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part 33: An Arranged Love Marriage

Next entire day Riddhima did not see Armaan. He had come once or twice in the room but seemed too busy to even have a small chat with her! But out of nowhere Muskaan and Anjali had arrived early in the morning and had got all her favourite movies with them. Rahul too had not shown his face today.

Riddhima had for sure enjoyed Muskaan?s and Anjali?s company; but still her eyes had only searched for Armaan throughout! Though she was upset and angry with him; but that didn?t mean he was supposed to go invisible!

 She just woke up from her afternoon nap when she found Armaan sitting with his laptop watching something seriously. She kept looking at him wondering what had made him glued to the screen like that; and just as she was busy in her own thoughts he looked up at her staring back at him.

He instantly closed the laptop and started reading his file. She felt his behaviour weird; but anyways ignoring it she removed the blanket off her. That was his cue that she wanted to get up and sit; so keeping his file aside he instantly rushed towards her.

But before he could offer any help she called Sophie who appeared within less than a minute;
Sophie please help me to sit......
Sophie who was standing at the door looked at Armaan and then back at her. She was puzzled since; though she could have simply asked him; but she didn?t! But it was their personal matter so without thinking much she simply went ahead to make her sit.

A: Par Riddhima main.......

R: And Sophie; inse keh do; subah se jin kaamo main busy the vohi continue kar sakte hai vo. Main apne aap ko handle kar lungi!

He sighed as he understood she must have grown upset and worried as well; as he was missing since morning. He hadn?t even wished her a good morning before leaving; like he did everyday! Though she was not on talking terms with him; she couldn?t stay completely aloof about his tiny details.

 Anyway Armaan let her be as he did not want to disappoint her further more as also Sophie was still in the room; so he did not want a scene to be created. He walked out of the room with his file so as to give her some time to cool down. He thought to take in some fresh air by the time she would freshen up. He might then think of having a word with her as there were a lot of misconceptions that were to be cleared out soon!

Settled against the huge leather sofa-chair; he looked at his file reading it precesily when he saw Joseph approach him.

Jo: Sir vo Riddhima ma?am ko coffe peeni hai!

A: Toh? She wants me to make it for her?

Jo: No sir......

A: Then? What?s the matter. If she needs it; serve it! Mujhe kyu batana hai?

Jo: She said aapse permission le lu!

That made 3 heads turn in his direction; Armaan?s as well as Billy and Ananya?s who sat on the adjacent sofa. Armaan looked at him quizzically unable to understand what his words meant!

Agar Riddhima wants coffee; toh mujhse puchne ka kya matlab? If she needs someting; get it; why ask my permission?

Jo: Nahi sir vo ma?am ne kaha ki......aaj ke baad jo bhi unhe karna hai; aapki permission ke bina nahi kar sakti! So.....

Armaan who had tried his best all these days to maintain his cool through all her sarcasm and taunts; lost it! He could understand she was hurt; agitated by all the happenings and his sudden decision; but that did not mean she just kept giving hard time to him. And telling the maid something like this was the last straw!

Not that Joseph was any less than their family; but making him feel that she wanted his permission for such a tiny winy routine thing like coffee was just too much! He wanted her to let him know things for her better not because she wasn?t independent enough to take her own decisions!

He could see his mom dad looking at him quizzically while he tried to hold himself;
Tum jaakar coffee banao; and no need to ask my permision for anything she needs. Next time just straight away get it!

Grabbing tight hold of his file he walked towards his room keeping his parents questioning session at bay for a while!
Getting inside the room he latched the door and saw her standing near the window. She was now able to stand with the help of some support just from yesterday.

Tumne Joseph se kya bola Riddhima?
She did not say anything as expected. So he simply approached her and turned her around.

Jab main baat kar raha hu tumse toh look at me; enough of this hide and seek game already!
Tumne Joseph ko kyu bola; that you need permission for a petty thing like a coffee?

Tumhe lagat hai mujhe maja aata hai tumhare decisions pe objection uthane main?
She delicately moved out of his hold not wanting the conversation but knew he wouldn?t budge;

Pata nahi mera kaunsa kaam aapko galat lage uske liye aap kya kadam utha lo. Isi liye socha aapse puchna hi behtar hai!

Her words came out as formality; just for the sake of an answer; no emotions attached!

A: Riddhima maana tum meri kahi kisi baat ko lekar hurt ho par.....

She cut his words instantly stating her opinion firm and crystal clear;
Nahi Armaan. Vo waqt gaya jab sirf aapki baton se main khush hua karti thi ya hurt hoti thi. Ab mujhe aapki kisi baat se koi farak hi nahi padta!

A: Kyu ab farak kyu nahi padta? Ab kya badal gaya hai Riddhima?

R: Mere paas jo tha maine aapke hawale kar diya tha; par aapko 2 minute bhi nahi lage use todne main. Aura b mere paas kuch hai hi nahi; toh na kuch khone ka gam hai na kisi baat ki khushi! Toh aapki kisi baat se mujhe kyu farak padne laga!

