Monday, 16 February 2015

Part 42: You actually love me or ...

And after that they rang the bell of girls room and soon enough they were in as anjali opened the door, food was still to arrived, and rahul and atul was sitting on carpet floor and their backs were leaning against bed corners and abhie was laying lazily on couch while all the girls were settled on carpet floor and seeing Armaan-Riddhima 

Mu:’’areey vah Honeymoon Couple tou aa gayya humein tou lga tha kii tumhare intezar meiin humein bhookha rehna padega’’
She commented and riddhima blushed hearing her comments while armaan just holds her more tightly in his arms and
Ab:’’areey han muskaan sahii kahaa tune thanks armaan thanks riddhima humein bhookha rehne se bachane kee liyye’’
He added with a wink and then hi-fived with anjali who settled just behind him as her back was leaning against couch
Ra:’’areey yar tum sab bhi naa aisee hii kuchh bhi bol rahein ho dekho armaan riddhima humse kitna pyaar karte hai Honeymoon Couple honein kee bad bhi yahan aapne doston kee pas aa gayye’’
He said joining them in teasing AR and here riddhima was just saying nothing her eyes were lowered and armaan smiled seeing her as he thanked mentally his friends to make her blush as she looks superb with that blush on her cheeks red cheeks but now he wants to stop them also
Ar:’’well thanks for your superb comments aur aab aagar tum sab ka ho gayya ho tou kya hum baith jaayen yaa fir hum yahin khade hokar khana khayen’’
He said and all smiled hearing him and then
Ra:’’han tou baith naa kisne mana kiyya hai vaise bhi girls kaa room hai kuchh problem hogii tou bad meiin yeh aapne aap settle kar lengi’’
Rahul said with a grin and hi-fived with atul and all three boys laughed while rahul cried in pain as he received a tight smack from muskaan on his shoulder
Ra:’’oouch muskan kyoon maara mujhe’’
He asked while rubbing his arm
Mu:’’tou kya bola tuu kankhjure yeh humara room hai tou tuu ganda karke chala jaayega jis se hum bad meiin so naa paayen’’
She asked while grabbing his collar
Ra:’’nahin muskii baby mera vo matlab nahin tha’’
He gulped seeing her anger don’t know why she was so angry
Ni:’’areey han muskii chod naa ose tujhe pta tou hai kii voo aisee hii mazak kar rahaa hai’’
Mu:’’tou nikki samjha le ise 1 tou vaise hii mujhe zabardast bhookh lagii hai oopar se yeh aisiii bakwas karega tou mai ise hii kha jaongi aaj’’
She said leaving his collar
At:’’muskii tuu non-veg kab se ho gayyi?’’
And all looked at him surprisingly as he said this and laughed seeing his innocent face and
At:’’kya has kyoon rahein ho maine kuchh galat kaha kya abhie muskii hii tou bolii kii yeh rahul koo kha jaayegi vo bhi kachaa yar’’
And before anyone replied to him they heard anjali’s trademark
An:’’shut up atul’’
And then only before anyone can ask anything riddhima finally spoke up after making armaan settle down beside rahul as he wants to sat on carpet floor though abhii offered him to sit on couch but he was adamant to sat on floor and riddhima after making him settle 
Ri:’’ohk guys wait for a second koi mujhe bhi bta do kii anjie abhie tak khana kyoon nahin aya’’
She asked and
An:’’abhie ata hogaa ridzi humne order tou tabhie kar diyya tha jab rahul kii call ayi thi kii we ate in here our room’’
Ar:’’ohk then tab tak please hum kuchh dhangg kaa karen yeh rahul-muskii kii fights kee ilawa aur anjie ke shut up kee ilawa kyoon guyss’’
He asked to everyone and everyone nodded in assent and then nikki
Ni:’’par armaan karna kya hai?’’
