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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Part 6:My Wish Come True


**[Ryan naming Ridhhima is not something weired guys.. kids at this age when not able to pronunce everything correctly tend to have their own kiddish convo with people around them.. 'Guddoo' is something I preferred coz I know this name sounds really cute coming from a toddler.. I know it coz my nephew used to call me that.. nd he called me making many sort of funny n cutie face which look absolutely adorable..]**

Part 6

Next Morning Armaan woke up first.. he looked at her sleeping in his arms.. he looked at the watch nd quickly shifted her to the bed before she wakes up nd gets embarrassed for sleeping like this.. he checked her fever which has now vanished.. He saw her stir abit nd shifted abit away from her.. She opened her eyes to find him sitting on the chair looking at her with concerned eyes.. She frowned abit as she felt her head heavy.. ""Ridhhima tum araam karo.. tumhe kal bohot high fever thha.. thodi weakness lagegi but shaam tak tum bilkul theek ho jaogi.. tum ek kaam karo fresh ho jao main breakfast lata hoon..""

Ridhhima got confused as she wasn't able to recollect how she came here.. all she remembered was her meeting with Anjali.. She got sad again when she recollected Anjali's reaction.. While Armaan just behaved like he knew nothing about Anjali's feelings.. ""Mujhe kuch nai khana hai.. aap ready ho jaiye main aapke liye breakfast banati hoon.."" Ridhhima said in a low tone.. just as she was about to get up from the bed Armaan stood in front of her with a strict face saying ""Yahan se uthne ki sochna bhi matt.. tumhe kal raat se bohot high fever thha.. ab chup chap thodi der rest karo..""

""Armaan main theek hoon ab.. aur yahan baithe baithe main bore ho jaungi.. thoda kaam karungi to achha lagega.."" Ridhhima said adamantly getting up.. Armaan felt angry at her behaviour.. She was punishing herself for something she is not even responsible for.. He caught hold of her wrist as she passed him but when he looked at her scared nd confused face he left her nd mumbled a small 'Sorry..'

Ridhhima skipped going to the temple that day as she herself didn't feel like going out anywhere.. She just kept herself locked in her room all the day.. She had some breakfast as Armaan forced her too but she skipped her lunch.. When Bi called her she said she needs some sleep.. In the evening when she came to the kitchen to get some water, she found Ryan coming to her happily.. she turned to go but her Heart melted when Ryan called her 'Guddoo..' in his babyish tone..

As he came to her she picked him up nd took him to Bi.. she sat with Bi for sometime.. She came out of her thoughts when Bi said ""Beta tumhe koi takleef hai iss ghar mein..?"" Ridhhima looked at her confused.. Bi reframed the statement saying ""Jab se tumhari shaadi hui hai maine tumhare ya Armaan ke chehre par koi muskurahat nai dekhi.. kya tumhe iss rishtey mein zabardasti bandha gaya hai..?""

Bi's serious nd concerned tone made Ridhhima weak all the more.. she sat besides Bi nd hugged her.. Bi was surprised when she felt Ridhhima sobbing.. ""Kya hua hai beta.. main Armaan ki Ma ki tarah hoon.. agar chaho to mujhse apne dil ka gam keh sakti ho.. main kisi se kuch nai kahungi yeh ek Ma ka vada hai.."" Ridhhima looked at Bi with watery eyes nd said ""maine apni zindagi mein shayad kisi ka bohot bura kiya hoga Bi.. ek ek karke mujhse mera har kareebi rishta roth gaya.. pehle Ma-Baap.. phir Badi Ma- Bade Papa.. aur ab meri badi behen.. unhone mujhe aisi galti ki sazaa sunayi jo maine ki hi nai.. bhagwan kyun meri khushiyaan nai dekh sakte.. kya mujhe mein koi burai hai Bi..?""

