Tuesday, 17 February 2015

part 39:I will bring my basket back

Armaan reached home but to his luck Riddhima had fallen unconscious again.
      Armaan stayed awake that entire night as she kept coming and going out of consciousness. She kept murmuring things which were inaudible but he just kept answering something or the other too let her know that he was right there by her side. That had been the worst night of their life; as the sunrays entered the room he still was looking down at her caressing her head trying to soothe her as much as possible. Around 9:30 am Riddhima again started stirring in her sleep and was sweating profusely, so Armaan picked the ac remote but as he held her hand he realized that she was having fever so he put the remote down and covered her with the blanket. But she jerked it away and was about to turn on her back when he held her arm to keep her in place and bent towards her to hear what she was saying;
R: Co...co...roa...hatao...Ar...maa...n ha..hatao...use.
A: Kya hatana hai Riddhima? Kuch nahi hai yaha...
R: Nahi...vo...she starting throwing her legs hard as if trying to get rid of something; nahi...vo...use...hat..ao Arm...aan...help. Armaan wiped her sweat and holding her hand rubbed it; the next moment her eyes flew open wide and he could see that her face had turned completely white like a ghost.

A: Riddhima...Basket see...main hu...kuch nahi hua; dekho tum mere paas ho...sab theek hai! She looked at him for a while but soon diverted her eyes. She tried to move away but he pulled her back;
Nahi Riddhima...peeth pe nahi sona...tumhe chot lagi hai na; it will hurt.
   Finally she was wide awake and that was a big relief for him at the moment. He removed all the hair off her face and put it behind her earlobe. He bent down and kissed her forehead but noticed her flinch; so he moved back instantly.
Kuch chahiye tumhe? Paani...paani peeyogi? She nodded her head so he quickly got up and held her hand. Hmm...theek hai, come here...let me make you sit fir paani pee lena hmm? Very carefully he made her sit up and after placing a number of pillows behind; he made her rest her lower back on it. Filling the glass he handed it to her but she couldn't hold it properly and it fell down making her flinch again. She got really disturbed by the noise and just kept looking at the broken glass,
It's okay...it's okay Riddhima. The noise grabbed the attention and Anjali and Atul entered the room. Riddhima never bothered to look up; she was just staring at the floor with no change in her expressions. Armaan quickly filled another glass and sat beside's her to make her drink it but she was lost.
Riddhima...paani pee lo. She nodded her head in no and looked away. Watching her in this state broke his heart, it pierced him deeply but he couldn't be weak at this point of time. Riddhima... He held her chin and turned her face... hota hai; it's alright. Paani peelo, I'll hold the glass for you; come on. She looked down at the glass in his hands and holding his hand drank the entire glass slowly part by part.
Good...you want some more? She nodded negatively and he kept the glass away. Dr.Keerti too came in and noticed that Riddhima was up.
Dr.K: Good morning Riddhima kaisi hai aap? Feeling better? She again gave her answer with a nod.
An: Hey kiddo... you know everyone's here. Me, Atul, Armaan aur Nikki-Abhi, Muskaan bhi aa rahe hai in some time. Hum sab saath main baithenge, it's going to be fun you know. Anjali tried to cheer her up but still she showed no interest. It hurt Anjali too, to see her in that state so she just couldn't hold back her tears and hugged her lovingly.
At: Armaan vo tune kuch kapde mangvaaye the na; ye le.
A: Ya...thanks champ.
Dr.K: Armaan...jara  do minute yaha aayenge!
A: Jee ma'am; kya baat hai?
Dr.K: Armaan...Riddhima ke haath main chot hai; uska glucose band karna padega kyunki saline ki vajah se swelling aur bhi badh rahi hai.
A: Ya...umm...toh nikaal dete hai.
Dr.K: Nahi...umm...Armaan...actually...
A: What's wrong Dr.Keerti?
Dr.K: I don't know how to...vo Riddhima...usne 2 din se paani ka 1 boond bhi nahi piya hai; there's absolutely no intake of any liquid or food for the past 2 days. Usmain itni saari chot...use kuch khilaana padega...and looking at her I really doubt...
A: Main use khila dunga...she will eat Dr.Keerti. Aap saline hata deejiye. She hates salines...she has always been scared of th...aap please saline nikaal deejiye.
       So the salines were removed, when Sameer, Abhi and Nikki arrived and he called Armaan out for a while. Nikki and Sameer entered the room and as Nikki saw Riddhima she felt really bad that it was after so long that she was seeing Riddhima and that too in this state. But not letting that come on her face she sat on the bed and started to talk with Riddhima normally. Sameer to tried his best to cheer her up but could clearly see her totally unaffected by anything. Armaan told Abhi to wait and went to Anjali;
Anjali...ye shirt Riddhima ko pehna do, make her change.
An: Par ye toh tumhari shirt hai Armaan.
