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Part 43: You actually love me or ...

Ar:’’I love you so much jaan’’
Ri:’’love you too seetheart’’
And riddhima was surprised hearing his sudden demand for dance and she looked at him with surprising eyes and armaan pecked her forhead seeing the surprise look in her eyes and then nodded that he was asking her for dance.

And as riddhima nodded soon she was swung in armaan’s arms with the soft music playing and she loved that feeling drowned in his deep blue greay oceanic eyes and same with armaan he was in her green almond eyes living the five years back moment and they just did slow dance with each-other feeling each-other’s love and in that soft music playing and dancing armaan and riddhima feels they relive all the moments from the college to their confession especially ARMAAN, and after some time armaan just knows one thing that riddhima hugged him embracing her arms wround his neck and armaan hugged her back feeling the pleasure of having each-other and then after few minutes armaan finally de tangled her from himself and then holds her chin making her look towards him as she was blushing
Ar:’’riddhima jaan I love you’’
And riddhima smiled hearing his sudden confession and
Ri”:’’I love you too armaan you know I am blessed that have you in my life aur vaise bhi aap tou merii roshni mere armaan ban kar 5 years pehle hii aa gayye the bas dill meiin chupp kar aankhon kee saamne aab aye hoo’’
And armaan hugged her back as she hugged him and he while kissing her in her hairs by replying to her that
Ar:’’han riddhima tum bhi merii zindagi meiin mera pyaar ban kar tou 5 years pehle hii aa gayyi thi bas ose pechanne meiin thoda time lag gayya aur tumhe batane meiin bhi lag gayya fir tumhe manaane meiin bhi laga par riddhima aab mai tumhe aapna bnane meiin der nahin karna chahta riddhima bahut ho gayya naa aab’’
Ri:’’han armaan sach meiin bahut ho gayya aab’’
And then armaan pecked her forhead and after spendig some more time in each-other’s embrace riddhima and armaan finally settled on bed as riddhima come after changing she said armaan to sleep and she was going towards couch to sleep when armaan holds her wrist
Ar:’’madam aap kuchh bhull rahii hai aap yahan sonein vaali thi mere saath yad aya kuchh sweetheart darling’’
Ri:’’ohh han sorry armaan mere dimag se bilkul hii nikal gayya tha so sorry chalo I am coming’’
And she said as she actually forget that thing of sleeping with him on bed and armaan looked at her she was looking very pretty in blue nighty and as riddhima get inside the comforter and she watched armaan who was looking at with dreamy eyes she blushed as she feels his piercing gaze upon herself she then finally unable to hold his piercing gaze she covered his blue orbs with her own plams and armaan then come back in reality and then he whispered making her hug to him
Ar:’’jaan tumhe dekhne kee liyye mujhe inn aankhon kii jarurat nahin hai mai tou tumhe band aankhon se bhi dekhh sakta hun jaan merii jaan tou mujh meiin hai’’
He said whispering in her ear making her turn bet root red with his comments and armaan slowly bring her palm to his lips level while kissing her palm he opened his eyes only to drown in riddhima’s green innocent orbs she was looking at him with love while a blush crept on her cheeks making her looking more beautiful that he wished to lose himself all the way completely in her eyes and love her like a insane paerson and riddhima looked in his eyes she feels that some unknown desires in his eyes but she knew well that passionate eyes was now wanting something from her and she herself after feeling the pain of almost losing him was actually like his only, she wants to be with him in every senses and each senses, she knows this stage this time it will surely wrong in every another person’s eyes but she knows for them its just right as they are so much in love and was craving for each-other especially her Armaan who craved for her love from a long time, thinking that and while looking in his eyes riddhima wrapped her arms around his neck and armaan looked at her with a million dollar smile appeared on his face and he traced her perfect facial freatures with his fingers then he kissed her forhead knowing very well what must be running in her mind and her heart as her eyes states him each and every emotion of her heart but his heart knows she thinks somewhere fully right it only after wedding and he can wait for that day obviously whatever looked to his riddhima right is right for him true he wants her especially the pain from they went through all these day the one day of their distance told him it was actually now next to impossible for him to live without her he needs her all the way to herself but he knows he can wait still for her as her happiness was much more important for him but he knows one thing too he has to make HER HIS ONLY that too very fast as it was as much true that he now did not want to live far away from her thinking these things he pulled himself back and riddhima was so much surprised with his action that he just moved back not even kissed her when she did not have any problem as she looked at him with questions in her eyes while cupping his one cheek in her palm and armaan kissed that palm saying
