Thursday, 19 February 2015

Part 44:Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

ridhima woke up n she rubbed her eyes n yawned like a lil kid

she looked on the other side of the bed which is empty n she sat on the bed murmuring to herself

ri - armaan kaha chale gaye
phir se jaldi office chale gaye kya????

she rubbed her eyes again n makes lil sounds like mmm

then only her gaze fell on armaan's laptop n briefcase which was kept on the study table

ri - matlab armaan ghar par hai

she smiles n soon got down from the bed n ran out of the room wearing her slippers

she searched him in the main hall but he wasn't there
she looked everywhere but he wasn't around

she was going back into the room with a sad pout when some noises disturbed her n she looked at the direction n went forward to see what is the noise is about

she was going in the room when suddenly she stopped rite there n her eyes popped out seeing the view infront of her

armaan was working out. in the gym room n he was doing his push ups

his back was facing her n he have no idea abt his baby wife
who was checking out him with her eyes abt to come out from her sockets

she gulped hard seeing his physique
the sweat is all over his body n the tattoos were shining with the sweat beans
his muscular shoulder
his perfect arms
his perfect tattoos were treat to watch
n she turned around not taking more hotness

she kept her palm on her mouth as to stop giggling n her cheeks were like fresh tomatoes
it became soo red n she was constantly smiling

she was abt to go when she heard his voice

Ar - gud mrng baby

she didn't turned around as she was feeling sooo shy

ri - g..gud.. mrng

she stammer n he raised his brow wiping the sweat from his body with a towel

he went towards her n held her hand n make her turned towards him

she was like a doll infront of him
blushing n looking down

he smiles n asked

Ar- kya hua
aise sharmaa kyun rahi ho

she looked at him n again looked down n said

ri - aap office nahi gaye

Ar - nahi itni jaldi nahi jaata na mai. office jaan
it's only 7
ye mera workout time hota hai

she looked at him n he held her from his waist n her hands landed on his bare chest
as when he did that her hands automatically landed on his chest
but this time he wasn't wearing his shirt
she remembered that he didn't wear any shirt n removed her hands from his chest n held his hands which was holding her

he was confused abt her sudden change of actions n asked

Ar- ridhima
kya hua
u ok

she nodded her head still looking down

he kissed her on her forehead

Ar - aap itni jaldi kaise jaag gayi

ri - woh
meri aankh khulgayi thi

Ar - aur aap mujhe dhoondtey dhoondtey yahan tak Aagayi

she Nods n he smiles n said

Ar - waise ye mera gym room hai
Aapko pata nahi hai na
aap pehli baar jo aayi ho yahan

she looked at him n scanned the whole room n said

ri - aap itne saare heavy heavy cheezey uthaate ho
aapko dard nahi hota

she was back to herself
as naive n as cute again forgetting her shyness which was killing her before sometime

he smiles n pulled her more n now again her hands landed on his chest

her eyes popped out n she again removed her hands

armaan noticed that it's because of his bare chest she was feeling shy n he kissed her cheeks

Ar - pehle pehle hota tha dard
par ab toh aadat hogayi mujhe

she frowned as she wasn't able to keep her hands on his chest n said

ri - aap

she frowns with adorable pout n armaan nods his head as if imitating her n said

Ar - mai kya

ri -( she looked at him n said)  shirt

he smiles as she whispered that n he said

Ar - huh... kya
kya kaha
mujhe sunaayi nahi diya

she looked At him with utter most innocence n said

ri - mujhe... aapko... hug karna hai

he smiles wide as she completed her sentence with sooo innocence

Ar - toh karo na baby
maine kaha roka aapko

ri - nahi karsakti na

Ar - kyun na

ri - aapne... shirt nahi pehni na

Ar - mujhe Garmi lagrahi hai
aur mujhe toh bahot Garmi lagti hai summer bhi aaraha hai na
toh itni jaldi shirt nahi pehenta mai

ri - hmmm
par mujhe hug karna hai

Ar - ( he pulled her more close n she again landed her hands on his chest n again removed ASAP)  toh karlo na baby

ri - armaan...

