Tuesday, 3 February 2015

part 35:I will bring my basket back

So now tum khud mujhe sab bataogi, or I should make you spill the beans? whatever it is make it quick otherwise it  would make things difficult for you...MRS.RIDDHIMA ARMAAN MALLIK!!
Her eyes widened in shock as he spoke the last bit.
Umm...ye...ye tum kya keh rahe ho Armaan? Main Miss. Riddhima Gupta hu...tum...ye kya...I...really don't unde... Armaan I think...tu..tumhe chalna chahiye.
Chalna chahiye?? As in I should leave from your room or the house?
Depends...I mean tumhe shayad aaram...I mean you just travelled...so I guess you should go home an...
Toh tum mujhse yaha se jaane ke liye keh rahi ho? Akele?Is it?
Armaan...main...main bas tumse... She couldn't get any words so she just tried to move away when he put hands on either side to block her. She was now sandwiched between the door and him standing just at an inch distance.
Jo bhi keh rahi ho...why don't you look at me and say it? What's wrong?
Arm...aan... please le...ave my way. She stammered while her eyes still fixed on the floor.
Chod dunga Riddhima...bas ek baar meri taraf dekh kar bolo ki tumhe sach main kuch yaad nahi aaya.
Armaan muj...mujhe kuch...please just go...

I'll, just say that you don't really remember Riddhima...
Armaan you are just been adamant...pagalon jaisi jid karna band karo aur...
Ya right... Paagal...that is what you making me Riddhima. You are making me go crazy. I just don't...He held his head in his hands turning completely red in frustration. Ahhh he banged his fist on the wall right beside her face making her shudder. Okay...so tumhe kuch yaad nahi aaya hai right?...
 In that case Riddhima...I really need to know ki how is it ki jo ladki kal tak is baat se dar rahi thi that whether I'll come back to pick you or not, vo akele yaha chali aayi. Tumhe 1 din ghar aana manjoor nahi tha because you felt ki kuch galat hoga agar tum mujhse dur raho...and now...you are telling me to go away all alone without you. Hmmm?
Care to explain ki achanak tumhe apne mom dad ki itni yaad kaise aa gayi?
Khair chalo they are your parents, maan lo tum sach main unhe miss kar bhi rahi thi toh yaha aa gayi...but you so desperately wanted to meet them ki tum mujhe inform kiye bina akele hi nikal padi!
Chalo shayad iska bhi tumhare paas koi jawaab ho...but now...you really need to explain this...agar tumhe sach main abtak sab yaad nahi aaya, mere saath apna rishta yaad nahi...but still tumhe ye yaad hai ki mujhe mushrooms se allergy hai! Ek aisi baat jo maine tumhe tab batayi thi jab tum poore hosh-o- aawaj main bhi nahi thi. You remember that. Woow, now that's amazing, isn't it?
   On their honeymoon while Riddhima was drunk and they were returning home she halted at every other stall that she found interesting.
Almaan...vo dekho momos...chalo na momos khate hai.
Rid... Even before he could finish her name she was already on her way towards the stall. But before she could order some he dragged her hand and pulled her away from the stall. Now not that he had any problem with her having momos,but...since she was drunk she was just buying stuff and after having a bite and after praising it or criticizing it, she would hand it over to Armaan to finish it. And by now Armaan was full and was in no mood to have those momos.
No...Riddhima you are so not buying that.
Par kyun...Almaaan...momos kitne cute hote hai...kitne yum yum yummmy hote hai...chalo na kh...
No no no Basket...
Par kyun...she made a crying face, but before she could burst in tears he had to do some damage control there.
Riddhiiimaaa...now don't cry please...abhi tum...dekho abhi mat lo... okay...actually...I...I'm allergic to mushrooms. Toh main ye mushroom ke yummy yummy momos nahi kha sakta hai na...varna mujhe bohot rashes aa jayenge and ...and I might also choke on it you know...main beemar pad jaunga na baby! Do you want that to happen? She simply nooded her head in no.
Okay bad mushroom momos...mushroom momos canceeel. She blurted out loudly in Dharmendra's Sholay wala suicide style.
Flashback ends.
  Now you know what's the best part Riddhima? Mujhe mushrooms se allergy hai ye baat maine sirf tumhe batayi thi...so there is not  even a slightest possibilty that you knew it from someone else, and moreover let me tell you that...mujhe mushrooms se bilkul allergy nahi hai. She looked up at him at once as he said that. Us din maine tumse sirf isi liye aisa kaha tha so as to get you away from the stall. He sighed as she looked away and again started to struggle to get out of his hold.
So you still don't want to say anything Riddhima?! She just kept struggling never bothering to look up or reply.
