu. Maine kaam hi aisa kiya hai. Bohot hurt kiya hai na maine tumhe......bohot bura hu na main? I know; par main sab theek kar dunga; Koi baat nahi Riddhima......tum bas apna khayal rakho. Mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye. Abhi tum so jao; I?ll come back after some time; theek hai. Tab tak aaram karo!

Tucking her inside the blanket he kissed her forehead softly and walked out of the room leaving her alone for sometime.

It had been quite a few days now. Riddhima had drawn herself apart from everything. He remembered her smiling last; the night he had come back to surprise her! After that her face had not even had an ounce of happiness. She had either sat robotic entire day or had cried in apin whenever it became unbearable! She had turned so indifferent to him that his slightest help/ touch was no more acceptable by her. So he did not even share the bed with her anymore; but still preferred the same room; and adjusted on the couch. He had no complaints about anything as far as she was sound and safe.

Armaan had opted to join office again; as his presence did nothing but spoiled her mood. She either became too aggressive or adamant to not have her food/ medicines/ breakfast! He spent most of his time in office but had record of each and every second?s activity that she did throughout the day.

But today he had been too busy in his meetings to keep her records. Around 11 he entered the house expecting everyone to be fast asleep. But to his surprise all the lights of the house where ON! He sat down on the sofa when Joseph came out with a glass of water for him. Hearing the commotion Ananya came out from Riddhima?s room while Billy too joined them.

Mom? Dad? Aap dono ab tak soye nahi? Itni raat ho gayi.....

He was cut by Billy?s stern voice.
Nahi soye; kyunki tune humari neend chain sab kuch haram karke jo rakha hai!
He looked up as his dad looked furious today. Just like him even Billy as short tempered but it was rare that he showed his anger.

Bi: Tere bharose us bacchii ko chod gaye the; teri patni hai vo; ye aisi dekh bhaal ki hai tune uski! Kya haalat bana di hai us bechari ki tune!
Armaan who was sipping water silently kept the glass away as he heard Billy. He was immediately on his foot;

Kya hua Riddhima ko? Vo theek.....
He took a swift turn in order to go towards Riddhima but was dragged back onto the sofa by Billy.

Bi: Kaha jaa raha hai? Baith yaha chup chap; baat karni hai mujhe tujhse! Sharam hi nahi hai tujh main jara sib hi; use 10 din nahi hue hospital se laute aur tu bas jaakar office main pada rehta hai. Koi fikar hai ki nahi uski tujhe?

An: Oh ho Billy; kyu ghussa ho rahe ho? Bechara abhi thak hara aaya hai ghar aaya hai; use thodi der aaram toh kar lene deejiye!

A: Mom main theek hu; aap....aap mujhe batayi dad ye kya keh rahe hai? Riddhima ko toh kuch......

An: Nahi nahi Ammy; beta use kuch nahi hua. Bas hume tujse uske baarein main thodi baat karni thi. Kya baat hai beta......tera jhagda hua hai kya usse?

Vo bohot khoyi khoyi rehne lagi hai. Maana beemar hai par vo hasna hi bhul gayi hai Ammy. Main dekha hai; tu jab bhi aas paas hota hai; uska bartaav hi badal jaata hai! Kya baat hai beta......kuch problem hai?

A: Mom please.....aap; Riddhima bas.......vo pareshaan hain Mom......main.....vo use.......
He did not have any guts to speak out the truth. He felt too ashamed of himself!

An: Beta vo theek se khaana bhi nahi khaata Ammy; kisi tarah use roj khila toh deti hu par aaj....... use sham ko ultiya ho rahi thi. Uske baad jaise uska kuch khaane ka man hi nahi hai.

A: Aapne....mujhe phone kyu nahi.......

An: Kiya tha Armaan......par tera phone lag hi nahi raha tha. Toh fir vo kya naam hai uska.....vo doctor....

A: Abhimanyu?

An: Haan vohi......use phone kiya tha humne. Toh usne jo dawai batayi thi vo khilaane ke baad vo thodi der ke liye so toh gayi thi par......

A: Par kya?

An: Jaise hi Uthi toh pooch rahi thi tere baarein main; tu nahi aaya ye sunkar pata nahi kehne lagi kuch khaas bhuk nahi hai; aur vapas so gayi!
Somewhere those words gave him a ray of hope. It meant she still had not completely lost her feelings for him. She was hurt by his decision but was recovering slowly out of it!

