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Part 346:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 346:

Ridhimaa: Armaan... ye...

Armaan: Ye hai... Hotel Ridhimaa.

It was a huge, nine-storied building. The doors and windows were of glass. The building was coloured in a deep shade of red. It was night time and the surroundings were plunged into darkness. Still, the glasses were dazzling with the lights of the street. There was a big parking area outside, a large lawn and a swimming pool.

Ridhimaa: Beautiful! Lekin... name board kahaan hai?

Armaan: Aaj hi paint hua hai to dry ho raha hai.

He showed her the name board. Ridhimaa went near it. Paint and brushes were kept near it. Ridhimaa dipped the brush in the paint and wrote on the name board.

Armaan: Ridhimaa... kya kar rahi ho?

Ridhimaa was now standing back and enjoying the effect. Armaan came near her. The name board now spelled "HOTEL RIDHIMAAN". Ridhimaa had cleverly added an 'N' at the end of the name.

Armaan: (in fake anger) Ye kya kiya?

Ridhimaa: (smiling) Hum dono ko ek kar diya.

Armaan wasn't expecting this answer. He was dumbstruck

Ridhimaa: Tumhe achha nahi laga?

Armaan: I love you Ridhimaa...

Ridhimaa: Me too Armaan.

Armaan: Andar chalein?

Ridhimaa took his offered hand and went to the big main gate.

Armaan: Ek second... tum yahin ruko... main abhi aata hoon...

Ridhimaa: Armaan... tum kahaan...

But Armaan went away and came back, holding a polished board, coloured in gold. He placed it carefully at the entrance.

Ridhimaa: Ye kya hai?

Armaan: Main is Hotel me tumhare pehle kadam ko humesha ke liye mehfooz karna chaahta hoon. Is par bana nishaan kabhi nahi mitega.

Ridhimaa took off her sandals then she looked at Armaan.

Ridhimaa: Tum bhi apne shoes utaaro.

Armaan: Lekin main to..
Ridhimaa: Armaan... ye hum dono ke liye special hai. Hum dono saath me rahenge... humesha... ye board uska proof hoga.

Armaan: (taking off his shoes and socks) OK...

They both put their right leg forwards at the same time and entered. Armaan took off the board from the ground.

Ridhimaa: Yahaan itna andhera kyun hai?

Armaan: Kyun? Darr lag raha hai?

Ridhimaa: Nahi... jab tak tum mere saath ho...

Armaan pressed a button on a remote and light flooded the scene. Ridhimaa found that she was standing in an enormous hallway. The walls were coloured in different shades of red. There were numerous paintings, wall pieces, sofas, lounges, etc.

Armaan: Ye is Hotel ka reception hai. Yahaan se ek lift neeche basement me jaati hai aur baaki chaar lifts upar. Andar ek ceremony hall hai... jahaan kal humari engagement hogi. Aur ek bada sa restaurant hai...

Ridhimaa: Wow!

Armaan: Chalo... tumhe ek special cheez dikhaata hoon.

They entered a lift and stopped at the third floor.

Armaan: Yahaan par visitor rooms hain.

He opened one room and switched on the lights. It was a big, well furnished room, having every luxury thing.

Ridhimaa: Bahut sundar hai... saare rooms aise hi hain?

Armaan: Hain to aise hi lekin... ye waale thode se special hain. Is floor ke saare rooms se Juhu beach ka view milta hai.

Ridhimaa: Main jab aaungi to mujhe isi floor ka room dena.

Armaan: Basket... agar tum bhool gayi to main bata doon ki hum log yahin Mumbai me rehte hain... hume in rooms ki kya zaroorat?

Ridhimaa: (disappointed) Oh!

Armaan: Cheer up! Shaadi ke baad... hum yahaan ek din zaroor rukenge...

Ridhimaa: (reddening) Armaan!

They both move out. Armaan took her one floor down.