Fine...if it is so...he held her palm and placing it on his head said, tumhe meri kasam hai Riddhima, ab bhi bologi ki tumhe kuch yaad nahi...hmm? And trust me agar jhooth bologi toh mera mara ... she instantly placed a hand on his lips to shut him up...nahin Armaan! Please main... Her eyes which were just ignoring him till now again dropped down but now filled with tears. Mujhse kuch mat poocho Armaan... Please jao yaha se... I am sorry...main bas...just go away Armaan.
he at once calmed himself a bit as she started crying, he slowly pulled her up through her shoulders making sure that she was so close so that she could directly feel his breath on her lips,
Main jaanta hu...I know that you remember everything Riddhima. I can feel that...tumhari aankhein mujhe sab bata deti hai Basket... toh kyun...tum mujhse jhooth kyun bol rahi ho. He wiped her tears and kissed her eyes,
Tum achi tarah jaanti ho that how hard it has been on my part Riddhima. Two fat tears rolled down his eyes as he felt so full of pain, Main har din sirf isi koshish main laga hua hu ki tumhe sab yaad dila saku...  aur jab tumhe sab yaad aa jata hai...you choose to hide it from me? Kyun Riddhima?? Meri Basket mere saath aisa kabhi nahi karegi...I know that. Mujhe itni bada saja nahi de sakti tum Riddhima!
Her  sobbing increased while she just held his hand tightly crying hysterically. He caressed her hand with which she had clasped his hand tightly, Shh...its okay Riddhima...Everything's alright... Bolo kya baat hai...batao mujhe? She simply nodded her head in no. He held her chin and caressed her cheeks, Koi baat toh hai Riddhima...don't wory...main hu tumhare saath...main...main kuch nahi kahunga tumse...daatunga bhi nahi...bas mujhe batao kya hua hai? He tried his best to make her talk but she just kept crying and the only pauses she took in between were for the hiccups due to crying whereas constantly she hept nodding her head in no as if she was unable to speak. He just stood staring at her feeling helpless.
Riddhima you need to speak up... tum kya chupa rahi ho mujse? Kya hua hai tumhe? Kuch bologi nahi toh how will I figure out?...as she kept crying he remebered something and said, Is it about the day you met with that accident. She held onto him even tighter as he said that... I knew it...kya hua Riddhima batao mujhe. What is it that you are running away from? She tried to speak up but her sobs never allowed any words to come out of her mouth. He understood her state and just brought her closer. Rubbing her arms he tried to soothen her,
Shh...shaant ho jao...bas...stop crying bacha it's okay...Please stop crying.
Armaan...mujhe maaf...sniff...main...sniff...
It's Okay relax... bas itna toh bata do that you do remember everything, hain na? She simply nodded her head positively and continued crying. He smiled for a second but her continuous sobs made him worried. So he let go off her hands and pulled her in his arms instantly to calm her down, but instead she cling onto him more tightly trying to hide her face in him.
Ridhimaa...chup ho jao...bas bhi karo...he caressed her head and pulled her into his tight embrace whispering sweet nothings in her ear.
Kyun ro rahi ho itna baby...its okay...mat batao kuch bhi mat batao...main kuch nahi poochunga...hmm? Ab toh chup ho jao. He soothened her but himself kept wondering that what could it be that made her so vulnerable And why wouldn't she tell him. Aisa kya ho sakta hai jo Riddhima mujhse aankhein tak nahi mila paa rahi! Mujhse keh nahi paa rahi kuch...par kyu. As he felt her shivering body against his chest he remebered the day when she had got the wrong call about his accident, and she was exactly in a state like this. So one thing was clear that it had to be something so big that she almost did not want to believe in it...and that did now explain her memory loss with no injury.
Armaan...tum yahi rehna mere paas...kahi mat jaana...I need...need you.
Haan Riddhima main yahi hu...bilkul tumhare paas hi rahungi... I am not going anywhere Jaan. He wiped the tears off his face and tried to detangle, but she wasn't ready to let go. So he somehow removed one of her hand from his neck and bending down picked her up. As soon as she was up in his arms she held him tightly again and snuggled in his neck. Her hold on him made him realize that it wasn't possible to lay her down on bed. So he himself sat down and spreading his legs took her in his lap. Her crying had reduced and her hiccups also were now in control, he understood that apparently she was tired due to all the constant crying. Rubbing her back he tried to make her sleep while he nuzzled her neck to distract her as she really had to stop crying cause it was getting too much for him to handle her state. As he tried to calm her she started coughing all of a sudden, so he sat her down on bed and was about to get water but she stopped him holding his hand.
Riddhima paani laa raha hu bas...dekho yahi toh hai na table pe let me just...but she just kept nodding her head not ready to leave him.
Mu...cough cough...mujhe paani nah...nahi chahiye. Tum bas yahi ruko.
Riddhima...par...acha kam se kam mujhe toh paani peene do...bohot pyaas lagi hai. I promise main kahi nahi jaa raha... dekho tumhare saamne hi glass fill kar raha hu. She finally let his hand go, he quickly filled the glass and took a sip just for name sake. Coming back to her he handled her the glass to drink the rest. Hmm ye lo...tum bhi thoda sa pani pee lo. Her hands still shivered a bit so he held her hand and providing her support he made her drink some water.