Bi knew nothing of what nd why Ridhhima went through..  She felt pity for poor soul.. She just comforted her nd said ""Beta Khuda kisi ka bura nai karta.. usne tumse rishtey dur kiye to ek ek karke unhe vapas bhi kiya hai.. bas abhi tak tumne hi unhe nai pehchana.."" Ridhhima got out of the hug nd looked at Bi confused.. while Bi continued ""Haan beta.. tum jis parivar mein shaadi kar ke aayi ho na uske bohot ehsaan hain mujhpar.. Mujhe Tara ne bachpan mein Armaan ki dekh bhal ke liye rakha thha.. par jaise jaise vo bada hua usse mere saath rehne ki aadat ho gayi.. Tara aur Jai ne humesha mujhe parivar ka hissa mana.. kuch saal pehle jab main apne ghar gayi to mere apnon ne mujhe nai apnaya.. mujhe Tiya aur Armaan yahan le aaye..""

""Tiya aur Armaan..? Tiya to Armaan ki biwi thhi na..?"" Ridhhima asked
""Haan.. aisi dosti shayad hi kahin dekhi ho jaisi unn dono mein thhi.."" Bi said smiling sadly.. ""Tiya ki maut kaise hui Bi..?"" Ridhhima asked.. Bi looked at Ridhhima nd realised she had gone too far with Tiya's topic.. she looked down nd said ""Beta Tiya ke baare mein tumhe Armaan se hi poochna hoga.. usse pasand nai ki hum Tiya ki baat karein.. vo bohot udaas ho jata hai.. aur jahan tak tumhari baat hai.. Ridhhima, vo apne hi kya jo zaroorat ke waqt akela chod jayein.. Tara aur Jai tumhe Ma-Baap ka pyar de rahe hain.. Armaan tumhara dost banega aur Ryan bhi.. tumhe aur kisi ki kya zaroorat hmm..""

Ridhhima was really confused hearing what Bi said.. Partly knowing that Tiya's topic is something Armaan avoids nd partly coz of what Bi said about her new relations.. ""Kya Bi sahi hain.. main hi apne naye rishton ki sachai nai dekh pa rahi..? yeh to theek hai ki Ma aur Papa ka pyar mujhe mil raha hai.. lekin Armaan..? unke naam par ab bhi bohot se sawaal hain.. Ryan ke saath waqt bitana achha lagta hai lekin Tiya ke baare mein bina jaane main Ryan ki zindagi mein uski jagah nai le sakti..""

She went to her room nd sat there thinking of what Bi has said.. She never realised that unknowingly whole evening she has not even had a single thought of Anjali, Rather she was only thinking of Armaan nd Ryan.. sometimes smiling to herself sometime frowning..
She stood up when she found Armaan entering the room.. She looked at the watch nd realised what she had been doing whole evening.. she mentally made a note of talking to Armaan later nd went to get Armaan's clothes from the closet..

While Armaan was having different feelings.. He was surprised to find her lost in her thoughts which didn't seemed like sad at all she rather seemed much more confused nd irritated than sad.. ""aaj pata nai kya tufaan aayega.."" he thought looking at her face which seemed better than she was last night..


""Armaan.."" Ridhhima said in a low tone.. Armaan looked at her playing with the hem of the comforter as he settled on the couch.. ""Hmm..""
""Armaan aapne kabhi mujhe Tiya ke baare mein nai bataya.."" Ridhhima said..

Armaan froze at tiya's mention.. He had no words to say.. he was not able whether to avoid the topic he does with Rahul, Muskaan nd Atul.. Or to shout back nd feel guilty like he does with his parents.. he simply closed the file he had been preparing to read nd looked at Ridhhima.. ""Yeh waqt theek nai hai Ridhhima.. abhi tumne mujhe theek se samjha nai hai.. aur na hi abhi tum meri zindagi ke uss hisse se wakif hone ke liye taiyaar ho.. main samajhta hoon, ki Tiya ke baare mein poochna tumhara haq hai.. lekin aisi bohot si yaadein hain jo main iss waqt tazaa nai karna chahta..""

