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part 36:I will bring my basket back

Note: Guys from now on there are going to be a few sad parts as the story unfolds the truth. This is the part from where the real incident starts and you all get to know that what happened with Riddhima and many other things. But I would warn you guys that there are things which are a little violent; so all the weak hearted people or those who don't like violence can skip the blue part; as that would not be suitable for you guys. And last but not the least do leave your comments for sure.

                                         Part 36

  He opened the window and let the cold wind flow all over the room. Gazing out of the window he stared at the moon and those stars fading away making way for the sun to set in and begin a new day. A lone tear escaped his eye and his fist tightened as it rolled off his cheek. As he heard a meek voice at the back he turned around to find Riddhima stirring. He moved towards her with quick steps and sitting beside, held her hand but she jerked it away. Feeling immense pain on her reaction he settled down and caressing her head whispered in her ear,
It's me Riddhima. Main hoon... Tumhara Armaan. Relax. Go back to sleep baby.
   She relaxed as she heard his voice but still hissed in pain. Holding her hand softly he caressed the mark on her forehead and kissed it lightly. Sliding down he took her in his arms and caressed her head easing her pain, both physical as well as emotional. As her breath grew shallow he looked down at her and kept wondering, why always her? Why did that Almighty, always chose his Riddhima as a victim. What wrong had she ever done? Another tear trickled down as he thought about the last 48 hours and her lying in his arms in the present vulnerable state.

Vo Papa...actually Riddhima... vo uski yaa... before he could say anything else he heard a scream making his heart skip a beat.
As soon as he heard her scream he ran towards the room with a jet speed. As he entered the room he found Anjali lying down unconscious on the floor and the bed was empty. Riddhima wasn't seen anywhere around. He saw a vase broken down just besides the bed and some blood stains around it. Running towards the window he scanned entire area but found nothing at all. He ran out of the house and searched around calling out for her but it was useless. Finally as he reached the lawn still with absolutely no clue about her and with his heart at his throat, he sat down on his knees and held his head in frustration. He had absolutely no idea what happened with her. She was right there in the room few minutes back, and just like that she was gone. He felt everything around him spin and he was broken completely. Just a while back was he trying to figure out about her memory coming back, and now that she was back, she was again lost. This time not mentally but physically.
Riddhiiimaaa... He remembered her helpless voice screaming out his name for help and then those broken vase pieces with the blood stains. He hit his fist hard on the ground till his hand oozed out blood.
No no no God...kyu? Kaha ho tum Basket!! He wiped his tears as he remembered about Anjali and ran back inside the house. He found Padma and Shashank were holding her head and sprinkling some water on her face.
P: Anjali...beta utho na... kya ho gaya tumhe. She opened her eyes slowly and holding her head.
Sh: Beta are you alright?
An: Main theek hu dad...par Ridz...Ridz kaha hai...
A: Anjali please tell me upar kya hua? Riddhima kaha chali gayi. Aur tum...
An: Armaan Riddhima ko koi uthakar le gaya... I don't know who he was...par usne use...vo use le jane hi aaya tha Armaan. I tried to stop him but...but usne chloroform use kiya mujhe behosh karne ke liye aur phir...
A: Anjali kaun tha vo?
An: I don't know Armaan...uska chehra dhaka hua tha. He was wearing a mask.
A: But why the hell would he kidnap Riddhima!! Kyu kyu kyu? Kya chahta tha vo, kaun tha...kaise pata lagau...kaha dhundu Riddhima ko ab? He shouted out all red with anger.
P: Shashank aap police ko phone lagaiye, meri bacchi ko dhund nikaliye Shashank. Kuch kijiye, jaldi!
Sh: Haan main abhi... As soon as he got up to call the police Armaan's cell rang. It was an unknown number.
Caller: Tch tch tch tch...kya hua Mr. Mallik? Apni biwi ko dhoond rahe hai? Ab kya faayda Armaan...Maine toh pehle hi kaha tha, ki apni patni ko sambhalkar rakho, ab dekho kho diya na use!