A; Aap tension mat lo Mom......dheere dheere theek ho jaayegi. Abhi kuch pareshaan si hai kuch baton ko lekar; but I promise ki jaldi hi sab theek kar dunga main!

Bi: Hmm.....agar aisa hi ho toh acha hai. Varna tu bohot pachtayega bata raha hu main!
After freshening up he filled a plate for her and enterd the room. She was still covered in the blanket sleeping oblivious to his presence. utho; khana kha lo!

Riddhima woke up hearing some voice around her. It took her no long to recognize his voice; but she did not wish to reply.
Riddhima.....chalo uth jao. Dekho I got food for you; lo khaana kha lo!
R: Badi jaldi aagaye aaj?

Though she was been sarcastic that still made him smile that atleast she was speaking something!

A: Sorry.....vo thodi jaruri meetings thi. Tum ab theek ho? Maa ne bataya tumhe sham ko ultiyaan ho rahi thi. Ab better feel kar rahi ho?
She again kept mum not bothering to give him any updates about her. According to her; it must not bother him anymore!

He knew that the more he would say; request; ask her politely the more she would retort. So he just thought for a while and then took the plate in his own hands;
Pata hai.....mujhe toh bohot bhuk lagi hai! Mom keh rahi thi aaj bohot acha bana hai khana; finally I can have my dinner. Tumhare liye bhi plate lane wala tha main; par Mom ne kaha tumhara man nahi hai; toh socha tum toh manne se rahi.

R: Toh fir mujhe uthaya kyu aapne?

A: Uthana toh nahi chahta tha; bohot gehri neend so rahi thi tum; par dawai bhi toh khaani hai na tumhe. Nahi khaogi toh takleef hogi raat bhar. Isi liye........

As she was looking at him; Armaan made a bite and put it in his mouth. He knew that the tablets she had been taking were to increase her appetite; he himself had asked Abhi to add them in her dose! So he knew however she tried; her body couldn?t resist food for a long time; so he was going to win this!
Oh ho......chiiii; ye kya hai? Mom toh bina vajah taarif kar rahi thi. Is khaane main toh swaad hi nahi hai! Na namak hai na mirch; kitna feeka hai ye sab!

He made faces while she looked confused at his reaction. Joseph was a great cook. He usually never made such mistakes! Moreover today Ananya had cooked food and Joseph had just helped so it was next to impossible that the food was tasteless.

He saw her looking at the plate and then his face trying to understand things;
Arey aise kya dekh rahi ho....sach main bohot beswaad hai yaar. Ye dekho.....
He fed her a bite catching her offguard and she had completely fallen for his trick. He smiled as whatever she did or tried; she might change some things within her; but erasing innocence wasn?t possible!

Dekho.....hain na tasteless! Tabhi main sochu; aaj kal tum khaana kyu nahi khaati! Chi ye aisa beswaad..........

R: Aap shayad khud itne patthar dil ho gaye hai ki aapko sab beswaad hi lagne laga hai! Mujhe toh bilkul theek lag raha hai ye khaana; aur vaise bhi Mom ne banaya hai ye. Ho hi nai sakta ki........

A: Acha really......tum ye palak ki sabji khao aur bolo; ye kadvi nahi lag rahi tumhe?

He fed her another bite and she just sat helpless.
That?s because palak ki sabjee hoti hi kadvi hai Armaan!
A: Bakwaaas! Tum banati thi tab toh mujhe kabhi kadwi nahi lagi!
Involving her in small talks and having some debate here and there he finally succeeded in making her finish more than half the plate! She never realized that he had actually tricked her into having her dinner.

A: Chodo rehne do; shayad tumhare muh ka taste hi chala gaya hai! Tumhe toh farak hi samajh main nahi aa raha cheejon main! Ye lo apni dawai; I am sure ye bhi aaj tumhe meethi hi lag jaaye!

She gulped down the tablets ignoring his comments and drifted back to sleep. But today Armaan felt elated. She was finally recovering out of the hurt caused by him. Unintentionally though she had given him a reason to smile. He knew using her innocence against her was a bad thing to do; but if it only benefited both of them then what was the harm?

It had been a while she had fallen asleep and he just had closed his files; all ready to sleep when he heard her moan. Before he could react he could see her moving uneasily in her sleep. He quickly switched the lights on and sat besides her.
Riddhima? Kya hua Riddhima?........ Riddhima? Utho....... kya hua; are you feeling some pain? Riddh......