A: Haan vo kal raat se she has been feeling itchy, ye cotton ki hai she will feel better. I don't think uske paas koi cotton night wear hai soo... vo uski peeth main usko jyaada paseena nahi aayega isse, uski chot... I guess kaafi takleef ho rahi hai use
An: Hmm...main abhi change karva deti hu. She went upto Riddhima to change her clothes, but as Armaan started to move out she spoke out for the first time in whole while on her own;
R: Armaan?...mat jao!
A: Riddhima main yahi hu...tum change karlo main bas Abhi se baat...
R: Mat jaao...don't go...stay with me.
    He knew there was no point explaining anything to her in this situation so he let go.
A: Okay fine...main yahi rukta hu,hmm? He called Abhi inside and walked a little far from Riddhima; he asked him what the matter was,
Ab: Armaan...vo Rishab...
A: Ya...What about him?
Ab: Just relax...hear me out okay...vo Rishab...he's a drug addict. He had just been eccentric due to the dosage and stuff, isi liye usne ye sab kiya. He wasn't really very much consciously doing anything.
A: So what? I don't care Abhi.
Ab: Ya ya...but we...I mean... maybe instead of putting him in jail, use shayad rehab. main daalne ka faisla leeya jaa sakta hai.
A: What the f***.  There's no way that s***** is coming out of jail. I don't care what bloody reasons he had...but he has made her cry, and there is no way in hell I care about he been rehabilitated. He has to go behind the bars end of the chapter.
Ab: I know Armaan...and I agree...par uska lawyer kahi se achanak jag utha hai...and he claims for the rehabilitation, I tried to talk to the Inspector and he said that use bail toh nahi milegi but agar vo lawyer ye prove kar deta hai that use medical help or for that matter rehab. ki jarurat hai toh even they can't do anything.
A: You know what... if he has got a lawyer so do I! There's just no way, NO F***** WAY he's going to get away so easily. And I swear agar use un logon ne chod diya na toh I'll kill him with my own bare hands, but I'll not let him free.
Ab: Hmm...relax Armaan. I was just informing you. And don't worry I will take care of all this, bas tujhe updated rakh raha hu as you said. But I assure you he won't be out of jail no matter what! Hmm? Tu shaant ho jaa, and take care of Riddhima okay?
A: Yaa...thanks Abhi...I am sorry ki main vaha nahi ho sak...
Ab: Ab apna kamenapan aur mat dikha...anyways I still hate you.
  Armaan smiled a bit as he said that and Abhi hugged him and went away making a call.
    Armaan walked back to Riddhima and touched her forehead to check her temperature, it was a little better now. So he told Riddhima to go and change.
A: Riddhima jao...Anjali tumhe change karva degi...you will feel better in these clothes hmm? You go with her main yahi bahar baitha hu.
     Anjali made her change and then he somehow fed her some soup and salad. Chalo ab tum thodi der so jao Riddhima. He tried to make her sleep but she kept denying. Muskaan too came after a while and since Riddhima wasn't ready to sleep he put on an animated movie as she loved to watch them. But she obviously showed no interest. As the sun set all of them made their way back home except for Anjali.
P: Armaan...tum kuch dino ke lye yahi ruk jaao beta. Vaise bhi Riddhima aisi haalat main ghar nahi ja paayegi...aur teri jarurat hai use toh...
A: Haan maa...vaise bhi use aapki bhi jarurat hai is waqt! He was sitting with her by his side and Anjali too had joined them as they sat and chit chatted in the hall. But the chat only included Armaan and Anjali. Riddhima fell asleep on his shoulder after a while and Anjali smiled as she saw her sleeping peacefully.
An: Chalo...kam se kam ye so gayi. Tum ise kamre main le jao Armaan...aur khud bhi thodi der so jao, tum bhi 2 raaton se soye nahi ho! You need rest too.
A: Hmm...goodnight Anjali. He carefully picked her and carried her to the room; sitting on the bed with spread out legs he placed her on his lap. Holding her waist he placed his chin on her head and fell asleep for a while as soon she woke up and was trying to move away.
A: Kya hua Riddhima? Go back to sleep!
R: Main...bed pe so jaati hu. She tried to move away but he held her hand,
Aur tumhe bed par neend aa jaayegi? ...Riddhima...i know, It hurts your back isi liye nahi so rahi thi na din bhar? She turned her face but he did not leave her;
It's okay Riddhima. I am fine...tum so jao yaha...tumhe aaram milega thodi der. Just sleep...jyaada socho mat. He slipped down lying flat on the bed and made her lie flat on her stomach on him so that her back remained untouched on bed. She did lie down quietly but he knew she wasn't sleeping, and she confirmed it as she murmured something which wasn't really clear to him.
Kya? Kuch keh rahi ho Riddhima?
Ghar nahi jaana?