    Armaan gripped the phone tightly as his blood boiled.
Kaun ho tum? Kya chahte ho? Where the hell is Riddhima? Agar use 1 kharoch bhi aayi na toh main tu...
C: Uh uh uh...dhamki de rahe ho? Ghussa ho rahe ho. Arey vaah, ye toh ulta chor kotwaal ko daante wali situation ho gayi! Ye mat bhulo Armaan, Riddhima mere paas hai! Agar mujhe ghussa aa gaya toh Riddhima ke liye bohot bura hoga. Not that now she is safe...but better...just for now.
A: Dekho...tum...tum jo koi bhi ho...tum jo chahte ho I will give you, par Riddhima ko haath bhi mat lagana. Tumhe paise chahiye toh tell me, jitney chahoge utn...
C: Arey arey Mr.Mallik...kitne sawaal karte ho! Vaise mujhe tumse kuch chaiye toh jaroor...umm...mujhe... Riddhima chahiye! Bolo de doge use...
A: Mind your tounge you b******. Meri biwi hai vo. Main tuj...
C: Tch...fir ghussa. Chalo koi baat nahi...par ab bohot bakwaas ho gayi...ab meri baat kaan kholkar sun. Riddhima toh tujhe vapas milne se rahi, par vo uski aakhri saans le use pehle main tujhse jaroor milna chahunga! Toh mere phone ka intezaar kar...main tujhe bata dunga ki tujhe kaha aana hai...par haan... agar chata hain ki jab agli baar use dekhe tab uski saansein chal rahi ho na...toh Police ko phone karne ki galti mat karna...varna mere agle phone ka zindagi bhar intezaar hi karta reh jaayega.
    The line went dead and Armaan just stood still frozen on his place.
Sh: Kya hua Armaan? Kaun tha...aur Riddhima kaha hai?
A: Pata nahi kaun tha...par ridh...Riddhima... Riddhima usi ke paas hai!
Sh: Main abhi police ko phone karta hu aap...
A: Nahi Papa...police ko phone mat karna.
P: Ye kya keh rahe ho Armaan...meri beti uske paas hai aur tum...
A: Riddhima ke liye hi keh raha hu maa... Police ko involve karna uski jaan ko khatre main daalne ke barabar hai.Ye koi kidnapper nahi hai. Isne kisi khaas maksad se Riddhima ko kidnap kiya hai! He doesn't want money...usse...usse ... sirf Riddhima hi chahiye. He said through his gritted teeth. Ye kaun hai ye toh main nahi jaanta... par jo koi bhi hai...Riddhima aur mujhe achi tarah se jaanta hai!
An: Par kaun ho sakta hai. Riddhima se kya chahta hai. Vo toh bechari khud apne bare jyaada kuch nahi jaanti filhaal, kuch yaad bhi nahi hai use. Pehle hi itni mushkilo main hai aur...
A: Vo sab jaanti hai Anjali! Use sab yaad hai.
An: What??
Sh: kya keh rahe hai aap? Use toh...
A: Uski yaadash vapas aa chuki hai Papa...yahi batane ki koshish kar raha tha main aapko ki tabhi ye sab...
P: Par kab...abhi thodi der pehle toh voh...mujhe toh kuch samajh main nahi aa raha.
A: Use Panchgani main hi sab yaad aa gaya tha. Aur isi liye vo yaha chali aayi. Vo bhaag aayi thi yaha...pata nahi kyu...aur kisse! Par vo bhaag rahi thi kisi bohot bade sach se. Mujhe nahi batana chahti thi ki uski yaadash vapas aa gayi hai.
Sh: Par kyu? Riddhima tumse kyun chupayegi ye baat?
A: Yehi toh main bhi nahi jaanta. Par kuch toh hai...jisse vo bhaag rahi thi...aaj bhi aur shayad us din bhi jis din uska accident hua.
