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Part 5:My Wish Come True

Firstly sorry for not replying to ur reviews.. I was abit held up last week..  but I did read them all and really thank you for sharing ur views.. :D now coming to ur update..


Part  5

Armaan nd Ridhhima were made to perform some rituals nd prayers together as a couple nd some with Ryan as he was a part of their family too.. It became uncomfortable for Ridhhima when the people living at the Haveli said that Ridhhima should serve Armaan today nd make Ryan eat on her own..

Cooking nd serving food was not her problem but handling Ryan was one for her.. She was not able to decide 'If she can do it or she should do it or not..!' though looking at the earnest faces of the elders she did it..

She made custard for Ryan nd made him eat only when Armaan wasn't around.. it was fun for her as all the time Ryan was busy knowing the new member of his family whose hair attracts him nd who was taking care of him so much..

Ryan's innocent antics amuse her nd partly surprise her.. He was learning to speak now a days.. he would speak sentences so cutely nd incomplete.. she came to know that he called Armaan 'Pa'.. Tara 'dai..' nd Mr.Mallik 'Da'.. he was still searching for a name for her..
Even she wondered if ever she gets close to him Not As his Mother, then what will he call her.. what relationship will they share then.. but she blocked those thoughts as soon as she saw Armaan passing by the corridor..


One week stay at Panchgani made Ridhhima insane completely.. Her mind would say that Armaan is purely playing a game while her heart would say that Armaan was indeed a genuine person at heart nd would never play any cheap trick to get her.. she has though started to trust him abit as they stayed in one room yet he'd never looked at her with any bad intention.. She smiled at him for the first time when once she came out of the bathroom in her robe unknown of his presence.. before she could notice him or ask him to leave the room, he himself quickly went out of the room.. She realised he was there when she saw him going out of the room..

They were now back to Mumbai..  Its been 10 Days since their wedding now..

The Next day Armaan had some official get together at one of his colleague's place.. he asked Ridhhima to join him.. when he saw Ridhhima abit perplexed he confirmed that though the party would be having Alcohol but he doesn't drink.. He would maintain his promise no matter what..

In the car While going..

Ryan was left under Bi's surveillance..

""Armaan hum kahan ja rahe hain.. I mean I know party hai lekin kahan..?"" Ridhhima asked nervously while Armaan drove.. Armaan understood her nervousness nd replied ""hum Vivek Mehra ke ghar ja rahe hain.. vo humara kaafi purana client hai.. humari company ke manufactured products ki sale se usse kaaafi profit hota hai nd we're now thinking of getting into  partnership project.. agar mujhe uska proposal achha laga to shayad main usse partnership kar loon.."" Armaan said explaining everything to Ridhhima..

Ridhhima just nodded nd primed heself saying 'Its just a formal party nd nothing else..' With in No Time they were in outside the Huge Bunglow though not as Big as The Malliks have yet It seemed impressive..

Entering in Ridhhima noticed there were not many people around..
Armaan took her with him to each nd every associate he would greet.. Armaan soon introduced her to Vivek Mehra who was gazing her or to be excat checking her out.. She felt abit uncomfortable under his gaze while Armaan missed on Vivek's gaze on his wife..

The ladies at the party were busy chating nd gossiping about Armaan.. None of them had expected The Armaan Mallik, who prefered to keep women at a distance from himself would get married again.. Some of them even knew about Armaan having a baby already..

Sometime later when Armaan was talking to Vivek Ridhhima excused herself from there as the gaze Vivek had on her was giving her creeps.. ""Kya hua Ridhhima.. you need anything.."" Armaan asked as Ridhima excused herself.. ""ummm.. na.. nai Armaan.. aap baat kijiye main abhi aayi.. mujhe paani chahiya thha bas.."" Ridhhima said keeping her eyes away from Vivek nd left quickly.. Armaan felt it was abit strange but thought of checking after afew minutes..

Ridhhima took a glass of water from the waiter near the bar nd gulped it down relieving her nerves.. She turned to go back after afew minutes but stopped when she heard afew ladies discussing about Armaan..
""Gaawwd..! The Handsome Armaan got married to that girl.."" one of them said..