Ridhhima looked at his glum face nd realised that she has actually pressed the wrong nerve.. he suddenly looked so sad nd guilty.. nd his watery voice made her feel bad too.. she quickly replied ""Its okk Armaan.. main jaanti hoon ki humara rishta abhi naya hai.. jaise mujhe isse apnane mein waqt lag raha hai vaise hi aapko bhi time lagega.. mein dubara kabhi yeh nai poochungi aapse.."" After saying thes she saw Armaan lying on the couch without a word, with his head burried in his pillow.. she could feel he was sobbing abit but she was helpless.. for the firstime in last 20 days of her marriage, she wanted to go to him nd say sorry nd pacify him.. She was confused as something in her heart was not letting her sleep just bcoz Armaan was upset..

She never knew when she slept looking at him nd thinking of ways to say sorry to him next morning..


Next morning Armaan woke up, he found Ridhima missing nd his clothes placed on the bed already.. He shook his head nd sighed ""Iss ladki ka main kya karun.. subah uthte hi kaam mein lag jaati hai.."" He got ready nd went for the breakfast.. he was stunned to find his fav. aalo ke paranthe nd kheer in breakfast.. He looked at Bi but she signalled him that it has nothing to do with her nd Ridhima had made it for him.. He smiled wider nd tasted it..

""Hmmm yummy.."" He said looking at Ridhhima who had just come nd sat on the chair opposite him.. Ridhhima gave him tiffin box to which he looked at her confused ""Bi ne bataya thha ki aap lunch nai lekar jaate.. yeh aapka lunch hai aaj se aap roz lunch lekar jayenge..""

""Par Ridhhima mere paas time nai hota.. meri meetings hoti hain aur.."" he was cut in between by Ridhhima ""kyun jab aapke staff ko lunch time milta hai to aapko kyun nai..? mujhe nai pata.. main roz aapka lunch banaya karungi.. usse khana ho to khaiyega varna phenk dijiyega.."" Ridhhima said adamantly while Bi was amused.. never had she seen anyone talking over Armaan's words especially cutting him when he was talking..

Armaan on the otherhand had no option but to take lunch with him obediently.. as soon as he left the house Bi put her hand on Ridhhima's head nd blessed her saying ""maine aaj tak Armaan ko aise kisi ki baat mante nai dekha.. par aaj to uski shakal dekhne vaali thhi beta.. khush raho.."" Ridhhima smiled at Bi's words nd actually wondered what made her say all those words to Armaan with so much authority..


After Armaan left for office Ridhhima went to temple as she had skipped going anywhere a day before.. though she seems very meek nd gentle but facing all sort of shocks nd lonliness since her parents death, she was a fast absorber.. She would bury each nd every wound of her deep inside her nd move on with life.. That's what she did when she lost her parents.. that's what she did when she was uprooted from her childhood home nd was brought to her uncle's place.. that's what she did when her dreams nd aspirations were not payed any heed till Anjali asked her parents to admit Ridhhima in a fashion Designing institute.. that's what she did when suddenly a stranger came up to marry her nd then on the wedding night told her about his Son, he had from his first marriage.. Nd That's what she did when her only relation left her with nothing but accusations nd hatered..

She sat in front of the idol on her knees with her hands folded nd eyes closed.. She tried praying to relief her Heart from all the accusations Anjali made but she found no change, instead two flat tears came streaming down her cheek.. She wiped her tears unseemly after a few seconds nd was about to get up when she felt someone bump into her back..

She turned to see a very little girl wearing black shades nd stick in her hand.. She immideately realised the girl was visually challenged.. She supported the kid from her shoulders nd stroked her face with love.. ""Aap theek ho na beta..?"" she asked in a concerned voice to which the girl smiled abit nd nodded..

""aapke saath kaun ayaa hai..?"" Ridhhima asked as she didn't see anyone around chasing the girl.. she thought abit as if debating to say anything or not but then in a very low voice said ""Anita Didi.. aur humare blind school ke aur bachche..""

Ridhhima was surprised to know that the little girl was an orphan nd was left alone as almost whole of the temple was empty nd she could hardly see anyone there guiding a group of kids anywhere..

Ridhhima looked at the ID card the girl had around her neck.. ""Hmm.. to apka naam khushi hai.. aapka naam to bohot pyara hai.. main Ridhhima hoon.. chalo main apko aapke school chod deti hoon.."" The girl smiled at the love she sensed in Ridhhima's voice..