An: par aisa kya ho sakta hai Armaan?
A: Kya nahi kaun...shayad ye kidnapper hi hai jisse vo bhaag rahi thi. Riddhima kuch toh jaanti thi uske baarein main.
Sh: Ye aap kaise keh sakte hai Armaan?
A: Kyunki meri jab Riddhima se baat hui...toh voh bohot dari hui thi. Kuch batane ke liye tayyar nahi din ke bare main baat tak nahi karna chahti thi. I am sure vo koi bohot badi baat chupa rahi thi mujhse jo use mujhe bata deni chahiye thi. Aur vo shayad kehna chahti bhi thi...par kuch tha jo use rok raha tha.
    He couldn't just sit doing nothing and just waiting for his call. He had to find out about her whereabouts. Riddhima was his life and there was no way in hell he was going to let her away so easily. He started recalling all the things that had happened on the day when her accident took place. But there was absolutely nothing that could make him suspicious about anything. Neither did he have anyone around who he could be doubtful about. Atul had come home and as he got to know about Riddhima even he was stunned. But neither did he have any idea about any possible person who could have anything against both of them. Just as they were thinking Dr.Sameer entered the house.
Sh: Dr. Sameer. Aaiye na...umm...baithiye...
S: Hello sir. Kya baat hai...aap sab pareshaan lag rahe hai. Anything wrong Mr.Mallik?
     The moment Armaan saw him he realized that he was the only one at present who was behind Riddhima. He liked her and was always trying to be around her. Armaan thought for a while about Sameer and the past happenings,
Nahi...par ye toh sirf uske saath flirt karta tha. Ye aisa kuch nahi kar...ya fir kar bhi sakta hai. Par agar isne kuch kiya hota toh yaha kyu hota is waqt? Nahi...I'll have to clear it out...par isse directly kuch nahi keh sakta.
S: Um...Mr.Mallik...are you alright? Kya hua...aap sab itne chup kyun hai?
At: Nahi kuch nahi Dr.Sameer...vo aise hi. Aap boliye na...aap yaha kaise?
S: Haan vo, kal farewell hai na hum logon ka...toh usike bare main aapse kuch baat karni thi Sir. Kuch files pe aapke sign bhi chahiye the.
Sh. Haa... just a...
A: Par uske liye aapko ghar aane ki kya jarurat thi...aap kal le lete signatures!
S: Vo thoda urgent tha...isi liye. Aur kal toh nikalne ki gadbad hogi na...last minute work you see toh I can't keep it for tomorrow. ...maine shayad galat waqt pe aap logon ko interrupt kiya!
A:  Nahi par aapka aise achanak aana ajeeb jarur lag raha hai.
S: Ok...Well...Dr.Riddhima kaisi hai ab? Is she any better?
A: Uski chinta aapko karne ki jarurat nahi hai...use toh main kabhi kuch nahi hone dunga.
S: Aapko mera yaha aana kuch khaas pasand nahi aaya lagta hai Mr.Mallik.
A: Pasand napasand se koi farak nahi padta Dr.Sameer... everything depends on destiny. Jise jab aana hota hai vo aata hai...aur jiska jab jaane ka waqt aajaye tab use jaana hi padta hai.
At: Armaan ye tu kya...
Sh: Umm...Dr.Sameer if you don't mind...kya aap ye file mujhe de denge. Main kal aapko sign karke de dunga...filhaal mujhe thoda...kaam hai toh...
S: Sure problem. So...I'll take your leave then...thank you sir...and hope to see you all for the party. Mr.Mallik aap bhi jarur aaiyega...aur Dr.Riddhima ko bhi le aaiye please!