She asked and
Ar:’’well nikki mai’’
But he was cut short with door bell and riddhima who was about to sit said
Ri:’’mai dekhti hun’’
Mu:’’khana hogaa’’
And she was right it was food after the waiter placed food they tahnked him and gave him some tip and everyone settled with food as everyone was hungry with journey and all and muskaan just filled her plate and start eating saying
Mu:’’sorry guyss mujhe sachi meiin bahut bhookh lagii hai tum log kee shuru karne ka wait nahin kar sakti’’
She said and everyone smiled with a nod knowing her she is so pure at heart
Ra:’’off course baby tuu kha jitna khana hai koi nahin rouk rahaa hai tujhe aur koi mind bhi nahin karega we know tujhe kitni bhookh lagti hai so enjoy my chipkali’’
He said while placing a spoon fill of rice in her mouth and thei friends smiled seeing the scene this is rahul-muskaan one moment back they were fighting and now rahul was admiring her lady love and next moment they saw muskaan pulled rahul’s cheeks and
Mu:’’thank you kankhjure’’
She said and all the gang hooted seeing this scene
All:’’aww so sweet’’
Then rahul says
Ra:’’humare pas license hai guyss armaan-riddhima kii tarah nahin hai’’
He said winking to armaan-riddhima and everyone laughed
Ar:’’had hai yar matlab bat kuchh bhi mujhe aur merii riddhima koo tum log nahin chodoge naa’’
And everyone nodded their head in disagreement and laughed including armaan and till then nikki makes plate for abhie and handled him and atul makes his plate and then anjali and nikki makes their plate and strat eating and now riddhima was making plate when she saw armaan was gesturing her to sit beside him while caressing the carpet floor and riddhima just nodded in disagreement just to tease him and armaan frowned seeing her nod and glared at her and pouted while mouthing and gesturing he was not going to eat if she did not come and sat beside him and riddhima shook her head only then
An:’’kya yar ridzi baith jaa naa armaan jeeju ke pas bechara kitne man se keh rahein hai naa’’
She said catching armaan-riddhima’s attention as they thought no one was watching them and as soon anjie’s words echoed in room everyone start laughing looking at both AR’s faces and then riddhima just put the food in plate and when armaan saw her thinking he 
Ar:’’kya hai guyss kyoon merii jaan kee piche pade hue ho please enjoy and let us enjoy also’’
He said shamelessly
Ra:’’sorry yar humse galti ho gayyi please enjoy aab hum disturb nahin karenge yar’’
He said and
And then he called riddhima
Ar:’’aao jaan I am hungry’’
And riddhima nodded knowing he was not saying lie and very well knows if he did not ate now he will fall ill so she without any second thought moved to him and she just sat beside him and armaan just stares at her lovingly when they heard muskaan’s voice
Mu:’’han hero par itnaa dhayan rakhna ise aapna room mat samajh lenaa nahin tou you know naa problem ho jaayegi’’
And armaan and riddhima was baffled at muskaan’s sudden comment and riddhima was like crimson red and she immediately dropped her gaze and then 
Ar:’’riddhima jaan mujhe bhookh lagii hai aur inhein chodo yeh log nahin maange let them do their work that is nothing just to tease us so guyss continue’’
He said to gang who gave him a smile and then only he holds riddhima’s hands who was sitting beside him
Ar:’’riddhima I am hungry’’
Riddhima nodded and then she makes a morsel for him and forward to him to eat and when armaan did not open his mouth
Ri:’’kya hua armaan khao naa bhookh lagii hai naa tumhe’’
Armaan nodded in ‘’yes’’ and
Ri:’’han tou khao naa tum’’
Ar:’’pehle merii jaan ose bhi bhookh lagii hai naa’’
He just kissed her fingers and riddhima blushed with his act and touched he remembered her always before himself and seeing her quited armaan just placed morsel in her mouth which she made for him as he did not stress himself more and then riddhima feed him with all her love, soon the dinner was over with they both feed each-other lovingly and armaan occassionaly kissed her fingers in between and one moment when some of rice fell on armaan’s shirts by mistake and riddhima just bend to pick that rice and wiped his shirt armaan that moment kissed her in her hairs making her blush with his gesture and she looked towards him with smile crept on her lips and blush all over her face, they shared a beautiful eye-lock and was in thir own world, armaan was in green orbs’s world and riddhima was in blue orbs’s world, but what they both did not know was that these three moments was captured by abhii in camera as he finished his dinner and was just watching everyone in between talking with them as he saw both armaan and riddhima he could not help but to admire then he slightly nudged everyone who this time just watched the two love birds who was immensely in love with each-other and this time they did not tease them as they do not want to break the moment just they asked abhii to click their pictures as they wants to be these beautiful memories cherished for forever.
And after sometime the gang was chatting with each-other, pulling each-other’s leg and they just feel not doing anything apart from hearing each-others and having fun with their own, and it was almost 10:30 p.m. when riddhima saw it was armaan’s medicine time and armaan looked at the clock it was just one and half an hour and he wants sometime with riddhima he was thinking how to excuse themselves though he also wants to be with his friends but now he wants to spend sometime with her so he was thinking about something a excuse when he heard riddhima’s voice
Ri:’’achaa guyss kafii der ho gayyi hai I guess aab humein rest karna chahiye armaan kii medicine kaa bhi time ho gayya hai aur ose aab rest karna chahiye’’
As her words hit armaan’s ears he was thinking to jump in air as she is best she is solving his each and every worry without even he says to him and then only
