Tuesday, 10 February 2015

part 37:I will bring my basket back

C: Kya hua? Kis soch main pad gaye?
A: What the hell do you want? Kyu ka... As he was talking he heard a meek voice in the background which made him hold back his words as well as his breath.
 A: Ri...ddhimaa? He held the phone close to himself as he heard her voice after almost after 24 hours. Her meek helpless voice sent shivers through his spine.
C: So kaise laga early morning surprise Mr.Mallik? Aapki wife ki aawaj hai badi sweet nahi? Vaise aap is waqt...let me guess...Dr.Sameer ke ghar pe honge...beating the sh** out of him right? Tch tch tch...bechare Dr.Sameer.  Bohot taarif karte rehte hai Riddhima ki nai? Mujhe bilkul pasand nahi aati thi ye baat...good that you hit him...he deserved it anyways.
A: Tum...tumhe kaise...
C: Ab mujhe kaise pata...kyu kab kaha ye sari quiz completion baad main kelenge ok? But for now...I need to give you another morning surprise...there was a 2 minute silence which was followed by a slap and Riddhima's voice wincing in pain.
A: No...no you jerk...don't you dare touch her... use kuch mat karna...
C: ouch...did that hurt baby...so sorry...So Mr.Mallik...ye tha aapka starter for the day...a gift...police ko inform karne ke liye.

A: Po...police...par humne police ko...
C: Aapke pyaare sasurji...bohot jiddi hai...just like his daughter, maante hi nahi hai koi baat. Par koi baat nahi...vo toh mujhtak nahi pohoch paayenge...but ya I am sure vo bhi aapki tarah Dr. Sameer tak jarur pohoch jaayenge.
A: Sameer... he isn't...
C: na na...vo toh bechara kuch jaanta bhi nahi...uski koi galti nahi... bas tumhare is Riddhima ki kuch jyaada hi tareef karta hai na... vohi uski galti hai bas!
A: Tumhe Riddhima se kya problem hai...usne kya bigada hai tumhare...uske peeche kyun...
C: Chill Armaan. Just chill...saari baatein phone par hi karni hai kya...dekho mera paas itna time nahi hai...now just shut up and ...theek 5 baje you have to come and meet me tumhe address main kuch waqt main bata dunga... Time pe hi aana varna... ho sakta hai mera mood badal jaaye...aur tum fir kabhi Riddhima ko dekh h...
A: Main pohoch jaaunga.
C: Aur haan is baar police ko involve mat karna...vo kya hai na mujhe ghussa bohot jaldi aa jaata hai...aur mujhe nahi lagta...ki tumhari ye chui mui si Riddhima ab mera ghussa aur jyaada seh paayegi...bechari pehle hi bohot...huh...anyways I hope you are getting what I am saying. So see you soon.
     The line went dead and Armaan just kept staring at the ground completely lost as Riddhima scream kept ringing in his ears. Her plead to him and her helpless voice caused a twist in his heart.
His fist tightened causing his own nails pierce into his skin. Blood started dripping on the floor as his wound which he himself got by punching his hand a while back on the floor, opened up. While Sameer; who was lying on the floor; still groaning in pain noticed the change in him and the blood that had started dripping from his hand. The man who was ready to kill him a minute back was now standing in front of him like a statue. Taking support of the sofa, Sameer got up and settled down on the sofa to get some relief. After a while as he saw Armaan still lost in his thoughts he stood straight in front of him and demanded answers for his behavior.
S: What the hell are you up to Mr.Armaan Mallik? Aap is waqt mere ghar main kar kya rahe hai...and what was all about Riddhima and her kidnapping and ...
A: Riddhima... he whispered more to himself but since Sameer was right in front of him he heard that and the next instant saw Armaan kneeling down on the floor. I am so sorry Basket... I am so sorry ki tumhe ye sab... Sameer saw his devastated state and realized that maybe Riddhima was really kidnapped and he was just shattered. He could see his pale face and the tension clearly visible. So forgetting about his pain for a minute he bent down and placed a hand on Armaan's shoulder;
S: Are you alright Armaan?...Aap theek toh hai na?
 A: Sameer...I am sorry...I am so sorry...but actually...vo tumhara card...I mean tumhara surname...vo phone...actually Riddhima...I was really
S: Relax...relax Armaan...Aap...aap please uthiye...ye leejiye aap thoda paani pee leejiye. Just relax. Riddhima mil jaayenge.