       He left the house and before Atul and Shashank could question him about his behavior Armaan strode out of the house. He had to find out if this Sameer was anywhere responsible for Riddhima's abduction. He sat in the car but flinched as he touched the steering. Just as he remembered the last time he was in driver's seat and the next thing that happened was Riddhima was lying in his arms in a pool of blood. It was the last time Armaan drove the car as after that incident he had been always blaming himself for her accident, and he had no guts left to drive ever again. He would always have a driver with him after that, but what now...there was no time for calling someone.
Nahi Armaan...not have to do it. Riddhima ki zindagi ka sawaal hai Armaan...and the moment he saw Sameer's car gaining speed he finally did gather some courage and started the car. Sameer halted the car by Sanjeevani and getting out he went in to Dr.Kirti's cabin. He had a little chat with her and left for his night duty. Armaan did not see anything that was suspicious about Sameer till now, but he wasn't going to give up easily. He called Atul and messaging the kidnapper's number he told him to call some hacker and track the number. Within a while he got to know that the number was switched off but the card IP number was somehow traced. But nothing else was possible to be known till the card was turned on again. So now they tried to know on whose name the card was registered.
    But till then Sameer was done with the duty and left Sanjeevani. The sun shined brightly marking the begging of a new day and Armaan just followed Sameer trying to get some bread crumbs which could take him to Riddhima. As Sameer parked the car outside his house he got a call.
Sameer: she fine? Nahi he does not know anything yet. Ya... okay let me know when the work's done.
    Armaan who had been following him very carefully not letting him even doubt a bit overheard the conversation. He was yet to take any action when he saw Atul's name flashing on his cell phone. As he attended the call Atul informed him about the card registration that the registration was done by someone from Sanjeevani itself.
At: Par uski aur koi information available nahi hai records main...
A: That is more than enough Atul...Thanks...thank you very much.
       He couldn't hold himself back any longer. As soon as Sameer unlocked the door he felt a tap on his shoulder. Even before he could see the person's face he was punched harshly directly on his face making him stumble back on the rug. His head hit against the flower vase making him groan in pain.
A: How dare you you mo***! Teri himmat kaise hui meri Riddhima ko chune ki? He punched him hard in his stomach and then grabbing his collar dragged him up to his level. That's it...end of your game. Mujhe abhi aur isi waqt Riddhima se milna hai, aur agar tune aisa nahi kiya toh tujhe mujhse koi nahi bacha sakta not even me I swear. Where the hell is Riddhima God damn it. Kya kiya tune uske saath? Sameer came face to face with Armaan and saw his nerve tightened on forehead and eyes bloodshot red. He could see the fire in his eyes and the pure rage on his face. The murderous look on his face made him think a bit before uttering anything.
S: Mr. Mallik kya?
A: Enough of it already Sameer. Main jaanta hu ki ye sab tune hi karvaya hai...I know you abducted just tell me where the bloddy hell is she varna...
S: What? Riddhima...vo kidnap ho chuki hai? Par maine kuch na...
A: Isse pehle ki I kill you with my bare hands, just tell me, tell me where is she!
S: Control yourself Armaan...he pushed his hands away and wiped the blood off his face...main jaanta tak nahi aap kya keh rahe hai. Aur main kyu Riddhima ko kidnap karunga main toh use... Armaan pushed him against the wall with his arm against his throat almost choking him.
A: Khabardaar jo Riddhima ka naam apni juban pe laaya bhi toh...just don't try to act smart...mujhe sab pata chal chukka hai Sameer. So stop acting. Tumhara number track ho chukka hai so for Godsake quit the drama. Sameer tried to push Armaan's hand away trying to speak up,
S: Kau...nsa card kaisa nu...mber? Armaan dragged him inside the house and threw him on the floor harshly making him wince in pain. As he was about to hit him his cell phone rang which was flashing a private number. As Armaan saw that he was a little surprised but anyways answered it,
Caller: Good morning Dr.Mallik. Kaise hai aap?  He looked down at Sameer still lying on the floor, he wondered that if he was here than who was the one on phone right now!


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