Ghar?...Haan jaayenga na baby...tum thoda better feel karogi na tab jaayenge hmm? He thought for a while if he should talk to her or not; as she still was awake he finally spoke up;
Tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahi Riddhima? He caressed her head and waited for her response but she stayed mum so he continued;
Us din maine tumse poocha tha na...tab kuch keh deti na Basket. I could have done something. Baat itni aage nahi badhne deta na main Jaan. Kuch boli kyun nahi Riddhima? Kuc... she hugged him tightly for the first time after all the fiasco and he could feel her tears on his chest, he sensed that she wasn't yet ready for the talk so he just pulled her closer and caressing her head planted a soft kiss on top.
Shh...it's okay...nahi baat karenge is bare main hmm? Kuch nahi poochna mujhe...forget it okay?
 Kyu gaye tum...I told you...not to go na!
Huh? Riddhima main...?
Maine kaha tha us din tumse...mere paas rehna...par tum nahi...fir vo aa gaya...aur usne...Us din bhi...ghar nahi jaana tha mujhe...par tum...
I am really sorry Ridhima...sach main mujhe koi idea nahi tha na baby ki tumhare peeche koi pada hai...someone wants to take you away...I thought you are just scared of losing me or something like that...koi dream dekha hoga ya aisa kuch...tum kuch batana bhi nahi chahti thi. But any which ways it was my fault...I am sorry. Par Basket...you need to speak...I understand agar tum us incident ke bare main koi baat nahi karna chahti; par aise chup mat raho. Jo bhi baat dil main hai you should speak up, kam se kam mere saamne hi sahi. Agar tumhe kahi dard hai kuch takleef hai; toh tumhe mujhe usi waqt batana cahahiye Riddhima. I do understand you pretty well and I can read your face;  your heart; but it's always better when you come out with it straight!
      She did not answer him but just stayed in his arms listening to him calmly; and he knew that maybe she wasn't ready to speak up but she would try to; atleast in front of him. She did not sleep longer after the talk and kept tossing but he did realize that she was much better in that position as she wasn't moaning like the previous night or trying to move away.
          The next morning Ananya and Billy came over and visited Riddhima. They were glad that she was safe and sound. Ananya had been sitting with Riddhima in her room and Armaan went away saying that he was supposed to bath and was also really hungry so wanted to have some breakfast; he knew Riddhima wouldn't deny him for that. So he went to the police station to complete the remaining formalities and made sure that Rishab was behind the bars atleast for the next week. But now Riddhima's statement was needed and he knew that she wasn't really comfortable at the moment to talk about anything. But he had to make her speak something; atleast for her ownself. He knew she was traumatized but she had to come out of it as Rishab was the one who deserved a punishment not her.
      He entered her room wondering about ways to cheer her up;
Hey Basket I am bac... he entered in with a huge smile; fake one though; but found Shashank and a man almost in his 60's standing there. Atul was standing besides the bed where who as if was relieved as he saw Armaan. Riddhima was sitting on the bed looking nervous as hell.
Hello...ye kya ho raha... before he could say anything else he saw Riddhima attempting to get down the bed so he himself walked up to her.
Wo wow o...relax Basket kaha jaa...as soon as he reached her she hugged him tight;
Ri: Mujhe ghar jaana hai...Armaan...Ghar jaana hai...
       Armaan was shocked on her reaction but couldn't understand what made her say that. As he was caressing her head trying to make her calm; that is when Shashank spoke;
 Armaan... ye Dr.Rathore hai...ye...umm...I was going to tell you par aap yaha nahi the toh... Riddhima hugged him even tighter again demanding to go back home.
Riddhima hum ghar pe hi hai na baby?
Nahi...hu...humare ghar...jaana hai.
     He was amazed by her reaction.
Does someone care to explain yaha ho kya raha hai?... but the silence in the room wasn't broken by anybody. ANYONE! He spoke out loud and furious as she was clinging to him. Yaha exactly ho kya raha hai?
Sh: Actually Armaan...Dr.Rai; he is a psychiatrist...vo Riddhima ka ye haal mujhse dekha nahi jaata Armaan. She needs to speak up. Vo kab tak aise rahegi. Vo maine kal tumse baat ki thi na...
Dr.Rai thank you very much for considering but I think we both need to talk first. Sorry for your time...but I don't think is waqt Riddhima ko is session ki jarurat hai.
Dr.Rai: It's alright Mr.Mallik I understand. Actually...Shashank even I think...bacchi abhi bohot dari hui hai...so maybe we can have this later on.
Sh: Umm...yaa...thank you and sorry.
Dr.R: It's okay...nevermind.
     Dr.Rai left the room and Shashank went up to Armaan.
Sh: Armaan see I know aapne mana kiya tha...par Riddhima kitni kamjor ho gayi hai. Aur uska aise chup chap baithe rehna theek nahi hai is...
