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Part 7:My Wish Come True


Part 7

Bi came back home nd found Ridhhima nd Ryan sitting by the dinning table.. Ryan was seated n his Baby chair, facing Ridhhima.. Since she didn't knew what Ryan likes or what are his favourites she made her New Friend some Apple Pie.. during the first few bites Ryan was a good boy but once he was getting full nd contented he wanted some fun..

He tried taking spoon from Ridhhima's hands to eat on his own but he wasn't able to do so as Ridhhima took it away from him knowing the fact that he would create a mess otherwise.. not getting any sort of attention or leniency from Ridhhima, Ryan made a cute face.. ""Guddooooo..""

Ridhhima smiled looking at this trick but gave in to have some fun herself.. She kissed Ryan's head nd placed the bowl nd spoon in front of him.. That was the exact moment when Bi entered.. she saw Ridhhima kissing Ryan with love so she stayed where she was not distubing Ryan nd Ridhhima..

Ryan first had a few bites from his spoon but he wasn't getting any attention that way so he finally put the spoon aside nd dipped both his palms completely into the Apple Pie.. He giggled looking at Ridhhima's shocked face, while putting both his hands in his mouth one by one.. ""Buddy now that's not fair.. you're spoiling ur clothes baby..""

Just as Ridhhima was about to pick up Ryan to wash his hands nd face she heard the horn of Armaan's car.. She panicked as she was still not prepared to have Armaan as a part of her heart.. she looked at the door to find Bi walking in with a smiling face.. Bi looked at Ridhhima's face nd somewhere understood what she wanted.. she brushed Ridhhima's hair nd took Ryan out of the baby chair.. she was taking him to the bathroom when Armaan entered nd jumped like superman in front of Bi holding Ryan, making Ryan laugh like anything..

Armaan took Ryan from Bi nd before Bi could warn him, he kissed Ryan sloppily nd was shocked when Ryan did the same to him.. Ryan had his face nd hands full of apple juice.. He kissed Armaan's cheek making it sticky plus gave his sticky  hand prints on his father's neck..

""Bi.. yeh.. yeh kya lagaya hai Ryan ne mere upar..?"" Armaan asked in a perplexed tone making Ridhhima giggle out aloud.. She was standing at the door of the kitchen nd was admiring the bond Ryan nd Armaan shared.. Armaan nd Bi turned to see Ridhhima laughing uncontrolably standing by the kitchen's door.. They both smiled as for the first time had they seen her smiling whole heartedly.. After afew minutes, Ridhhima stopped abruptly when she realised someone's gaze on her..
Ridhhima felt really embarrassed being caught laughing like an idiot.. she bowed her head nd mumbled a small 'Sorry..' nd saying so she resumed her work in the kitchen still smiling at what Ryan did..

""kitni achhi lagti hai jab aise hasti hai.."" Bi said to which Armaan sighed nd nodded.. ""Haan Bi.. bas issi hassi ke permanent hone ka intzaar hai mujhe.. uske baad is ghar mein sirf khushiyaan hi hongi.."" changing the topic so that Bi doesn't get emotional he asks rubbing his cheek ""waise Ryan ke haathon mein laga kya thha..?"" Bi giggled herself nd teased Armaan ""Pata nai.. Ridhhima ne kuch banaya thha.. ussi se pooch le.. iss baar nai hasegi tujhpe.. waise tuney lunch to kiya hai na..?""


Ridhhima felt strange when she saw Armaan in the kitchen trying to talk to her.. first time when he said something, he asked for a glass of water.. second time he said something he asked what was she cooking for dinner.. finally she turned to him asked ""aapko kuch kehna hai..?"" Armaan nodded nd showed her the tiffin he had been hiding behind his back.. Ridhhima smiled at him nd asked ""Aapne lunch kiya..?"" to which he nodded nd took a step towards her making her step back..