Ridhhima picked her up nd took her to her car that had been waiting for her.. ""aap kyun ro rahi thhi didi..?"" the girl asked innocently after touching Ridhhima's face, taking Ridhhima by surprise.. ""Na.. nai beta.. main nai ro rahi thhi.."" Ridhhima said wiping her cheeks properly.. the girl smiled nd chuckled saying ""pata hai humein school mein sikhate hain ki hum dekh nai sakte na issliye bhagwaan ne humein aur bohot khoobiyaan di hain.. aur pata hai meri khoobi hai ki main na sabse bohot bolti hoon aur sab ko khush karti hoon.. issliye to mera naam khushi hai.. mujhe pata hai ki aap ro rahi thhi lekin main na aapko hasna sikha doongi..""

Ridhhima smiled at the lil girl who was so nave nd unknown to all the miseries of her life.. Ridhhima cupped her face nd kissed her head with love, while she closed her eyes when Khushi did the same to her.. Khushi first felt Ridhhima's face with her delicate fingers nd then moved forward to kiss her cheek..

On reaching the school Ridhhima helped Khushi out of the car.. Ridhhima saw herself standing at the gate of a Huge Blind School.. It seemed well maintained nd tidy.. Ridhhima walked with Khushi to the room of the Head Care Taker there.. The care taker thanked Ridhhima for getting Khushi back safely while sent Khushi away with a staff..
Khushi went away bidding bye to Ridhhima nd taking the promise that Ridhhima wouldn't cry again.. ""To aapne dosti kar li humari Khushi se.."" the care taker said in an amused tone.. ""Maine nai usne mujhse dosti karli.. sach hi to kaha usne ki bhagwaan agar usse duniya dekhne nai dete to unhone usse duniya ki buraiyaan bhi nai dekhne di.. kuch hi palon mein aisa laga jaise pata nai kabse jaanti hoon usse.."" Ridhhima said smiling..

""issliye to main yahan kaam karti hoon.. mera koi nai hai iss duniya mein.. lekin yeh bachche kisi ki kami mehsoos nai hone dete.. kisi ko bhi sirf ek rishta duniya bhar ki khushiyan de sakta hai.. phir chahe vo inn bachon se dosti hi kyun na ho.."" the care taker said to Ridhhima who seemed pretty apprehensive about what the care taker was saying.. The care taker studied Ridhhima's face nd said ""Kisi aise bachche ko apna pyar dekar dekhiye jisse aapke pyar aur parvarish ki zaroorat ho.. phir dekhna aapko uske sath aur kisi rishtey ki kami nai lagegi..""

On am impulse to the Care taker's words, Ridhhima's mind flashed Ryan's face smiling at her nd calling her 'Guddoo'.. She sat in the car for home nd on her way she was only thinking if what she was thinking is right or not.. Though Ryan has his family but still a baby needs someone to love him unconditionally.. A Mother.. Or a may be a Friend, who has likes nd dislikes just like him.. who would love to play with him nd talk to him in his kiddish language..


""Ridhhima beta.. tumhe abhi kahin jana to nai hai na..?"" Bi asked Ridhhima who was sitting by the wall of the pooja room nd thinking to herself.. re-winding all that happened at the temple today.. ""Ji Bi.. main to ghar par hi hoon.. kyun..? kuch kaam thha..?"" Ridhhima asked softly to which Bi smiled nd said ""Beta mujhe thodi der ke liye Tara na ghar bulaya hai.. aur Ryan so raha hai issliye maine soch ki usse ghar par hi rehne doon.. apne saath le jaungi to bekar uski neend kharab hogi..""

Ridhhima nodded as she found it okk.. as Bi left she went to her room nd sat by the glass window looking at the waves hitting the sea shore, again lost in her thoughts.. Sometime later she came back to the World when she heard whimpering sound coming to her.. She looked around to find Ryan crawling to her with a crying face.. She felt a tug at her heart seeing him like that..