A: Riddhima...no mujhe abhi jaana...
S: Armaan...please have a seat. Dekhiye aap...bohot tensed hai is haalat main you shouldn't drive...aap baithiye aur thoda paani pee lieejiye.
A: Nooo...You don't understand...I just have to...
S: Please listen to me Armaan...aapke haath se kitna khoon beh raha hai...agar ye theek nahi kiya toh you won't be able to move it properly...Riddhima ki help kaise karenge aap?
      Sameer made him sit on the sofa and somehow cleaned his wounds as well as forcefully did the dressing for Armaan's hand.
S: Ab aap please mujhe bataiye ki baat kya hai?...Aur aapko mujhpe shak kyu hua...why did you think I kidnapped Riddhima?
     Armaan explained everything to him that how he concluded that he was the culprit.
A: And afterall you have always trying to hit on her. Aur vo phone pe bhi...tum kisise keh rahe the that he doesn't know anything and stuff.
S: Well...I do like her...Armaan glared at him and he instantly defended himself...no I mean...like...I respect her...and like her as in a good human being. She is one of the nicest persons that I have met. But considering she is your wife or for that matter anybody's "WIFE" I won't be after that girl any longer. Aur vo actually main Mrs. Saxena, humari neighbor unke bare main baat kar raha tha. She's very old and thodi beemar thi and Mr.Saxena ko jaan bujhkar humne kuch inform nahi kiya tha. Vohi baat ho rahi thi...But Armaan...that is not the problem right now...we need to find out aisa kaun kar sakta hai! Is there anyone you know who dislikes Riddhima?
A: No...Basket...I mean Riddhima ki kisise dushmani ho hi nahi sakti. She's the most friendly amongst all of us.
S: Ya that I agree. Par mujhe lagata hai Mr.Mallik it has to be someone from Sanjeevani itself.
A: And why do you think so?
S: Because you just told me that he dislikes me because I always praise Dr.Riddhima right? Aur maine unki tareef humesha Sanjeevani main hi ki hai. I don't remember talking about her to any of my girlfriends or any one in my personal life!
A: Of course. But Sanjeevani...Sanjeevani main aisa kaun ho sakta hai? I think...hume Sanjeevani main chalna chahiye...we will get to know something there I am sure.
S: Ya that's right...
    Both of them approach Dr.Keerti's cabin considering that being the senior she might be of some help.
Dr.K: hello doctors. Dr.Sameer aapko kya hua ye chot...
A: Vo sab hum baad main explain kardenge Dr.Keerti right now we need your help!
Dr.K: Kya baat hai Armaan? Aap bohot pareshaan lag rahe hai? Everything alright?
A: Vo maan...actually...Riddhima is kidnapped.
Dr.K: What??
A: But please don't let anyone know about this...actually Dr.Keerti main jaana chahta tha if anyone in Sanjeevani's has ever had anything against Riddhima...I mean...kisi kabhi koi complaint vegera ki ho uske khilaaf ya koi aise jo use khaas pasand na karta ho...do you have any idea about anyone like that?
Dr.K: No... I mean you know Riddhima has always been the best at her work so complaint toh not possible...and...of course she was been a little strict always...but I don't remember anyone saying anything against her! Bu...like is it someone from Sanjeevani?
A: Yes...koi hai jo...he was cut short as Rishab entered the cabin.
Ri: Excuse me Dr.Keerti can I talk to you for a minute...Hello Dr.Armaan...Dr.Sameer. Sorry to interrupt but maam actually I need to know about this medication urgently... vo bed no 204 main jo...
Dr.K: Just give me 2 minutes Dr.Rishab...I will be there.
Ri: Okay maam...By the way everything alright Mr.Mallik... you look tensed?
A: Ya...ya I am fine thank you.
Dr.K: I am sorry but I'll have to leave Armaan...but as far as I know...I don't know of anyone who can harm her...atleast Sanjeevani main toh aisa kaun ho sakta hai I have no idea!
A: It's ok maam... I understand...aap jaaiye the patient need you, we will find out somehow... and thanks for the help.
Dr.K: Anytime Armaan...you know she is like a younger sister to me! Please keep me updated...and agar koi bhi help chahiye ho do ask me.