He went closer till she was sticking to the slab behind her.. her emerald eyes were glued to his blue ones, serching for some answeres while his eyes were almost drowned in her deep ones.. she gulped as he took one last step to fill the gap in between them.. ""aaj ka din bohot achha thha.. jaise subah tumne haq se mujhe lunch diya.. mujhe bohot achha laga.. aur ab tumhe haste dekh main kitna khush hoon main bata nai sakta.. maine pehle bhi kaha thha tumse.. tum haste hue bohot pyari lagti ho.. mujhe inn khubsoorat ankhon mein aansoon nai pasand..""

He took afew steps away from her after whispering his feelings.. nd turned to go n get fresh.. he turned again to look at her nd found her gasping for breath.. he smiled at his effect on her nd said ""BTW.. main khaane ke maamle mein bohot moody hoon.. lekin aaj ka lunch bohot tasty thha.. I loved it.."" he completed with his perfect smile.. while she turned to stop herself from looking into his eyes yet again.. Her eyes were shining with the gush of happiness she had suddenly felt in her heart..

The day was actually very good for her aswell.. the time she had with Ryan nd the way Armaan praised her cooking.. But somewhere after facing so many rejection in her life she wanted to give this relationship all the time needed for it to blossom.. She somewhere had a fear of what will she do if Armaan also start to take her for granted, after she agrees to fulfill ALL the aspects of their Husband nd Wife relationship.. She needed to time to be sure of the fact the Armaan would be Commited to her nd would Love her no matter what..

After the dinner which was done in the better mood as compared to the past few days, Armaan took Ryan to put him to sleep.. Ryan looked at Ridhhima from Armaan's shoulder as Armaan turned to go the the room nd put his hands forward for her to take him from Armaan.. Ridhhima felt bad abit for not fulfilling Ryan's wish.. she just made a cute face nd shook her head, giving him a flying kiss making him giggle..

Ridhhima smiled looking at Ryan giggle at even the most minor gestures of her.. She ammended her smile as she felt a hand on her shoulder.. It was Bi smiling at her.. Looking at Ridhhima's serious face even Bi became serious nd her eyes had questions in them.. Ridhhima looked at her, waiting for an answer so she just said ""Abhi nai Bi.. abhi mere aur Armaan ke rishtey ko pura honey mein waqt lagega.. Ryan ki taraf mera Dil khud ko nai rok paya.. lekin agar Armaan yeh baat jaan gaye ki Ryan mere dil ke kareeb aane laga hai, to vo mujhse shayad aur bhi umeedein lagaenge.. aur abhi main iss baat ke liye ready nai hoon.. Plz Bi, aap unhe kuch matt batana.. Please..""

""main samajhti hoon beta.. yeh rishta tumhara aur Armaan ka hai aur tum dono ko hi isse nibhana hai.. mujhe khushi hai ki tumne Ryan ko apna liya.. aur main yeh baat Armaan se nai kahungi.."" Bi said with an understanding smile..


The day's routine has started to change for Ridhhima now a days.. She would feel lighter as she knows that she would be with Ryan whole day long.. She would wake up before Armaan nd take out his clothes for his office.. then make him his breakfast nd lunch which he would eat regularly, no matter how but he would eat it.. Sometimes while checking afew files.. sometimes in the lifts while going for a meeting.. nd when he gets time from meeting at lunch time he would eat looking at her picture ie placed on his desk, saying 'I Love You..' with each nd every bite he puts into his mouth..

After Armaan leaves, Ridhhima one day decided to see how Bi makes Ryan ready ie. how she runs him a bath nd then what clothes he likes to wear nd what mood he usually is in, while having bath nd getting ready..
Ridhhima noticed that Ryan doesn't like being in water at all.. he would keep whimpering till the time he would be dried with his towel.. then he would make loads nd loads of trouble while putting on his clothes, making Bi smile at his antics..