Aahh haan........ ouch........
She shrieked again placing her hand on her chest and he instantly realized what the problem was!

She kept groaning while he made her sit up; carefully placing pillows for her support. She was awake now; and the moment he tried to rub her back she whisked his hand away.
Riddhima? Please.......let me........

She just did not want him to come near her; she simply kept pushing him away still groaning in pain;
Mujhe aapki...... help nahi chahiye Armaan.....aap aap jaiye!

Riddhima stop being a kid.......mujhe......

R: Armaan maine kaha na......aahh.......
she felt a rise in her pain as she tried to argue.
Armaan instantly moved closer and ignoring her retorts simply rubbed her back slowly.

Riddhima.....bacha please try to understand! Bohot late khaana khaaya hai tumne; aur dawai bhi strong hai; us vajah se acidity ho gayi hogi bas!

But that did not help her; she just kept groaning as her pain did not subside; but retorts for sure did. As he sensed her going weak he circled his arms around her taking her in his embrace. Her pain at the momentwas too much to forget it and push him away; especially; when it felt better as he rubbed her back and hugged her. okay; abhi theek ho jaayega! Vaise tumne dekha aaj kitni achii hawa chal rahi hai......
he felt her nails digging in his arm and could understand how intensly she was in pain; but it was necessary to distract her.

Tu....tumhe bohot pasand hai na aise thandi hawa main baithna. Toh.....aaj jid nahi karogi bahar balcony main jaaneki! Hmm?

He continued whispering small loving senseless things in her ear while his hands caressed her head and back. Keeping her distracted by his talks; he quietly grabbed the syrup from the side table and made her drink a spoonful!

Feeling the pain subsiding she never realized when she drifted off to sleep in his arms. Her breath turned even and he looked down to find her fast asleep; but what bothered him was the heat radiating from her. He touched her forehead and his doubts were confirmed as he felt her forehead burning. After a long time he was seeing her so closely as entire night he kept placing wet stripes on her forehead!

Riddhima kept groaning in between but Armaan made sure her sleep wasn?t disturbed at any cost.

After a long night; which brought them a little closer; he opened his eyes as he felt the sun directly on hs face. He realized that last night he had forgotten to pull the curtains and so the sun light was penetrating through the glazed windows. He didnot realize that he still had her hand in his and tried to get up but couldn?t do so due to her hold!

He looked down at his hand and then as he came face to face with her he smiled brightly. Though a little pale; she still managed to look BEAUTIFUL! Just as he was smiling she woke up due to the commotion and seeing her looking at him quizzically he instantly moved away. She had tried her best to maintain her distance with him and he knew that she wouldn?t appreciate if he did not respect that; so he quickly defended himself;
Vo.....vo kal raat; tumhe bukhar chad gaya tha isi liye main yaha pe baitha tha tumhare paas. Tumhare sir pe gilli pattiyaan rakh raha tha. Pata nahi kab aankh lag gayi! Main.....main jaakar ready hota hu; Sophie ko bol deta hu tumharii help karne ke liye!

He walked out of the room giving the required clarification and in a minute Sophie entered!

As he was fresh from shower and had just settled on the beakfast table; Rahul walked in.
Good morning Jerry? Aur kya ho raha hai Aunty.....everything ok?
An: Arey Rahul.....beta kaha the itne din.
Ra: Vo Armaan ne chutti lit hi na; toh office ke kaam sambhalne main busy tha! Vo Delhi main kuch meetings bhi thi; toh waqt hi nahi mila aap sab se baat karne ka!

An: Koi baat nahi baith; aaja naashta kar le!
Ra: Nahi....aaj main apni Jerry ke saath naashta karunga!
Armaan was was quietly listening to the conversation all the while; looked up at him with not so happy look. But deep down he knew that it wasn?t really a bad idea. Riddhima would feel good if Rahul accompanied her; afterall this stupid Spiky was capable enough to make her smile by his antics. So though he was still a little angry on this stupid friend of his; he did not retort; and Rahul exactly pinpointed the reason! 

He purposely did not interfere between the two friend?s catch up time as he thought maybe that way; she would feel much better. Spending time with her Spiky!

But after the breakfast as Armaan sat in the study; he heard a soft knock on the door; Rahul stood at the door giving him a knowing look.
So....... would you too like to have a word ya mujhe hi sab manage karna padega? Even after you now knowing the truth!