Ni:’’par ridzi ruk naa aabhie thodi der coffee aur ice-cream khakar jaana’’
She said as they were planning to have coffee or ice –cream whatever anyone wants and
Ri:’’sorry nikki yar I meant mai hurt nahin karna chahti par yar armaan seriously needs rest yeh tou yeh trip kee kaaran itnaa hectic ho gayya hai nahin tou ooske wounde kee liyye itnaa stress theek nahin hai sorry guys really’’
But she was cut short by rahul’s voice
Ra:’’areey riddhima sorry kyoon hum jaante hai he needs rest and vaise bhi aap trip par humare aur armaan kee kehne par maani tou aab humara bhi farz hai kii hum ooska dhayan rakhen and don’t worry ooski health humare liyye sabse important hai so no worries’’
And riddhima nodded she got such wonderful friends
Mu:’’aur han chupp kar aur aapni sorry aapne pas rakhh koi bat nahin hum jaante hai hero koo fit and fine rakhna hai so tum log jao subhh milte hai’’
She said and riddhima wished her friends good night while hugging them and everyone and boys wished armaan and then when they were about to leave and riddhima wished abhimanyu good night he did not help but to tease her saying
Ab:’’yea riddhima jayiye aap aur jahan tak hum armaan koo jaante hai yeh almost 2 hours tou legaa hii aapko pareshan karne meiin aapni medicines khane meiin’’
He said while grinning to him and instead of riddhima armaan replied that
Ar:’’nikki aapne is boy friend ko samjha le ise aaj nahin tou pit jaayega mere haath se ainvey hii bas mere piche pada hua hai mai koi bacha hun jo riddhima koo tang karunga’’
He said pouting a bit
An:’’well armaan tu tou bache se bhi gayya guzra hai seriously pta nahin bechari ridzi kaise sambhalti hai tujhe’’
Ar:’’very funny dekho jaan (he turned to riddhima who was smiling seeing the interaction and armaan’s cute pouted face she so wanted to pull his cheeks) kaise keh rahein hai sab mai tumhe pareshan karta hun bataon inhein kii mai tumhe pareshan nahin karta hun’’
He said and riddhima looked at him and then she started
Ri:’’han guys armaan’’
But she was cut short by armaan’s enthusasitc voice
Ar:’’dekha merii jaan ne kaha naa kii mai ose pareshan nahin karta hun’’
He said happily
Ab:’’areey armaan riddhima ko answer tou dene den’’
Ar:’’abhii tuu naa’’
An:’’areey han armaan ose batane tou de kii tuu bachon se bhi gayya guzra hai naa’’
She added and then armaan looked at riddhima
Ar:’’han batao jaan’’
And then only riddhima says
Ri:’’han armaan tou bachon se bhi gayye guzre hai’’
She said making everyone chuckled and she herself smiled while armaan’s mouth opened in shock he was so not expected this from his jaan his riddhima 
Ar:’’jaan fine you are with them only tou udao mera mazak mai jaa rahaa hun aapne room meiin I need rest good night bye’’
He says and without giving any chance to speak anyone he grabbed room’s keys from riddhima’s hands and leaves from there giving riddhima glare with his cute pouted face and everyone smiled seeing his cupte pouted face riddhima even called him but he did not listen
Mu:’’ridzi aaj tou tuu gayyi someones is going to be very angry’’
An:’’han ridzi lagta hai you are going to have tough time with him’’
Ni:’’yup bahut gussa lag rahaa hai vo bhi tujhse’’
Ri:’’hmm guyss bye abhie mai jaa rahii hun naraz zyada ho gayya hai armaan bye good night subhh milte hai’’
And everyone wished
All:’’all the best’’
And riddhima finally entered in her room which was openend and saw a sulking armaan was sitting on couch with that cute pouted face riddhima locked the door
Ri:’’riddhima aaj tou tuu gayyi Dr.Armaan Mallik ko manana is going to be very difficult task for you sweetheart well all the best aab aapne iss darling lover se panga liyya hai tou jhel aab aapni is bewkofi koo’’
She mumbled and hearing the door’s voice armaan looked at her and seeing her he looked at her once moretime and then he avert his gaze and riddhima gulped
Ri:’’fas gayyi riddhima’’
Then she slowly went to armaan and sat beside him and holds his hand in hers and armaan just let his hands freed from her grip and riddhima called him
Ri:’’armaan merii bat’’
But he was cut short by armaan’s voice
Ar:’’koi bat nahin jaan mai tou tumhe tang karta hun naa bachon jaise so mujhe merii medicines de do mai so jaonga nahin tou tum hii kahoge I am worst than kids’’
Seeing him and hearing him riddhima smiled he was such a kid and then when armaan founds her smiling gave her look
Ri:’’oho armaan I love you’’
She said while holding his hands once again in hers this time more tightly that he does not let them free and armaan did not struggled this time just says
Ar:’’kyoon aab I am not worst than kids?’’
He asked with a poute and riddhima kissed him on his cheek
Ri:’’oho armaan poori bat tou tumne sooni nahin aisee hii aa gayye vahan se maine kahaa tha you are worst than kids kyonki’’
And armaan looked at her waited her for continue
He asked and
Ri:’’kyonki tum bachon se bhi zyada cute ho aur oonse bhi zyada saf dil hai tumhra (she placed her free hand on his heart) jismin mai rehti hun (armaan nodded in’’yes’’ hearing him) isiliyye mera armaan bachon se bhi worst hai aur han bachon se bhi tou zyada ziddi ho tum har bat meiin aapni manmani vo bhi samjhane par man leta hai par tum kahan sunte ho isliyye bachon se bhi worst hai mera armaan par I love him’’
And hearing riddhima’s words armaan’s face broke into smile he hugged her while engulfing in his arms and riddhima too smiled and gave in the hug
Ar:’’I love you so much jaan’’
Ri:’’love you too seetheart’’
And riddhima was surprised hearing his sudden demand for dance and she looked at him with surprising eyes and armaan pecked her forhead seeing the surprise look in her eyes and then nodded that he was asking her for dance.

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