As he came closer she picked him up nd settled him in her lap shushing him.. Before she knew it he was asleep yet again holding her saree from shoulder nd from other hand holding her hair, resting his head on her neck.. She looked at the way he had slept nd kissed him lightly, smiling to herself.. She kept patting him lightly.. She shook her head nd mumbled to herself ""Guddoo.."".. She kissed him again nd whispered ""naam to apne bohot pyara socha hai, My lil Sunshine Angel.. aur aaj se Guddoo Loves Ryan..""

Ridhhima sat on the swing in the balcony with Ryan clinging to her.. She somewhere felt happy with in.. she smiled nd thought ""Shayad bhagwaan bhi yahi chahte hain.. issliye Khushi mujhe madir mein mili.. aur vahan care taker ne mujhse vo sab kaha aur ab jab abhi main mandir mein baithkar soch rahi thhi ki kisse apna keh sakti hoon main iss duniya mein, to Bi, Ryan ko mere paas chod gayin..  bas ab mera yeh naya rishta mujhse dur na ho kabhi.. main bhale hi Ryan ki 'Ma' bankar pyar na karun usse lekin mera pyar usse kabhi uski kami mehsoos nai hone dega.."" She kept kissing his head now nd then with love smiling at his angelic face..


She entered the conference room with loads of attitude nd anger too.. She had been trying to put Armaan nd Ridhhima away from her mind just for some time but was unable to do so.. as she sat everyone congrtulated her for her success in the project she had been handling due to which she had to go during Ridhhima's wedding..
Atul sat there amongst the senior doctors.. he had seen her first time ever nd something in her attitude nd confidence made his heart stir.. though he didn't like the way she was talking to the juniors present but he sensed smething was troubling her, as her face showed it pretty well..

After the meeting he went to her nd introduced himself.. ""Hi.. Dr.Atul Joshi.. the new Child specialist.. Its really good meeting someone so confident nd successful.. Would love to work in ur team sometime soon.."" While Anjali smirked at him nd said ""Hi.. I'm Dr.Anjali Gupta.. nd I prefer working on my cases alone.. I don't like someone advising me or sharing any credit for any job done perfectly..""

Atul frowned at her for a second but then altering his bad expressions nd turned to the children's ward giving Anjali a smile she was never expecting to get, after how rudely she had introduced herself.. ""Kya aadmi hai.. maine itni rudely baat ki phir bhi haske chala gaya..""she thought nd resumed her work..


Ridhhima woke up when she felt someone patting her shoulder.. opening her eyes she realised She had also slept while sitting on the swing with Ryan sleeping in her arms.. she looked at him smiling widely nd kissed his nose lightly making him giggle aloud.. ""Guddoo.."" he said huggin her nd again looking back at her.. ""yes my baby.. did you sleep well.."" she asked nd he nodded as if he understood what she said.. she smiled at his innocence nd kissed his cheek..

She went inside nd sat with him on the bed.. ""hmm.. ab hum aapke liye bhi ek achha sa naam dhundhte hain.. jaise aap mujhe 'Guddoo..' bulate ho.. theek hai.."" Ridhhima said making him sit in front of her while she sits facing him, crossing her legs.. After afew minutes..

""Angel..! hmm Angel kaisa naam hai..?"" she looked at Ryan who made a face.. She again went back to think of something..

""achha.. how about sweetie pie..?"" to which Ryan made a wiered sound.. ""Hmm.. achha baba kuch aur sochte hain..""  she chuckled nd wrinkled her nose thinking of afew other names for her new friend..
""haan.. what about shona..?""
""Niiii.. Guddoo.."" Ryan said making a face..
""mmtchh.. Kitni choices di maine.. mujhe to ek bhi choice nai mili thhi apna naam choose karne ki.."" she said grumpily making Ryan giggle nd again went back to think of something that would apeal Ryan aswell.. waiting for a few more minutes when Ridhhima didn't come up with any other name ruling out her choices mentally Ryan crawled forward nd settled himself in her lap snuggling closer to her..

Ridhhima also hugged him nd said ""Aww.. you're cho chweet nd cuddly like my stuff Bunny.."" then as if something struck her she quickly kissed Ryan sloppily saying ""Hmm.. aaj se Ryan mera 'cuddly buddy' hai.."" While Ryan laughed looking at excited Ridhhima..





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