Ar:’’nahin riddhima mai tumhara intezar kar sakta hun jitna yeh sachh hai kii mai tumse dur nahin reh sakta aab ootna yeh bhi sachh hai jaan kii mere liyye tumhari khushi sabse important hai aur mai jaanta hun merii jaan ismein sabse zyada comfortable shaadi kee baad hii feel karegi tou I can wait for my jaan till our wedding, han par jaldi se shaadi karni hogii riddhima, now I want you just for me aur mai tumhara hona chahta hun completely bas aab aur wait nahin karunga’’
He said while placing kisses on her cheeks while holding her hands and riddhima smiled how well he knows her read her like an open book and states her emotions in his words but now she has to tell somethimg to him that she trust him and his love
Ri:’’I know armaan kii tum mera intezar kar sakte ho kabse intezar hii tou kiyya hai naa mera par armaan aaj mai tumhe 1 bat kehna chahti hun, han mai oon sabemin se hii ati hun jinhen shaadi se pehle yeh sab theek nahin lagta tha par armaan iss bat meiin bhi ootni hii Sachai hai kii mai Pyaar meiin believe karti hun, aur iss bat meiin kii jab 2 Pyaar karne vale saath hon naa tou kuchh galat nahin hotaa hai oonke liyye, bas jab oonhein vishwas ho naa kii jis se vo Pyaar karte hai vo humesha oonka saath denge tou kuchh farak nahin padta aur Armaan mai tum par aapne Pyaar par humare rishte par aur sabse zyada tum par tumhare har ehsaas jo tum mere liyye feel karte ho par vishwas karti hun aaj bhalle hii tum yahan ruk jao mujhe koi problem nahin hai but I request you and your decision han par armaan yad rakhna jab bhi tum mujhe bulaoge mai aapni aaknhein moondein(closed) kiyya tumhari pas aa jaongi vaise bhi merii tou ruh bhi tumhari hai’’
She completed while holding his cheek with tear in her eyes ready to roll on her cheek and armaan too has tears in his eyes hearing her words, her trust on him, their relationship their feelings and he never ever in his dreams will break her trust he knows she will broken
Ar:’’I love you jaan aur mai jaanta hun kii tum mujh par aapnein Armaan par aapni jaan se bhi zyada vishwas karti ho bas isiliyye mai aapna har kadam aapni jaan kii har khushi meiin hii lena chahta hun aur vaise bhi hum log tou kab se 1 ho gayye hai aur rahii bta humari aur especially tumhare Armaan ke desires kii I know vo din sabse khoobsoorat hoga jis din tum merii aur mai tumhara ho jaonga aisee kii koi bhi humare beech nahin aa paayega naa waqt, naa halat, naa log, aur naa hii mera aur tumhari bewkofiyan’’
He said while sucking her etas which was flowing in her cheeks and riddhima has a smile on her face hearing him and she too cleared the tear from the corner of his eyes and both have their million dollar smile adoring on their faces and armaan leaned more as their noses brushed with each-other finally today they feels like they has nothing to hide from each-other as they shared their views regarding intimacy too that is somewhere needed in every relationship and then after few more minutes looking in each-other’s eyes riddhima keep on stroking armaan’s dimpled cheeks while armaan was playing with her hair locks and they did not even bother to break their ear lock and finally after few minutes
Ar:’’bas jaan aisee mat dekho mujhe you know tum vaise hii itnii sundar aur hot aur aisee hii dekhti rahii tou tumhari inn nashili aankhon meiin khokar mai kahin behak gayya tou sachii meiin hum dono koo hii pachtana padega so jaan stop looking at me please’’
He said while kissing her slender neck  and throat brushing his lips on her chin and riddhima smiled hearing his naughty comments but instead of pushing him away she pulled him more closer careesing his back and as she feels armaan’s lips near her lips, she has the deep desire to kiss him and here armaan also wants to taste that luscious lips once again and he leaned more to her face that she can feel his hot breath on her lips that makes her gasp more and loosened herself and with in next moment she captured his lips in hers making him surprised but he smiled as she feels his lips curving into smile she moved her lips away and whispered 
Ri:’’well tou you know Dr.Mallik rooka kisnein hai aapko and I would love to get that you see Dr.Mallik’’
And as she whispered against his lips making him smile more wide with his words he holds her tightly in his arms and start kissing her passionately making her moan but she responds the kiss with equal passion she holds for him and the love they possessed for each-other after sharing a long and passionate beautiful kiss finally the broke apart with the need of oxygen, a panting armaan looked at riddhima who was blushing very badly after taking herself she was blushing like this, this was so like his riddhima and armaan just kissed her for head while pecking her forhead
Ar:’’oye hoyee’’