That day Ridhhima took Ryan with her to the temple aswell.. Ridhhima normally likes going to the temple when not many people are there.. Sitting in front of the idol, she made Ryan sit in front of her.. Ryan tried copying the exact things what Ridhhima was doing.. how she was sitting, he also closed his eyes with his hands folded.. he thought it was some kind of game they were playing.. copying her he bent in front of the idol before getting up..

Ridhhima smiled when she noticed what he had been doing.. as pandit ji came nd blessed Ridhhima Ryan tugged at his pajama saying ""mai bhi.."" Ridhhima picked him up nd kissed him with love.. he was happy as he got prasad as his incentive to acompany Ridhhima to the temple..
Moving out of the temple Ridhhima had Ryan in her arms.. she looked at the balloon seller across the road.. ""mere buddy ko balloon chahiye..?"" she asked Ryan cutely.. While Ryan squealed in joy looking at colourfull balloons..

""Booo.."" Ryan said pointing at the balloons.. ""Boo nahi Ryan.. balloooonn.."" Ridhhima tried teaching him making it sound easier for him.. ""Bloooonn.."" he said smiling at Ridhhima as he finally got after afew tries..

Ridhhima took afew of them as per Ryan's choice nd the happy duo got back home.. Since that day Ryan would take going to the temple with Ridhhima like a treat.. he would get a sweet everyday nd would relish it eating in his own way as Ridhhima never bounded him that only she would make him eat so that he doesn't spoil his clothes.. nd on his way back home he would get a toy or an ice cream or a balloon.. whatever he wished for..


Afew weeks later..
""Ridhhima.. yeh thode papers hain tum sign kar do please.."" Armaan said giving her the file.. Ridhhima took a pen nd did what he said without any further question.. Armaan was surprised that she didn't even read what it was.. rather she just signed where he pointed.. ""Tumne bina padhe saare papers sign kar diye..? agar inn mein kuch galat hua to..?""

Ridhhima smiled nd explained very simply ""humari shaadi ko ek mahine ho gaya hai Armaan.. aur ab tak mujhe itna to pata chal chuka hai ki aap ek achhe insaan hain.. agar inn mein kuch galat hota to aap yeh papers mujhse sign nai karvate.."" Armaan wanted to keep quiet but he couldn't stop himself from asking her this.. ""to kya tumhe mujhpe vishwaas hai..?""

Ridhhima was caught off guard.. she wasn't expecting this question at all.. she just stared at the file instead of answering.. While on the otherhand Armaan waited impatiently for the answer.. he knew somewhere she trusts him but was just waiting for her to accept it aswell.. Ridhhima just excused herself nd went to the kitchen to prepare for the breakfast..

Though Armaan was heart broken coz of her silence but none the less was he excited coz he had started to see his effect on her..
He would go to work biding her 'bye with a wink' making her blush abit.. Sometimes while having their dinner he had seen her stealing glances of Ryan, making cute faces to herself.. but he had never seen Ryan with her.. Though she was always a good wife but now a days she has started to know him.. his likes nd dislikes.. the clothes he like to wear often nd the ones which he never wore.. his favourite ties nd also the fact that he doesn't know how to knot a tie.. She has to make a knot of his tie nd keep it with his clothes coz she doesn't like him staring at her with those expecting eyes when she used to make knot of his tie around his neck.. she would sometimes feel guilty.. sometimes concious.. nd sometimes wierd.. at this point of time she was not liking the fact that her body would react to his gaze while she would try to be firm..


Ridhhima entered the room after Armaan had left.. she came to settle the room nd then she would go to wake Ryan up.. she found an ATM card with a slip.. she opened it nd read it 'Password : ****'  She thought Armaan might have left his card as he has a habbit of forgetting things if not kept with his clothes.. so she called him..

Armaan smiled looking t the caller nd immideately picked up the call..
""Haan Ridhhima..?""

""Armaan.. aap apna ATM card ghar par hi bhool gaye hain.. dressing table par rakha thha shayad main kapdon ke saath rakhna bhool gayi.."" Ridhhima said innocently..