she pouts n he pecked her pouted lips n left her n wore a blue color superman t-shirt which was kept on a table

Ar - pehenliya
ab theek hai

she Nods n was abt to hug him when he held her hands n she frowns

Ar - pehle mai nahaake aata hun ok

she shook her head n he imitates her n asked

Ar- kyun

ri - gud mrng hug chahiye

Ar - awww
my baby wants a hug

she Nods n armaan pulled her in a hug n she hugged him tight
he kissed her on her hair n said

Ar - milgayi aapko aapki gud mrng huggie

she Nods n he smiles

Ar - Acha chalo ab mujhe Chodo
it's getting late

ri - no

Ar - ridhima

ri - nooo

Ar - baby i am getting late

ri - Mch
mujhe nahi chodna aapko

Ar - ridhima Bacchon ki tarah zidd mat karo
leave me

he said in a stern voice n she came out of the hug with some tears in her eyes

he sighed n wipes her tears n took her in a hug

Ar - choti si baat ko lekar kyun roti ho aise

ri - mai nahi rorahi

Ar - toh ye aansu kahan se aaye

ri- Aankhon se

Ar - Acha
mujhe toh nahi pata tha ke aansu Aankhon se aatey hai

ri - kaise pata hoga
jab aap kabhi rotey hi nahi
hamesha mujhe rulatey ho

Ar - ohhh
toh ye Baat hai

ri - haan

she came out of the hug n said

ri - ab aapko der nahi horahi

he kissed her cheeks n said in gritted teeth

Ar - i love u mera baby

ri - i love u too

he pinched her nose n kissed her forehead

he was getting ready n ridhima came out of the washroom wearing white color churidaar looking like an angel

he saw her from the mirror n was mesmerized with her beauty
he smiles n looked back at her who was wiping her hair with the towel

he said combing his hair

Ar - kya baat hai
aaj meri jaan bahot hi khoobsurat lagrahi hai

she looked at him n smiles n said

ri - Mujhe pata hai ke mai khoobsurat hun
tell me something new Mr mallik

he raised his brow n said

Ar - Achawww

ri - haan

they both smiles n after having breakfast ridhima gave him his belongings n he said

Ar - chalo mai chalta hun

he kissed her on her forehead n she said

ri - lunch theek se khaalijiye
aur please shaam ko jaldi aajaiye

Ar - ok boss
aur kuch

ri - i love u

Ar - love u too baby

he kissed her cheeks n went to the office

evening @7 pm

it was raining outside n ridhima was enjoying the rain by dancing in the rain...

she stood in the rain n dancing like a kid
she was humming the tunes n was smiling
(total jennyish smile)
unaware of the two pair of eyes who was admiring her

n yes you all guessed it rite
it's none other than our very own armaan mallik

he stood taking the support of the door leaning his one side of the body to the door crossing his hands against his chest smiling At his kiddo wife

he shook his head seeing her enjoying
but next moment his gaze fell on her whole body
her white dress clinged to her body n her perfect curves were looking hot

he looked at her hot figure n had a urge to kiss her but the sudden sound of Thunder makes him to come back in his senses n he just closed his eyes tight
feeling guilty of what just he thought

he turned his back towards her n was abt to go when she ran n hugged him tight due to the sudden thunder
she was scared n hugged him tight closing her eyes

he startled n was calming his nerves as his heart beat is racing fast n her hot breath were kissing his nape

ridhima didn't have any idea abt armaan rite now

she was creating a havoc in his body

he took her hands n slowly slowly removed her hands from his chest not hurting her

she came out the hug n came infront of him wiping the droplets of the water from her eyes

he said not looking at her

Ar - jao Jaakar change karlo
warna thand lag jaayegi

she Nods n soon went inside the washroom taking her clothes

he sighed n sat on the bed thinking about her n said to himself

Ar - ye mai kya sochraha tha...
mai kaise bhul sakta hun ridhima kitna darr gayi thi jab maine uske khareeb jaane ki koshish ki thi...
no armaan u have to get a grip on yourself
apne desires ko control kar
warna ridhima darr jayegi