Ridhimaa: Yahaan kya hai?

Armaan: Yahaan offices hain.

There were at least ten rooms on that floor. Armaan showed her each room.

Armaan: Ye... manager's office. Humare hotel ke manager ka...

Ridhimaa: Kaun?

Armaan: Main aur kaun? Ye doosra is hotel ke staff ka. Jitne me bhi staff workers hain... un sabke liye. Isme wo apni meetings, etc. rakh sakte hain. Ye teesra office Atul ke liye... attached room aur garden ke saath. Fourth for Anjy, fifth for Rahul, sixth for Muskaan, seventh for Matt and Tammy...

Ridhimaa: Un dono ke liye sirf ek?

Armaan: Arrey... ye joint offices waale bade rooms hain... dividers bhi hain... eighth for Mamma and Daddy, ninth for Nani and tenth for Shahrukh sir.

Ridhimaa: In sabme se sabse chhota to tumhara hi office hai.

Then she saw two more doors.

Ridhimaa: Ye?

Armaan opened the door and let her inside.

Armaan put on the lights. It was a big room, bigger than the rest. All around the room, Ridhimaa's photos were there. On the walls, on the tables, even inscribed on the glass panes. The room was of white colour, different from the rest. But arrangements were made such that it bathed in red light, giving a mesmerising effect.

Ridhimaa: Wow! Ye kiska office hai?

Armaan: Guess karo...

Ridhimaa: Mera?

Armaan: (smiling) Nahi... mera. Mere office me tum... aur sirf tum. Achha hai na?

Ridhimaa: Bahut sundar hai.

Armaan: Aur dekho... ye hai mera room... office se attached.

He opened a door and they entered into another room. It was very beautiful, painted in red color. The wallpapers all around the room had RIDHIMAA written on them with occasional photos of Ridhimaa. There was a large, king size bed, a desk, chairs, sofas, TV, computer table, music space, gym, everything. It also had an attached balcony from where; they had a beautiful view of the sea-side. That room had an exclusive lift to reach all other floors.

Ridhimaa: (in awe) It's... it's... so beautiful!

Armaan: Chalo... ab last room...

He took Ridhimaa to the door next to his room's door.

Ridhimaa: Ye kiska office hai?

Armaan: Is Hotel ke owner ka.

Ridhimaa: Tumhare teen offices?

Armaan: (opening the door and entering) Mujhe nahi pata tha Ridhimaa ki tum apne room ko bhi mera room kahogi. Thanks Basket!

Ridhimaa: Mera room? Lekin tumne to kaha ki ye room is hotel ke owner ka hai...

Armaan: Aur owner to tum hi ho... is hotel ki bhi aur meri bhi. You own both of us. Achha... ab sharma baad me lena... pehle apna room to dekho.

Ridhimaa looked around. It was simply the best room she had entered till date. The room had rose petal design, a large table and chairs and sofas. Armaan took her to the attached room and Ridhimaa gaped. The room was beautiful with a large queen's bed, attached balcony and everything which one could desire. On the walls, apart from Ridhimaa's own photos, there were photos of her family, Shahrukh, Tamanna, Matthew and her friends. But there was not even one photo of Armaan.

Ridhimaa: Tumhari photo kyun nahi hai?

Armaan: Main khud tumhare saath is room me rahunga na basket... fir photo ki kya zaroorat?

Ridhimaa: Armaan... sach-sach batao...

Armaan: Wo... apni photo ke liye paise nahi the.

Ridhimaa: Armaan!

Armaan: Achha... bataata hoon. Wo... maine socha tha ki jab humari engagement hogi... tab wo photo agar tum chaaho to yahaan lagwa dunga.

Ridhimaa: Lekin... haan... Armaan... ek kaam karoge? Wo tumhara jo poster humne Music shop me dekha tha... wo yahaan lagwa doge... please? Please...please...please...please...please...

Armaan glared at her.


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