A: Aap kabhi koi baat maan kyun nahi lete Papa...Why don't you understand that she is not ready yet!
R: Armaan...ghar jaana hai abhi...
 A: Riddhima listen... he tried to stop her but she kept repeating it like a rhyme. Shh...Riddhima shh listen...listen to me...listen to me Riddhima. QUIET...hum ghar jaa rahe hai abhi ok! So just shh...
Sh: Armaan aap ye...
A: Bilkul sahi kar raha hu main Dr.Shashank...I know aap bas aapki beti ko khush dekhna chahte hai; you want her to speak up; but this is not the way. Aap kabhi samjhte kyun nahi hai; aap jaante bhi hai aapki isi jid ki vajah se; kal police ko inform karne ki vajah se Riddhima ka kya ho sakta tha. Rishab would have...Why won't you understand Dr.Shashank...she is traumatized right now; use bas thode waqt ki jarurat hai; pyaar aur affection ki jarurat hai; that's it. Vo abhi baat nahi karna chahti hai she needs a little time and I guess that's fine...uske liye kisi psychiatrist ya uske session ki jarurat nahi hai! For God's sake she was almost ra...sigh... har chot ke hisaab se alag malham hota hai sir. She doesn't need any medical help right now, what she needs is just us to be with her. Vo apni marji se chup nahi hai! Us din se aaj tak vo mujhse nazar nahi mila paa rahi hai; kuch keh nahi paa rahi hai. Jab vo mere saamne khud ko nahi bayaan kar paa rahi toh vo us doctor ko toh milne ke bare main bhi nahi soch sakti sir. She just needs time...let her be. He looked down at her and caressed her face. It's okay Riddhima koi kuch nahi poochega tumse; tumhe kuch kehne ki jarurat nahi hai. Chalo...main tumhare medicines le leta hu...fir hum chalte hai. He kissed her fore head and went to the side table to get her medicines.
Sh: Armaan aisa mat keejiye...use aap ghar kaise lekar jaayenge vo...
A: I am sorry Sir...but you are making me do this. Aapki is jid kea age main use bhugtte hue nahi dekh sakta.
      Padma entered the room as she heard the commotion and saw Armaan packing stuff.
P: Armaan ye sab kya ho raha hai? Tum...
A: Main ghar jaa raha hu mom. Riddhima ko apne saath leke jaa raha hu. I think she should be back home now.
P: Par Armaan...tum toh kuch din...
A: Rehne wala tha...but I think it's best for her to leave for now. Don't worry...main uska poora khayal rakhunga maa...and ofcourse vo bhi aapka hi ghar hai, aap jab chahte hai aa jaaiye Riddhima ko dekhne.
At: Armaan...even I'll accompany you. Vaise bhi tujhe help lagegi so...
A: Thanks champ...
     Armaan headed home taking Riddhima along with him while Atul helped him settle things. By the time they reached home she had just been sitting holding him simply staring down aimlessly. As they entered the house he took her to their room and told Parshu kaka to get some juice and sandwiches for her. Atul left immediately as he was supposed to go back to Sanjeevani. After making Riddhima eat the sandwiches he gave her the medicines so as to make her sleep for a while. Armaan had just been sitting beside's her stroking her hair as she lied down with her head on his lap. She did keep frowning and flinching in between as expected but he kept caressing her forehead not leaving her side even for a second. The medicines helped here a lot as without them he was sure she would never sleep.
             As the next day begin; she had become unusually silent. She would just nod if something was been asked and had asked him to call over her mom. Padma came and did her dressing and made her have her food and medicines. Armaan went out for a while giving both of them some mother daughter time and also so that he could get some update about the case. Abhi informed him that the police had been at Sanjeevani in the morning and now has all his records; even one of Abhi's friend who was a lawyer had made it a point that there was no way Rishab could be out of all this. Armaan returned back to the room to find her sleeping rather lying down besides Padma pretending to be fast asleep but he could very well see through that she was wide awake.
       Two days passed by with Riddhima just been in their room and all her dressings and medicines were taken care by either Padma, Anjali, Nikki or in short anyone but Armaan. If she wanted food or anything for that matter she would wait for Parshu kaka to re-eneter the room but never tell Armaan who would be sitting right there. He had been noticing everything but quietly. Shashank had come over and had apologized to Riddhima while she had just let it go cause she was anyways never speaking anything. She would react to every other person who would come up and talk to her but the moment Armaan would come and try to even say anything she would instantly either feel very sleepy or would just want to rest silently with no one around. He knew she was just lost and needed some time for herself to come out of everything but at the same time he did realize that she had to speak up and let it all out. She would never speak to anybody about such a sensitive issue and she wasn't allowing him anywhere near her; so he did have only one option to wait for her. But he had started to freak as she was just shutting him out.


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