A: Acha toh tum ye bolna chahti ho ki meri kisi baat ka asar nahi hota tum par. Mere hone ya na hone se.......

R: Maine sirf kaha aapki koi baat mujhe ab isse jyaada nahi tod sakti! Kyunki ab cheejen kafi badal......

A: Aisa mujhe nahi lagta Riddhima. Haan haalat jaroor badle hai; par tum; main ya humara rishta toh bilkul bhi nahi badla!
 Tumhe aaj bhi meri har baat; har harkat se utna hi farak padta hai jitna ki kal!

He took a step ahead intentionally cornering her leaving no space for her to move.

Aur ye baat main sirf kehne ke liye nahi keh raha; I mean it! Tum chahe jo keh lo; tum dil se toh aaj bhi vohi Riddhima ho; meri Riddhima! Bas thodi si ghussa ho aur vo mujhe manjoor hai.

R: Aapki Riddhima aap kho chuke hai Armaan usi waqt jab aapne divor........

A: Uh huh.......nahi khoya hai maine use aur na kabhi khounga. Vo yahi khadi hai mere bilkul saamne; bas bahar aane main thoda hickicha rahi hai. Jo bhi maine kiya uski vajah se apne aap main khoyi jo rehna chahti hai!

R: Vo Riddhima ab kabhi lautkar nahi aayegi Armaan.....

A: Are you sure? Because I don?t think so.......

She just looked up at him quizzically as he spoke so confidently. But the next moment she saw him bendind down at her level. Before her mind could register anything; he had held her nape and closed the distance between them.

The temptation had been too much to control as she stood right in front of him looking cute as ever. She was so much in emotional pain that her every nerve had wanted to cry; but she had not dropped a single tear. He knew she did not want to let him see her weak; so she had maintained her composure. But that did not mean he couldn?t initiate to take her pain away.

Ever so gently he placed his lips against her taking her bu utter surprise. Her hands just managed futile attempts of pushing him away but both equally knew it was a pointless efforts. He was undoubtedly 10 times stronger; there was no way she could come out of his hold without his wish.

His lips just placed against hers trying to absorb her grief. They slowly started moving as if caressing her lips. She continued smacking his chest to move away but he had kept his hold steady not giving her any scope to get away!
She could sense the gentle brushes and strokes that his manly lips made against her soft lips. She felt electrocuted by his touch. Her hands were left with no strength anymore to fight back as he fondled her soft rosy petals. The meeting and detatching of their lips made her incapable to think! Sensing her going defenceless he softly held her hand and placed it around his neck guiding her to hold onto him.

If he knew her well; only an intense hug at the moment was capable enough to set her into frenzy. But a kiss must have just blown her away; and he knew she would need his support to hold onto herself.

He hadn?t planned their first kiss this way of course; rather hadn?t even planned of kissing her for now. He only wished to absorb atleast certain amount of pain from her; mark her his as well tell her that she wasn?t unwanted by him! She wasn?t just a girl who had married him; but some one who had the rights to invade his personal space; someone with whom he can cross his own lines with!

The moment he sensed her going completely motionless; his hand moved down to her waist and slowly brushed his fingers against the fabric giving her a tingling sensation in her stomach. She wasn?t responding but wasn?t departing as well.

Making her come alive; he moved his other hand to her cheek and caressed it. He felt the tiny drop that had just now slid down from her eyelid and brought her closer.

She did not respond back for a few seconds; but he could feel her hands gripping him tighter around his neck. He started licking her lips and nibbled them softly as her tears continued to stram down her eyes! He knew she was broken from inside; he couldn?t stop her tears but he did know that she must be needful of that comforting touch/ hug from his side the most at this time. She hadn?t responded back; but he had sensed the calmness; the warmth that had come in her.

Caressing her cheeks he parted and kissed her forehead lightly. Slowly he wiped the tears off her cheeks and cleared her face waiting for her to open her eyes. Once that she opened her eyes; she realized what had just happened and started looking everywhere but him. She tried to get out of his arms but he did not let her move an inch and whispered right against her earlobe;
Tum chahe jaha chali jao; jo marzi karo; par itna samajh lo ki tum humesha se sirf meri thi; ho aur humesha sirf MERI RIDDHIMA bankar hi rahogi! Tumhari is pehechan ko tum chaho tab bhi nahi badal sakti! Aur jo kuch bhi humare beech abhi hua; vo jitna tumhare liye maayne rakhta hai; utna hi mere liye bhi rakhta hai Riddhima Mallik! Mere liye bhi; ye meri zindagi ke haseen lamhon main se ek tha; aise lamhe jo main sirf tumhare saath; SIRF AUR SIRF TUMHARE HI SAATH beetana pasand karunga!

He moved a step back letting her out of his arms but placed a small kiss on her palm before leaving her completely. She kept staring at his retreating back as he walked away; while his words rang in her ears.
PRECAP: The most awaited CONFESSION!!


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