Chalo ab thodi der so jao Basket...aaram kar lo.
Nahi...mujhe neend nahi aa rahi Arma...
Enough Riddhima...koi arguments nahi chaiye mujhe...you are not even in a state to handle my anger, so don't test my patience anymore. You need rest...to chup chap meri baat maano aur so jao. She looked down as he scolded her but nodded her head anyways, he quickly kissed her head and made her lie down; he softened on his own as she willingly lied down
Main yahi hu theek hai...tumhare paas hi so raha hu, kahi nahi jaa raha...don't worry hmm? Lying down besides her he caressed her head trying to make her fall asleep. But somehow she just kept staring at him deeply, so he bent down and kissed her eyes one by one making her shut them. Planting a kiss on her forehead  he caressed her cheek,
Love you Riddhima. I am right next to you baby. So jao... She instantly turned around and enclosed herself in his arms trying to find her solace as usual. Covering her with the blanket he pulled her closer caressing her head. Now he was sure of one thing that he had to find what had happened that day on his own, because seeing her condition he was pretty sure that she would never be able to say anything to him. There had been times when she had lied or hidden things from him for some or the other reason, but never ever had she been so perturbed on confrontation. Something very inappropriate had happened and he had to find out asap.
       Riddhima ko maine pehle kabhi aise nahi dekha...aisi kaunsi baat ho sakti hai jo vo mujhse nazre tak nahi mila paa  rahi...baat hi nahi karna chahti us baare main. Aisi kya baat ho sakti hai that she wanted to forget so strongly ki apni yaadash poori tarah kho di usne, aisa kya hua tha? Aur vo itna bhaag rahi hai mujhse ki usne apni memory gain ki itni badi baat tak chupayi! Par Riddhima mujhse ye sach chupana kyun chahti thi? mujhe ye baat khud se kyun nahi batayi usne? He sighed sadly; khair in baaton ka jawaab toh sirf Riddhima hi de sakti hai, par vo nahi degi!
     Her breath turned shallow after a while and he was sure that she was fast asleep by now. He heard a knock on the door followed by Anjali voice;
Riddhima...Armaan...chalo lovebirds open the door. Mom dad are asking for you.
    He quickly came out of her hold careful enough not to disturb her and placing a pillow in her hand opened the door. Anjali passed a teasing look to him as he opened the door;
Kya chal raha hai yaha haan? You know Mister meri behen bohot bholi ha... she stopped as she noticed his sulky face. As she moved in she frowned on finding Riddhima fast asleep.
Ye toh...
Shh...Use sone do Anjali...abhi abhi soyi hai. Tum yaha kaise?
Vo main toh bas mom dad se milne aayi thi when I got to know that you guys are here too! Par tumhara chehra itna utra hua kyun lag raha hai Armaan? Everything alright?
Umm...tum yaha Riddhima ke paas baitho thodi der...mujhe jara papa aur Padma mom se baat karni hai.
Main yaha kya karungi...Ridz bhi soyi hai, so I'll also co...
Nahi Anjali...vo actually...I'll explain everything later on. Bas meri baat sunlo aur yaha baitho uske paas. Uski neend khul jaayegi aur mujhe nahi dekhegi aas paas toh she will freak out. Kam se kam tum hogi toh it'll be better. Main bas 2 minute main vapas aata hu.
   Anjali could sense the seriousness in his voice so without any further interrogation she followed whatever he said and sat besides Riddhima reading some magazine.  While Armaan walked downstairs as he had to talk to Shashank and Padma about her state. Maybe they could be of some help in solving the mystery, and as far as he knew even they did not have any idea about her memory regain, so thyy were to be informed too. There were many questions going on in his mind at the moment which were just unanswerable. To add to his queries her disheveled state and her clinging to him was making him worried too.
   As Shashank and Padma saw him walking downstairs all worried and lost they looked at each other not understanding what was happening. Their going to Panchgani; returning back so soon, Riddhima's behaviour and now his state.
Sh: Armaan...kya baat hai? Aap pareshaan lag rahe hai.
P: Haan beta...Sab theek toh hai na? Riddhima ko kya ho gaya tha achanak?
A: Huh?...umm...nahi vo...bas... Vo mom thoda paani milega please.
P: Haan...haan beta abhi laati hu. Armaan gulped down a whole glass of water in one go to calm his nerves. He was trying to figure out a way of talking to them, afterall they too were unknown to the things that he was. Things were complicated as he would certainly be questioned since he was the one completely responsible for her, but what was he supposed to say when he absolutely had no idea about anything.
Vo Papa...actually Riddhima... vo uski yaa... before he could say anything else he heard a scream making his heart skip a beat.


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