    She left the room and Armaan and Sameer thought of some other ways to find out things. It was already 3pm and they had to work out some plan soon. Thinking about Riddhima he was walking through the corridors when he came across the idol of Ganpati where usually Riddhima had the habit of coming and praying. He joined his hands and with pure dedication prayed for her;
Aap toh jaante hi ho...I am not so good at all this... Par Riddhima toh aapko bohot maanti hai, aur vo toh bohot achi bhi hai.  Aapko agar kisi galti ki saja deni hi hai; toh punish me par meri Basket ko kuch mat hone dena. Bas mujhe koi raasta deekha deejiye ustak pohochne ka...please! She really needs me. And...mujhe bhi uski bohot jarurat hai... please show me some way! Tears rolled down his cheeks as he pleaded in front of the idol helplessly to show him some way to reach her. As he opened his eyes he saw the board of marks which made him realize that he was still in Sanjeevani. And if he wanted to work on a plan he couldn't be doing it there because whoever the kidnapper was must surely be keeping an eye on him. So he left soon and as soon as he was out he got a call. As he saw a private number he quickly picked up the call but to his surprise nobody spoke anything. He could just hear some voices in the background which he realized was someone muffled voice. And it took him no time to understand that it was Riddhima on the phone.
A: Riddhima... it's you...isn't it? ...he heard her muffled voice again as if she had her mouth tied, he never even knew whether she could hear him or not but still he tried... Riddhima baby please tell me where are you...tumhe kaha rakha hai...batao mujhe...
Just as he was trying to figure out things Sameer came running to him and informed him that one of the calls that Armaan got was made from Sanjeevani itself.
A: Shh shh...he heard Riddhima's muffled cry again but this time it was followed by train's noise. He also heard some noise of industry chimney. He understood that the call was being connected by mistake, but this mistake proved very beneficial for him. It hinted him that she was somewhere around the mills area near Sanjeevani which was right next to the railway tracks.
A: Sameer I guess I have an idea Riddhima kaha ho sakti hai...I am not sure but I am going to try, tum bas Atul ko bol do ki vo police ko is sab se dur rakhe. I don't want any kind of danger for her.
S: But let me come along with you...tum akele kaise...
A: Nahi Sameer...agar main galat nikla toh there has to be someone here... shayad kuch aur pata chal jaaye afterall vo jo koi bhi hai Sanjeevani ke hi aas paas hai. If you get to know anything else let me know... and don't worry I'll manage. Aur haan ek aur jaruri baat...kisi ko pata nahi chalna chahiyeki main kahi gaya hu...if anyone asks unse kehna main...Dr.Shashank ke ghar pe hu...ya whatever something like that ok? He sat into the car and was out of Sameer's sight within a minute.
    Armaan reached the mills and very carefully entered the area making sure to maintain pin-drop silence from his side. He could feel her... he could feel that she was somewhere around for sure and that made him hopeful as well as happy. He searched around carefully but couldn't find anyone around...he kept walking ahead and realized that the place was indeed very much inside and secluded. None of them could have ever thought of even coming here to check out for something. He heard some sound so he quickly turned around to find just a cat and some dripping water from a tank. As he stepped ahead he felt something pricky under his feet, and as he moved his feet away he saw an earring lying down. It took no time for him to recognize that it was Riddhima's earrings. As he moved a little further ahead he found another earring and as he went on he found some of her duppata's piece. He realized that all these things were purposely left by her as breadcrumbs for him. For the first time in the entire day he could see a hope of finally meeting her. He kept following the path that she led him to and finally after a while he could hear some voices of some men talking. He slowly peeped in and as expected found two men who were probably the goons who were around to keep an eye on her. But unfortunately he couldn't see her anywhere; but he knew that she had to be somewhere around. He observed the place a little keenly and found that there was a rusty door a little ahead from where he was standing.