And riddhima snuggled more closer to him and they sleep in that position only the long sleep the contended one that they missed because of each-other and as armaan holds her waist and riddhima put her head  over his chest caring his shoulder not to stress it, both drifted to sleep the most beautiful sleep of their lives. Next morning as riddhima’s eyes opened a bit she stretched her arms wide and then she looked at her armaan and now as their position is completely different from the night now its armaan who was sleeping on her chest hiding his face there completely while his hands wrapped around her chest and then his one leg was over her and if that was not enough he was holding her night gown in his fist tightly she blushed seeing this scene, this is what she will get after once again she will be wedded with Armaan when she will become Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik in all senses, she smiled thing that bliss ful future right in his arms completely, she quickly send a prayer to her God please no more exams now she wants to be with him only now, she pecked his forhead lightly and then she slowly moved out from the bed so that she can get and freshen up and went to girls room so that spend sometime with them only as it was the friends trip so she quickly moved inside the washroom and get ready wearing a beautiful pair of jeans and body hugging sleeveless top she is on vacation so she wansts some change and moreover she wanst to do something for her Armaan and after combing her hairs she looked at Armaan who was still sleeping now holding the pillow and she knows he will not be wake up anytime so soon so she after pecking his for head one more time she moved to girls room for having some girls gossip and girls time she missed her friends off course in these days and wants to catch up with them she knows armaan never mind this. After few hours armaan wake up with a smile and he then stretched his hands on the bed to find his lady love his riddhima but no she is no where on the bed as he opened his eyes completely he did not found her, he wondered where she must have gone that too at this time of morning he went out from the bed throwing the comforter aside to get a check in washroom but as he peeped in the washroom she is not there he was thinking where she must be then look at watch its 11 a.m in the morning may be she was with gang so he quickly get into washroom to get freshen up so that he will join them and get ready in black te shirt and jeans looking extremely handsome but in getting his clothes he actually fall all the other clothes and then just put them in the cupboard like in that postion as he was so much in hurry to met his friends especially his jaan, he did not was her face in morning that makes him become restless so he quickly moved outside when he saw atul
Ar:’’hey champ good morning’’
As armaan saw him he called him catching his attention and seeing him atul smiled and hugged him
At:’’good morning armaan mere bhai aab kaisi tabiyat hai terii?’’
As he asked armaan showed his dimpled smiled and then replied
Ar:’’fit and fine vaise champ baaki sab kahan hai’’
He asked as they both start moving towards the room where the guys were staying and atul replied him
At:’’well rahul aandar room meiin game khell rahaa hai abhie koo humnien dhakke mar kar nahane kee liyye bhaje hai aur mai tere saamne hun bikul ready bhaii’’
He replied and armaan smiled at the piece of information
Ar:’’yea modi will never take bath on time naa’’
He replied as they entered inside the room of boys and it was completely messy and then after wishing rahul good morning armaan finally asked from them that
Ar:’’guyss tum sab akele hoo yahan tou matlab riddhima I mean girls kahan hai tumhare saath nahin hai matlab kii abhii bhi so rahii hai kya champ?’’
He asked and abhie while coming outside replied
Ab:’’baaki girls kee bare meiin kyoon pooch rahaa hai just asked about your darling riddhima naa armaan’’
Ar:’’very funny abhi’’
He replied back and then atul butted in saying that
At:’’stop it guys’’
Ra:’’han armaan chod naa ose aur abhi wear clothes first’’
He said to abhie who was still in his towel and that comment of rahul makes everyone laughed while abhie get a pair of clothes for himself and start wearing them
Ra:’’oye armaan tuu riddhima bhabhi ke bare meiin humse pooch rahaa hai yar that means vo room meiin nahin hai tere saath meiin kya han armaan bata naa’’
Ar:’’nahin rahul jab mai subhh ootha tou riddhima room meiin nahin thi I thought bahar tum sab kee saath hii hogii vo naa so I just come with champ’’
At:’’han tou armaan sahii hai naa riddhima baaki sab girls ke saath room meiin hogii oonke they were having their girls time out naa kyoon rahul hai naa sahii’’
But before rahul can say anything abhie said that
Ab:’’han tou why not we spend sometimes here kyoon armaan aab tou tuu bhi humare saath baith jaa kuchh der kee liyye so that we also feels that we are on vacation with our friends and we also have lots of to catch up with each other naa aur vaise bhi yar kal tou terii jaan nee tujhe humse chura liyya tha naa’’
He said while coming wearing his clothes properly and armaan nodded and everyone smiled and then settled there with having their boys gala time there with each-other.