""Yah.. I don't understand these cheap girls.. Armaan already had a child yet she married him.. I guess there are somethings money can get.."" the other said..

Ridhhima was choking listening to the cheap comments the ladies were passing.. she turned to them when she heard another one.. ""I think you're right.. Mallik empire nd handsome Armaan Mallik can tempt anyone.. but what about Armaan.. he should have seen some class atleast.."" she was now in tears when she heard Vivek's Wife, Maya sayin it nd Vivek was ther too smiling at those cheap remarks..

On the otherhand Armaan had been looking for Ridhhima.. he spotted her near the bar.. he felt that she was not herself.. he went to her quickly.. he looked at her eyes filled with tears nd was shocked to see her like that.. Before he could ask her anything he heard Vivek saying ""Don't blame that poor girl ladies.. I think Armaan has chosen a sexy piece of flesh for himself.. lucky guy.. his money has got him a hell sexy wife I must say.. I would've not left her either, even if it costs me a part of my bank balance..""

Next moment Armaan went to Vivek nd punched him hard on his face.. Vivek was shocked he had not expected the blow nd moreover he never wanted Armaan to hear what he said.. Armaan pulled him up with his collar nd howled.. ""How dare you talk non sense about My Wife.. I'm not gonna tolerate any sort of rubbish you get that nd dare you even look at her.. you think she married me for my money.. you B*****d, you'd never understand what Love nd Relationships mean.. nd here I was planning to consider ur project for partnership.."" he left Vivek with a jerk nd said angrily ""from now on I call off all the deals I have with ur company..
collect the cheque for compensation for leaving the deals midway, from my office tommorrow nd I don't even wanna see ur face now..""

Vivek was horrified sensing Armaan's anger.. he held Armaan's hand nd pleaed a lot to not call off their business deals or else his company would lose all the clients nd goodwill but no use.. As soon as Armaan raised his hand to give another blow Ridhhima held his hand nd nodded in NO..

Armaan realised Ridhhima was scared.. he quickly took her into a hug nd took her to the car leaving the rest shocked.. For afew moments Ridhhima kept on crying on his shoulder but realising her closeness with him she pushed him away abit.. Armaan was hurt with this reaction but he didn't show it..

""I'm sorry Ridhhima.. I'm sorry for whatever happened at the party.."" Armaan said in a guilty voice while Ridhhima kept mum.. silent tears kept coming out of her eyes..

That night was not easy for them.. Armaan had various feelings inside him.. anger, guilt, pain nd loneliness.. but when he compared his feelings with what Ridhhima might have been going through he felt her pain was more than his..

Armaan again tried talking to her when they reached home.. he changed nd gently said ""Ridhhima.. did I scare you..? I know you're angry but please I'm really sorry for that.. I should have not taken you to that Jerk's party..""

Ridhhima looked at him with watery eyes nd said ""I was compared to those cheap girls today.. I'm not angry but hurt.. Those people, they are supposed to be The High Society people yet they have such low mentality.. I was scared because you were fighting.. I'm scared of loud noises or any sort of yelping sounds..""

Ridhhima said innocently.. listening to her Armaan felt like killing those ladies for their cheap remarks.. he was so helpless he couldn't even hug her nd pacify her as she herself pushed him away when he hugged her outside Vivek's place nd he didn't want to hurt her again..

""Look Ridhhima.. I don't care a damn about what anyone else thinks.. mere liye sirf tumhari soch aur khushi zaroori hai.. maine tumse shaadi ki kyunki tum mujhe pasand ho.. mujhe tumhari khubsoorti nahi tumhara dil pasand ayaa.. aur main usmein apni jagah banana chahta hoon bas..""

He stretched on the couch saying those honest words to Ridhhima, while Ridhhima wasn't able to sleep.. everytime she would try to sleep Armaan's angry face at Vivek's words would come in front of her.. she was not able to pin point but today's incident stirred something inside her.. she felt so protected when he hugged her outside Vivek's house.. She so liked the way he had reacted to her insult but her Mind never holds up for the same thing that her Heart does..