      Walking past the wooden boxes kept around he slowly went to the other side and looked into the room through a small cut through the glass window. And then his gaze finally fell on his Riddhima... her hands and legs were tied up to the wall. The room was dark...very dark. He could not see her clearly but her posture told him that she was drained out. If she was standing then it was just possible because of the ropes that were tied around which held her in place. He felt a huge pang in his heart to see her in this state, but right now he knew was no time to regret or think of anything else...but to reach and rescue her. He noticed that she all of a sudden looked up and started looking around. He knew that she must have realized that he was around and was probably looking for him. She kept searching for him but she couldn't see him as there was pitch darkness in the room. Now that door was the only way to get into the room where the goons were standing, there was no way that he could get in through the window as breaking the glass would only grab the unwanted attention. He had to think of some other way to get in...so he searched around for something that could help him and to his luck he saw a kitten that came and kept nestling against his leg. He pushed her away but she kept coming back disturbing as well as frustrating him as he was trying to think of ways to rescue her and the kitten was just been annoying. But as he looked down at her again he got an idea and thanked his stars for making his brain work on time. He went ahead to the pile of stacked boxes holding the cat in his hands. Looking around if there were any more goons he pushed the pile of boxes as hard as possible to make a loud noise and once that was done he quickly ran and hid behind a wall. The men who were busy talking heard the commotion and ran in its direction. But as they reached there; all that they could see was the kitten who was playing around with the boxes. Meanwhile Armaan quietly moved away and entered the room quickly but hid behind the door again. Riddhima saw someone entering the room and closing the door but couldn't see the person's face. Those men returned to the door and one of them opened the door to check on her; as he found her still in her place he observed around a little and closed the door. Riddhima on the other hand was trying to figure out what was happening when she saw a figure walking in her direction. She could only see a man walking ahead, but neither could she see his face nor did she have the strength to find out. But still she kept struggling with the ropes to get free of them as the person kept coming closer. All her movements came to halt at once as the man in front of her came face to face and the little light that came in through the window fell on his face. She squealed as she finally saw Armaan standing right in front of her. On one hand where relief washed over her veins he felt just the opposite. Her face defined exhaustion at the moment, it was completely pale, her eyes were drowsy, she was sweaty; there was dried blood that must have oozed out of her lips sometime back. She had few more bruises on her forehead as well as her cheeks had imprints on it. She looked at him drowsily but shut her eyes as tears streamed out of them continuosly. He untied the cloth around her mouth and she choked badly. He wiped her tears and caressed her bruise on the forehead but she hissed in pain. Putting her hair behind her ear he wiped the sweat and the blood near her lips; untieing the ropws he set her free but held her by her waist as she stumbled. He heard her murmur something so he bent down to her level,
R: Pa...pani...Arma...an...paani...pa...paani pee...na hai. He saw aroubd if there was any source of water but found nothing.
A: Bas yaha se nikalte hai 1 baar...I'll get you water don't worry. Gaadi main hai paani...hmm...chalo. As he picked her up her head fell back and her hands dropped down as if she had no energy left in her. Seeing her state he couldn't judge if his anger on his ownself was more that he couldn't protect her from getting into this situation or his anger on that person was more who put her in this situation. Either ways he knew one thing that the person had not many hours left to stay alive because he had no plans of letting the person live anymore. He was about to walk out from the door when he realized that he couldn't that since there were those 2 goons standing out, and he couldn't get away without fighting with them. Well another thing was he couldn't obviously fight with them with her in his arms, so he placed her on a chair besides and peeped out of the room to have a look at them. That is when his cell vibrated;
Kidnapper: Hello Mr.Mallik...so I heard aap Sanjeevani gaye hai...mujhe hi dhund rahe hai isn't it? Par koi faayda nahi hai...chodiye ye naakam koshishe, vaise bhi it's already 4:30 you see toh main hi aap ko bata deta hu ki aapko kaha aana hai. Aapki bh...
Goon: Kaun hai vaha...before the kidnapper could say anything one of the goons entered the room and attacked Armaan. Armaan's cell slipped out of his hand as he tried to get rid of the goon. As one of them stepped towards Riddhima; Armaan pulled his leg making him fall on his face. Before he could even try to get up Armaan hit him hard across his face. The other guy by now was on the phone and had already informed (probably to the kidnapper) that Armaan was here. Armaan let the guy on the floor be where he was and running towards the other one he snatched the phone away from him. He took him down and started punching him furiously. But as he was doing that the other guy somehow managed to get up and was about to hit him with a rod when Riddhima called him out with great efforts making him duck. As Armaan had made the two of them incapable of even moving and almost dead; he walked towards Riddhima to pick her up when he heard some footsteps behind him;
Itni bhi kya jaldi hai Armaan? Humse bhi toh thodi baat chit kar lo pehle. Armaan recognized from the voice that it was the kidnapper and his fist tightened in fury. He looked down at Riddhima who sat on the chair almost unconscious and he turned around hoping to see the culprit's face when he felt a sharp pain in his neck. He was been injected with something that made him dizzy, but as he saw a figure trying to approach Riddhima he tried to catch him but fell down on his knees. The dizziness did not allow him to see his face and before he could even try to do anything else darkness engulfed his senses and he went unconscious.


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