Ra’’yeh hui naa baat chalo baitho we enjoye also naa’’
After sometime in girls room the four best friends chatting each-other happily, forgetting everything in the world and it was only riddhima and nikki was ready there as riddhima comes there only after getting ready and nikki went before she comes there and muskii and anjie was still in pjs never were be to morning risers and get ready things to and they were discussing armaan’s pagalpan for riddhima in mall then onlyy riddhima’s eyes fell on clock and then she remembered armaan she must have to check on him as may be he woke up and needs her so she finally cut the girls in between who was busy laughing on armaan’s pagal pan in the mall after her that day making her smile also
Ri:’’vaise girls tumhe nahin lagta aab humein breakfast karna chahiye dekho naa its almost 11.30 a.m see abhie thodi der meiin lunch kaa bhi time ho jaayega yar’’
She said using breakfast as excuse as she knows if she said she has to check on Armaan they will tease her to no extent and she did not want this as they already teased her about the Western Wear she wore today as they said she changed herself only for Her Armaan as she is always the Indian Wear girl but they complemented her as well saying she looked pretty with teasing element of theirs that armaan will surely blowed off seeing her in Western Wear that too only for him and hearing her words muskaan was th one who reacted at the food topic so she immediately spoke up even get out from riddhima’s lap as she was caressing her hairs, as muskii always loved this when they were sitting she always placed her head in her lap making her caressed her hairs that she shared only with riddhima
Mu:’’han ridzi sahii keh rahii hai tuu bahut bhookh lagii hai yar kal raat kaa khana hii khaya hai bas aur aab tou pet meiin haathi bhi nachne lage hai yar’’
She said dramatically and trio smiled at her antics
Ni:’’han par tumhein nahin lagta humein boys ko bhi dekhna chahiye I mean we all are here together naa so why not grab the breakfast together what say anjie’’
She asked and anjie nodded while getting up
An:’’han sahii keh rahii ho nikki tum log boys koo dekho tab tak mai ready hokar aao jab tak breakfast bhi aa jaayega I will raedy nahin tou 1 bar reh gayya naa bas’’
She said and everyone nodded and she entered in washroom and then muskaan asked while catching nikki and ridzi’s attention towards herself saying
Mu:’’par yar yeh pata nahin oothe hongee ke nahin’’
Ni:’’han sahii hai koi baat nahin hum dekhh lete hai jaakar’’
Mu:’’han chal theek hai chal I bet yeh rahul kanjhujura ghode kya gadhe khote sab bech kar so rahaa hogaa’’
Ni:’’han sahii hai I thing abhie will too naa bas I guess atul hii ootha hogaa yar bas sabko ootha rahaa hogaa’’
Mu:’’han sahii hai 1 vohii tou shareef hai sab meiin’’
Ni:’’han sahii keh rahii hai tuu chal chalein ridzi’’
She called riddhima who was standing still and wnjoying conversation about the boys and she smiled and then she replied hearing nikki callin her
Ri:’’nikki tuu chalo mai armaan ko dekhh kar ayi vo bhi nahin ootha hogaa abhii tak ose meri jarurat hogii naa’’
She said and nikki and muskaan looked at her and then
Ni:’’han jaa naa hum samjah sakte hai he need you’’
Mu:’’han bilkul nikki jaane de ise vaise bhi hero kii subhh aapni jaan kaa chehra dekhe binaa kaise hogii’’
They both teased her as riddhima turned bet root with their comments but she managed to reply witg her lower eye lids not want to look at their teasing faces
Ri:’’kya muskii nikki aisaa kuch bhi nahin hai yar’’
She said and ran towards the door and open the door as till the time muskii and nikki smiled at her red face as she opened the door they get surprise as boys were there the most surprise was armaan not surprise as he was his riddhima standing him in front of his eyes looking completely different in her Western Attire, he was completely boled off seeing her that sight of hers as the body hugging sleeveless top and slim fitted jeans makes her more beautiful and his mouth opened in ‘’o’’ shape after seeing her like that only in front of his own eyes.

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