Next morning Ridhhima got ready quickly nd went to the kitchen.. She found Bi working there already.. ""Good morning Bi.."" Ridhhima said touching Bi's feet nd greeting her.. ""Good morning beta.. kal party mein kaisa raha sab..?"" Bi asked normally as she knew nothing of what happened..

Ridhhima looked the other side nd lied ""theek thha Bi.. bas business party thhi na issliye thodi boring thhi.."" Bi nodded.. Ridhhima was making douh when she felt a tug at her saree.. she looked around to find Bi no where in sight.. she looked down when she felt the tug again.. there sat Ryan smiling at her.. he tired standing holding her saree but bumped back as he lost his balance.. Ridhhima quickly bent down to see if he was hurt but he was smiling.. Ridhhima shook her head nd was getting up when Ryan said ""Guddoo..""

She was confused as she couldn't make out what he was saying.. avoiding her closeness with him she didn't even pick him up while Bi entered the kitchen yet again.. She smiled looking at Ryan nd Ridhhima, She went nd picked up Ryan.. ""Bi.."" Ryan said as it was the easiest name for him to pronounce..

""aap jaante ho yeh kaun hai..?"" Bi asked Ryan pointing towards Ridhhima.. Ridhhima gulped as she knew what was coming up next.. she prayed that Bi doesn't teach Ryan to call her Mother..

As if her prayers were answered Ryan nodded his head at Bi's question, leaving Ridhhima nd Bi confused.. ""Achha.. to batao yeh kaun hai..?"" Bi asked Ryan lovingly to which Ryan immideately said ""Guddoo.."" making an adorably cute face.. It was then that Ridhhima realised that when Ryan said 'Guddoo..' earlier, he wasn't asking for anything.. It was her New Name given by Ryan.. she somewhere felt good but then frowned as that name seemed very kiddish.. she mentally smacked herself realising that Ryan was a Kid anyway.. While Bi smilied looking at Ridhhima's wiered faces while talking to herself nd left with Ryan smiling..


Next few days of her life were same.. She would get up nd prepare breakfast for Armaan.. After Armaan would go to office she would visit the temple everyday.. she would keep as much distance as possible from Ryan, keeping in mind not to hurt him ever.. she would do his whole day.. in the evening, she would make dinner nd wait for Armaan like a good wife.. They would have least possible interaction.. Armaan would spend time with Ryan nd go to sleep while Ridhhima would clean up the kitchen nd go to sleep..

Armaan's little gestures of care would sometime make her smile yet Ridhhima was confused.. She was not yet ready to let Armaan take control of her life nd Heart.. But was Today she was super excited as Anjali was coming to meet her.. Ridhhima had been waiting for the day like anything.. she wanted someone to help her making the decision nd since childhood, Anjali has been her only supportive sidekick..

Ridhhima had invited Anjali over to the Mallik house nd since it was not the actual bunglow where Armaan was staying before marriage, Anjali didn't realise that she was going to Mallik mansion..

Getting out of the car Anjali practically ran nd took Ridhhima into a rib carshing hug.. ""Ridhu.. kaisi hai tu.. teri shaadi kaisi rahi.. How is ur married life going nd where is my Jiju.. I've not even seen him as yet.."" Anjali said everything in one go making Ridhhima giggle.. ""Di.. break lagao.. ek ek karke poocho.. sabse pehle andar chalo.."" Ridhhima took her inside nd they sat in the lounge..

As soon as they sat Ridhhima hugged Anjali tight as if trying to relief her nerves of whatever she has gone through.. Anjali felt something was wrong.. just as she was about to ask Ridhhima what was wrong she saw a picture of Armaan nd Ridhhima in the wedding clothes.. Anjali frowned..

As Ridhhima came out of the hug she traced Anjali's gaze nd found it locked at her nd Armaan's wedding picture.. ""Yeh Armaan hain.. Mere husband.."" Ridhhima said lightly to which Anjali froze.. her face hardened, anger was visible on her face.. She pushed Ridhhima away abit nd got up from the couch they had been sitting on..