""Ridhhima.. mera card mere wallet mein hota hai.. vo card tumhare liye hai.. aur vahan uska password bhi likha thha maine.. I'm sorry jaldi mein thha issliye batana bhool gaya.."" Armaan said in a loving voice..

""Lekin main kya karungi iss card ka..?""
""Kya karungi matlab..? vahi karo jo har ladki karna pasand karti hai.. shopping.. tum ghar mein bore ho jaati hogi na issliye.."" Armaan said chuckling..

""Nai Armaan.. mujhe inn sab cheezon ka koi shauk nai hai.. main yeh card.. "" she was cut in between by him ""mujhe kuch nai sunna.. main tumhare kehne par roz lunch finish karta hoon na.. tum mere liye vo card nai rakh sakti..?""

Something in his disappointed yet authoritative tone made her agree to him while he was happy to atleast win one argument from her..


Ridhhima sat besides sleeping Ryan nd bent down to him, to wake him up very gently, for getting him ready nd then going to the temple.. Ryan would always catch afew strands of her hair to feel her presence around him.. she smiled at his gesture nd bent down to kiss his nose whispering ""Good morning my cuddly buddy..""

After afew minutes of pampering nd caresses he would finally wake up nd wish Ridhhima like she did.. He would kiss her chin nd say ""Goo monii Guddoo.."" nd then clung to her again for some more pampering nd love..

With in next few minutes Ridhhima makes Ryan chose what he would like to wear today nd then switching on the Radio loud, just like Ryan likes it to be, she took him for bath.. She bought some floating toys for him which would keep him occupied till she would soap him nd take him out.. nd to some extent it worked.. Ryan realised he was sitting in his water tub when Ridhhima soaped his face gently..

While on the otherhand at the same time Tara came to meet Ridhhima nd Ryan, with Padma accompanying her.. Tara saw Bi sitting in the lounge with her tea nd newspaper.. ""Arre Bi.. aap yahan.. lagta hai aaj Ryan ne aapko bilkul tang nai kiya..?"" Tara asked mockingly.. While Padma felt irritated with the loud music..

Bi just smiled at tara nd was about to say something when Tara again asked ""Gaane..? yeh itni volume par gaane kyun chal rahe hain..?""

""Ridhhima ke room mein gaane baj rahe hain.."" Bi said smiling nd before she could complete Tara interrupted with surprise ""Ridhhima..?""

""Tara tum ruko main Ridhhima se baat karti hoon.."" Padma said nd turned to go when Tara said ""Nai nai.. maine to bas aise hi poocha thha.. yeh uska bhi ghar hai.. jaise chahe rahe yahan.."" Bi finally stood up nd said ""waise agar dekhoge ki vo andar kya kar rahi hai to shayad aap dono aage kuch na keh pao..""

Tara nd Padma went to the room nd stood at the door.. Tara was amazed to see Ridhhima nd Ryan like that.. Ridhhima was carrying Ryan covered in his towel to the bed while he was whimpering non stop.. she put him on the bed nd dried him with his towel quickly.. then went to get his clothes when Ryan took the remote nd raised the volume even more.. Ridhhima rushed to him nd switched the radio off.. ""Buddy.. itni tez gaane nai sunte.. maine kaha thha na.. chalo bas ab mera buddy ek dum sundar sundar lagega ready hokar.. aajao.."" Ridhhima said keeping his clothes on the bed..

Listening to her nd looking at clothes his Ryan crawled away from her on the bed giggling ""Ryan.. pehle kapde pehno.. phir hum khelenge.."" Ridhhima explained but he was adamant.. after afew tries Ridhhima finally sighed nd sat on one of the corners of the bed saying ""Theek hai.. ab Ryan ready nai ho raha to phir vo mere saath Mandir bhi nai jayega haina..""

""Guddoo.. niii.. main bhi.."" he said crawling to her nd wrinkling his nose cutely..

