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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Part 347:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 347:

Armaan: To tum nahi maanogi?

Ridhimaa: Nahi... aur tumhe wo poster lagwaana hoga...

Armaan: OK baba... lagwa dunga.

Ridhimaa: (hugging him) Thank you Armaan... thank you so much! I love you!

Armaan smiled.

Armaan: Pata hai... ye jo balcony hai na... issey next waali balcony meri hai. Wo dekho... jab zaroorat pade... bas awaaz de dena.

Ridhimaa: OK.

Armaan: Ab chalein? Humari dinner date ko aur wait karwaana achha nahi hoga.

They both went to the lift, attached to the room and went straight to the terrace.

Armaan: Ye hai terrace-cum-lovers point. Yahaan... aaj ke baad humare jaise lovers aise hi apni dates par aayenge.

Armaan had had the whole terrace decorated in hearts and flowers. There were numerous tables, chairs and sofas. Armaan took Ridhimaa to a short flight of stairs. Climbing up, they reached a small terrace. Only one table and two chairs were place on it. Here too, it was decorated beautifully. A candle-light dinner had been arranged.

Armaan: (offering Ridhimaa a chair) Here...

Ridhimaa: (sitting down elegantly) Thank you.

Armaan occupied the chair in front of her.

Armaan: To madam... dinner shuru karein?

Ridhimaa saw the table laden with food and drinks.

Ridhimaa: (nodding) Hmm...

They started the dinner.

Ridhimaa: Armaan... tum humesha... ye sab... kaise kar lete ho?

Armaan: Magic! Remember?

Ridhimaa: Armaan!

Armaan: Achha... ek aur magic dekhogi? Wo dekho... upar...

Ridhimaa looked up at the sky. There was a flash of fireworks, emblazoning the star strewn sky with "I Love You Ridhimaa". Ridhimaa was stupefied. She looked at Armaan to find him smiling at her.

Armaan: Kya hua? Achha laga?

Ridhimaa: Hmm...

Then her gaze fell on a small chocolate cake kept on the table.

Ridhimaa: Ye cake to pehle yahaan nahi tha...

Armaan: Haan... magic... maine kaha tha na... chalo...

He cut a piece of cake and fed it to Ridhimaa. After she took a bite from it, Armaan put the remaining piece into his own mouth. Ridhimaa blushed hard.

A few minutes later, they were both standing against the railings, gazing at the stars.

Ridhimaa: Armaan... tumhare saath bitaaya har din mere liye bahut special ho jaata hai.

Armaan: Really? What a co-incidence! Tumhare saath bitaaya hua har pal mere liye bhi bahut special ho jaata hai. I don't know how...

Ridhimaa: Tumhe nahi pata... lekin mujhe pata hai... wo special isliye hota hai kyunki tum usey special banaate ho... tumne mere liye itna kuch kiya... maine tumhare liye kya kiya? Kuch nahi.

Armaan: (cupping Ridhimaa's face in his hands) Ridhimaa... tum jaanna chaahti ho tumne mere liye kya kiya? Ridhimaa tumne mujhe ye zindagi di hai. Aaj main zinda hoon to sirf tumhari wajah se. Tumne mujhe itna pyar diya hai jitna aaj tak kisine nahi diya... yahaan tak ki ma ne bhi nahi. Sach... tumhare saath bitaaya hua har pal special hai... isliye nahi ki main usey special banaata hoon... ye sab to koi bhi kar sakta hai... balki isliye ki tum khud bahut special ho... at least mere liye. Pata hai... mujhe tumhare alaawa aur kuch nahi chahiye. Kuch nahi. Wo kehte hain na...

Bahut khoobsurat hain aankhein tumhari,
Ye ban gayi hain zindagi humari.
Hume nahi chahiye zamaane ki khushiyan,
Agar mil jaaye muhabbat tumhari.
I love you Ridhimaa. I love you very much.

Ridhimaa: I love you too Armaan.

They both indulged into a close, deep embrace.

Armaan: Ridhimaa... kal humari sagaayi ho jaayegi...

Ridhimaa: Haan Armaan...

Armaan: Ridhimaa... main tumse ek baat kahun... tum bura to nahi maanogi?