he calmed his nerves n got up from the bed
took his clothes n changed in the room itself

he sat on the study table trying to concentrate on his work but her perfect curves
her hot body disturbed him

he clenched his fist tight n closed his eyes

Ar - Stop thinking like that armaan
stop it

he opened his eyes as he heard the door knob

she came out of the washroom wearing blue color short kurti with white color pajama

he looked at her

ri - achuuu

he said

Ar - zukaam hogaya na
kyun bheeg rahi thi baarish mein

he went towards her n she looked at him n said

ri - woh
mera Mann karraha tha bheegne ka
aur bahot dino ke baadh baarish hui na issilye mai

he gave her medicines n said

Ar - ye dawai lelo

she gulp the tablet n armaan looked at her again n she smiles n he remembered again the "baarish mein bheegi hui sexy ridhima "

he turned his back At her n she was confused

he moved towards his study table n sat on the chair
pretending that he is working

ri -( in her mind)  armaan ko kya hogaya
aise kyun behave karrahe hai
shayad kaam ki wajah se stressed hai

she thought to cheer him up n went towards him n stood beside her n said

ri - aapko pata hai aaj maine khudse khaana banaya
Internet pe se seekha

he smiles at her n said

Ar - very good

ri - toh phir hum khaana Khaale

Ar  - hmmm
aap chalo mai aata hun

ri - ok

she went down  n he sighed n said

Ar - normal behave kar armaan
dnt scare her

he sighed again n went down

they both had their dinner n ridhima sat on the bed stretching her legs n playing some games on her phone where as armaan was busy in his laptop

after an hour ridhima yawned n said

ri - Armaan mujhe neend aarahi hai
Ar - sojao jaan
Mujhe bahot kaam hai abhi

ri - nahi so paungi

Ar - ridhima please
mujhe der hojayegi

ri - please na

Ar - ridhima maine kaha na baby
mujhe kuch kaam hai

she pouts n said

ri - ok

she layed on the bed n closed her eyes but didn't able to sleep as he is not there

she tossed on the bed for good half an hour but still sleep was far away from her eyes

he noticed her each action n said to himself

Ar - apni stupid desires ki wajah se main ridhima ko hurt nahi karsakta

he stood n closed the laptop n went towards her
her back was facing him n she have a irritating waala pout on her lips

she murmurs something n armaan smiles hearing her

ri - jaantey hai mujhe unki baahon mein soney ki aadat hai
phir bhi mujhe irritate kartey rehte hai
ye aisa kyun karte hai hamesha
y he always irritates me

she felt two hands wrapping her waist n smiles but frowns n said

ri - jaaiye
aapka kaam kariye
mai so jaungi

Ar -( kissed her temple n said)  agar sojaati mere bina toh aise Bacchon ki tarah complain nahi karti

she looked at him n said

ri - maine koi complain nahi kiya

Ar - woh toh maine sunliya jaan

she pouts n he pecked her lips n said

Ar - come

she happily hugged him n rest her head on his chest n held his t -shirt in her fist n her other hand was placed around his neck n he kissed her forehead n caressed her hair upto she gets into deep slumber

he looked At her who slept like a baby cuddling in his arms n smiles n thinks

Ar - ( in his mind)  kabtak apne hormones ko apne desires ko control karun jaan...
kaha toh tha ke mai wait karlunga
par ab aur wait nahi hota mujhse
aur aapko khona bhi nahi chahta aisa koi bhi kadam uthakar...
i love u baby
( kissed her cheeks)
i just hope aap jald hi hamare relationship ko samjhe n jo kami hai woh poori kardey
i am waiting for you ridhima
i am waiting for that day

he slept hugging her close to his heart n she is not aware of his feelings which were holding. back since long but he wasn't expressing them to her
he wants her to take the first step
without any fear or nervousness
but ridhima being kiddo
needs some time more

that's it for today
hope u guys enjoyed it
n yeah there's something like twist coming in the story
woh mai aapko parts mei hi bataungi
kyunki agar promos dena shuru kiya maine toh parts late milengey
do read n comment
with loads of love

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