While on the otherhand Ridhhima was surprised when Anjali pushed her away from herself.. ""Kya hua Di..?"" Ridhhima asked getting hold on Anjali's hand.. Anjali looked at Ridhhima nd then again at the picture, she took her hand out of Ridhhima's with a jerk nd howled ""What the hell you think you've done.. I've always taken you as my lil sister nd you've married the man I liked.. How could you..? I'll never forgive you for this Ridhhima.. never..""

Ridhhima was stunned to see Anjali so angry nd after what Anjali said made Ridhhima feel all the more miserable.. just a few moments ago she was hugging her Sister out of Love nd Now the same Sister was accusing her of stealing her love.. Ridhhima was shaking terribly realising the fact that she has now lost her only relation she had.. She was now all alone.. No one to call her own..

""Di.. aap meri baat to.."" she said trying to explain but was cut in between by angry anjali.. ""Dare you call me 'Di' now.. I have nothing to do with a back stabber like you.. Mom-dad were so right.. you're a deserter just like ur parents.. they deserted you for their self nd now you've cheated on me..""

Anjali left the house before Ridhhima could say anything else.. Ridhhima knew Anjali's anger.. she knew Anjali Shashank Gupta never forgives anyone.. Ridhhima walked to the pooja room in daze nd broke in front of the Idol placed there.. She cried terribly for hours nd slept there only..

In the evening When Bi came to kitchen to make preperations for dinner she was surprised not to find Ridhhima there already.. thinking that she might be doing something else Bi made dinner on her own, While left Ryan to play in his room.. When Armaan came home even he was surprised to see the room tidy but his clothes were not placed on the bed.. Ridhhima would regularly place his night clothes on the bed before he comes home.. He frowned nd got changed..

As he sat on the table Bi served him with the dinner.. ""Armaan, Ridhhima ko bhi bula le beta.."" Bi said while going to the kitchen again.. Armaan got confused nd immideately asked ""Vo Kitchen mein nai hai..?"" seeing Bi nod in No, he got worried.. he went their room once again to check if she was there.. Not finding her there he rushed to check other room aswell.. he entered the pooja room nd was shocked to see Ridhhima sitting there with her head burried in her hands nd was shaking badly nd crying..

He quickly went closer to her nd realised she was burning with fever.. he picked her up nd took her to the room.. he gently made her lie down on the bed nd covered her with the comforter.. he passed his hand through his hair in worry to see her crying like this but then he quickly called for a doctor nd went to tell Bi aswell..


Doctor checked Ridhhima nd came to Armaan with a few medicines prescribed..

""I think she is under some stress.. zyada der rone aur weakness ki vajah se fever hai.. kal tak theek ho jayega.. I would advice you to keep her happy as possible.."" Armaan nodded nd thought that it might be the unplanned truth she got to know about Ryan, was bothering her.. he felt tears brimming her eyes..

He went to the room with her food afew minutes later.. ""Ridhhima.. Ridhhima utho.. thoda sa kuch kha lo jisse tum apni medicines le sako.."" he said gently caressing her head while she just mumbled ""Di.. aap mujhse dur matt jao plz di.. mujhe nai pata thha ki aapko Armaan pasand hain.. Anjali Di..""

She was still oblivious of her surroundings while her words gave Armaan a terrible shock of his life.. He thought that he might have mistaken listening to her but again she mumbled  ""Anjali Di.. plz matt jao mujhe chodkar.. mujhe nai pata tha ki yeh shaadi mujhse mera sabse pyara rishta dur kar degi.."" Armaan caressed her hair with tears flowing from his eyes.. He wanted to kill himself for making her life even more difficult.. He somehow calmed her downnd made her sit in his lap..
Ridhhima still wasn't concious of what was going around.. her mind was just rewinding Anjali's words.. Armaan made her have some food with all the love possible while after afew bites she hugged him tight nd broke down completely.. His comforting carresses nd sweet words relaxed her abit nd they both slept in the same position..




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