Ridhimaa: Nahi...

Armaan: Ridhimaa... main tumse bahut pyar karta hoon. Tumse door jaane ke baare me soch bhi nahi sakta. Lekin agar kabhi... kabhi kuch ho jaaye... jaise agar main na rahun... ya fir... koi aisi baat ho ki hum dono ek doosre se fir se alag ho jaayein...

Ridhimaa was did not want to listen.

Armaan: Ridhimaa... please... rona nahi. Tum meri baat dhyan se suno. Agar kabhi aisa ho jaaye... to tum waada karo ki tum hansna, muskuraana nahi chhodogi. Tum zindagi jeena nahi chhodogi. Aisa kuch nahi karogi jise dekhkar mujhe takleef ho. Tum please humesha yaad rakhna ki chaahe humare beech meelon ka faasla ho... lekin main humesha tumhare pass hoon. Ridhimaa maine humesha tumhi se pyar kiya hai... aur tumse hi pyar karta rahunga... apni aakhiri saans tak. Aur main chaahta hoon ki tum har haalat me, har musibat me ye yaad rakho ki main tumhare saath hoon. Tumhare har kadam me... chaahe koi aur tumhara saath de na de... main humesha dunga yaad rakhogi na?

Ridhimaa nodded through tearful eyes.

Armaan: Aur Ridhimaa... main tumse waada karta hoon ki kabhi bhi khud ko us galti ke liye nuksaan nahi pahunchaunga jo maine nahi ki. Kabhi bhi... kisi bhi haalat me tumse door nahi jaunga. Agar jaunga to tumhe sab sach-sach bataakar. OK?

Ridhimaa nodded again, knowing her voice won't help her to speak.

Armaan: Tum... tum khush raha karo. Humesha. Tum khush rahogi to main bhi khush rahunga.

Ridhimaa nodded for the third time.

Armaan: Tum kuch kahogi nahi?

Ridhimaa shook her head in refusal. Tears dropped from her eyes. Armaan went down on his knees and took Ridhimaa's hand into his.

Armaan: Ridhimaa kya tum humesha mera saath dogi? Mere saath rahogi? Meri zindagi me zindagi bankar aaogi?

Ridhimaa nodded. Armaan kissed her hand. Ridhimaa could not control herself anymore. She flung herself into Armaan's arms.

Ridhimaa: (crying on his shoulder) Hum kabhi alag nahi honge Armaan... kabhi nahi. Tum mujhe kabhi chodkar nahi jaoge. Nahi jaoge na?

Armaan: (kissing her hair) Nahi jaunga... kabhi nahi jaunga.

His eyes too were wet. They both stood in that position for God knows how much time. Ridhimaa felt herself safe and secure in Armaan's arms. Armaan was aware of nothing except him and Ridhimaa. Ridhimaa first came back to reality. She prised herself away and wiped her tears. Armaan opened his eyes. Ridhimaa wiped his tears too and kissed his forehead. Armaan kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her nose(Ridhimaa smiled) and then parted her lips slightly with his thumb. Ridhimaa looked at him, surprised.

Armaan: Tumhare chehre ki is hansi par mar-mitne ko jee karta hai.

Ridhimaa: Aur mujhe tumhari muhabbat par khud ko qurbaan kar dene ka jee karta hai.

Armaan: Arrey... meri basket to bolna seekh gayi hai...

Ridhimaa: Sab tumse hi seekha hai.

Armaan: Main to tumhe aur bahut kuch sikha sakta hoon. Jaise... how to kiss...

Ridhimaa: (punching his chest slightly) Armaan!

Armaan held her face suddenly brought his face closer until their noses brushed against each other.

Armaan: (passionately) Ridhimaa...

A breeze swept over their hair and the only candle, which had been burning blew off. They were enveloped in total darkness. Ridhimaa hugged Armaan, out of fear.

Armaan: (kissing the nape of Ridhimaa's neck) I think ab hume chalna chahiye... warna aaj tum mujhe hug karne ka record tod dogi.

Ridhimaa: (inspite of her fear, blushing) Armaan!

Armaan: Main complaint nahi kar raha hoon basket... I love you na!


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