Armaan who was already too messed and tired with her aloofness just ran a hand through his hair;
Abhi nahi Rahul; baad main baat kare.......
Ra: Yahi jo teri aadat hai na baatein taalne ki; yahi tujhe pachtane pe majboor karti hai fir!

A: Yaar please Rahul......I am really tired; mujhe abhi koi baat nahi karni hai please!

Ra: Aur vaha Jerry bhi kuch isi haal main hain. Aakhir tum dono ke beech hua kya hai? Mujhe toh laga tha tujhe sach pata chal gaya hai aur uski surgery bhi ho gayi hai matlab sab kuch bilkul set hai; par nahi yaha toh kuch aur hi chal raha hai! Aakhir hua kya hai?

A: Tujhe ye sab kyu janna hai? Tune dost hokar kaunsa updated raka mujhe; toh tujhe kyu batau ki mere aur Riddhima ke beech kya problem hai?

Ra: Hmm chal; matlab itna toh tu manta hai ki problem toh hai dono main! Par mujhe ek baat samajh nahi aa rahi! Tune aisa kiya kya ki vo maan gayi? I mean of course I am more than happy ki vo maan gayi; surgery ho gayi hai and all that par still. Matlab vo toh jid pe aise adi hui thi; tujhe toh batana bhi nahi chahti thi; toh sirf tere ek baar kehne se surgery karwa legi aisa toh hone se raha! Toh fir exactly hua kya; tune use convince kaise kkiya is surgery ke liye?

Armaan sighed and finally thought to spill the beans as it was no use trying here. That stupid Spiky wouldn?t budge till he got his answers.
A: Actually vo...... main ek condition rakhi thi uske saamne!

Ra: Ok aur?

A: Aur kya?

Ra: Aur kya matlab? Bas teri condition sunke vo maan gayi; aise kaise? Aisi kya condition rakhi thi tune?

Armaan shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he did not know how to confess what stupidity he had done to get her life back!

Ra: dekh vaise toh main nahi poochta; par Jerry ki haalat dekhi hai tune? Khulke has tak nahi rahe hai vo. Surgery ke baad toh jaise aur bhi beemar lagne lagi hai. Kisise theek se baat nahi karti; aur tujhse jhagad bhi nahi rahi! Toh aakhir aisi kya condition rakh di thi tune ki uski ye haalat ho gayi?

A: Vo.....actually maine.......usse kaha tha di......agar vo ye surgery nahi karvayegi toh.....

Ra: Toh?

A: Toh main use.......use.......
DIVORCE de denuga!

It felt even worse now that he had said it out loud!
Ra: WHAT?? 
Dudeee.....are you crazy? Tune aise....kaise......vo toh......shit man.......vo toh bechari tuth hi gayii hogi......tabhi uski ye haalat hai!
Tu....tu pagal hai kya Armaan? Maine yaha khush ho gaya tha ki ab tujhe sab pata chal hi gaya hai toh tu sab theek bhi kar lega! Ye theek kiya tune?
A: Chill yaar Rahul.....chilla mat! Maine koi khushi khushi nahi kiya tha ye sab; I knew there was no way out.....

Ra: But still; DIVORCE?

A: Tch....... arey yaar baar baar vohi baat repeat karna band kar. Sirf bolne ke liye bol diya tha......

Ra: Bohot bada ehsaan kiya Mr.Mallik jo aapne itni rehmat kar di hum pe ki sirf kaha aisa kuch kiya nahi! Saale; kameene; ullu ke patthe! Vo bechari tere liye din raat itna royi hai; sirf tere barein main sochti rahi hai; aur sach pata chalne par bajai iske ki use support kare; is sab se bahar nikalne main hausla de; tune usse divorce ki shart pe surgery karwai!
I mean seriously; that?s the limit dude!

A: Oye chup kar yaar Rahul; yaha pehle se hi main itna pareshaan hu. Vo vaha theek se kha pi nahi rahi; upar se mujhse bhi naaraj hai pehle hi in sab uljhno main phasa hua hu; ab vo kam thi jo tu aa gaya mera dimaag khane!

Ra: Abbey saale; tu uske saamne aisi condition rakhega toh kya expect karta hai she will come running to you? Khushi khushi gale lagayegi tujhe ki tu divorce ki baat kar raha hai! Naaraj hi hogi na! Vaise ek minute .....tu us raat aaya tabhi Abhimanyu ne tujhe saara sach bataya right? Toh iska matlab tu ye sab janne ke baad hi usse mila hoga right? Toh fir tune usse sirf isi baarein main baat ki hogi; aur jo bolne aaya tha vo toh bola hi nahi hoga!