Ridhhima smiled nd took him in her lap kissing him nd making him wear his clothes.. ""Hmm.. sirf mandir jaane ki jaldi haina aapko baby.. bas hogaya.. dekho kitne chote chote se shoes hain aapke.. pyare pyare.."" she cuddle him closer nd kissed his head with love as he was now ready to go with her.. She finally was done after putting a tiny black mark behind his ear to protect him from any bad eyes..

As she picked him up to go.. ""Guddoo.. ish-cleem.."" he said cutely..
She knew he was telling his wish for the day but he had an ice cream a day before too.. nd Ridhhima knew eating ice creams regularly might harm him..

""No Buddy.. aapne kal hi ice cream khayi thhi na.. roz roz ice cream khane se tabiyat kharaab ho jaati hai.. Ryan to mera achha bachha hai na.. to aaj no ice cream.. okk.."" She smiled nd kissed him sloppily looking at how innocently he agreed to what she said that to without any tantrums..

""to aaj mera buddy kya lega apne liye.. hmm..?""
""Guddoo.. putet.."" he said excitedly..

""achha theek hai.. aaj hum Ryan ke liye hand puppets lekar ayenge.. mela acha baby.."" she loved him, cuddled him, kissed him.. but she could never get enough of it.. his innocence nd trust he has on her makes her feel really happy..

She moved out of the room nd found Tara nd Padma there.. She for once sobered up looking at Padma who was literally fuming looking at the bond Ridhhima nd Ryan shared.. She bowed her head fearing Padma's anger.. She had completely forgotten how she was treated in that house, while living here was much more easier.. Everyone from Bi to Armaan nd Ryan nd the servants respected her for her good heart nd soft nature..

She felt her heart beating faster nd holding Ryan closer to herself more protectively.. But soon she calmed down when Tara stood between Padma nd her nd blessed her with all the love.. Tara tried taking Ryan to her but he would not budge.. He was not leaving Ridhhima's hair.. He knew they were going to the temple now nd he feared Ridhhima leaving him here nd going alone..

""Ma.. aap baithiye na.."" Ridhhima said controlling her heart against Padma's gaze nd feeling comfortable with Tara nd Bi around.. They settled in the lounge when Ryan whined ""Nii.. putet.."" He thought they would not be going to the temple now nd he would not get his 'Hand Pupet' either.. Ridhhima smiled at his impatience ""Haan Ryan hum chalenge abhi.."" she said after which Ryan was satisfied nd quietly playing with Ridhhima's hair nd saree..

""Beta bohot achha laga Ryan ko tumhare saath dekh kar.. Armaan ki pasand par aaj sach mein khushi ho rahi hai mujhe.."" Tara said in a loving tone nd continued saying ""Beta tumhari shaadi ko ab ek mahina ho chuka hai.. maine aur Jai ne soch hai ki ab waqt sahi hai ki tum dono ke liye ek reception party rakhi jaye.. kyunki shaadi mein zyada log nai thhe, to Jai chahte thhe ki sab unki bahu ko jaane.. bussiness friends aur relatives bhi.. tumhe koi aitraaz to nai hai na..?""

""Nai Ma.. mujhe koi problem nai hai.. lekin aap ek baar Armaan se pooch lijiye.. vo apne naye project mein aaj kal bohot busy rehte hain.."" Ridhhima said immideately.. to which Tara smiled nd said ""Uski chinta matt karo beta.. mujhe ussi ne kaha thha ki ek baar tumse pooch loon.. usse apni meetings uss din ke liye cancel kar di hain..""

Ridhhima was surprised to hear that Armaan had actually asked Tara to take her approval before finalising the reception party.. Somewhere in her heart she was happy but somewhere was guilty aswell.. She wasn't understanding what was that new feeling inside her heart that would make her concious just by the mere mention of Armaan's name.. she wanted to share those feelings but she knew she can't say those feelings to anyone except Ryan.. Her lil friend who trusts her completely nd would not judge her or leak her secrets to anyone..


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