A: Kya baat ki hogi; bolne aaya tha nahi bola......kya bol kya raha hai tu?

Ra: Tune use apne dil ki baat batayi?

A: Tujhe lagta hai us situation main mujhe pyaar mohobbat ki baatein sujhi hongi; after knowning that not only is my wife suffering from cancer but also is not willing to get herself operated?

Ra: Aisi baat nahi hai....but still tujhe bol dena chahiye tha yaar. 
Tu.....tch; chal koi baat nahi tabhi nahi bol paaya toh kya hua; ab bol de!

A: Sun tu vakai mera dost hai bhi? Matlab dushman bhi jo bure se bura idea suggest na kare vaise wale khatarnak ideas kyun de raha hai tu? Agar help nahi karni toh saaf saaf bol na!

Ra: Kyu maine aisa kya bola?

A: Rahooool ke bacche.....vo vaha mujhse baat nahi kar rahi; meri shakal tak nahi dekhna chahti aur tu mujhse keh raha hai main jaake use bolu ki main usse kitnaaa pyaar karta hu! I mean seriously?

Ra: Tu na ek number ka idiot hai!
Nahi actually tum dono hi ek dusre ke liye perfect ho; vaise toh duniya bhar ki akal hai par pata nahi ek dusre ke mamle main vohi akal istamaal kyu nahi karte!
Armaan smacked his head as he teased him!

Ra: Mujhe nahi khud ko maar; tujhe pata bhi hai tu kitna bada ullu ka pattha hai; vo bhi certified wala?

A: Ye certificate kis khushi main tu de raha hai mujhe?

Ra: Teri shaadi ko itna waqt ho gaya fir bhi you both didn?t confess; chal vaha tak toh baat fir bhi theek thi; considering the kind of idiot you are. Par tune usse kya kaha?

A: Riddhima se? Kya....kya kaha maine?

Ra: tu pyaar pe vishwaas nahi karta aur toh aur tujhe kabhi pyaar ho hi nahi sakta! Ye kya bakwaas hai? Aisi behuda cheejen bolne ki jarurat batayega mujhe? Kaunsa bewakoof apni patni se yeh kehta hai; ki mujhe kabhiiii bhi kisise pyaar nahi ho sakta? Aur vo bhi tab jab tu khud usse itna pyaar karne laga ho!

A: Dekh jab maine ye sab bola tha tabhi ....I; I hadn?t realised anything. Aur tujhe ye saari baatein......

Armaan looked at him in a disappointed way as that was a personal chat that he had with Riddhima; why did she have to share that with Rahul!
Oye aise looks mat de mujhe; Riddhima ne mujhe ye sab khushi khushi nahi bataya. Balki let me inform you Mr.Mallik; Riddhima ke surgery na karwane ki ek vajah ye bhi hai!

A: Kya ki main usse pyaar karta hu?

Rahul returned Armaan?s smack with a harder one!
Ra: Poora ka poora gadha hai tu ab toh. 

Nahiii idiot; vajah is liye ki ye use tune ab tak bataya nahi hai ki tu usse pyaar karta hai! Just because you haven?t said so; tere us ?main-toh-kabhi-kisise-pyaar-nahi-kar-sakta? wale bhashan ne use is baat ka yakeen dila diya hai ki tu toh kabhi usse pyaar karega hi nahi. And isi liye she considered ki vo tere liye sirf teri wife hai just a formal relation nothing more; vo toh koi aur ladki bhi aasani se ban jaayegi! Toh uske tere zindagi se chale jaane se tujhe koi khaas farak nahi padega!

A: Par maine toh......vo sab......

Armaan was too dazed as he heard what Rahul just said. He had actually left such a wrong impression on her! 

Of course; he had always done everything which had made her feel like his wife; but nothing which could potray that he did all that only because she was his wife; but because he loved her!

Now he remembered her asking him everytime; that why he cared for her; why he bothered if she was hurt or in pain; this is the answer what she was expecting then. HIS CONFESSION!

And this surely meant that she loved him back. Decision was made; it was about time for confession. And what could have been a better occasion than this; he mentally patted himself as the plan was set!
A: Sun mera ek kaam kar............ I have a plan!


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